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Accident Takes Local Life

Allen resident Ruby Hoskison, 86, died Saturday, September 15th, of injuries sustained in a Friday night one-vehicle accident. Mrs. Hoskison was a passenger in a 2002 Oldsmobile Bravada driven by her nephew, Thomas Cosper, 81, of Coalgate. W hile attempting to take the southbound ramp onto US 69 near Eufaula in Pittsburg County, the vehicle ran off the roadway to the right, over-

turned two and a half times, coming to rest on its top. Cosper was pinned for approximately one hour 15-minutes before he was extricated by Crowder and Eufaula fi re departments using the Hurst rescue tool. He was transported to McAlester Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead from massive injuries. Mrs. Hoskison was transported by ambulance to McA-

lester Regional and then transferred to St. John’s Hospital in Tulsa where she was admitted in critical condition with massive injuries. She expired the following day. The accident was investigated by Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Garrett Gray. His report indicated seat belts were in use by both Cosper and Hoskison; it was raining at the time of the accident and the one-lane ramp was wet.

The Allen Community Center / Emergency Response Center fund raising is a stand still at this time. Presently the account has received a total of $61,380 which includes a SODA grant for $34,000 and $27,380 from individual donations.

Expenseses have totaled $64,277 which include $30,995 for the heating and air units and roof replacement at a cost of $31,250. Other items purchases were lumber and other building material. Currently the town is getting estimates for the electrical,

plumbing and fi nishing items such as suspended ceiling, drywall, kitchen items, fl ooring and insulation. The town of Allen wants to thank people who have donated money and time to this project and are anxious to fi nd other funding to fi nish the important facility.

Two volunteer clean-ups have been scheduled for Allen. The fi rst clean-up is scheduled for October 6th. This will be just a downtown and parade route to spruce Allen up for homecoming. This is an all volunteer event. More will be

announced later. T he second clean-up is a neighbor-helping-neighbor project. It will be held October 27th. This will benefi t our neighbors who need a little help with mowing, hauling off trash, limbs, couches, chairs, etc.

The city has volunteered to open the dump that day. Anyone with a pickup, trailer or truck who would like to volunteer their services would be greatly appreciated. Student organizations are also volunteering to help. Currently the Allen FFA has offered their muscle to help haul away refuse and unwanted items. The Allen 4-H are making plans to help as well.

Allen Pee Wee Football Royalty

Community Center Update

Help us Clean Up! Allen FFA Fund Raiser

Blue & Gold Sale Underway

King Hunter Simpson & Queen Autumn Hamilton

Monday Flu Shots will be available at the Allen Nutrition Site The annual Allen FFA Blue & Gold and T&D Meats sale is on Monday, September 24th, currently underway. All members of the local chapter will be beginning at 10:00 a.m. The taking orders now thru September 27th. shots will be covered by MediTo order, please contact any local FFA member or contact care and those eligible are advisor Tyler Spencer at the high school, 857-2416 reminded to bring their cards; others may receive shots at a cost of $25 each. The Public is invited to…. Allen Historical Society’s 4th Annual

Miss Memory Lane Coronation 4:00 p.m. Saturday, September 22nd Allen High School Auditorium

Masonic Breakfast

The Allen Masonic Lodge will be serving breakfast from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 22nd. A menu of sausage, biscuits, gravy, scrambled eggs, hash browns and coffee has been planned. The Masons will now be charging $8 per breakfast. Additional donations will be accepted and greatly appreciated.

Chad Alexander & Allison Dougherty

JOM Meeting Monday

The Allen Public Schools will be holding a JOM/Title VII meeting at 6:00 p.m. on Monday, September 24th. The meeting will be held in Mrs. Wofford’s classroom in the middle school building. All parents of Native American students holding CDIB cards are urged to attend

Mustangs to travel to Central Marlow Friday, September 21 - Kickoff 7:30

Shakia Crabtree & Trapper Simpson

Country Comments by Bill Robinson, Publisher I always enjoy taking a quiz. I seldom do well at them but I still enjoy them. Here is a quiz I recently took and thought some of our readers might want to also. The answers are at the end of today’s column. 1. Which type of fruit is produced by the ficus tree? a. Fig

b. Starfruit c. Date

d. Mangosteen 2. According to legend, the Lone Ranger’s mask was made from which item of clothing? a. His mother’s shawl b. His brother’s vest c. His father’s shirt

d. His grandmother’s apron 3. Which European capital is built on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges? a. Oslo

b. Helsinki c. Bern

d. Stockholm 4. Which U.S. note has not been redesigned in the past 20 years? a. $100 bill b. $50 bill c. $10 bill d. $1 bill

5. Mississippi State, Fresno State, and Gonzaga University all share which mascot? a. Wildcat

b. Bulldog

c. Cardinal d. Bear

6. The geographic center of the 48 contiguous United States lies in which state? a. Kansas

b. Iowa

c. Missouri

d. Oklahoma 7. Which is the traditional souvenir given to visitors aboard Air Force One? a. Playing cards

b. M&Ms

c. A flag-shaped badge

d. Commemorative coin

8. John D. Rockefeller amassed his initial fortune in which industry? a. Steel

14. W h i c h c o n d i m e n t contains tamarind extract?

owning Texas? a. Spain

b. France

a. Ketchup

c. Portugal

b. Oil

b. Soy sauce

d. Mexico

c. Cattle

d. Diamonds 9. Which fun-size candy bar packs the most calories? a. Butterfinger b. Snickers

Allen Dollar & More $tore

206 E. Broadway • Allen, OK • (580)857-2739

c. Almond Joy

d. PayDay

10. Where would you most likely find a styptic pencil? a. A survival kit b. A sewing kit

c. A shaving kit d. A drafting kit 11. Which promise was not made in the very first car ad, for the Winston Motor Carriage in 1898? a. Speed from 3 to 20 miles an hour b. Pneumatic tires

c. No odor, no vibration

d. T h e p o w e r o f s i x thoroughbred horses 12. P r i n c e s s K a t e i s required to curtsy in front of all of the following, except: a. Prince Phillip b. Prince Harry

c. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall d. Prince Charles

13. Which of these nations never messed with

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She’s Back!!

Grand Reopening & Welcome Back Party Hosted by Dr. Brandon Mills

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Friday, September 21, 2012 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Office Location - 3320 Hwy 75 - Horntown Food and Drinks will be provided!

We will also be taking this time to wish Drs. Tim and Bonnie Hignite the best of luck in their practice.

