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Technical Writing - Crafting A Company Form 10-K Annual Report All U.S. Firms that problem openly exchanged stock shares must file a yearly Report using the U.S. SEC (Investments and Exchange Commission) legally. They need to disclose their financial dealings, talents and weaknesses, by filing Form 10-K each year. Another reputation for this type may be the "Annual Report." If your company has over $ten million in assets and also over 500 investors, it again needs to file a yearly Report even when its shares are locked in private. Additionally towards the annual Form 10-K, companies also file Form 10-Q Quarterly Reviews. There's another chance there for technical authors concentrating in finance. Annual report writing is really a well-having to pay technical writing assignment that's not hi-tech within the regular feeling of the word. Nevertheless it needs a knowledge of finance and economic terminology along with a readiness to interview CEOs or any other senior corporate authorities to collect information. Professional authors charge between $1,000 to $10,000 to create such annual reviews. So theoretically you'll be able to create a six-figure earnings by writing just 10 annual SEC reviews annually. Annual Reviews consume a strict format based on SEC. Information must be presented in 4 parts and under15 titles, within the following order: PART I Item 1. BusinessItem 1A. RisksItem 1B. Conflicting Staff CommentsItem 2. QualitiesItem 3. Court ProceedingsItem 4. Submission of Matters to some Election of Security Holders PART II Item 5. Marketplace for Company's Common Equity, Related Stockholder Matters and Company Purchases of Equity InvestmentsItem 7. Management's Discussion and Analysis of monetary Condition and Outcomes of ProceduresItem 7A. Quantitative and Qualitative Reports About Market RiskItem 8. Financial Claims and Extra DataItem 9. Alterations in and Arguments with An accounting firm on Accounting and Financial DisclosureItem 9A. Controls and MethodsItem 9B. Additional Information PART III Item 10. Company directors, Executive Officials and company GovernanceItem 11. Executive CompensationItem 12. Security Possession of Certain Advantageous Proprietors and Management and Related Stockholder MattersItem 13. Certain Associations and Related Transactions, and Director IndependenceItem 14. Principal Accountant Costs and Services PART IV Item 15. Exhibits and Financial Statement Agendas As you can tell, this can be a very information-intensive project and takes lots of interaction with SMEs (Subject Material Experts) to collect private information. This is exactly why companies pay annual report authors perfectly given that they need this crucial document written properly and filed

promptly each year to fulfill the letter from the law. And that is also why should you choose this once effectively, it might easily be a recurring freelance assignment within the a long time. make money writing articles

Technical Writing - Crafting A Company Form 10-K Annual Report_  

theoretically you'll be able to create a six-figure earnings by writing just 10 annual SEC reviews