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Robert Ntefon’s monthly teaching newsletter for Kingdom Legacy Assembly Volume 1, Issue 1

Robert Ntefon is an Author. The pioneer Radio presenter of Lifeline (Family Circle), a Keynote & Motivational Speaker, a Relationship Coach, Marriage Mentor and a Faith Teacher & Pastor. He is the initiator of BE THE MAN Programme aimed at empowering men with relevant information to reposition themselves as men, husbands, Fathers and take their God-given position as male role models to the younger boys and upcoming men. He is a very down-to-earth and practical Bible teacher. He seeks to strengthen the total human person; Spirit, Soul, mind, Emotion and body. His words will empower you with understanding, motivation, inspiration, destinyshaping concepts and holisticsuccess principles. He harnesses hindsight and insight to ignite foresight, wisdom and understanding in you. Married for 21 years and father of 5 thriving Children. He is the CEO of Robert Ntefon International, Pastors at Kingdom Legacy Assembly & hosts THE SCHOOL OF LIFE (FREE) every Sunday at Godwin & Crowndale Hall, 82a Crowndale Road, Camden, London, NW1 1NW, UK.

2013 Newsletter

"As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease." ~ Genesis 8:22

There are laws of Harvests stemming from God’s eternal Word. 1 As long as earth remains sowing and reaping will never cease. 2 We reap much we did not sow 3 We reap the same in kind as we sow 4 We reap in a different season than when we sow 5 We reap more than we sow 6 We reap in proportion as we sow

7 We reap the full harvest of the good only if we persevere; the evil comes to harvest on its own 8 We cannot do anything about last year’s harvest, but we can about this year’s .


The School Of LIFE Begins In Central London We are all unique and different from all other human beings who are or have ever lived. However, no matter your race, skin colour, looks, concepts of life or faith inclination, we all have some goals or desires in common We all want to have high levels of energy and to live free of pain and illness. We all

want to be able to make choices and have time… Check website for more details.

Join BE THE MAN on Saturday 27th February 2013. Book your seat now 07828675037 Love Hackers deceive the unsuspected with well crafted words, gestures and mannerisms in an attempt to lure them into a relationship trap. They show up as caring and kind persons only to unmask gradually later. But with boundary setting based on core values, you already have a strong security in place. Personal boundaries are the limits we set in relationships that allow us to protect our selves from being manipulated by, or enmeshed with, emotionally needy others. Such boundaries come from having a good sense of our own self-worth. ~ John Stibbs

What Are Boundaries Boundaries mark the limits, borders and psychologically it is the awareness of who we are apart from others. Boundaries define us and give us that exclusive permission to draw our lines of defence. It empowers us to say “no” and the ability to say “yes”. When there are little or blended boundaries then we feel over responsible for another's behaviour and is a breeding ground for resentment, chaos, panic, In an allegorical sense, we are looking into a city without walls. Any intruder can go in and any precious item can be stolen. Most of us were never taught about boundaries. We had to learn mostly the hard way to

discover, set, keep and maintain boundaries. Most of us were never taught about boundaries. We had to learn mostly the hard way to discover, set, keep and maintain boundaries. How we can stop love hackers is to build our security system ( our self-worth) and our sixth senses to both beep red (if they show up) and to guide us along that ultimate destiny choice of who will walk by us in fulfilling our life's purpose. Excerpt From Beyond Sexual Attraction: Repositioning Yourself For Your Relationship Comeback by Enomfon Ntefon

SEE: These could help lower your blood pressure. 1. Whole Grains 2. Low-Fat Dairy 3. Spinach 4. Nuts, Seeds and Beans 5. Bananas 6. Baked Potatoes 7. Dark Chocolate 8. Salmon 9. Green Tea 10. Avocadoes

DID YOU KNOW: 1. We are in the process of predicting how this year will end and you can join us next Sunday? 2. Your Desire to Grow in faith can come true through our fellowshipping together and the study of God’s word and prayers? 3. You CAN discover your talent while sharing cuppa on Sunday? 4. You can reinvent yourself and live your dream, no matter what? 5. To Rule your world, you must stop complaining, Build and Cultivate your gifts.

We Celebrate MARRIAGE! Are you celebrating your marriage Anniversary or you want to renew your love, find out how we can help.

About Your

Birthday If we know about your Birthday early enough in 2013, we will be happy to celebrate it with you! Call 07828675037

Our Purpose Statement To raise Christ Followers who are able to empower others to fulfil their purpose to the maximum through God's Word!


The Light is Robert Ntefon’s monthly teaching newsletter for Kingdom Legacy Assembly designed to empower, inspire and motivate you as you dr...

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