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Subject: RE: Pearce recall Gee, with such a winning way about you, can't imagine why you lost. ________________________________________ From: [] Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2011 1:49 PM To: Robb, Robert Subject: RE: Pearce recall I only lost to Andrew Sherwood by 29 votes or .69% in the primary. In my opinion Andrew was a weak candidate and didnt go after him that is why Pearce won. You really need to talk to the people here in LD 18 to get the facts, the GOP here in LD 18 have been trying to find ways to get rid of him unfortunately for a man that laughed at Gabby Giffords when she was shot at a county GOP reorganization meeting he has the support of extremists such as you.

On Tue 17/05/11 12:13 PM , "Robb, Robert" sent: Apparently not enough of them to elect you rather than Pearce. -----Original Message----From: Robert H. McDonald Jr. [<>] Sent: Tuesday, May 17, 2011 2:03 AM To: Robb, Robert Subject: Pearce recall I find it laughable that you would call this recall push an abuse of power by the citizens of LD18. As a voter and resident of West Mesa I find what Mr Pearce is doing reprehensible and not in line with what the majority of voters want here in mesa. When I chose to run in the Democratic primary in 2010 for Mr Pearce's seat I heard from a lot of people from independents and Democrats to moderate Republicans that he is a disaster and did not represent the views of many residents. Those who voted for him are now waking up and do not like what they see. This is why the recall has been successful to date. You really need to check your facts before spouting of nonsense like this column. Mr Pearce is reaping what he sowed. The best thing he could do for Arizona and this district is to resign. But that is too honorable for a man who has no honor. Robert Hernandez McDonald Jr 2010 Democratic Primary AZ Senate candidate Mesa LD 18

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5/17/2011 2:11 PM

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Email between myself and Robert Robb  

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