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Country Comments

• Your supply of brain cells 4. d 5. b is finally down to a managed. Worcestershire sauce 6. a (Just outside of Lebanon, Kansas.) able size. 7. b (Replacing candy cigarettes in 1988.) —CC— 15. A Flemish bend knot is used for what purpose? 8. b Speaking of age, my favorite 9. a a. Typing a necktie story of the week comes from 10. c (It’s applied to small cuts to keep them from bleeding) 11. d (The only mention of a horse was in the headline: “Dispense b. Joining two ropes Pamela Helmer. She writes With A Horse.”) that her husband, Jim, who is in c. Attaching a fishing lure 12. b his 40s, was playing basketball 13. c (Portugal never owned territory in the continental U.S.) d. Creating a loop with friends his age. 14. d (It also contains anchovies and molasses!) “Pretty soon,” said one of 15. b 16. Which was the first state to officially adopt Leif Erikson 16. a (Wisconsin was the first, in 1930. Congress voted to observe his teammates, “we’ll have to Day (October 9) as a state holiday? the day nationally in 1964.) count it as a basket if the ball a. Wisconsin just hits the rim.” b. Minnesota “Yeah,” Jim agreed. “It’s in c. South Dakota scary when you have to look Now n e All through the bottom part of your Deb’s d. Illinois Screen bifocals to shoot layups and the Printing —CC— top part on jump shots.” & Embroidery I am one of the many that love corn . . . as a food not as a —CC— Quiz Answers T-Shirts • Ball Caps fuel. Quick Local Service 1. a “In about six weeks, Lisa Jackson, administrator of the 2. b (His brother, a Texas U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, must make a decision Ranger, had been killed by (580)369-0426 that could have a major effect on the livelihoods of farmers the notorious Butch Cav(580)369-0427 endish.) and ranchers. The decision may or may not raise the price of 3. d gasoline, but it will affect the supermarket prices for meat and many other products. It could well raise the prices of fast-food burgers, chicken, soda and your Thanksgiving turkey. It could even affect the price of beer and bourbon. Ms. Jackson must decide how much renewable fuel — most of it corn-based ethanol — must be added to U.S. gasoline supplies in the next year. This year’s renewable fuel standard calls for oil companies to add 13.2 billion gallons of ethanol to fuel stocks. Next year’s standard is 13.8 billion gallons. You can get almost three gallons of ethanol out of a bushel of corn. So meeting this year’s standard will require about 4 billion bushels. In a normal crop year, more than four out of every 10 bushels are used for ethanol. Another four out of 10 go to feed livestock and poultry. This year is not normal, though climate experts say we might want to start getting used to it. With record drought having ravaged the corn crop, driving prices to record highs, the American agricultural industry finds itself divided. Ms. Jackson should waive or reduce next year’s mandate. That’s not a tough decision. Corn growers will not lack for markets for whatever part of their crop they can manage to salvage. A nation that puts 80 percent of its corn into cars and animals should not be surprised if a reckoning comes.” I believe corn should be grown for our stomachs, not our tanks. —CC— Quote of the Week: A 60-year-old man said to his friend, “I think I’ll live to be 120.” The other man asked, “Why do you say that?” He replied, “Well, I feel like I am half-dead now.” —CC— There are plenty of benefits to growing older including . . • Kidnappers are not very interested in you. • In a hostage situation, you are likely to be released first. • No one expects you to run into a burning building. Total of 6 lots in Allen City Limits • People call at 9 pm and ask, “Did I wake you?” Lot 1 in Block 79, Commercial Addition to Allen • People no longer view you as a hypochondriac. Lots 1,2,3,4 and 6 in Block 26, Commercial Addition to Allen • There’s nothing left to learn the hard way. • Things you buy now won’t wear out. • You can eat dinner at four o’clock. • You enjoy hearing about other people’s operations. • You get into a heated argument about pension plans. • You and your teeth don’t sleep together anymore. • You can sing along with the elevator music. • Your eyes won’t get much worse. Bill Montin, Auctioneer (580)421-7993 • You no longer think of speed limits as a challenge. visit our website • You have a party and the neighbors don’t even realize it. associated with McKee Real Estate (580)332-3737 • 501 E. Main, Ada • You quit trying to hold your stomach in, no matter who Announcements day of sale supersede all previous advertisements, Property owner and walks in the room. auction service will not be responsible for theft or accidents. • Your investment in health insurance is finally beginning to pay off. 10% down payment on real estate on day of auction remainder due at closing • Your joints are more accurate than the National Weather Service. c. Tabasco sauce

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Service Friday for Jacqueline Cook Funeral services for Jacqueline Elizabeth Cook, 85, are to be held at 2:00 pm, Friday, September 21st, at Capitol Heights Missionary Baptist Church with Reverend Jim Crawford officiating. Jackie will be laid to rest at Holdenville Cemetery under the direction of Hudson-Phillips Funeral Home. Pallbearers will be Justin Milner, Jay Mayfield, Forrest Henry, and Shane Cashman. Jacqueline was born September 24, 1926 in Bilby, Oklahoma and passed away on September 18, 2012 in Holdenville, Oklahoma. Daughter to John Carter and Jewel (Linker) Smith, Jackie was a housewife and a good momma. She married Bill Cook in Holdenville on March 2, 1943 and together they raised four daughters. Over her life, she enjoyed cooking, talking, reading, and sewing. Jackie leaves her four daughters and their families, Judy Hoover and husband, Joe, of Lake City, Colorado, Susan Mayfield and husband, Johnny, of Spaulding, Cindy Colbert and husband, Cletus, of Wewoka, and Debbie Milner and husband, Lynn, of Allen. Also surviving are seven grandchildren, nine great grandchildren.

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Threads of Life By Cleo Emerson LeVally One of the drug stores in my town has changed ownership and a few changes are being made at the store. Some of the merchandise is being moved to different counters and all

LiFe MoVeS on

of the jokes that have been of them were put up by one on display behind the soda of the employees, she had the fountain for a long time have option of taking them home. been taken down. Since most In case you will miss them when you go in the store, she has given me permission to use some of them in my column this week. So you can clip out my column and post it on your cabinet door at home and you  % -AIN s !DA /+ s    can read them at your leisure. And you will not miss a thing. You can show them to your friends and relatives when they come to visit. One or two of them were posted by Kenneth Eck, one of the long time former owners, so you will have something to remember him also. Here are some that I like: The Best Antiques Are Old Friends—Don’t Criticize the Coffee, You May Be Old and Weak Yourself Someday— Dogs Come When They’re Called. Cats Take a Message and Get Back To You—I Can Only Please One Person Per Day and Today Isn’t Your Day!! —If you are Grouchy, Irritable or Just Plain Mean, There will be a $10. Charge

For Putting Up With You.— I’m not Loafi ng, I just Work so Fast, That I’m Always Done!— There Is no Greater Blessing Than A Friend Who’s There When Good Times Aren’t.— And others: ‘When I die, I want to go peacefully like my Grandfather did, in his sleep. Not screaming like the passengers in his car’. PERFECTION..My face in the mirror isn’t wrinkled and drawn, My furniture is dusted, the Cobwebs are gone; My garden is lovely and so is the lawn, Don’t think I’ll ever put my glasses back on. One is a cartoon of Snoopy writing a letter to the IRS, on an old typewriter. It reads: “Dear IRS, I am writing to you to cancel my subscription and please remove my name from your mailing list.� Another one is of Uncle Charlie sitting in his chair in front of a clothes rack on which is hung a broom and hat that may belong to a witch. Uncle Charlie is calling out to his wife, “How long is your Mother going to stay, Dear?’

R uby Mae Hoskison, 86, passed away on September 15, 2012 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ruby was born on March 24, 1926 in Spring Hill (Pharoah), Oklahoma to Jesse James Cosper and Jettie Pearl (McCoy) Cosper. She attended school in Parker and Gerty. Later she married (deceased) E m m i t t C l i f t o n Roby on February 19, 1944. Mr. Roby passed

away in 1968. Ruby then married (deceased) Ben Hoskison in 1969. Ruby lived in Allen since 1973 and worked for Wal-Mart in Ada for seven years as a custodian before her retirement in 2009. Ruby is preceded in death by her parents; sister Gracie Lindley; brother Earnest Cosper; husbands Emmitt Clifton Roby and Ben Hoskison; sons Albert Roby Sr. and Wayne Roby Sr.; and granddaughters Laura Davis and Shanae Johnson. She is survived by her brother, Earl Cosper and spouse Virginia Worley both of Alexander, Louisiana; children Elaine Smith of Allen, Charles Roby of Gerty, Retha and Jimmy Wilson of Allen, Theresa Roden and Bruce Williams


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Service Friday for Ruby Hoskinson

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One is of a man and his dog on a horse. The dog is seated on the saddle in front of the man who is obviously pretty much out of it and has the reins of the horse in his paws. The text reads, â&#x20AC;&#x153;Friends Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Let Friends Drive Drunk.â&#x20AC;? Another one is of a couple eating in a restaurant, the wall of which has a sign that reads, â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Todays Special FROG LEGSâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. Three frogs who have no legs are coming in the door in wheel chairs and another one is in the hall, standing on crutches. That one also had no legs. You can understand the look of amazement on the faces of the couple as they see this parade. This one was posted by Kenneth Eck: If You Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t Believe in the Resurrection From the Dead, Just Hang Around Until 3 p.m. and Watch Mary Lou. Three P.M. was the time the clerkâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s shift was over at the store and she went home. I think Kenneth may have noticed. Anyway, she took a lot of kidding and really enjoyed a good laugh. I also gave her a lot of teasing about the things that were posted there, and I did enjoy them.

