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People learning poker to beat the recession In a recent poll fifty percent of people influenced by the recession are scheming of ways to get rich quick and of that 50% approximately 10% have turned to poker to beat the recession blues. This is a phenomenal figure when you realise that only twelve months ago the same survey found that only 1% saw playing online poker as a way to adding extra income to their basic salary. Fogwhistle Braveheart, an expert in online gaming statistics , gave us an insight into why this shift may have occurred "Human beings are extremely versatile and adaptive, this is one of the main reasons that man has survived and became the dominant animal on the earth, and learning how to make more money whether it be another job or playing poker for money online it's all the same. Given the downturn in the economy the only logical thing to do is make money from however brings in the most money in the shortest and easiest way possible poker is just one way to achieve this". All the initial findings indicate that Fogwhistle Braveheart is correct in his observations of human behaviour in a recession. In addition to this amazing statistic there has emerged another poignant fact. 46% of people were found to be spending more time each week to play online poker. Again Mr Braveheart concurred with the results and found nothing unusual about them though he did state "This is totally in-line with what we'd expect. More people playing more poker online and spending more and more time while doing it". The economic impact of the recession is making people's lives change quite quickly and the largest change in the last five months is the inability to make end's meet. Playing poker online is just one form of gambling that has taken off in the last twelve months and learning how to play poker is just one way that people are beating the recession. One company that is helping people to learn how to play poker and in turn to make extra money is William Hill Poker . We asked poker training expert at William Hill Poker Fulvia Bloomingdaleo what made William Hill Poker such a super place to learn poker "When you look at the investment William Hill Poker has put into their online training program you can see why players become so loyal. We're like their mentors, parents and best friends, holding their hands through all the steps of learning how to play poker. After going through our training process very few go to other rooms to play. This has built up an incredibly loyal user base and one that keeps growing from recommendations month after month. While no-one expected to be increasing as much as it has there is no doubt that companies like William Hill Poker will be the big winners when people turn to online poker to make some extra money in these tough times. Fulvia Bloomingdaleo is a poker training expert expert for William Hill Poker Bonus and is also an casual poker player working to make the training program more fun and accessible for all new players. For more information on William Hill Poker bonus code please see

People learning poker to beat the recession  

Fulvia Bloomingdaleo is a poker training expert expert for William Hill Poker Bonus and is also an casual poker player working to make the t...

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