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MBA Accounting Law Enforcement Administration Master’s in Design and Media Exercise and Sports Studies

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ART DIRECTION CI Design PHOTOGRAPHY Nancy Donohoe Tom Czop CONTRIBUTORS Chris Fryzek ROBERT MORRIS UNIVERSITY Michael P. Viollt – President Robert Morris University is a private, not-for-profit baccalaureate and graduate degree granting institution. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, 230 S. LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, Chicago, IL 60604, 312-263-0456. Radius is published by Robert Morris University 401 S. State Street Chicago, IL 60605 For more information, visit the RMU website at

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Dear Members of the Robert Morris Community: A large, bronze eagle was placed at the edge of our Carthage campus in the early 1960’s as the cornerstone of the institution. It was symbolic of our mission based on the American ideal of the dignity of each student and the unique power of experiential education to elevate the social status of individuals. Over the past ten years, we have remained true to that mission while building the foundations of an emerging university. In that process, we have achieved a number of points of national distinction. Now we are ready to leverage those results as we evolve into a leading regional university. We will win that leadership position by dramatically growing the Graduate School with new highly specialized academic offerings; becoming more appealing to an expanded portion of the population; forming partnerships to add depth and breadth to our programs; increasing opportunity for student participation in the performing arts; establishing our athletic program as a national example of participation-based athletics; and providing new technology-driven delivery methods to meet the unique needs of adult learners. We will maintain a strong local character, but at the same time, nurture a growing national appeal. Today’s Robert Morris Points of Distinction will become the foundation of a new quest for excellence. As you read through this issue of Radius, you can see this drive for improvement behind every story. Sincerely, Michael P. Viollt – President


Evolving, Changing and Expanding THE EVER-INCREASING POPULARITY OF SOCIAL MEDIA HAS BROUGHT MANY PEOPLE CLOSER TOGETHER THAN THEY EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE. FORMER CLASSMATES REACH OUT AND TOUCH ONE ANOTHER. RELATIVES SAY HELLO ACROSS THE MILES WITH THE CLICK OF A MOUSE. COMPANIES HAVE NEW WAYS TO MARKET TO THEIR CUSTOMERS. IT IS ALL A FORM OF CHANGE AND IF YOU DON’T EVOLVE WITH THE REST OF THE WORLD, YOU CAN EASILY BE LEFT BEHIND. In the past year, Robert Morris University has made significant additions and changes to its programs, all as a result of listening to the needs of students, business, the health care industry and technology. The more the University knows about its students and their potential employers, the better they can be served by programs that are current, relevant and taught by people who experience the daily demands and nuances of these growing fields. Business Administration has always been a core program at RMU and the 4

University is proud to announce that a new concentration in Economics is now being offered at the Chicago campus. “Students who graduate with a Bachelor in Business Administration degree in Economics have career opportunities as business analysts, economic consultants and researchers, explained LARRY NIEMAN, dean of the School of Business Administration. “We are taking the solid foundation that has been the trademark of our program and building upon it so that students have a more diversified experience.”

The highs and lows of our country’s – and the world’s – economies have brought this field to the forefront. Analytical skills and qualitative reasoning are in demand in many careers; they apply to issues such as public policy, globalization and labor relations. As with all RMU programs, utilizing current technology that is available in the field of economics is essential in maintaining the relevance and applicability of the program to the demands of the business world.

An emphasis in Economics is a perfect prelude to completing a Master of Business Administration at the Morris Graduate School of Management. RMU’s graduate program has also initiated an MBA with an accounting and finance emphasis. A master’s degree provides more than the necessary number of credits needed beyond a BBA with an accounting concentration for students interested in sitting for the CPA exam. This will be offered at the Chicago and Schaumburg campuses. MGSM also offers CPA review courses for interested students. An entirely new discipline begins in the fall with the Law Enforcement Administration program. The Bachelor of Professional Studies degree is uniquely designed for transfer students who begin their junior year at RMU, having completed an associate degree in this field at a community college. Individuals who are working in the field may then pursue a Master of Management in Law Enforcement Administration through evening classes. All classes for this program take place at the Chicago campus. Educational requirements to work in the field may be different from city to town to state, but in Chicago, police officers must have a minimum of an associate degree in

“The highs and lows of our country’s – and the world’s – economies have brought this field to the forefront. Analytical skills and qualitative reasoning are in demand in many careers; they apply to issues such as public policy, globalization and labor relations. ”

a related field. Those with bachelor’s degrees have more opportunities for growth and advancement in the department. The Bachelor of Applied Science in Graphic Design will now include a digital publishing component. Students will be able to create multi-page, print and interactive digital publication pieces that incorporate video, photography and the web for use with a mobile device. Starting in the fall, Art students will also be able to continue to the graduate level with a Master of Management in Design and Media. This program will be offered in the evenings at the Chicago campus. It is designed specifically for graduate students who are seeking to enhance their design and creative skills while concurrently learning advanced business

management theories and practices to further their career growth. Fitness has a new, expanded curriculum and a new name. An associate degree in Exercise and Sports Studies will be added to the programs at the DuPage campus and will continue at the Orland Park and Chicago campuses. Sports Administration, Master of Management is a new concentration that will be offered evenings at the Chicago campus for individuals who are interested in careers in the management of sports personnel and facilities. This degree provides the foundation and skills to function as administrators in a variety of sport and recreation settings through the study of legal, ethical, financial, public relations, human resources, and general business principles in the complex sports and athletic industry.