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of Ada; grandchildren (24) Jennifer, Wayne Jr., Melissa, Belinda, Elizabeth, James, Josh, Janet, Albert Jr., Celeste, Emmitt, Cindy, Charles Jr., Pearl, Heather, Jimmy Dale, Kristy, Jesse, Greg, Shanae, Misty, Trista and Ashley; and many great grand children. Funeral services are scheduled for 10:30 am on Friday, September 21st, at the First Freewill Baptist Church of Non, Oklahoma. Rev. Randall Miller will offi ciate and Kay Miller will provide musical selections. Pallbearers will be Wayne Roby Jr., Emmitt Smith, Jesse Johnson, Greg Johnson, Jimmy Wilson Jr. and Marty Duncan. Honorary bearers will be James Roby, Charles Roby Jr., Albert Roby Jr., Josh Whitt and Jay Bagwell. Interment will follow at the Non Cemetery in Non, Oklahoma.

Service held for Dale Long

Services for Dale Eugene Long, 76, Allen, were 2:00 p.m. Saturday, September 15th, at the Bethel Free Will Baptist Church in Allen, Rev. Lonnie Palmer offi ciated. Burial followed the Allen Cemetery. Mr. Long died Thursday, September 13, 2012 at a Norman hospital. He was born April 7, 1936 in Holdenville, Oklahoma to Sidney Lee and Lois Dodson Long. He attended grade school at Round Prairie, near Holdenville and graduated from Allen High School in 1954. He married Violet Rhea Prentice on September 10, 1956 in Allen, Oklahoma. Mr. Long was employed as a loader with Suntide Refi nery in Corpus Christi, Texas in November 1956. He was transferred to Goldsby-Chriner in 1968 as a pumper and to Allen in October of 1974. Mr. Long retired from Oryx Energy in December of 1992. He was a longtime member of the Bethel Free Will Baptist Church and had served in the U. S. Army from August 1954 until being honorably discharged August 1956. Survivors include his wife, Violet Long, of the home; three daughters, Pam Irwin and her husband Danny of Purcell, Tammy Freeman and her husband Joe of Johnstown, Colorado, and Jessica Plunk and her husband Bruce of Ada; fi ve grandchildren, Holly (Irwin) and Jason Sapp, Oklahoma City, Caleb Irwin, Norman, Allie Plunk, Allen, Clay Plunk, Ada, and Ethan Freeman, Johnstown, CO; one great grandchild, Logan Dale Sapp, Oklahoma City; and an adopted sister, Brenda McDonald. Bearers were his sons-in-law, Danny Irwin, Joe Freeman and Bruce Plunk; and his grandsons, Caleb Irwin, Clay Plunk and Ethan Freeman. Honorary bearers will be Robert Hammonds, Danny McDougal, Bill Griffi n, Charles Henry, Ed Prentice, Benny Prentice and Tom Gault. Services were under the direction of Criswell Funeral Home.


Gel b st known


Pharmacist’s View de igned to be ool in th wi te . Se y l r R M le p w ic

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People poking around Allen note a lot of changes taking place. Another new business down on the highway provides food and refreshment for curious and hungry Allenites. It goes by the unlikely name of “Dive In” and the Skeltons are in fi rm control of the place. The landscaping and décor down there is outstanding and makes our town look proud. Try their Vanilla Cappuccino milk shake if you want a real treat. Another major business is currently in the early stages of construction. A new Dollar General Store will make its appearance at the corner of HW-1 and N. Commerce in a few weeks. The city has been busy, too. Some more old derelict homes have been fl attened and hauled off. I have lost count of how many so far but am promised that more will fall to the wrecker soon. A lot of work has already been done to make Allen a better place to look at and live in. The City Park and The Walking Trail look better than I can ever remember and with

public help and cooperation we can have the best looking little town in the area. Our city workers work hard keeping up with the normal work that keeps our streets open, our garbage hauled off and laws enforced. They help make Allen a nice place to live and I appreciate their hard work. Helping us get a “leg up” on the litter and trash problem in town the city has two cleanup dates on their calendar. The fi rst is scheduled for October 6th. This cleanup will zero in on the parade route for the annual homecoming parade. The streets will be swept and spruced up. They’ll probably repaint the crosswalks and parking lines and do what they can to make the downtown look more photogenic. Then on October 27 th there will be the neighbor-helping neighbor project. This citywide cleanup will give some special help to residents who need it with mowing, hauling off trash, limbs, couches and other “stuff” that seems to fi nd its way onto lawns. Volunteers with a pickup or trailer are needed to help out

that day. The Allen FFA has offered “muscle” to help us haul away our junk. The city hopes you will call and let them know if you need help or want to help with any of these things. They say the phone numbers you should call will be published later and a “dump” site will be provided. O ne more thing: I know that the people who just toss their litter out the car windows or whatever don’t read news articles so it really doesn’t do much good to gripe them out in the paper. In fact they may be unable to read! But be reminded anyway to place your trash in the trash cans around town. Don’t just throw it on the streets and sidewalks. Those of you owning kids and grandkids might put in a word about this as this costly and unsightly litter is just another form of vandalism and it is something that we can do something about. Enjoy this great fall weather and be sure and go to church this Sunday. Wayne Bullard, D.Ph

Mark Legg, Allen church of Christ One small boy I know very well liked to go fi shing when he came home from school. Even though his dad had told him to feed and water the chickens before he went fi shing, he went fi shing, planning to return before dark to take care of the chickens. However, the fi shing was very good and the time slipped by until it was nearly dark. He rushed to feed and water the chickens, but at the same time his dad arrived

and found the chickens were without water and feed. Do you think, he reverenced his dad or do you think he honored his own desires and pleasure more? God asked the people of Malachi’s day, “Where is my reverence?” It would seem that God needs to ask that question of people in our world! Malachi indicated that the people of Israel argued with God, saying, “In what way have we despised Your name?” (Malachi 1:6) God answered them by saying, “You offer defiled food on My altar” and you say, “The table of the Lord is contemptible.” God also told them that they offered the blind, lame and sick as a sacrifi ce. He suggested that their Governor would not accept the inferior and worthless sacrifi ces they offered to God. (Malachi 1:7-8) Do you give reverence to God? If you do, how much

do your reverence Him? If we do not do the things God has commanded in the way He has commanded, how can we claim to reverence Him? Are we like Israel in trying to offer to God that which is inferior and worthless, saving the best for our pleasure and benefi t? Did you go to worship God last Sunday as God commands (Hebrews 10:24-25) or did you fail to honor Him by fulfi lling your desire and pleasure? Did you give as God has prospered you or did you make an inferior sacrifi ce, setting aside fi rst what you needed for your desire and pleasure? Showing reverence for God is not done by a special formula of words, but by submission in obedience and by doing His will.

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Wofford Wins Saddle

Destinee’ Wofford won the year-end saddle in the event of goat tying in the 7-9 age division at the M.R.C.A. finals rodeo. The event was held in Duncan at the fairgrounds. Destinee’ is the daughter of Jesse Wofford and Mandi Tidwell, and granddaughter of Doyne and Sandy Wofford of Velma. Great-grandparents are Jean Wofford and the late Jess Wofford, Lula, and the late Christine Hughes, Allen.

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YARD SALE — Friday & Saturday, 8 to ?? 102 County Line Road. Tools, furniture and misc. T H E G E RT Y U N I T E D METHODISTYOUTH GROUP YARD SALE — Thursday, Friday & Saturday, 8 am to ?? 207 S. Portland, Allen, 2 blocks south of Allen Surplus & Hardware. Money raised will go for trips and projects. Donations are gratefully accepted; for information or pickup call 857-9964.

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308 West Broadway – Allen

1350 sq ft. well maintained 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, nice size bonus room, central h/a, large fenced-in back yard, detached double covered carport, storage biulding $89,9000

RINEHART REALTY.NET For All Your Real Estate Needs 816 ARLINGTON - ADA, OKLAHOMA - (580)436-4662

Eric Pierce, Associate Cell (580)399-7106 • Day (580)857-2627 • Night (580)857-2824


Is looking to hire qualified drivers in the Calvin area to drive at night. Yard is located south of Calvin on Highway 75. You must have a Class A CDL, be 21-years-old, and have at least one year tank truck driving experience.

