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1. Grupo Munreco 2. Positioning and strategy 3. Brand values 4. Brand history 5. Product strategy 6. Emblematic collections 7. Price positioning 8. Brand Codes 9. Communication strategy 10.Online strategy 11.Point of sale 12.World presence 13.Key numbers 14.Contact

The history of Grupo Munreco 

In 1978, Grupo Munreco was founded as the Spanish distributor of the Swiss watch brand, Maurice Lacroix.

To uphold its philosophy of offering prestigious personalised products, Munreco acquired Viceroy in 1982, a watch company created in Switzerland in 1951.

In 1997, Julio Iglesias became the ambassador for the Viceroy brand.

In the year 2000, Munreco incorporated Sandoz, a Swiss-made brand, into its portfolio.

In 2002, Munreco created a new market segment in Spain with the launch of Viceroy Fashion.

The history of Grupo Munreco 

In 2003, Enrique Iglesias became the Viceroy brand ambassador.

From the year 2004, we started to attend the Baselworld International Watch and Jewellery Show, marking the beginning of the brand’s international debut.

In 2006, the first Viceroy store was opened in Madrid. Antonio Banderas and Shakira became ambassadors for Viceroy.

In 2013 Grupo Munreco will present a new and spectacular space at the Baselworld Show.

Grupo Munreco Today 

Market leader in Spain

6 offices in Spain

Over 350 employees

100 salespeople

4000 points of sale in Spain

30 “Shop in Shop� stores

Sells over 1,200,000 watches a year

Present in 40 markets around the world

Positioning and strategy

 A contemporary Swiss product and design of tried and tested quality.  The most affordable Swiss brand within the upper-middle market segment  A communication strategy based on a legacy –since 1870- and its origin – Swiss- as well as the “know-how” acquired over the course of its centenarian history.

A consolidated brand within the most complex market segment of watchmaking

Brand values

 Repository of the Sandoz family watch-making tradition  The pieces bring together all of their expertise and passion for watch making  It combines 100 years of Swiss watch-making tradition with a contemporary design

The key to success: Sandoz aims at the advanced-expert target in haute watch-making


Product strategy

Brand with expertise in the world of watch-making. Swiss movement.

Traditional product line with a touch of the avant-garde.

Market segment. Upper-middle class adults. 65% men- 35% women.

Quality: crystal-sapphire.

Emblematic collections Sandoz has a series of collections in contemporary designs that combine the avant-garde with the art of Swiss watch-making. Here are some examples

Carรกctere Collection

Portobello Collection

Le Chic Collection

Charme Collection

Caractére Collection. The watches that make up this line boast unrivalled precision in the art of measuring time, thanks to their quartz movements inherited from the “know-how” of the Swiss manufacturers.

Portobello Collection. A line of watches with perfect movements for measuring the time that exude an authentic and vintage air. Models that clearly respond to the orders of English classicism and the perfection of the Swiss watches.

Le Chic Collection. A collection of ladies’ watches in which ceramic becomes the protagonist. Endowed with a classic elegance, they combine beauty with innovation and technology.

Price positioning

The competitive context of Sandoz is encompassed in the medium-high price sector, together with watch brands and Swiss tradition.


75 - 250 â‚Ź

Medium-high price

250 - 600 â‚Ź

High price

600 -1.500â‚Ź

Brand Codes

Corporate colours: black and white.

Product of Swiss origin

Long tradition and watch-making history

Communication strategy

Sandoz bases its communication on its select product and its Swiss watchmaking origin and tradition.

Online communication strategy

Sandoz communicates online through its meticulous and avant-garde website,

Point of sale. Viceroy has over 30 shop in shops within El Corte InglĂŠs. This is the most important department store in Spain with 100 centres.

Point of sale. Shop in Shop Sandoz is present in the hotspots of all the main Corte InglĂŠs centres with select and sophisticated showcases and counters in line with the brand codes.

Point of sale materials Point of sale displays and materials for the exhibition and organisation of the products in a way that is appropriate and fitting with the brand prestige


Point of sale. Showcases and counters

Moreover, we also have specific display showcases and counters for clients of the brand.

World presence

Sandoz is a global brand present in over 20 countries

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