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The Book Launch of Beyond Sexual Attraction was a high point of the event. Page 1

Winning Relationship

2013 Newsletter Volume 1– May Edition

Testimonials & A New Book event! It taught me that I need to forgive ~ Bolaji Adepoju *It was an eye-opener ~ Alice Joe *It was a great conference, taught me so much ~ Viviene Orosun

Robert and Enomfon Ntefon are up to something! This newsletter is to let you know about what they are up to. For one, the last Conference, Love Is Not Enough Conference really said it all for what they stand for. Education is the way to go! In fact, Love Is Not Enough Conference is about shifting perspectives, and changing emotional modes and mindsets about love and relationships. What A Day this was! Hear some praise reports!

*That was a most amazing

*Thank you for allowing God to use you to being a part of my destiny change ~ Marion Sherriffs


"This warm, wonderful book gives you the guidance and inspiration you need to bounce back from an unhappy relationship at any time in your life.” ~Brian Tracy, CEO, Brian Tracy International & Author, The Power of Charm

*Many were blessed and released into a new dimension ~ Paula Powell

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The Bounce Back Coach & Author Enomfon Ntefon Award Winning Author, Bounce Back Coach, Radio Host & Relationship Transformational Expert.

Watch out for more book signing opportunities! I was so busy last March and April after our last Con-

ference and the laying of foundation for our Your Family Legacy.

Love Is Not Enough Conference was a gathering of celebrities, professional, leading and entrepreneurial women and their men converged in Camden, London, UK.

The Book Launch of Beyond Sexual Attraction was a high point of the event.

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Love Is Not Enough Conference (Cont.) This Conference is designed to allow for interactive, networking and healthy relationship formation and for the Experts to share relevant information and strategies to empower women and men to move into destiny marriages. Watch out for the Details of Love Is Not Enough Conference for March 2014! Listen into Your Freedom Call You Radio Show with Enomfon Ntefon for Live Interviews with Experts, Thought Leaders and Celebrities who are walking the talk and who will inspire, challenge and motivate you to do go beyond limitations, adversity and pain and fulfil your own destiny.

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Do you desire to bounce back from your breakup into your purpose & dream-relationship? Do you need the necessary empowerment to guide you into that NEXT LEAP? If your loss, failure or set back pushed you back & there is no map for you to move forward? No more moving around in circles that seem to ever widen.. TAKE YOUR POWER BACK NOW! Join Enomfon Ntefon and the Bounce Back Quarterly Group Coaching/Mentorship featuring

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Bouncing back is a possibility when we are empowered to move into the next level of our lives! Set backs seem to sweep up off and detour us off our destinies simply because we were not prepared for the impact of what has happened to us. We therefore become weakened by the shock and the feelings of vulnerability and a strong sense of loss. The steam has been taken out of our boats, or the wind from the sail and we need some energy and power boosts to take us even a couple of steps. You must know what I am talking about because in you have been there. Whether, it is a business or investment failure, a relationship failure, debt, death or a long standing sickness it is both our perspective and the ability to get the 'oomph' back into our lives. Scriptures says, if we faint in the day of adversity our strength is small. This is an observation, not an accusation. In other words, because set backs and failure are part of life we need to build inner strength or fortitude before the inevitable occurs. This is a needed life skill. We should have strategies that we apply to get right back up. So, whether it takes us days, weeks, months or years the proof that we are back is that we get back into the game to win again. In relationships the complexity is that many need time to learn about themselves, realign to their purpose in life, and learn about others and this takes a realisation and maturity to understand that it was not about the other alone, but I had a part to play in what happened. Until this is done, usually those that think they need another partner wound inevitably repeat those patterns and re-enact the pain again in a new relationship. BOUNCE BACK WORSHOPS are highly strategic and does propel you along you TO REPOSITION YOU FOR YOUR PURPOSE, & RELATIONSHIP COMEBACK! SEIZE YOUR OWN CHANCE. TAKE YOUR POWER BACK. GET BACK INTO YOUR NEXT RELATIONSHIP TO WIN THIS TIME!!

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