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Robert W. Hefner Jr. Indianapolis, IN 46221 | 317.995.2842 | Results focused leader specializing in the value of safety, driving operations growth, building of solid teams, creating strategic initiatives, providing world class service, and cultivating a strong company image through the utilization of twenty years progressive experience towards maximizing the employer’s success.


Integral leader who offers proven experience in large scale business optimization, including leading, developing, and implementing forward thinking programs, processes and procedures to achieve continued growth and productivity. Top Performer who excels at analyzing operational needs identifying improvement opportunities, defining strategies utilizing measurable action plan items and resource management. Ambitious self starter who plans, prioritizes, manages and completes tasks within fast paced, deadline driven situations. Excellent communicator through oral and written techniques who interfaces between local and senior management, public officials, vendors, business development teams, and the customer. Successfully lead teams of Union Free and Represented employees with clear, consistent direction while utilization active listening skills, two way communication and open door policies.


Safety / Regulatory Compliance with OSHA and DOT knowledge based decisions People Development and Diversity Expense / Labor Control through Personnel, Fleet, and Resource Management Multi-site Management including Process Owner position through Start Up Operations Broad scope breadth of perspective allowing for decisions considering those affected outside of direct impacts Continuous Learning skills utilized to understand and apply changes in and out of an organization.

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Dohrn Transfer - Indianapolis, IN 2015 - 2015 Terminal Manager (Feb. - June)    

Applied strong leadership talents to build teamwork and morale among three Supervisors and 47 hourly employees in a 50 door terminal, resulting in greater on time service and enhancing the customer experience. Reduced Crash and Injury frequencies within the terminal through daily Safety Messages, ongoing training of the Smith System with a concentrated focus of the Five Seeing Habits and Ten Point Commentary, and ultimately recognizing milestones for periods with zero crashes and zero injuries. Increased P&D efficiency through engaging the I/B Supervisor, City Dispatcher and P&D Team with a focus on route discipline, employee accountability, and utilization of technology. Increased Dock efficiency by hands on experience with the I/B and O/B Supervisor and respective teams. Engineered a new dock and door layout minimizing the travel distance, reducing the number of times shipments were handled, congestion, and potential for damage. Improved employee accountability with clear, consistent communication and coaching of daily plans. Called on customers to offer solutions for problematic concerns and seamless on boarding processes.

Robert Hefner

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PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (CONTINUED) UPS Freight LTL, 2010-2015 Service Center Manager - Indianapolis, IN (Sept. 2012 - Jan. 2015)  

 

Multi-Center Leader and Manager of 165 doors between two service centers with responsibility for 246 employees, 16 multi-level management and 230 hourly, with a yearly operating budget of $20,000,000. Reduced Crash and Injury frequencies through intense efforts of Training, Testing, Coaching, Observations, Accountability, and in-depth analyzing the root cause of at risk behaviors. Reduced crashes from 46 in 2013 to 12 in 2014. Service Center won two prestigious awards (among 42 centers in the region), “Most Improved Safety” and “Best Comprehensive Health & Safety Committee.” Lowered weekly grievances filed by 75% utilizing consistent, employee oriented methods. Exercised Open Door policies, Actively Listening allowing for open lines of communication, and fair handling of business related matters with the highest level of Respect and Confidentiality. Increased shipment count and revenue margins through collaborative efforts with Operations and Business Development. While streamlining labor efforts to reduce controllable costs and increase efficiencies with physical and technological resources, was able to maintain a high level of service performance giving account managers leverage to bring on profitable business and increase daily shipments. Service Center operated below budget and was awarded the “Million Dollar Club” award in 2014. Team Meetings were held on a consistent basis to review results and apply necessary changes as needed. Improved corporate audit score from 71% to 88% by implementing company policies as part of the standard procedures. Procedures were given process owners and were monitored by direct level management. Follow up validation took place daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly as needed. Audit used identified all Local, State, and Federal regulations compliance as well as all internal company policies and procedures. Special assignments include: Service Center Manager Mentor, District Audit Team process owner, Operation Start Up, Presenter of ‘Leading for Results’ at annual Region Meeting. Temporary Manager of South Holland, IL Hub.