If you have your associate degree, consider getting your bachelor’s; and if you have a bachelor’s the Morris Graduate School of Management has new opportunities awaiting you to complete a master’s degree. Contact an admissions counselor at 800-762-5960, or apply online at












Around RMU RMU Students in the News RMU freshman MARSHALL KENT of Yakima, Washington, won the Gold Medal in the 12th World Youth Bowling Championships in Bangkok in June. He was named the men’s Most Valuable Player for the 2011-12 college bowling season by the National Collegiate Bowling Coaches Association, as well as men’s Rookie of the Year and Player of the Year by the Bowling Writers’ Association of America. CELESTE DURHAM, a graphic arts major at the Springfield

campus, had an exhibit of her work at the Springfield Ceramics and Crafts Club, winning a $1,000 scholarship from the organization. Celeste is also a photographer and the first RMU student to win an award from this Springfield group of artisans. This spring, ASHLEY DIBELLA, (AA, Culinary Arts and BBA, June 2012) has taken the combination of a culinary degree and a business degree and created a project that has brought changes to the food available to students in the Student Center. As an internship project, Ashley thought long and hard about doing something that really mattered. “In the culinary program we learned a lot about nutrition and healthy eating. When I looked around at all the fast food places near campus, I realized that students needed another option.” That other option greeted her one day as she got off the Metra in Ogilvy Train Station. A new shop, operated by Wisma Foods, opened up in the station’s French Quarter section. The products are freshly made, ready to eat or warm up and, as Ashley discovered, they taste great. After that, she knew she had to bring Wisma to RMU. She called the head chef and proprietor of the company and he liked the proposal she offered. 6

First she arranged for Wisma to have a free tasting for students in the Student Center. With their obvious approval, she negotiated with manager NICK JARMUZ and a couple weeks later, Wisma products became available in the Student Center. With the day students eating at lunchtime and the graduate students eating in the evening, the Student Center sold out of all the products delivered on the first day. Ashley devoted much more than the 100 hours needed for her internship, but she continues to work on the project. And, to add the icing on the cake, the company offered her a marketing position!

Making Room at RMU Over the years, Robert Morris employees have been involved in many different outreach programs to assist individuals in the communities we serve. Two years ago, employees elected to focus on hunger in Illinois as a project that the RMU family could work toward alleviating. RMU employees contributed over $27,000 to the Greater Chicago Food Depository, $3,000 to the Peoria Food Bank and $1,650 to the Central Illinois Food Bank. Cooks for a Cause, the RMU culinary student service organization has also done its part to assist. Additionally, hundreds of hours as volunteers have been contributed to these fine organizations. Robert Morris University will continue to promote efforts to help service programs in our communities.

Students and staff help out at the Peoria Food Bank.

Diamond Society 2012 On March 14, Robert Morris University honored three employees who celebrated their 30 year anniversaries with RMU. Oil portraits of Melanie Carlin, Carolyn Icenogle and Irma Martinez were unveiled in the State Street Gallery recognizing their years of service. MELANIE CARLIN is the University’s controller and

helps to manage the budget – a huge job! Her office is in Carthage, along with Carolyn Icenogle, payroll accountant. These two ladies work near the site of the RMC Carthage campus. As Melanie explains: “I have worked in the Accounting department since June 1, 1981. I have fond memories of serving breakfast to the students in the Carthage dining hall at Christmas time. All faculty and staff wore their PJ’s and sang Christmas carols as we served the students in the wee hours of the morning! I miss that type of interaction with the students! CAROLYN ICENOGLE was raised on a farm south of

Carthage and lives about four miles from the “home place,” still in a rural area. She and husband Gary have been married almost 39 years and have two children – a

son Steve, and daughter, Jennifer; three grandchildren, including a new grandson. She started with RMU in September 1981, doing a variety of jobs on an “as needed” basis, then began full-time as the payroll accountant in July 1988. “I love doing this job,” she said. “The best part is the people. I feel truly blessed over the years working for RMU and with the faith that they have shown in me.” IRMA MARTINEZ is the director of system analysis and

training. As part of the IS department, Irma is the person who can retrieve information from the many databases the University maintains. “Robert Morris has made an incredible difference, not only for me and my immediate family, but also for my extended family,” she said. “It has made us realize that getting an education is possible and can definitely change your life in a very positive way. I am very grateful for all the opportunities RMU has given me and feel very fortunate to be part of such a great institution.” Over the years, Irma has also been a one-woman recruiting office. To date, a total of 19 family members have attended Robert Morris.

Left to right, Melanie Carlin, Carolyn Icenogle and Irma Martinez.


Around RMU

This past year, Robert Morris University was recognized by The Chronicle of Higher Education for an outstanding graduation rate. RMU ranks fifth among all four-year private colleges in Illinois with a rate of nearly 80%!

Ribbon Tying Event in Arlington Heights In April, elected officials and representatives of Arlington Heights and several northwestern communities gathered for a ribbon tying event at the RMU Arlington Heights campus, recognizing the associations that have been formed with RMU bringing a branch campus to the area. The event included a yellow ribbon, signifying that Robert Morris is a participant in the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs Yellow Ribbon Program, reaching out to post 9/11 veterans with additional funds to complement the GI Bill entitlement. In addition, RMU is offering education grants to residents living in Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Prospect Heights, and Wheeling who enroll in the Fall 2012 Business Administration program at the Arlington Heights campus. With these grants, the tuition is reduced to only $5,000 per academic year tuition cost, once state, federal, and the program grants are applied. 8

Catherine Lockwood, RMU senior vice president; Mablene Krueger, RMU provost; John Riddler, executive director, Arlington Heights Chamber of Commerce; Mayor Arlene Mulder, Arlington Heights; Village President Jeff Braiman, Buffalo Grove.

