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Nearly 1 million soldiers have died in combate related events. We honor those ho who have paid the price of freedom with their lives. We would like to Honor All Veterans


Billy Sanford Named New Police Chief The Allen City Council met After the minutes and claims annexation of property into the Monday night for their regular were approved, the board legal city limits. monthly meeting. heard from City attorney DerAfter researching the boundessa Gray on the subject of aries in the county records there is a question about the northern boundary of town about what is in, out or vacated. While it is apparent some property was at one time vacated that does not Area residents are invited to attend the Allen School’s Vet- mean it was ever de-annexed erans Day Program this Monday, November 11th, in the school from the town proper. The council decided the next auditorium. The program will begin at 9:20 a.m. Under the direction of Mr. Spencer Cody, the AHS Band will move would be to clearly outperform the National Anthem, the themes for the U.S. branches line what is currently legally of military service, and end their concert with a patriotic selec- in city limits and work from there. So in essence no action tion. Speaker for the Veteran’s Day ceremony will be Will Maxwell; was taken except to direct veteran James Calvin Thomas will be presented his high school Ms. Gray to give the board a detailed outline of current city diploma; and the program will end with a slide show. limit location. After discussing the matter with the Pontotoc County Nine AHS seniors will be honored in a pre-game ceremony this Friday evening, November 8th, before the Mustangs take the Sheriff’s department about taking over the Allen police field against the Fox football team. protection, several road blocks The ceremony will begin at 6:45 p.m. Students to be honored are Chance Allred, Tosha Deatherage, came up that made that plan Zayne Erickson, Rio Jones, Cody Lively, Rachel Reid, Jordan unworkable. After looking over available Remis, Shawn Rolen, Nora Thompson, and Kayla Burgess. applicants the city council is

Veterans Day Program at School Veteran James Thomas to receive high school diploma

Senior Night Friday

proud to announce the hiring of Billy Sanford as the new chief of police. Mr. Sanford had worked for the department previously and has agreed to return to lead the department. He is currently evaluating applicants to restaff the department. Anyone needing help

Gerty Bingo Saturday

The Gerty Community Association will be hosting the annual Pie Supper and Bingo this Saturday, November 9th.Spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, dessert and drink will be served at 6:00 p.m. for a $5.00 donation. Pies will be auctioned at 7:00. Bingo will follow the Pie Auction.

Allen School Board Seat Filing

The Board of Education of Allen Public School District hereby announces that statutorily qualified individuals interested in running as a candidate for the #4 seat on the Allen Board of Education may filed to run at the Pontotoc County Election Board between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm, December 2nd thru 4th, 2013.

Masonic Fund Raiser for McCarn Family

The Allen Masonic Lodge will be holding a Pulled Pork dinner Sunday, November 10th. Money raised will benefit the Matt McCarn family. The dinner will be served in the Lodge building from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. There will not be a charge for the meal but donations will be accepted.

Halloween in Allen...A Night of Fun & Candy Names on Page 2

from police department should call 857-2722, however; if it is an emergency please call 911. This week is the first time for the new trash pickup system. We ask everyone to bear with us as we work out the kinks.

C ountry Comments


by Bill Robinson, Publisher

Halloween is the time of year we think of everything from costumes to candy. However, if Halloween were to be represented by an object, it would, no doubt, be the pumpkin, but if there is one candy that perfectly encapsulates the Halloween spirit in one small, sugary dose, it is the candy corn. With its distinctive and festive color triptych, involving jacko’-lantern orange, the candy corn fits perfectly into the classic Halloween aesthetic. The candy is also undeniable tasty and at a remarkably small size, it’s not hard to eat them by the handful! Still, there is so much more to these sweet treats than meets the eye. Did you know that this ubiquitous Halloween sweet has been around for over a century? The candy corn has had quite a legacy in American history and the technology needed to create the treat was considered innovative for its time. There are almost nine billion pieces of candy corn made annually, which is enough to circle the moon nearly 21 times if placed end-to-end! The candy corn has had quite a journey. George Renninger invented the candy corn in the 1880s. He worked at the Wunderlee Candy in Philadelphia. The Goelitz Confectionary Company took over candy corn production in Front page pictures: Monkey, Becket Burris- son of Adam and April Burris, Honey Bee - Madison Milne - daughter of Kala and Brad Milne, Wizard of Oz family: witch Nevaeh Smith, Dorothy - Jovee Johnson, Cowardly Lion - Rookee Johnson, Tin Man - Deakon Smith, Scarecrow - Wake Berst. Helping hold the group together in the picture are Valerie Johnson and Justin Berst. Little old lady is Tinsley Wofford, daughter of Lacey and Chuck Wofford.

