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The typography of the title “No Paradise� is the same in all three products. The white letters on black backgrounds is something I wanted to carry through all the products. This creates a strong synergy between the three products and signifies that these are all part of the same brand. I think the branding works very effectively across the texts and stands out cleanly and clearly.

Character & Costume




In all three products the clown is shown vividly in her bold makeup and costume. This was a no brainer for me as itʼs such a lovely, striking image. Obviously the image used on the magazine advert and the digipak front cover is the same so they link very well. That image isnʼt actually in the video however there are plenty of very similar shots. Most of the images of her connote the theme of isolation and being “out of place”. The images create a deeper representation of the band. By their branding being a metaphor for isolation and alienation, the band could be seen as a more intellectual uniform and could possibly be the foundation of many messages and statements to come.

Kaleidoscope image


Video The long image in the digipak is actually a still from the video. I love the kaleidoscope effect and the image is creates. The kaleidoscope is a big part of the branding as it actually takes up around a whole minute of the video so I thought it would only make sense to use it as a part of the digipak. I wanted to contrast the inside and outside of the digipak. The outside is very bland and has a washed out colour palette, then, when you open it up there始s a burst of colour and smiles and confusion with juxtaposes the outside. Again this is the add depth to the representation of the band.

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Part 3  

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