Congratulations Robert Morris Graduates In May, RMU held graduations ceremonies for the Springfield and Peoria campuses and in June, students and families gathered again at the Arie Crown Theater in Chicago. Robert Morris University proudly granted 461 baccalaureate and 125 graduate degrees to students from all of its campuses. Welcome, new alumni!

The Path That Made All The Difference PROFILE: NADA BOWIE

You would think that when Nada Bowie walked across the stage in June to receive her master’s degree in health care management, that she

would take a moment to rest on her laurels – but actually, she’s just getting warmed up.

Nada’s journey with Robert Morris began back in 1994. A newly-divorced young mother, she realized that a career in cosmetology wouldn’t take her where she wanted to go or would provide her child with what she needed. “I was looking through the phone book and came across an ad for Robert Morris College and its medical assisting program,” she remembers. Her interest in health care had been piqued by a ER visit that left her with a desire to learn more about the medical field. She applied and started what she refers to as a “very strict, intense program.” Nada made it through the MA certification and then flirted with the idea of going directly to work without completing her associate degree – that is until she came up against her adviser, VERN SIMS, who would have none of it. Nada found Ms. Sims a force to be reckoned with: “What was it she used to say? ‘Tell it to Oprah, because I don’t want to hear it. You are going for that associate degree!’” Needless to say, Nada completed the degree, but that was only the beginning. She found a position right away as a medical assistant and then put her skills to work for different medical specialties in the healthcare field. In the course of her career path, Nada decided to join the U.S. Army, in which she spent eight years with the Army Reserves and then decided to return to RMU to complete her bachelor’s degree – a goal she knew was not going to be easy to accomplish. “Sometimes it was so hard,” she said. 10

“I could not have achieved all that I have without the education, and the encouragement, I received from RMU.” “I worked days – sometimes ten hour shifts – then picked up my daughter from school, dropped her off with family so I could attend night classes, picked her up again, read to her at night, but I knew I had to make a better life for us. I felt so awesome completing my degree; it was a great accomplishment.” After her second child was born, Nada was able to purchase her first home and landed a position at Northwestern Memorial Hospital as a manager of the Internal Medicine department. “I knew I wanted to do more in health care in the area of compliance and patient satisfaction, but I also knew I needed more than a bachelor’s in healthcare. When I received an email about the RMU graduate school with weekend classes, I became very interested.” As soon as she started taking classes, “I immediately put some of the skills to work. I learned to look at budgets and financial information a lot differently. The human resource skills, the team projects – I knew a lot of the topics but suddenly I was making the connections on the job, I was seeing things differently.” She credits Ms. Sims, DR. JANET DAVIS and DR. JAY SHAHED as three instructors who would not take “I can’t” as an excuse. “They pushed me when I thought about quitting.”

Nada’s job at Northwestern has her involved in all aspects of the downtown internal medicine site from budgeting, scheduling, hiring and firing, working the floor and the lab. She also mentors some of the younger employees, helping them find their paths. “A lot of them are just a little too comfortable where they are. I see much more for them, I see the potential. I want them to do better.” She also manages to do her share of drawing blood and taking vitals when things get busy. “I get involved to keep those medical assisting skills sharp,” she said. And also because her master’s degree isn’t her last stop on the education highway: “I want to get my RN,” she says. “It’s at the top of my bucket list,”– along with learning Japanese and riding a motorcycle. “You know, I really feel the Lord got me to where I had to go,” Nada says. “I’ve always been a leader, I have that drive, but sometimes things happen, things get in the way. Well, as they say in the Army, ‘Suck it up and drive on, soldier.’ I could not have achieved all that I have without the education, and the encouragement, I received from RMU. To everyone, I say, Thank you.”


Building Her Own Ladder of Success

As you walk into the offices of Total Event Resources in Schaumburg, you quickly realize that it is a small business that makes big things happen. Big in the way of filling a huge ballroom with music, lights and video for a product launch; getting several semitrucks into one space for a dealers’ meeting, or planning every detail for a large destination wedding, right down to the shapes of the pats of butter. But it’s all in a day’s work for KATHY MILLER, President of the event planning company and Robert Morris College graduate, 1977. Even before high school, Kathy was no stranger to getting a job. Early on, she knew family finances were tight and that if she wanted to be out on her own, she had to develop a skill that would guarantee a good job – and that she had to pay for college tuition on her own. “When an admissions rep from Robert Morris came to speak at my high school and talked about the different programs I could study, I thought, I can do that. And besides, I wanted that real-go-awayto-college experience,” she remembers. So she ramped up her savings efforts and after graduation, found herself in Carthage, Illinois.

