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Six Figure Mentors has been the brain child of internet marketer Stuart Ross and is a community of internet marketers new and old. The Six Figure Mentors is designed to be a place where you can get all the training and support you need to succeed with an online business and never have to go searching Google again for a new traffic generation product or any product. We are also having physical meetings or Mastermind Meetings as they are called to co conspire with other local


Figure Mentors members and all succeed together. We have been meeting up in groups all over the world, it can become a very lonely place working online at home sometimes and as humans we need contact face to face. We have regular training webinars with all the best and most up to date traffic generating tools and advice, these are the life blood of the community and also if you have any problems or questions you can post it onto the community board and within minutes someone will help and answer your question. The Six Figure Mentors is an invite only members community at the moment but will be opened up to the public at the end of 2010, I believe that there will be more millionaires that come out of this community than any other online now or in the future. Daniel Wagner has just been announced as Stuart Ross's business partner in this venture and I don't know of two more ethical and successful marketers online today. We had our first physical event on the 21st November called "The Free Traffic Domination Blueprint" it was an amazing day and unlike any other events it wasn't a pitch fest but just quality ways to drive more traffic. The Six Figure Mentors is really setting very high standards and becoming so different from everything else out there online.

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