$16.25 per hour Average 60 hours Benefits Available

Please call Matt at (580) 399-5608

If it’s Real Estate We Can Sell It! - Acreages - Farms - Residential - Commercial

Welch Real Estate and Auction Service

(405)379-3331 100 N Hinckley - Holdenville

, ( ) James Welch, Broker - (405)380-7988 JoDawna Smith, Sales Associate (405)379-6413 Brenda Welch, Sales Associate 379-8044 - Cell (405)380-8188


Sellers of Rural Property All Types Needed. We now offer home warranties to our buyers and sellers.

3 Homes in Lamar, OK

$25,000 - $35,000 & $45,000

Located in Moss K-12 School District on school bus route. Horses permitted at homes. Can Trade Work for Partial Down Payment


Scott McCormack Cell 580-310-4389

West of Ada on Hwy 3W • (580)436-5033

Thank You for your patronage & support! Stockers & Feeder • Pairs, Cows & Bulls

Wednesdays starting at 9:00 a.m. Average Report for 9/12/2012 Total Head: 1972 #1 Steers

1 Heifers

215-230 .................................... $224-$228 250-295 .................................... $218-$229 308-326 .................................... $206-$222 350-373 .................................... $178-$181 400-443 .................................... $150-$162 435......................................................$167 473-495 .................................... $140-$145 501-512 .................................... $142-$152 537-541 ............................... $139.50-$142 550-593 .................................... $136-$147 559......................................................$130 606-628 .................................... $130-$139 605-606 .................................... $123-$124 685-696 ............................... $128.50-$130 703-720 .................................... $132-$137

260-295 .................................... $183-$192 303-340 .................................... $156-$161 350-399 .................................... $152-$162 400-445 .................................... $140-$151 450-494 .................................... $130-$143 501-548 .................................... $130-$140 503......................................................$125 550-595 .................................... $125-$132 600-638 .................................... $120-$130 658-682 .................................... $120-$130 705-730 .........................................118-120 762-785 ............................... $120-$121.50

Sale Every Wednesday

Country Style Health Care, Inc. IV Are you looking for a job with good pay and flexible hours? En oy wor ng w h l

Our Home Care Agency is seeking providers (PCAs) in the Allen, Calvin, Stuart areas. EOE


Johnson Realty, LLC 425 W. Smith, Stratford, OK 74872 (580)759-3700 Real Estate for Sale

1 bedroom, 1 bath, “fixer upper” 208 S. Boston, Allen - $19,500 Nice 2 bedroom, 2 bath starter home, 102 S. Portland, Allen - $55,900 Nice 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath brick home, close to school and doctor, 203 E. Lexington, Allen - $75,500 Nice 5 bedroom, 4 bath home on 3 acres, 4660C 375 Road, Atwood - $118,500

Buying or Selling, Please give us call! ----Arles Wells, Sales Associate Cell (580)320-3266

Cindy A. Johnson, Owner/Broker Office (580)759-3700 Please see our website to view all properties at Real Estate at it’s Best!!

y r r e T CONTRACT y r Ma “Simply The Best” & Associates

Mary Terry - Owner/Broker ................................ 320-3165 Sherry Hickman- Bro/Asc .................................. 421-4881 Boogie Evans ...................................................... 399-4357

3 BED 3 BATH — VERY UNIQUE! On 4+ Acres, Stonewall area. REDUCED $299,000 MLS#49411 ***** 3 BED 1 BATH — 2 Houses for the price of one, Plus nice shop! $45,000 MLS#49498 ***** 2 BED 1 BATH on 13 Acres in secluded area. Generator ready in Francis. $150,000 MLS#49392 ***** 3 BED 2 BATH on 30 Acres of amazing views! 2 huge shopbuildings and swimming pool. $294,900 MLS#49452 ***** 3 BED 2 BATH beautiful 140 acres in upelo area with a barn, open sheds, working corrals, ponds & so much more! $280,000 MLS#49393 ***** 308 ACRES with corrals and 4 ponds in Lula area. $370,000 ***** NICE CREEK and corra s on 82 acres in Lula area. $98,000 ***** GREAT 10 ACRE BUILDING SITE — Close to town. Additional land may be pourchased. $24,900 MLS#49111 ***** 40 ACRES EAST OF ADA — Nice building spot. $75,000 MLS#49109 *****




409 NW J.A. Richardson Loop Ada, OK (580) 332-8933

Scott Ward - Bro/Asc .......................................... 272-3343 Shelby Terry - Assoc. ......................................... 320-3780 Rebecca Terry - Assoc. ...................................... 399-9418

10.97 ACRES — On North Monte Vista in Ada. Nice pond. Great for building. $69,000 REDUCED TO $59,900 MLS#48860 ***** BEAUTIFUL 4 BED — 2 bath, 1917 sq ft home on 9.79 acres with a pond. Located on CR 3620 in Stonewall. $159,900 REDUCED TO $152,500 MLS#48981 ***** 3 BED 2 BATH HOME — On 100 acres! Home is very nice and has a barn on property. Creek runs through. Also approximately 400 Pecan Trees! $259,000 MLS#49034 ***** 8 ACRES — North Monte Vista in Ada. Great building site! Lot is 660x589. $67,500 MLS#49039 ***** CLOSE TO ALLEN! Beautiful 3 bed 2 bath, 2306 sq ft home on 19 acres. 1 barn, 1 workshop, 1 storage building and 1 arena. Great land with a pond. 25605 CR 1515. $330,000 REDUCED TO $289,000 MLS#49437 ***** GREAT BUILDING LOTS at Lake Hills, lake lots and other lots avaiable. Will Build to Suit ***** 180 ACRES — Nice creeks running through. Lots of potential. $255,000 MLS#48088



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Atwood Church of the Nazarene

I guess the cool weather helped to bring everyone to church. We had several visitors and welcomed them all. Jennea Haas had her children and grandchildren with her. Her daughter, Kimberly, and grandson were here from Colorado. Her son, Michael, and his family were here from Tulsa. We are so thankful for the rain God sent this week. In the worship service Sharon and Wayne Sanborn sang our special, “The Scarlett Robe.” Bro. Larry’s sermon was taken from James 3:1-10 and en-

titled “Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say.” A perfect person is able to control their tongue. The perfect person always says the right thing at the right time. The perfect person never has to apologize or take things back. There are not many examples of perfection. In fact, in all of history I can only think of one such person: Jesus Christ! His words were always in accordance with his heart. The way He controlled his words was perhaps one of his greatest miracles. You and I will never reach the perfection of Jesus. We are however, called to be his

followers. The tongue reveals the heart. James has some pretty harsh things to say about the tongue. “It makes great boasts.” “ It is a fire, a world of evil.” We all know the saying “sticks and stones...” and we all know the saying is wrong! Jesus once said “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks....” The words that come out of our mouths

tell us what is in our hearts. To tame the tongue the heart must change. James seems to be saying that even religious people may need some help. We praise God and curse others with the same tongue and the same ease. This is an indication that something needs to change. James is reminding the people of God that only God can

change their hearts. As we yield control of our lives to the Holy Spirit our tongues will begin to tame. God can create within us a perfect heart. The tonguetestify! We want to invite everyone to our Fifth Sunday Singing September 30th at 6:00. Snacks will be served following the service.