“I continued to support myself by working as an RA in my dorm, and taking a second job in the cafeteria kitchen. I was really busy, but enjoyed it. I’m so glad I did it because I came out of RMC with the skills I needed.” She started out as a secretary for the vice president of Sears Bank and Trust, which was located in the atrium of what is now called the Willis Tower downtown Chicago. Kathy quickly learned the value of networking and, thanks to the leads of a friend and former classmate, landed a job working downtown for two sales managers at Hyatt Hotels. As she observed the sales managers in action, she knew that’s where she wanted to be. “I actually volunteered to work night shifts at the front desk for free so I could learn the operation of a hotel first hand,” she said, and within six months of working in sales, became the manager at Hyatt Express. “Hyatt sent me to Europe, California and New York to develop new business opportunities. I spent ten years working for them, then switched to the events business,” she said. Working for a Scenic Design Company included a crazy life style, especially while she was raising a family. She quickly realized her passion was in the creative side of event planning. So, she ventured out on her own, starting with an office in the spare room of her home, expanding to the basement, and then – with six employees, she knew it was time for an office space. “In my first year, I planned on producing 12 events out of the spare room of my

home but to my surprise I produced 30 that year. After a few successful years, I had to bite the bullet and join the big leagues with a business plan, office space and furniture, employee benefits – the whole thing,” she said. And apparently, Total Event Resources has been one success after another. “Fifty percent of our events are produced in the Chicago area and fifty percent all over the world. I currently have an employee who works remotely in Charlotte, NC on research and development.” Kathy’s wide variety of clients have included Kraft, Hyatt, Motorola, Navistar and plenty more. Total Event Resources has repeatedly won industry awards and was recently recognized as PepsiCo Supplier of the Year. Over the years, Kathy admits to an ongoing twinge to return to college. Building her company and her commitment to family have always been greater priorities, but last year she couldn’t pass up an opportunity that came her way. She applied to the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program and was one of the 37 business owners accepted into the first Chicago cohort, out of 250 applications. From January till May, Kathy attended business classes downtown every other Friday while at the same time running a business. Her final project was to create a growth plan for her business utilizing the knowledge she gained from the course. After 35 years, she left this classroom with a sense of accomplishment and is excited for the future growth of her company.

Total Event Resources is an award-winning, and WBENC certified,  meeting and event planning company.



Fitness for All on Fulton BY CHRIS FRYSEK

Survey helped me decide to pursue fitness. I tell everyone to do the Reach Survey,” she says. Playing on the soccer team had been a large part of her success as well. Christine said that maintaining her grades for soccer eligibility forced her to learn how to balance all of the commitments. The soccer team helped her develop leadership skills, learn to be motivated, and to motivate her teammates.

CHRISTINE KETTEMAN is an alumna who

is determined to change the lives of as many people as possible. In March 2011, Christine and boyfriend MICHAEL MADONIS opened the Fulton Fit House. Their mission is “organic growth through like minded people reaching for a common goal,” and the Fulton Fit House is succeeding at this. Christine grew up in Portage, MI and was very excited to come to Robert Morris University’s Chicago Campus. She fell in love with the allure of the big city and calls Chicago the most amazing place she has ever seen. Christine was also a soccer player for RMU and team captain for three years. In 2010, Christine helped lead the Eagles to nationals, finishing in the elite eight. She graduated from Robert Morris University with an Associate Degree in Exercise and Sports Studies and a Bachelor of Professional Studies Degree in Applied Health Sciences. “Robert Morris has helped me so much,” exclaimed Christine. Aside from meeting Michael through her externship, she also shared how important her education and years as an RMU soccer player have been to her success. The amount of experience the instructors brought to the classroom was very helpful to Christine, and everyone seemed to genuinely care about her success. “The 360 Degree Reach


Christine took part in externships that helped her further develop her learning at RMU. One of these externships was tracking and assessing the progress of Oprah employees for Oprah’s “O” Challenge. The best experience was an externship at a gym in Chicago’s west loop working with RMU Director of Sports Medicine & Head Athletic Trainer,

on the upper floor of the gym, they plan to move out and expand to have rowing and more cardio equipment. Fulton Fit House is a fitness center that is focused on people who make a choice to live a healthier life. Members work with a trainer in individual or group fitness classes. Members must work with a trainer in an individual or group fitness class at all times. The Fulton Fit House is an innovative environment that continues to adapt and grow to serve its clients better. Christine and Michael focus on being part of the Fulton-Market neighborhood and know most of the people they pass on the street. They also have a strong relationship with nationally acclaimed chef PAUL KAHAN, who owns the restaurant next to the gym. Christine and Michael focus on

“Playing on the soccer team had been a large part of her success as well. Christine said that maintaining her grades for soccer eligibility forced her to learn how to balance all of the commitments.” JERRY HENLEY. It was at this externship

that one of Jerry’s clients, Michael, walked over and asked Christine out on a date. Romance was not the only part of this budding relationship, a business partnership developed as well. After Michael began fitness training with a friend, they decided to turn their 600 sq. foot loft into a fitness studio. They bartered to get rubber floors and a stationary bike, and bought a few weights. Soon, the one friend receiving fitness training quickly turned into 35 people in a cramped space. Now the couple has a three floor home on FultonMarket where they operate their fitness and nutrition center. Although still living

changing lives allowing people to live longer, and they are not focused on just becoming rich. They have put everything they earn back into the gym, allowing them to operate debt free. Michael interviews everyone who would like to join, in order to make sure that all people remain positive and striving towards the same goals. Christine has had four RMU interns, and the gym also works with many of the RMU athletes through fitness programs and physical therapy. Robert Morris University has been a large part of Christine’s success, enabling her to do her part to change the shape of Chicago.


Jim Moore is an RMU graduate who has found his place in an exciting, rapidly changing industry. Although you will

not see him in television commercials,

he has spent the past few years working behind the scenes as they are created.


Working Behind the Scenes

After graduating from Lake Park High School in Roselle, Jim decided to check out the new DuPage campus at Robert Morris University. In addition to the academic programs, RMU offered Jim a chance to play hockey – and that sealed the deal. He decided to pursue a degree in Business Administration, explaining, “I have always liked the idea of studying business and the diversity of paths you can take. It really sets the tone for making your own career choices.” Thinking back to his classes, Jim remembers JAMES BALTRUM as one of his favorite teachers at RMU. He appreciated how well Prof. Baltrum communicated with the class, what Jim feels is what makes great teacher. To say that Jim’s years at RMU kept him busy doesn’t begin to cover it. In addition to working full time, he played ice hockey for RMU and kept his grades up, graduating in 2005.