1900 and still produces the sweet today, but under the more recognizable name Jelly Belly Candy Company. The candy corn was initially given the less appealing moniker “chicken feed” because at the time, corn was closely associated with feeding chickens.

When it was created, candy corn had no association with Halloween or autumn. Initially candy corn was made with a mixture of sugar, corn syrup and marshmallow flavor. The candy was not produced in a factory. Instead employees would pour 45

Kool-Aid man (Keenan Walker) was very happy to trick or treat last week.

pounds of the warm candy mixture into buckets called “runners.” Men known as “stringers” would then walk backward pouring the mixture into cornstarch trays with the iconic kernel shape. It would take three passes to make the

Quinton Walker’s sisters alway called him a turkey, and now we know why.

Welcome One and all to the Annual Volunteer Fire Dept. Fund Raiser BBQ Lula Community Center and Fire Department located at Hwy. 48, Lula Oklahoma

Saturday, November 9th ~ 5:00 pm Serving Deep Pit Beef/Pork & BBQ Chicken

All the trimmings & old fashion homemade desserts! Silent Auction, games and Bounce house for kids - Live Music Local Musicians


Monetary Donations Welcome Please mail to: LVFD 19613 Hwy 48, Tupelo, OK 74572

$500 each for

1/2 Beef or Whole Pig

All Donations Directly Benefit Lula Volunteer Fire Dept.

cut & wrapped your way! (winner need not be present to win)

For more info contact: Fire Chief Kim Johnson @ 580-320-6489

Starting November 1st – December 8th, Creek Nation Casino Holdenville will be accepting toys for area children of all ages. In exchange for a new toy (valued at $5.00 or greater), you’ll receive a $5.00 Free Play. Limit 2 per customer

Thanksgiving November 28th

If you are a fan of the Big Bang Theory show, then you know that Amy Farrah Fowler (Laney Deaton) and Dr. Sheldon Cooper (Coleten Griffith) made an appearance in Allen on Halloween.

November 11 th All Veterans receive $5.00 Free Play when you show your Veterans or Military ID, see promotions desk for details.

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Men’s Day

Men earn 20 points and receive $10 Slot Play $50 Free Play Hot Seats every 30 min from 6-10pm

Match Play Tuesday

$10.00 Match Play All day for Players Rewards Club Members

Senior Day

Seniors earn 20 points and receive $10 Slot Play, plus Hot Seats every 30 min 11am-2pm (55 and older)

Ladies Day

Ladies earn 20 points and receive $10 Slot Play $50 Free Play Hot Seats every 30 min from 6-10pm

Rewards Day Cash Fever

Hot, Hot, Hot Seats Looks like Conner Smith had a rough night trick-or-treating, however; he was there to protect his sister, from danger.

$100 Free Play Hot Seats every 30 min starting at 7pm

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All November Birthdays receive a $10 Match Play, see the promotions desk for details.


Cattle Theft Suspect Apprehended Special Agents with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry were searching Coalgate for wanted cattle thief Larry G. (Snag) Smith, Jr. on October 31. During the manhunt, agents conducted surveillance at a residence in Coalgate that is often a hangout for Smith. They were watching a vehicle parked in front of the home when the vehicle fled from the house at a high rate of speed. Agents pursued the vehicle

approximately six miles west of the city. When agents got the vehicle stopped, the occupant of the fleeing vehicle was identified as David Wallace from Atwood. Wallace is one of two suspects in the investigation regarding the theft of 99 head of cattle. The other suspect is Smith. Agents had been working with the Pontotoc County District Attorney’s Office and Wallace’s attorney to have him surrender on November 1 at

tigate livestock theft in every the Pontotoc County District the same charges. Court, regarding an arrest warSpecial Agents with the county of the state. Cases may rant for stealing cattle. When law enforcement section of be reported to 405-522-6102. Wallace was apprehended, he ODAFF are available to invesindicated he did not intend to surrender to authorities, and he had no attorney. Agents arrested Wallace for the theft of cattle belonging to Jet McCoy that occurred the first week of October in Allen. He was booked into the PonLip Lick’n Good totoc County Jail. Wallace is facing charges for cattle theft and conspiracy. Smith is still ur church us cater yo arties! t e L wanted in Pontotoc County for d large p outings an