Atwood Baptist Church News

The school year is well underway—only about 8 more months to go now—and so is the new church year. The staff and committee positions have been filled, although there is always room for more volunteers. Next Saturday, September 22nd, is Movie Night. Be there at 6:00 for chili, beans, cornbread, and a very good movie that you won’t have to be afraid to take your children to see. See You at the Pole day is on September 26th. I believe the one at Allen begins at 7:30 that morning. September 29th is when the next work day at our church is scheduled. We need people to help with finishing up some work at the parsonage, general clean up, and kitchen detail cleaning so your help will be much appreciated. Many hands and the cooler weather should make it easier for everyone. This Sunday the children opened the worship service by reciting their memory verse, Luke 11:28, and singing “Jesus Loves Me.” They are always so cute that we almost miss their message, but they did a fine job with both the verse and the song. Tom Spillman disregarded W. C. Fields’ advice about not sharing a stage with children or animals, but he held his own very well. He sang “Had it not Been for Jesus” and his message came through loud and clear. Rev. Karch’s message began in II Timothy 4:2-8, and addressed how Christians should live in today’s world. First, Paul says that pastors are to preach the Word of God. Preaching anything else is wrong. As they study the Bible, Christians become more clear about what they believe and why. This makes it harder to be led astray by those who preach anything other than what the Bible teaches. Pastors are to rebuke and exhort the members of their churches. Christians constantly need to correct their course so that it agrees with the scriptures. If they don’t go to church to let God recharge them and set them on the right course for the following week, they are falling behind. Verses 3 and 4 say that one day people will not listen to sound teaching but will turn away from it and listen only to what they want to hear. When they don’t read the Bible and listen to preachers who love them enough to tell them the truth, they leave themselves open to all kinds of weird philosophies and false teachings. If Christians, like Paul, give themselves to live with Jesus as 100% Lord of their lives they will look forward to His return. In II Timothy 3:2-5, we see that the Word of God does not change. Sin is always sin. If you will read this passage about how Paul expects the last days to be, you will see that it reads uncomfortably like today’s news. Radical Christianity embraces that the Bible is God’s Word and that we can become more like Jesus as we read it, pray over it, and live in obedience to it.

Letter to the Editor

American Legion Post 72 P.O. Box 1263 Ada, OK 74821 580/437-1666

To: Allen Advocate Editor We, the members of the American Legion Post 72 in Ada, would like to express our gratitude to the town of Allen and its residents. Each time there is a need, your community inspires us with the generosity one would expect from a big city. Each time there is a Wounded Warrior Run to a Veteran Center, a family with a personal disaster, or it is Christmas, Allen folks give. Thank you from The American Legion Post 72 Ada, Oklahoma (The Legion will be sponsoring a Wounded Warrior Run this Saturday, September 22nd. All the wounded warriors need some of the basic things: toiletries, large print Bibles, “forever” stamps, hoodies that zip in the front, TV’s, crossword puzzles, skid resistant socks, and much more! Item should be dropped off at the Legion Post on North Broadway by 5:00 pm Friday. For a list of items needed and how you can help out our wounded warriors, contact the American Legion Post #72 436-1666. Any donations would be greatly appreciated!)


DISCOVERY The Chickasaw Cultural Center is a colorful, hands-on place that’s as alive as the Chickasaw Nation. We invite you to bring your family and enjoy our many events and attractions: đ0+), *! Watch or join in this traditional dance, 11 a.m. daily in the Amphitheater. đ !.* Ē ,!' Hear and say Chickasaw words with these fun interactive exhibits. đ$%'/$ +5 Explore an Exhibit Hall filled with artwork, hands-on artifacts and videos. đ. %0%+*( %((#! Tour full-sized summer houses, winter houses, a corn crib, council house and an ancient mound. đ'5 !..! Enjoy a stunning view of the village and campus. đ,%.%0 +.!/0 Journey from day to night as this interactive forest comes to life. đ*+(%Ě $!0!. Experience one of the largest movie screens in the state. đ "h Ē %"0 $+,/

chickasaw cultural center



Hughes Co Court Records


Whether you’re working on a large excavation or simply planting a tree in your yard, natural gas and utility line safety should always be job one – and that starts with calling 8-1-1 to have your utility lines marked. By doing so, you can be certain where your electric, gas, water and other important lines are located as well as avoid causing serious injuries, service interruptions or possibly costly fines for damaged infrastructure. Make the call. It’s easy, and free. Respect the lines. Dig with care. After all, safety is in your hands …but always on our mind. For more information on natural gas safety, visit

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4903 N. Union • East of Walmart Shawnee • 273-0655

PUBLIC AUCTION September 25, 2012

Most Items To Be Sold


Leaf River Energy Pipeline Project Completion Surplus Inventory LIQUIDATION AUCTION! Jeff Martin MSAL #1255



For More Info: Call 601-450-6200 or Visit WWW.MMAOFMS.COM



EXP. FLATBED DRIVERS: Regional opportunities now open with plenty of freight & great pay! 800277-0212 or

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ABLE TO TRAVEL Hiring 10 people, work and travel all states, resort areas. No experience. Paid Training & Transportaion. OVER 18. Start ASAP. 1-503-200-8353 "CAN YOU DIG IT?" Heavy Equipment School. 3 wk Training Program. Backhoes, Bulldozers Excavators. Local Job Placement Asst. VA Benefits Approved. 2 National Certifications. 866362-6497 DRIVERS OWNER OPERATORS & Fleet Drivers Oklahoma CDL? $ New Pay Package $ Sign-On Bonus Return to Oklahoma every 6-8 days. Call 1-800-765-3952. DRIVER - Full Or Part-time. $0.01 increase per mile after 6 months. Choose your hometime: Weekly, 7/ON-7/OFF, 14/ON-7/OFF. Requires 3 months recent experience. . 800-414-9569. DRIVERS - OWNER OPERATORS. $2,500 SignOn Bonus. Dedicated Runs. Class-A CDL & 1 yr experience. Savings plans for: Major Medical, Retirement, & more! Lease Purchase Program w/Down Payment Assistance. 866-915-3910. THE CLINTON DAILY NEWS, an independently owned western Oklahoma newspaper, has an opening for a sports editor. For details see our ad posted at Send resume or information requests to: DRIVERS - Only 6 Months Experience Needed! Pets Welcome. $250 Orientation Pay! Up to 38 CPM. OOs, Lease-Purchase Drivers Needed. CDL-A. OTR 48-states. 888-476-1514

FOR SALE/AUCTION AUCTION Tues. Sept. 25. 10:00 am 220± acres 14 parcels. Located Se corner E 1100 & N 1930 Elk City, OK. Auction location: National Route 66 Museum Opera House 2717 West 3rd Street, Elk City, OK. Eddie Haynes Real Estate & Auction Tony Kauk 405-820-1039 OFFICE PRODUCTS/COMMERCIAL PRINTING BUSINESS for sale. Upscale county seat community, 45 minutes from OKC. $600,000 annual sales to established customer base. Current owner no longer has time to devote to business. Established 1924, Always profitable. Large Growth Potential Reliable, efficient pressman/delivery man will stay Serious inquiries only. Email: bkreid59@gmail com RENT-TO-OWN Portable OUTDOOR Buildings Sheds, Storage Barns & More. No credit check Low monthly payments. Free delivery in 7 business days. 877-595-1875

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY LOOMIX® FEED supplements is seeking Dealers Motivated individuals with cattle knowledge and community ties. Contact Bethany @ 800-8700356/ to find out i there is a Dealership opportunity in your area.

CAREER TRAINING/EDUCATION AIRLINES ARE HIRING – Train for hands on Aviation Career. FAA approved program. Financia aid if qualified – Job placement assistance. CALL Aviation Institute of Maintenance 866-802-6655.

NEW OPPORTUNITIES FOR DRIVERS! O & S Trucking is now hiring percentage pay owner operators and company drivers with benefits. Call 800-509-2021 or visit

ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE from Home *Medical, *Business, *Criminal Justice *Hospitality. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. SCHEV certified. Call 866-579-2843.



SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY CLAIMS. Saunders & Saunders Attorneys at Law. No Recovery – No Fee. 1-800-259-8548. DRIS

ADVERTISE STATEWIDE! For more information or to place an ad, call Courtni at (405) 499-0035 or toll-free in OK at 1-888-815-2672.