Soon after, he found a job working for the business side of high-end creative television commercial production. He felt that RMU really helped him prepare for the job because of the professional atmosphere of the school. He recalled having to come to class in business attire and getting instruction on how to network and handle an interview. Recently, Jim was promoted and is now the production accounting coordinator for ONE at Optimus, the production arm of the company’s television division. Jim said, “They approached me for the position and I couldn’t be more excited. Optimus is a very special place.”

Jim looks ahead to his future and plans to grow in his current career, taking on as much as possible. He is in an industry that is constantly adapting to changes in technology, budgets, timelines and expectations. He wants to be able to step up to these challenges seamlessly. In an effort to keep his life as stress free as possible, he remains active through running, golfing, and of course, playing hockey. Looking back at his time at RMU, he said, “The teachers were great, and very helpful. I made some great friends while obtaining a quality business education. From the very start, I knew I was in the right place.”

“The teachers were great, and very helpful. I made some great friends while obtaining a quality business education. From the very start, I knew I was in the right place.”

KEEP IN TOUCH Robert Morris University is working hard to get as many alumni email addresses current as possible. Please send your name, address, phone, year of graduation and email address to You will receive the RMU Alumni Newsletter via email, letting you know about any alumni activities, alum profiles and information on new programs and courses at RMU. 13

What’s Going on with RMU Alums… 1969

KENNETH WHITNEY is the park and recreation superintendent in Municipal Government in northern California. He will be retiring this December.


JERRY POLO: I have been living and working in the San Francisco Bay area since 1985. I often think about the wonderful two years I was able to spend at the Carthage Campus and will never forget all of the great people that have remained such good friends over the years. I’m looking forward to seeing many of them again at the reunion being planned for June 2013 in the Chicago area.


CATHERINE REYNOLDS BOICKEN was named president and CEO of the Municipal Bank in Bourbonnais. She has been an employee of the bank for 31 years and executive vice president for the last 21. Her leadership and dedication has been key in Municipal leading the County, and perhaps the State for financial stability and profitability. She graduated from RMC, Carthage, in 1977.


JEANNINE HEDGES lives in Byron, IL and has been employed at the Byron Public Library for the last twelve years. ARLENE MARTIN of Troy, IL, Medical Assisting, has been employed by Anderson Hospital in Maryville since 1988. She is married with two sons.


JENNIFER DOUGLAS MATTSON, Medical Assisting, from Aldeo, IL, has returned to school to complete a program in nursing.


ANDREA CUMMINGS STONE completed the legal secretarial program and went on to complete a Bachelor of Arts and a Master’s Degree in Counseling. She writes, “Thanks, RMC for the great foundation!”


REID BARENBRUGGE: After graduating from RMC in 1990 in the AAS program at the downtown Chicago location, I worked several years at Mitsubishi


International in their cellular phone division in Wood Dale, IL. My duties included Accounts Payable and operating and maintaining their computer systems for their entire network. After five years the company decided to relocate to Atlanta, GA which I decided was not in my best interest. I then began working for Excel Railcar Corporation in 1995, located in downtown Naperville, IL and have been there ever since. This year will mark my 17th year at the company. I started in the accounting area and throughout the years have been promoted several times. My current position is Director of Accounting and Financial Services. I’m also involved in seeking out financing through banking and private institutions to continue growing the company. I’ve learned quite a bit since graduating from RMC but couldn’t have gotten where I’m at today without the education that RMC provided to me.


ERIC NUTE, a member of the second graduating BBA class, lives in Elgin and currently works as a Senior Risk Analyst for a manufacturing company. He writes, “I am underwriting deals of up to $30M as I manage my company’s short term assets and short term obligations.”


MICHELE KENT, a 1997 Medical Assisting graduate, was selected 2012 Employee of the Month for April at the Springfield Clinic. She is a medical assistant III, working with Dr. Stephen Randag in Internal Medicine at the clinic.


CLARK HAMILTON, BBA with a concentration in computer Networking, is Vice President and Global Data Center Manager for ConvergEx Group, REalTick LLC, a financial technology company in Chicago. He specializes in designing, implementing and managing data center environments that are strategically placed within various global markets. He is married with three children.


I’m TODD BRINGUET, a 2004 graphic arts graduate of RMU here in Springfield. I thought I might share some exciting news about our company, Ace Sign

Co., with you. In late May we will be upgrading to a new 42,000 sq. ft. facility at 2540 S. 1st, just down a few blocks down from RMU. We are a custom manufacturer of all types of signs, from national sign programs and sign spectaculars to lettering for your front door. You can find more information about our company and our upcoming move at or on facebook at AceSignCo.


DALE ANDREWS: I was in the first graduating class of the Institute of Culinary Arts from the Orland Park campus. I trained as a Personal Chef after that at “The Culinary Business Academy” in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. I run a successful Personal Chef and Catering business called “My Chef Dale” in Orland Park; my web site: ( ). (You can also get referrals on LinkedIn). I am also opening up a Tilted Kilt Pub and Grill in Orland Park in August 2012. ROMANETTA BOWMAN: I graduated from RMU with an AAS in Management, September 2007: Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Health and Fitness Management, November 2008. My recent accomplishments are receiving my Master of Business Administration from Saint Xavier University in, August 2011. I have also started with a partner, Gifted Life Youth Empowerment Organization – an organization geared at helping youth in our communities find the gifts and using them to the best of their abilities.