Service Center Manager - Fort Wayne, IN (Sept. 2010 - Sept. 2012)     

Leader and Manager of 42 door service center with responsibility for a team of four supervisors and 50 hourly employees, with a yearly operating budget of $12,000,000. Reduced Crash and Injury frequencies through the development of a functional Safety Committee. Safety Committee was given time for communications, demonstrations, and employee development activities. Increased average daily shipment count 10% by creating a Customer-Driven Culture. Weekly Team Meetings took place with Account Managers, Supervisors and Drivers. Customers were visited by myself and Account Managers to resolve operational concerns and for proper on boarding of new accounts. Managed daily Process Owners for Audit Compliance. Service Center received a corporate audit score of 91%, 2nd highest in 2011. P&D efficiency improved from 1.40 to 1.72 Stops Per Hour and dock efficiency improved from 4.75 to 5.53 Bills Per Hour, increasing the Service Center profitability. Service Center was awarded the “Million Dollar Club” award in 2011 and 2012.

FedEx National LTL, 2006-2010 Service Center Manager - Detroit, MI (July 2009 - June 2010)   

Leader and Manager of 52 door service center with responsibility for team of 3 supervisors, 35 hourly employees, and a yearly operating budget of $10,000,000. Increased average daily shipment count by 143%, or 103 shipments per day, by supporting Account Manager’s efforts of bundled agreements and competitive pricing. Improved internal audit score from 53% to 80% in six months.

Robert Hefner

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Improved P&D efficiency from 1.15 to 1.75 Stops Per Hour. Improved Dock efficiency from 5.35 to 7.10 Bills Per Hour. Improved Clerical efficiency from 7.50 to 11.60 Bills Per Hour. Increased L/H load average from 13,500 lbs. per pup to 17,775 lbs. per pup.

Service Center Manager - Toledo, OH / Battle Creek, MI (2006 - 2009)     

Multi-Center Leader and Manager of 45 doors between two service centers with responsibility for a team of four Supervisors and 20 hourly employees, with a yearly operating budget of $8,000,000 combined. Injury Free in 2007. Improved P&D efficiency from 1.85 to 3.65 Bills Per Hour. Improved Dock efficiency from 5.00 to 8.50 Bills Per Hour. Improved Clerical efficiency from 10.00 to 14.35 Bills Per Hour.

Watkins Motor Lines, Inc., 2000-2006

*Note (WML Purchased by FedEx in 2006)

Terminal Manager - Manassas, VA / Hagerstown, MD (2003 - 2006)    

Multi-Center Leader and Manager of 67 doors between two service centers with responsibility for a team of two supervisors, two Account Executives and 20 hourly employees, with a yearly operating budget of $5,500,000. Decreased Operating Ratio from 115 to 95 by eliminating all unnecessary terminal, equipment, and personnel costs. Reduced P&D costs by $98K through increasing Bills Per Trip and utilization and management of Owner/Operators. Increased Load Average, resulting in a reduction of $93K of allocated Line Haul costs.

Operations Manager - Harrisburg, PA ( 2002 - 2003)   

Managed daily operations of Break-Bulk Operation consisting of four supervisors and 30-50 hourly employees. Promoted business development by providing operations support to Account Executives. Monitored safety, customer service, productivity, claims, load average and audit compliance.

Operations Manager - Philadelphia, PA (2002)    

Managed daily operations of end of line facility including five supervisors and 60 hourly employees. Improved Safety results through increasing weekly meetings conducted by front line supervisors. Responsible for staffing including HR responsibilities. Made integral improvements in the City and Dock operations through supervisor development, utilization of technology, and treating employees with firm, fair, and consistent leadership.

Education and Technical Summary    

Business Management Studies - University of Toledo. Toledo, OH (1993 - 1994) - Degree not attained College Prep Courses - Whitmer Senior High School. Toledo, OH (1989 - 1993) - Graduate Microsoft Office, Citrix, Oracle/PeopleSoft, COGNOS Industry related technology including AS400, Cross Dock functions including scannners, dimensional machines and scales, Tractor devices including GPS based programs Telematics and Cheetah. Delivery Planning, L/H Forecasting, and Tonnage Projections.

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Robert Hefner is a results focused leader specializing in the value of safety, driving operations growth, building of solid teams, creating...