FELONIES Katherine E. Bragg—Cruelty der the influence of drugs to animals Joe Felix Fowler—unlawful Clay Anthony Dodd—driv- disposal of a stolen vehicle ing a motor vehicle while unLarry D. Hunt—cruelty to animals Nathan Keith Streater—conLEGAL NOTICE IN THE DISTRICT COURT spiracy to commit the crime of OF PONTOTOC COUNTY disposing of a stolen vehicle STATE OF OKLAHOMA Case No. CJ-12-83 MISDEMEANORS Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc., Shannon Denae Harjo— Plaintiff, v. bringing contraband into counMelisa Knighten, Defendant. ty jail NOTICE BY PUBLICATION DEFENDANT(S) Melisa Knighten, Larry D. Hunt—bogus The above stated Defendant will take notice that the Plaintiff, Vanderbilt Mort- check gage and Finance, Inc., filed its Petition Christina Angel Rodriquez— in Replevin in the District Court in and for Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma, driving while under the influon the 30 day of April, 2012, against ence of alcohol and/or drugs the above stated Defendant, and said th

Defendant must answer said Petition on or before the 30th day of November, 2012, or said Petition will be taken as true, and a judgment will be rendered in said action against the above named Defendant, foreclosing her interest in the following descr bed real estate, to wit: 2004 Clayton Home Maker Serial No. CBH013687TX And a judgment will be rendered against the Defendant, Melisa Knighten, adjudging that default has been made in the total principal amount of $31,371.76, with applicable interest at fourteen and fifty-four hundredths percent (14.54%), late charges as provided in the note, and any amounts which Plaintiff may be required to advance for payment of taxes, insurance or preservation of the subject property, together with costs of this action, for all of which judgment will be taken. A judgment will be rendered against Defendant(s) Melisa Knighten, adjudging any right, title or interest in and to the subject property claimed by said defendant and judgment of Plaintiff, all Defendant herein, and all persons claiming by, through or under them since the commencement of this action be forever barred, foreclosed and enjoined from asserting or claiming any right, title, interest, estate or equity of redemption in or to said premises, or any part thereof. Dated this 23rd day of August, 2012. Court Clerk of Pontotoc County s) Ernestine Eubank SEAL s) Gretchen Latham, #17523 Kozeny and McCubbin, L.C. Attorneys for Plaintiff 609 S. Kelly Avenue, Suite H-3 Edmond, Oklahoma 73003 Phone: (405) 285-8100 (Edmond Office) Phone: (314) 991-0255 (St Louis Office) Fax: (314) 744-7733 (Published in The Allen Advocate on September 6, 13 and 20, 2012)


IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF PONTOTOC COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA Case No. FD-2012-92 In RE the Marriage of MARA LYNETTE SMITH, Petitioner, and MICHAEL GENE SMITH, Respondent. NOTICE BY PUBLICATION THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA, to: Michael Gene Smith TAKE NOTICE that you have been sued for divorce in the above Court by the Petitioner, Mara Lynette Smith, alleging incompatibility, and praying for divorce from you and such other relief to which she may be entitled and you must answer the Petition on or before the 1st day of November, 2012, or said Petition will be taken as true and a divorce and other relief sought will be granted to the Petitioner. WITNESS MY HAND AND SEAL this 11th day of September 2012. Ernestine Eubank, Court Clerk Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma By: s) P. Weaver Deputy (SEAL) Prepared by: Kurt Sweeney, OBA#17455 Sweeney, Smith, Draper & Christopher, P.L.L.C. PO Box 70 Ada, Oklahoma 74821 Telephone (58) 332-7200 Fax (580) 332-7201 Attorney for Petitioner (Published in The Allen Advocate on September 13, 20 and 27, 2012)


IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE TWENTY-SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT SITTING WITHIN AND FOR PONTOTOC COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA Case No. PB-12-67 In the Matter of the Estate of MARTHA LOUISE WINTON, a/k/a MARTHA WINTON, Deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS All creditors having claims against Martha Louise Winton, a/k/a Martha Winton, Deceased, are required to present the same with a description of all security interests and other collateral (if any) held by each creditor with respect to such claim to the attorney for the Personal Representative at the Law Office of Steven L. Parker, 224 North Broadway, P.O. Box 540, Tecumseh, Oklahoma, on or before the following presentment date: November 7, 2012, or the same will be forever barred. DATED this 6 th day of September, 2012. Jeffery W. Winton Personal Representative s) Steven L. Parker Attorney for Personal Representative OBA#6898 224 North Broadway P.O. Box 540 Tecumseh, OK 74873 (405) 598-3727 (Published in The Allen Advocate on September 13 and 20, 2012)

Karl D. Hammond—speeding 11-15 mph over limit Angela Lynn Jackson— speeding 26-30 mph over limit Karri Lynn Montgomery— no seat belt John Michael O’Bryant—no seat belt Amber Dawn Proctor— failure to carry security verification Frances Kay Ramirez— improper turn Christina A. Rodriguez— operating a motor vehicle in a manner not responsible and proper Joseph Pike Stewart Jr—failTRAFFIC ure to sear seat belt; operating Celia L. Bakken—failure to a motor vehicle without valid pay tax due to state driver’s license Jennifer Lynn Bean—no seat Angela Tipton—speeding belt; operating a motor vehicle 21-25 mph over limit without valid driver’s license, Jason Lee Worrell—failure failure to comply with compulto wear seat belt sory insurance law Daniel Worsham—no seat Akia C Deer—failure to belt wear seat belt Roger L. Evans—speeding 16-20 mph over limit


IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF PONTOTOC COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA No. CV-2012-140 John Cameron and Peggy Cameron, Plaintiffs, VS. Emma Maxwell, W. H. Greene, Mereb M. Jones, a/k/a Mrs. T. A. Jones, C. R. Greene and Ruth Davis, if living, or if dead, their unknown successors, Defendants. NOTICE BY PUBLICATION THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA TO: Emma Maxwell, W. H. Greene, Mereb M. Jones, a/k/a Mrs. T. A. Jones, C. R. Greene, and Ruth Davis, if living, or if dead, their unknown successors. You, and each of you, are hereby notified that John Cameron and Peggy Cameron, as Plaintiffs, have filed a Petition in the District Court of Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, in the above-numbered and styled cause of action, suing you, Emma Maxwell, W. H. Greene, Mereb M. Jones, a/k/a Mrs. T. A. Jones, C. R. Greene, and Ruth Davis, if living, or if dead, their unknown successors. That said Petition alleges that you are claiming some right, title, lien, estate, encumbrance, claim, assessment, or interest in the following described real property located in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma: W/2 NE/4 of Section 14, Township 2 North, Range 7 East, less all oil, gas and other minerals. adverse to the right, title, and interest of the Plaintiffs therein; that you have no right, title, lien, estate, encumbrance, claim, assessment, or interest in said real property and should be required to show in open court what claims, if any, you now have in or to said real property adverse to the right, title, and interest of the Plaintiffs therein; that you should be perpetually barred and enjoined from asserting any such claims in or to said real property adverse to the right, title, and interest of the Plaintiffs therein; that Plaintiffs are the owners of the fee simple title to said real property; and pray for judgment against you and in favor of the Plaintiffs, quieting their title to said real property against you. You must answer the Petition filed by the Plaintiffs on or before the 19th day of October, 2012, or it will be accepted as true and judgment will be rendered against you, and each of you, decreeing the Plaintiffs to be the owners of said real property and entitled to possession thereof, and decreeing that you have no right, title, lien, estate, encumbrance, claim, assessment, or interest in said real property, and quieting title thereto in the Plaintiffs. Given under my hand and seal this 5th day of September, 2012. ERNESTINE EUBANK, Court Clerk Pontotoc County, Oklahoma By: /s/ B. Myers Deputy James R. Scrivner, OBA #8033 JAMES R. SCRIVNER, P.C. Post Office Box 1373 Ada, Oklahoma 74820 Attorney for the Plaintiffs (Published in The Allen Advocate on September 6, 13 and 20, 2012)


IN THE DISTRICT COURT WITHIN AND FOR PONTOTOC COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA Case No. PB-2012-75 In the Matter of the Estate of MARJORIE ROSS, Deceased. NOTICE OF HEARING PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to all persons interested in the Estate of Marjorie Ross, deceased, that on the 17th day of September, 2012, Jon Max Ross, filed in said Court his Petition praying for the Probate of the Estate of Marjorie Ross, Deceased, a judicial determination of heirship at the time of hearing that those named in said petition are the sole and only heirs, devisees and legatees of the decedent, and asking that Letters Testamentary issue to Jon Max Ross as Personal Representative of said Estate. Pursuant to an Order of this Court made on the 17th day of September, 2012, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that on Monday, the 15th day of October, 2012 at 8:30 o’clock a.m. the Petition will be heard at the District Courtroom, Pontotoc County Courthouse, Ada, Oklahoma 74820, when and where all persons interested may appear and contest the same. IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this the 17th day of September 2012. S. Kessinger Judge of the District Court Kenneth R. Johnson 130 East 14th/Drawer 1690 Ada, OK 74820 Attorney for Petitioner (Published in The Allen Advocate on September 20, 2012)