MAUDIA D.V. NORMAN WASHINGTON, BA, MBA (RMU ’08), ABA: I have been married for seven years and a mother of three children. After graduating I opened a child care center, Heavenly Angels Learning Academy in Lansing, MI. Own and operate JD’s Janitorial Service and Washington Business Consultants. I am currently a 3rd year law student at Michigan State University, with a concentration in Business Law. I am also completing my last year for a Doctorate in Business Administration in International Business. RMU has provided me with

the skills, confidence, and knowledge to excel professionally and personally.


JENNIFER ALLEN, ’09, MBA, works for the Illinois Department of Employment Security as a Unemployment Revenue Analyst II. “I am currently serving on the AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO) – Council 31, Bargaining Committee. We are currently in State of Illinois Contract Negotiations with Governor Pat Quinn, for 50,000 state employees. The skills I have acquired have given me the opportunity to assess things from a managerial point of view. The upper level management courses helped me to face the challenges that come with working through multiple problems and finding a solution.” JASON BOOHER: Since receiving my MBA in ’09, I have had one additional daughter since then, for a total of 3 girls! I’m currently working full-time as Senior Accountant, while expanding my business with Amway on the side. I’m always looking for motivated, hardworking people to join our team. Here is a link to our personal retail website.


The Inland Real Estate Group, Inc. headquartered in Oak Brook, Il. I am a Human Resources Representative and it is the perfect mix of all the various facets of human resources. I am also going back to MGSM this summer to earn a second degree in Finance. Working in the industry of commercial real estate has certainly spiked my interest and I believe my second degree will help me to make strategic moves within the company in the near future. I have many goals that I want to accomplish over the next 5-10 years. MGSM helped me to establish and prepare to accomplish my goals! I look forward to sharing future updates as I move along my professional path. REGINA RANDLE: I am proud to say I am a medical assistant. I work for a great doctor, and for a great company, Women for Women Healthcare though Advocate. I am so happy to be working there. It’s stressful at times but I love it! Without going to RMU I would never have gotten my dream job. This was my externship and I hoping they would ask to work there. But when I got the call on 11-11-11, I was so happy. Thanks RMU!


SAL BOLANOS: I graduated in May 2010 with my Bachelor’s in Graphic Design. I played two years of baseball with the Eagles as well. I am now an Art Director in downtown Chicago for Pivotal 5 Inc. Not married yet but pretty close to being. I moved to downtown Chicago this year and plan on continuing my freelance design work along with being employed full time. My website is JOSE FLORES, BBA & MBA, is living in Kearneysville, West Virginia as a result of his promotion this year from vice president of facilities at Hollywood Casino in Joliet to assistant general manager at Hollywood Casino in Charlestown, West Virginia. FATERRIS KINCAID works as a Customer Service Representative with a company in Chicago.


SANDRA M. OROZCO-MEDINA: Shortly after earning my MBA last summer I landed the perfect position with

while he was president and then chancellor of Robert Morris College in Chicago from 1983 to 1996. He was involved in many civic organizations, including Rotary for over 60 years, the Elks, the VFW and various chambers of commerce. Mr. Pickett’s grandson, CLARK HAMILTON, is a 2001 graduate of RMU. When remembering his grandfather during his time as a student, Clark said, “He had an interesting way to encourage me to do well while attending RMU – speaking his mind, quietly assuring my independence, and always talking about the future like it was right in front of me. He was right, life moves fast and you’ve got to keep up the pace. He was my Grandfather, but also my best buddy in Chicago.” DORIS SESSIONS ARMSTRONG, a graduate of Moser Business School, died in December, 2011. During WWII, she worked for The Manhattan Project in Chicago and New York. LARRY EDWARD HACKETT of Quincy died in January, 2012; he was 59. He attended RMU at the Carthage campus and worked as an EMT paramedic for Adams County. TERRI J. HARLOW of Galesburg died in December, 2011; she was 49. She completed her training as a medical assistant at the Carthage campus. AMY STEWART ORR of Middletown passed away in January, 2012; she was 32. She graduated from the Springfield campus and worked at Hobbs Corporation in Springfield.

RICHARD PICKETT “He had an interesting way to encourage me to do well while attending RMU – speaking his mind, quietly assuring my independence, and always talking about the future like it was right in front of me. “

RICHARD PICKETT, 87, died peacefully at the Soldiers’ Home in Holyoke, MA on April 8, 2012. He was born on Dec. 29, 1924. He lived in Chicago for 13 years,

KRISTINE A. WEISKIRCHER of Coralville, Iowa died August 23, 2011; she was 42. She received her degree in business administration from RMU – Springfield. She worked in pediatrics at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. DONALD URRY (’67 – ’69) passed on to God in 2009. Don is fondly remembered for his generous spirit and patience, his approachability, his likability, and for being a good role model. JOSEPH FUSCO, JR. (’68 – ’70) passed on to God in 2007. Joe is endearingly remembered for the superb help given to a fellow student, an easy yet deep understanding of friendship, having a magnetic personality, and being well liked by his classmates.





RMU kicked off with the first season of football on August 27th in Mayville, North Dakota. The Eagles lost 21-18 to Mayville State University in their first varsity competition but came back to defeat Ave Marie University (FL) 12-7 on September 24th for the program’s first victory. Head Coach JARED WILLIAMSON’S squad finished the year with a 4-4 record, which is quite impressive for a first year program.