Country Comment from Page 2 three colors. Wagons then delivered the candy in wooden boxes, tubs and cartons to drug stores. The iconic multi-colored scheme of the candy corn was considered revolutionary and customers went crazy for the sweet. The popularity of the candy corn was so immense that competitors attempted to make candies in the shape of turnips, four-leaf clovers, chestnuts and other designs, but nothing could beat the unique design of candy corn. In the 1900s, the demand for the candy corn was so high that Goelitz had to refuse orders because his company didn’t have the means to keep up with the ever-increasing requests. The candy was perishable and couldn’t travel long distances until the 1940s when companies began using “familysized” cellophane bags to keep their products fresh. With the introduction of the cellophane bag, Goelitz could ship his candy further than he ever had before. By 1951, the Goelitz Company had 12 factories making candy corn all over the country. It was only after World War II that the candy corn was advertised as a Halloween candy. The tradition has remained unchanged. In the fall of 1951, a local advertisement described the candy corn as the “Buttery flavored mellow cream candy corn in its familiar three colors. Approximately 360 pieces to the pound. The candy all children love to nibble on all year long.” Even though the advertisement suggests kids would eat candy corn the whole year, some people believe that because the ad ran in the first week of October, that the candy has been associated with the month and Halloween ever since. Today over 35 million pounds of candy corn are produced each year. In recent years, the makers of candy corn have produced Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter themed sweets. The sweet is even honored with its own holiday, “National Candy Corn Day”, on October 30th, right in time for Halloween. As far as Halloween indulgences go, the candy corn isn’t unreasonably unhealthy for a candy. While the candy corn is mostly sugar, 22 pieces contain roughly 140 calories and no fat. Since this is Halloween week, I bought a large sack of candy corn for Halloween . . . not for the Trick-or-Treaters, but for myself. It has always been one of my favorite treats. —CC—

Cursing in public has become an epidemic. I was at a recent high school football game when two of the players used words in front of some girls that my dad would have knocked my teeth out for using. Turn on the TV or go to a movie and, more often than not, it will be filled with obscenities. There are still many of us that do not appreciate and will not watch them. I may be old fashioned, but I firmly believe that cursing is the sign of a limited vocabulary. It is just lazy to use a swear word when there are thousands of perfectly good adjectives, adverbs, nouns and verbs that are much more descriptive. Some years ago I read an analysis of how cursing has evolved in this country. It seems that in the early part of this century if an individual really wanted to get the attention of his neighbor, he used the Lord’s name in vain. That was called blasphemy. Of course, most of all people in the country at that time were practicing, devout Christians and cursing the Lord was very offensive. Eventually, blasphemy stopped shocking people. I don’t know if it was because more people drifted from the church or if over use decreased the shock impact. The next phase in cursing came between World War I and II. It is called the obscenity phase. Various four-letter words that describe sexual or bodily functions were used to shock the general populace. We are at the peak of that phase today. A teenager can sit through an R-rated movie and hear more four-letter obscenities than most of us “old timers” heard during our entire time in school. Almost all movies or shows on cable also are filled with four letter words. The air is so filled with obscenities that they have lost their shock value. When they are spoken in a restaurant or in a grocery store they offend because they are in such poor taste, not because of the shock value. Most Americans have been repeatedly exposed to all the four letter obscenities that are available. Now profanity has moved to another level to find shock value. The new category is racial epithets. A professor at a major university could scream blasphemy at his students all class period and the students would not care, nor the administration. The same could be said for obscenities. A college lecture

peppered with four letter words would not raise an eyebrow. But, if that same professor were to use one, just one, racial epithet in his lecture he would immediately be called on the carpet and his job would be in danger. The same with a politician or an entertainment figure. One reference, even veiled, to denigrate the racial background of an individual or group could end a career. Even speculation about how different racial groups perform in activities can be job ending. It is a sad commentary on our society. Taking God’s Name in vain or shouting obscenities is hardly noticed, but a crack about someone’s racial or ethnic background is cause for alarm. Though cursing may have “evolved” during the past 100 years, it is the common decency that has suffered. We have become so steeped in gutter language that it does not shock anymore. That is a very bad sign for our times. —CC— Last of all, I want to share on of my favorite stories. One evening an old Cherokee told his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, “My son, the battle is between two wolves inside us all. “One is Evil. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. “The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith.” The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf wins?” The old man simply replied, “The one you feed.”