IN THE DISTRICT COURT WITHIN AND FOR PONTOTOC COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA Case No. PB-2012-71 IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF MILDRED WHITAKER, deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS STATE OF OKLAHOMA  )                                            ) ss. COUNTY OF PONTOTOC ) All creditors having claims against Mildred Whitaker, deceased, are required to present the same with a description of all security interests and other collateral (if any) held by each creditor with respect to such claim, to Shirley F. Whitaker, Personal Representative at the offices of Gregory S. Taylor, Attorney, 115 S. Broadway, P.O. Box 1737, Ada, Oklahoma 74820, attorney for Personal Representative, on or before the following presentment date: The 19th day of November, 2012, or the same will be forever barred. DATED this 18th day of September, 2012. s/ Shirley F. Whitaker   Shirley F. Whitaker Personal Representative for the estate of Mildred Whitaker, deceased GREGORY S. TAYLOR     115 S. Broadway P.O. Box 1737 Ada, OK 74821 580/332-7717 Attorney for Personal Representative (Published in The Allen Advocate on September 20 and 27, 2012)


Sorority Enjoy Picnic

The Allen Chapter of Beta regular meeting September Baptist Church Fellowship Sigma Phi met for their 6, 2012 at the Allen First Hall. The “picnic” was hosted by Tanya Caldwell.  Allen School Menu After the meal of sandWeek of September 24th wiches, coleslaw, deviled Monday Breakfast — Blueberry Muffin, Yogurt, Peaches, Choice of eggs, chips and dips, cupCereal, Milk, Juice cakes and ice cream, a short Lunch — Hamburger Stew, Cornbread, Cauliflower with business meeting was held.  Ranch, Salad, Peaches, Milk Among the items discussed Tuesday was the upcoming Rush Breakfast — Bacon Biscuit, Jelly, Mixed Fruit, Choice of party.  It will be held SepCereal, Milk, Juice th Lunch — Mexican Casserole, Tortilla Chips with Salsa, Corn, tember 20 and will have a 50’s theme.  Salad, Grapes, Milk M embers in attendance Wednesday Breakfast — Breakfast Pizza, Pears, Choice of Cereal, Milk, were Jennifer Smith, Meloni Juice Johnson, Cyndi Sanders, Lunch — Manwiches, Broccoli with Ranch, Salad, Pears, Marilyn Coulson, Lyn AnMilk derson, Becky Boyd, Jill Thursday Kaminski, Cindy Davis, and Breakfast — Sausage & Egg & Cheese Croissant, Banana, Tanya Caldwell. Choice of Cereal, Milk, Juice   Lunch — Chicken Soup, Grilled Cheese Sandwich, Carrots,   Salad, Banana, Milk

Thank You We would like to express our gratitude and heart-

felt thanks for the outpouring of love and concern during Dale’s illness. There were so many of our church family, loved ones and friends who offered constant support and help through a very difficult time. Special thank you’s go to the ladies of Bethel Free Will Baptist Church, Bro. Lonnie Palmer, Bro. Buddy Drake, those who provide music, and Criswell Funeral Home for a beautiful service. We greatly appreciate all expressions of sympathy, including cards, calls, flowers, food and prayers from such a caring community. May God bless each of you, The Family of Dale Long Violet Long, Pam & Danny Irwin & family Tammy & Joe Freeman & family Jessica & Bruce Plunk & family

Friday Breakfast — Biscuits & Gravy, Applesauce, Choice of Cereal, Milk, Juice Lunch — Tacos (hard & soft), Refried Beans, Salad, Cheese, Applesauce, Milk

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Week of September 24th Monday Cheeseburger with Lettuce, tomato & Onion, Tater Tots or Potato Salad, Mayo, Mustard & Ketchup, Pineapple Chunks, 2% Milk, Coffee and/or Tea Tuesday Polish Sausage, Sauerkraut, Scalloped Potatoes, Bun or Cornbread, Butter or Margarine, Chocoleana Cupcake or Brownie, 2% Milk, Coffee and/or Tea Wednesday Beans, Greens, Summer Squash, Cornbread, Butter or Margarine, Chocolate Chip Cookie, 2% Milk, Coffee and/or Tea Thursday Bean & Beef Crispitos, Broccoli with Cheese Sauce, Hominy, Spiced Apples, 2% Milk, Coffee and/or Tea Friday Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Tossed Green Salad, Carrots, Yeast Roll, Salad Dressing, Butter or Margarine, Strawberry Shortcake made with Angel Food Cake, 2% Milk, Coffee and/or Tea

Service held for Bill Thornton Billy “Bill” Max Thornton, 70, of Rogers, Arkansas died Wednesday, September 12, 2012, at Northwest Medical Center in Bentonville, Arkansas. He was born in Porterville, California the son of Lois Linton and Arlon Thornton. He had lived in the Northwest Arkansas area for over 25 years after moving from Guthrie, Oklahoma. He was a plumber for over 50 years, and owned and operated A-1 Plumbing. He loved people and family, he never met a stranger. He enjoyed fishing and gardening. He was preceded in death by; his parents. Bill is survived by his wife Oleta Gail Thornton, of the home, whom he married July 16, 1988; three sons David Thornton, of Pompano Beach, Florida, Mark Thornton and his wife Natalie, of Bella Vista, and Billy Thornton and his wife Donna, of Guthrie, Oklahoma; one daughter Amanda Thornton Ward and her husband Brian, of Centerton; four brothers, Jerry Thornton and his wife Valita, J.W. Thornton and his wife Bobby, Foy Thornton and his wife Francis, and Jim Thornton and his wife Twila; one step-son Vincent Jennings; two step-daughters Natalie Cox and Gail O’Neil; and seventeen grandchildren. Graveside service was Tuesday, September 18th, at 10:00 a.m. at Non Cemetery in Non, Oklahoma.

Masonic Fund Raiser

The Allen Masonic Lodge is sponsoring a fundraiser to help Keith Howry with medical expenses. A drawing will be held on October 1 at tthe Allen Masonic Lodge. Tickets are $10 or 6 for $50. The winning ticket can choose with a lifetime hunting and fishing license, $500 Visa Card or $699 worth of golf supplies from Pecan Valley Driving Range.

Christmas Banners Due

The Allen Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that they will again be able to offer the Christmas banners. The banners were first used during the past holiday season. Those will again be used but interest was expressed by a number who had not been contacted on how to be included in the display. Orders for the 2-sided banners must be paid in advance; cost of the banners is $150. Purchasers will have a choice between the candle or poinsettia decal. All orders must be received by September 15th and may be placed by contacting The Advocate at 857-2687.

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By HERMAN BROWN Allen correspondent The Allen Mustangs enter Week 4 of the 2012 football season still searching for the first victory. The next opportunity comes Friday evening. Coach Kenny Deatonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Mustangs will visit the Central Marlow Bronchos in District B-2 game at Marlow. Marlow Central is 3-0 with two blowout wins and third victory by a double-digit spread. The Bronchos won the opener 62-20 over Mountain View Gotebo. MCHS took down Oklahoma Christian Academy 40-30 on September 7. Then, last week, Central Marlow blanked Macomb 46-0. On the flip side, Allen lost to Wetumka 40-8 in Week 1 and then fell to Waurika 2414 in Week 2. Last week, the Mustangs suffered a 20-18 to Oklahoma Christian Academy to slip to 0-3. Despite the opposite records, Allen and Marlow Central are much closer in ability. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We could and probably should be 2-1 right now,â&#x20AC;? said Coach Deaton. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We lost to a very strong Wetumka team and that was not a fluke. But the losses to Waurika and Oklahoma Christian Academy were opportunities that we let slip away from us. I feel we lost those games instead of our opponents winning them. We made mistakes that cost us both of those games. If we take care of the ball and avoid the penalties, we almost surely would have won our last two games. But the bottom line is that we did not make the play, so thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s on us. We canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t keep blaming these things on youth and inexperience. We have to step up and make the plays when we have the chance. We are not out of the playoffs by a long shot. The thing we have to do is to start with this game and do what we need to do to get out of there with a victory. If we can accomplish that, we can build on it and start turning those Lâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s into Wâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s.â&#x20AC;? Despite the losses, Coach Deaton could not be prouder of his players for their effort and determination. â&#x20AC;&#x153;You could not ask for more a hard-working or dedicated bunch,â&#x20AC;? the coach said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;They come in here each day hungry to learn and improve. They shed some tears over those losses, so I know it is not about dedication or desire or determination. What we need to do is to cut down on our turnovers and penalties. In our last game, we played one of our best games in several years. We had a couple of busts on pass coverage, but we were

