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body deter pathways but also it helps balance I electrolyte balance in the body are most people in this country have too much sodium an potassium so this ratio needs to be flipped well what way water does is it flipped it back to more potassium in last sodium why is that important see because potassium is what moves toxins out of the cell sodium is nutrients in however we don't have enough for the potassium we're not able to deter the serological so we're getting these benefits as wells opening up these deter major deter pathways and then the benefit to determine fast if you read the article you're gonna see these benefits are huge what you know more than any diet I out there there’s no more research there's more research I should say with fasting or I should say this caloric restriction than anything else out there however the big criticism is yes you do lose nutrients and lose muscle but with intermittent fasting you gain back these benefits you can get it all you can get in this with the studies are showing you can actually get the life extension that you do with those types a diet but you don’t use them the muscle or the nutrients so this is where the magic lies in really here's why because with their what was shown in the studies is that intermittent fasting actually makes you more hormone-sensitive unlike those other types of diets you don't become hormone-sensitive so when we look at the studies I have you heard me probably talk about this in so many other videos urns hormones involved in weight loss one called grow and another calledleptin well those two hormones we know that are just involved in weightless they're actually involved in healing brain cells so this fiber a fasting and fasting we show makes you more sensitive to this hormone so we realize in insulin is well so these hormones that we know we need to lose weight you become more sensitive to and what you


heard me say this: probably on 10 different videos the key to weight loss is for much you know in the 21st century but what the problem with...

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