Success was abundant in the fall, as the Men’s Soccer team won the CCAC Conference regular season title for the first time since the program was relocated to the Chicago campus and its second overall. Sophomore GORDY GURSON (Buffalo Grove, IL) was selected as the CCAC Player of the Year and to the NAIA All-America Honorable Mention team, while JAKE TRUTY was named the CCAC Coach of the Year. The #17 ranked Women’s Soccer team advanced to its second straight and sixth overall NAIA National Tournament, losing to #9 ranked Hastings College (NE) 3-2 in overtime. Sophomores FLORENCE DADSON (Cape Coast, Ghana) and SAMIRA SULEMAN (Takoradi, Ghana) were named to the NAIA All-America 1st and 3rd teams respectively, while sophomore LINDA ESHUN (Takoradi, Ghana) was selected to the NAIA All-America Honorable Mention team. In addition, senior LIZ EBEL (Belleville, IL) was selected to the prestigious CoSIDA Capital One Academic All-America 2nd team for her success in the classroom as well as on the field.



The Women’s Volleyball team made an impressive run as the #5 seed to win the CCAC Conference Tournament title and advance to its first ever NAIA National Tournament where they lost to #15 ranked Missouri Baptist. Junior MELISSA JOYCE (Chicago, IL) became the first player in the program’s history to make the NAIA All-America Honorable Mention team.

Cross Country

Junior JUANCARLOS BARRERA (Chicago, IL) qualified and competed in his second straight NAIA National Cross Country Championship Meet and finished with the second best time (25:10) and placing (46th) in Eagles history.

Track & Field

Sophomore DENISHA PETTIS (Waukegan, IL) qualified for the NAIA National Women’s Track & Field Meet in both the long jump and triple jump and sophomore teammate BRIEANNA WARE (Bolingbrook, IL) qualified in the weight throw.


The Winter Sports continued the successful trend with the top ranked Women’s Hockey team taking 3rd place in the ACHA National Tournament and winning its first CCWHA Tournament championship. Senior RAMEY WEAVER (Eagle River, AK) was named the “Zoe Harris” ACHA Player of the Year and BUD HICKEY earned ACHA Coach of the Year honors. Senior CASSIE BECKERLEG (West Fargo, ND) and junior STACI POMERING (Stevens Point, WI) joined Weaver on the ACHA All-America 1st team, while senior RACHEL BLACK (Redwood City, CA) was selected to the second team.

The #12 ranked Men’s Gold Hockey team also made the ACHA National Tournament, losing to #7 ranked Minot State University (ND) 6-3 in the first round. The Eagles finished with their best overall record in the program’s history at 26-8-2. Freshman goaltender ANDY DICRISTOFARO (St. Clair Shores, MI) was selected to the CSCHL 1st team and sophomore CHRIS CIMOCH (Crestwood, IL) made the 2nd team. Both players competed in the ACHA Division I All-Star Game at the conclusion of the season.


AL BRUEHL’S Men’s Basketball team spent

a portion of the year rated #1 in the NAIA and advanced to its ninth straight NAIA Division I National Tournament, where they were upset in the opening round by Southern University at New Orleans (LA) 94-92 in overtime. The Eagles won their 12th CCAC Conference regular season championship and 10th tournament title. Senior DIANTE WATKINS (Chicago, IL) was selected as the Sporting News National Player of the Year, CCAC Player of the Year, and was NAIA All-America 1st team selection while teammate TREMELL ADAMS (Chicago, IL) was named to the NAIA All-America Honorable Mention team. AL BRUEHL also took home CCAC Coach of the Year and IBCA NAIA Coach of the Year honors. Senior SARAH ROGERS (Chicago, IL) led the Women’s Basketball team to the CCAC Conference Tournament title game, where they lost to #13 ranked Saint Xavier University. Rogers was selected to the NAIA All-America Honorable Mention team for her outstanding performance throughout the year.

Diante Watkins

Sarah Rogers Francisco Guzman Jake Burge

Samira Suleman


The Eagles Baseball team swept the CCAC Conference individual player awards, as senior JAMES DAWSON (Country Club Hills, IL) was named the CCAC Player of the Year and junior REY RODRIGUEZ (Valenica, Venezuela) earned the CCAC Pitcher of the Year award.


Both the Men’s and Women’s Bowling teams qualified for the USBC and NAIA National Tournaments with the Men’s team losing in the semi-final round of the USBC Tournament. Freshman MARSHALL KENT (Yakima, WA) took home quite a bit of hardware, as he was named the USBC Player of the Year, USBC Rookie of the Year, and NAIA Player of the Year. He is the first bowler in history to win both USBC’s awards in the same season. Sophomore CAITLINN HOFMANN was a NAIA All-Amercia 1st team selection and a NCBCA All-America 2nd team honoree. The Eagles not only got it done on the lanes, but also led the NCBCA in Academic All-Americans for the 6th straight year with 23 student-athletes earning the distinction.

Lamont Wims

Swimming & Diving

The Women’s Swimming & Diving team scored its first team points in the history of the program at the national meet and finished 15th at the NAIA National Championships, while the Eagles Dance team gained their highest UDA National placing this year finishing 13th.


With warmer weather came more accolades for the Eagles Spring Sports. The #22 ranked Women’s Tennis team led the way, winning both the CCAC Conference regular season and tournament titles for the first time in the program’s history to advance to the NAIA National Championships. Senior ALE GAMBOA (Cochabamba, Bolivia) was named the CCAC Player of the Year and CHUCK BERN earned CCAC Coach of the Year honors.