solid other than that.â&#x20AC;? The offensive review was not so uplifting. â&#x20AC;&#x153;We shot ourselves in the foot several times,â&#x20AC;? Coach Deaton said. â&#x20AC;&#x153;On our opening drive we were down on their 11 and then fumbled away the ball. In the third quarter, we had a first-and-goal at their 1 yard line before a penalty cost us points. And we also had one chance with a fourth and goal from the 3 yard line. We were in the shotgun and the snap came back (to the quarterback) on the ground. We had to fall on it there and just cover it up. Those are some of the untimely mistakes that cost us great chances to score.â&#x20AC;? Allen dominated the stat line with 17 first downs and 345 yards of total offense. The Mustangs rushed for 240 yards and passed for 105 yards. OCA was limited to 11 first downs and 240 yards of total offense. The Eagles were balanced in rushing (117) and passing (123). Colton Browning turned in another excellent showing in the rushing attack. He had 24 carries for 144 yards. Conner Johnson added 13 carries for 85 yards and 2 touchdowns. The other rushing included Dakota Nickell with 3 carries for 9 yards and Justin Deaton with 2 carries for 4 yards. In the passing game, Conner Johnson completed 10 of 22 for 105 yards and one touchdown. Justin Deaton was 0-1-0 for 0 yards. Dakota Nickell led the receivers with 4 receptions for 68 yards and one touchdown. Justin Deaton contributed 2 receptions for 17 yards. Colton Browning finished with 3 receptions for 11 yards. Michael Stick rounded out the total with1 reception for 9 yards. Two Allen players shared top defensive showings. Colten Browning and Zach Conley both recorded 12 tackles. Justin Deaton was also active in tackles with 6 stops, including 1 for -2 yards and a quarterback sack for -4. Michael Stick also drew praise from Coach Deaton for his 5 tackles. Allen opened the scoring in the second quarter with a nifty aerial play. Dakota Nickell was on the receiving end of a 46-yard touchdown pass from Connor Johnson. AHS then failed on the 2-point conversion run, leaving the Mustang lead at 6-0. OCA rallied to event the score with a 50-yard touchdown pass. The Eagles also failed on their conversion run.

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Allen Goes into B-2 showdown with Central Marlow Bronchos

Allen went back on top on Connor Johnson’s 27-yard touchdown run on a quarterback keeper play. The Mustangs came within inches of getting the 2-point conversion on a running play. “We came so close to scoring on that play,” Coach Deaton said. “But the offi cial ruled that we did not break the plane of the end zone.” Allen was still riding the 12-6 edge until the fi nal play of the second quarter. That’s when OCA scored on a 3-yard TD run. The Eagles failed again on the 2-point run, sending the two teams to intermission tied at 12-12. In the third quarter, Oklahoma Christian Academy waited until the fi nal 13 seconds to break the tie score. The Eagles scored on a 15-yard TD run to go ahead 18-12. OCA then blasted into the end zone on the conversion run to open a 20-12 advantage. Allen kept fighting until finally getting back on the scoreboard with 2:54 remaining in the fourth quarter. Conner Johnson dusted off the scoring drive with a 5-yard TD run to pull AHS to within 20-18. Allen then used the “bulldozer” offensive package on the 2-point conversion try. However, OCA covered the tight end and forced the pass to him fall incomplete. That left Allen down 20-18 with less than 3 minutes to play. “We went for the on-side kick, but did not get it,” Coach Deaton said. “OCA ran three plays and then punted to us. Our defense did a great job of getting back the ball for us. We took over at our 25 yard line with 1:13 to go.” Allen marched down to the OCA 35 as the seconds ticked off the clock. There was time for only one play when the Mustangs came to the line of scrimmage. “We send our receivers down into the end zone and threw up a hail-Mary pass,” the Allen

head coach said. “The pass hit our receiver in the hands, but he was not able to come down with it. It bounced around and their kid ended up with an interception on the last play of the game. We came so close but lost 20-18.” ---OCA 20, Allen 18 Allen - 0 – 12 – 0 – 6 – (18) OCA - 0 – 12 – 8 – 0 – (20) ---Scoring summary Allen - Dakota Nickell, 46 pass from Connor Johnson (run failed) 6-0 OCA - #21, 50 pass from #12 (run failed) 6-6 Allen - Connor Johnson, 27 run (run failed) 12-6 OCA - #21, 3 run (run failed) 12-12 OCA - #21, 15 run (#21 run) 20-12 Allen - Conner Johnson, 5 run (pass failed) 20-18 ---TEAM STATSAllen OCA First Downs 17 11 C-A-I 10-22-1 5-14-0 Passing Yards 105 117 Yards Rushing 42-240 31-123 Total Offense 345 240 Punts/Avg 3/22 5/36 Fumble-Lost: 2-2 1-0 Penalties-Yards 5-50 6-40 ---Individual Rushing, carries-yards Colton Browning, 24 carries for 144 yards Conner Johnson, 13 carries for 85 yards, 2 TDs Dakota Nickell, 3 carries for 9 yards Justin Deaton, 2 carries for 4 yards ---Passing Conner Johnson, 10-22-1 for 105 yards, TD Justin Deaton, 0-1-0 for 0 yards ---Receiving Dakota Nickell, 4 receptions for 68 yards, TD Justin Deaton, 2 receptions for 17 yards Colton Browning, 3 recep-

Cody Lively sheds a blocker as he persues the ball carrier

tions for 11 yards Michael Stick, 1 reception for 9 yards DEFENSE Total Tackles and other highlights

Colten Browning, 12 tackles Zach Conley, 12 tackles Justin Deaton, 6 tackles, 1 for -2 yards, sack for -4 Michael Stick, 5 tackles

Allen senion Zach Conley (#62) lead the Mustangs in tackles las week with 12 tackles.

Out & About Allen

Joshua Clark and baby Chloe have been out & about recently visiting his grandmother, Ahna and Ron Reece. The Clarks live in Texas. —O&A— Alene Callaway enjoyed a recent visit from her niece, Joanne Watts of Memphis, Tennessee,

and great-niece, Jessi Watts of Nashville, Tennessee. —O&A— Out & about visiting with Jane Cassell has been her sister, Linda Small. Mrs. Small and her son, David Harris, made the trip to Allen from Oklahoma City. —O&A—

Kenny Levingston is recovering at his mother, Cliffogene Lee’s home following a motorcycle accident this past Monday. The incident occurred between Ada and Stonewall. Kenny was medi-fl ighted to OU Medical with two broken legs, cuts and bruises.


Allen FFA Officers attend Conference

Officers of the Allen FFA chapter participated in the 2012 Oklahoma FFA Chapter Officer Leadership Training Conference at the Southeast Expo Center in McAlester on August 28th. The eight state FFA officers planned and conducted this year’s conference based on the theme, “One Drop Makes A Ripple.” The six elected officers from each of the 78 high school FFA chapters in the southeast district attended leadership training designed to help them better understand the importance of setting and achieving great team goals at the local, state and national levels. Josh Brecheen, Coalgate, was the keynote speaker for the conference. Brecheen, state FFA president in 1998, is a state senator representing more than 75,000 constituents in southeast Oklahoma. He is an accomplished horseman and motivational speaker. Officers attending from the Allen chapter were Britten Wallace, president; Meagan Beavert, vice president; Shelby Merriman, secretary; David Barlow, treasurer; Jessi Merriman, reporter; Brittnie Johnson, sentinel; and Tyler Spencer, advisor. The FFA is an integral part of the Agricultural Education Division of the Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education. There are 24,369 Oklahoma FFA members in 352 high schools statewide.

Sale runs September 20 through September 26

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