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PSP camera

PSP Camera There is lots of similarity in designs between the wii photo mode and the photo/ video management in PSP cameras. You can enjoy the functions of a robust photo viewer and even a photo editor with 1.3 mega pixel camera's software. If you want to watch the slide show of photos, what you need to do is to just press the button. The editing software for PSP camera also let you make your pictures and videos more attractive, transmitting some of the effects. Another important feature of psp camera is its digital zoom ability. It allows the user to bring the object of their photos than they can reach. A mono microphone will be included with this camera attachment to round out the extraordinary value of this extremely tiny little package. The microphone will capture the sounds to accompany video filming. A protective carrying case is available for protection.

PSP GPS PSP Go Explore turns your PSP into a personal global positioning navigation system. You just need to enter destination and PSP gps will do the rest for you. Attach the GPS receiver and utilize a UMD disc with your chosen maps. At the touch of a button you will be able to find your position on the map and work out the direction to take. You can also download new maps and upgrades from the play station network. PSP gps works both in the car and on foot. The features of a gps are incorporated in a PSP gps. Different display modes are available. This enables you to have a clear view all the times. PSP gps comes with a car adapter and car mount accessories. You don’t have to worry about battery life and running out of power.

PSP Camera  

Psp camera is an absolutely a micro entertainment center which has the ability of not only view picture and videos, but also take their own...