Other Sports News

The branch campuses were just as successful this past season, as Springfield had USCAA National Tournament teams in Women’s Basketball, Women’s Cross Country, and Women’s Volleyball. In

Gordy Gurson

Alejandra Gamboa

addition, their Baseball team qualified for and hosted the USCAA National Tournament in May. The Peoria Men’s Hockey team had an outstanding season, winning the MACHA regular season title with a perfect 14-0 record. There were also debuts in 2011-2012, including Equestrian, Figure Skating, Intra-Collegiate Athletics, Peoria Women’s Soccer, and Performing Arts. Figure Skating competed in five national competitions, including the U.S. Figure Skating Collegiate Championships. The Intra-Collegiate Athletics provided opportunities for over 200 students at different campuses with co-ed sports in Bowling, Golf, Slow-pitch Softball, and 5K Running. The Performing Arts concluded the year with the “Spring Music Showcase”, led by director KEN WHITNEY, at the Congress Theatre with performances from the Goldtones Vocal Jazz Group, State Street Singers Show Choir, Drumline, Jazz Band, Dance Team, and Dance Guild. Not only did the Eagles succeed on the fields and courts, but they also excelled in the classroom. An outstanding total of 58 student-athletes earned Academic AllAmerican honors this past year.












Transfer Students Find Direction Many students transfer to Robert Morris University after attending a community college or after discovering their first choices weren’t what they expected. No matter where they come from, arriving as a new student at any institution can be a little intimidating.

bachelor’s degree, graduate school seems like an even greater possibility. At first they think there is a catch or that they missed something important. By the end of the counseling session, they are quite pleased to learn how manageable the process is.”

In the newly appointed suite of offices on the first floor at the Chicago campus, the sign reads, “Welcome to The Transfer Center.” As students walk through the door, they soon come to learn that RMU staff members are, first of all, very glad to help them out.

RMU welcomes about as many community college students as those who are transferring from other fouryear institutions. For those who have completed an associate degree, the University has a number of programs, such as the Bachelor of Professional Studies degree, that enable students to finish in less than two years. Students can complete the program in Applied Health Sciences, Architectural Technology, Advanced Culinary Arts, Law Office Administration, Web Development, and Law Enforcement Administration. RMU has transfer and

“We understand that transfer students have different issues than those starting out as freshmen,” explained NANCY JOHNSON, director. “They’ve been down this road before, but no two schools operate alike. They are either very motivated to give a new school a try if the last one didn’t work out, or they are excited to get into the courses that will really focus on their majors. The process isn’t exceptionally complicated, and they have the experience that freshmen don’t have, but there are the usual details necessary to cover. We like to make it as seamless as possible.”

articulation agreements with most community colleges in Illinois. Working with transfer students at all RMU campuses requires a different approach than that taken with new students. “They have had some experience in college, so they can be better informed consumers,” Nancy continued. “But we want them to have every opportunity to experience all they can at RMU. They can still study abroad, get involved in student organizations, extracurricular activities, consider some of the athletic programs we have or jump into projects through the Icenter – it’s all up to them. We hope that as time goes on, we continue to build up our enrollment of transfer students. It’s a great deal for them and they appreciate the affordability and flexibility that RMU has to offer.”

When presenting program possibilities to transfer students with associate degrees, advisers have a lot of information and material to explain. “At first, students are eager to find out exactly what is expected of them, what courses they need and how long it will take to graduate,” Nancy continued. “Then, they are surprised at how quickly they can complete the program and that for those looking to complete a 18

Nancy Johnson reviews Kevin Steele’s transcript as he prepares to start classes at RMU.

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For current and prospective students, there is Passport Chicago, You can also follow us on twitter: @RMUPassportChi

Did you know we are on Facebook? There are several pages that relate to Robert Morris University. Check them out and be sure to like us!

Mark your calendar: The RMU Eagles kick off the football

season with an away game in Adrian, Michigan against Siena Heights University on August 25.

The first home game is on September 1 at

Morris Field, 2123 South Goebbert Road in Arlington Heights, against Olivet College of Michigan. Kickoff is at 1:00 p.m.

We’re looking forward to having lots of alumni filling the stands for this home opener. Wear your RMU hats, shirts or hoodies to cheer on the Eagles!

For alumni, check us out at: For everyone and your friends: The RMU University Women’s Club: The College of Adult Continuing Studies RMUCollegeofAdultContinuingStudies



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Carthage Reunion Classes of 1968-1972

The RMC (Carthage) classes of 1968-1972 are now in the early stages of planning a reunion in the Chicago area for mid June 2013. The reunion committee is currently in the process of contacting alumni and so far have 60 people from all over the country planning on attending. We are hoping to have 100 people or more take part in this very special occasion. Many of us have not seen each other since graduating and are looking forward to sharing the day together which should be full of old stories and many laughs. If you are interested in attending contact any classmate below for more information: Jerry Polo (1969-1971) or 408.743.5302

Tom Pizzolato (1968-1970)

George Rissmann (1968-1970) Susan (Crouch) Lennon (1970-1972)

If anyone has been in contact with other RMC alumni, please share the 2013 reunion plans. Please encourage them to contact Nancy Donohoe at RMU ( so that their contact information can be updated and they can begin receiving the Radius magazine in the mail and the RMU alumni newsletter via email.


Radius Summer 2012  

Reaching out the community of Robert Morris University.

Radius Summer 2012  

Reaching out the community of Robert Morris University.