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Threads of Life by Cleo Emerson LeVally

I remember a lot of things about growing up on a farm in Allen. In my young days I probably would have been called a tomboy. I had a brother two years my senior and three younger brothers. I learned to shoot a rubber gun, climb trees, ride the mules and horses, run the gullies, slide down sand hills, climb and ride to the ground the young willow trees that grew along the creek bed, shoot a BB gun and rifle like an expert, fish in the old farm pond, catch crawdads and clean their tails to cook over a camp fire, tie sorghum buckets together and use them as floats in the pond in the summer and do many other things a small


girl of five or seven could be doing when she was running with a gang of boys. As you can imagine, since our place was only a half-mile from Broadway in town, we had many town kids (as my father called them) on the farm all summer. In summer, we played on the old cable swing across the creek, swam and fished for crawdads on the pond nearby. We would take a skillet and some potatoes and bacon fat, also meal, and we would cook the potatoes and fry the crawdads tails. We washed them in water from the pond in a sorghum bucket. Sometimes we would stay out there all day,

playing, swimming, riding the cable swing across the creek and running up and down the creek. Our friends from town always like to come out. We would all sit on the fence and watch the little calves and pigs, also helped feed them when my father would allow it. We would shell the corn on the sheller and then put out feed for the mules, horses, cows and chickens. We had a pair of old gray mules that we loved. Their names were Beck and Jude. We said in later years that we would like to put them out to pasture and let them live in peace and not have to work so hard. We had a pair of red

mules also, but they did not have the affection from us as the other pair did. The kids from town were the bane of my father’s existence, because they loved to sit on the fence to watch the farm animals he was afraid they would get hurt. Besides the horses, mules, and pigs, we had a goat. When there were baby animals on the farm, the town kids were always in the way, as my father put it. They wanted to pet them and, to him, that was a lot of foolishness. Allen was an oil town and there were not many farm

kids in school. The ones who came out to our farm did not realize that all the animals and things there were a necessity to us, it was different and a novelty to them. When I was in high school and the telephone would ring, Dad would yell out, ‘If that is a town kid, you can’t go!’ He did not realize that there was only one farm boy in my class at school and the only ones I could date were town kids. Life today is so different. All young people have an iPhone, iPad, or whatever the names are, and they are texting. They will never realize things as we did, on that old farm one half mile from town.

One Pharmacist’s View THE ALLEN ADVOCATE, NOVEMBER 7, 2013-PAGE 5

Since the beginning of time there have been people who think they know when the end of time is coming. Many had a following of believers who usually wound up on a mountaintop or someplace with their group and count down the minutes to the end together. Of course it never happens. Surprisingly these people usually take it well, explaining why it didn’t happen and so forth and go home with their heads held high and are never heard from again—but not liberals. I see that Mayor Bloomberg (another liberal end of timer) was in London the other day and in the course of a speech lamented how backward and uninformed many people are and made the following statement: “In parts of America there still remain people who don’t believe in evolution or even in global warming.” Before you think too much of that just remember that liberals in this country often state

Global Warming Gives Us the Cold Shoulder

that all people having some sort of difference of opinion from them are “backward and ignorant.” Not everyone accepts as “settled science” that global warming is, as some think, good reason for taking political actions such as are presently being taken. One problem with the global warming theories is that they have not, over time, panned out. The “warmers” cried wolf long ago and nothing happened. In fact, this summer the UN released a massive new climate report that throws cold water over the theory and its timetables. Quite simply, the report states that Global Warming has been on the pause button since 1998. No warming, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere (where it has actually cooled) has been recorded. The 2,200 page new Technical Report attributes this to a

combination of factors such as natural variability, reduced heating from the sun and the ocean acting like a “heat sink” to suck up extra warming in the atmosphere. Now the debate is just how long this cooling will last? Possibly a long time says Anastasios Tsonis of the University of Wisconsin. He points to the repeated periods of warming and cooling in the 20th century. Tsonis goes on to say that there are a lot of climate models out there but they don’t agree with each other and they don’t even agree with reality. In fact, the IPCC (Panel on Climate Change) admit that none of the models predicted the hiatus— or to put it another way, no one saw it coming. Professor Tsonis criticized the IPCC for ignoring so much of the new research that studies have turned up regarding climate

Light from God’s Word

Mark Legg, Allen church of Christ Last April, it was reported that “In the last two months – not only has the Army listed Christians and many American organizations as ‘Domestic Hate Groups,’ but has engaged in restricting Christian exercise and removal of Christian and Jewish crosses and menorahs from Army worship areas.” Often today, Christians are being called “extremists” and Christian organizations are being labeled as “hate groups.” Are Christians becoming a hated minority in America? Once upon a time this would have been unthinkable, but things are changing dramatically. It is unfortunate that some who claim to be Christians have misunderstood the will of God who so loved the world that He gave his “only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16) In love, God sacrificed Jesus to die for those who were

his enemies and who were in rebellion against Him. Christians need to understand that we are a “love group” rather than a “hate group.” Now, that does not mean we are tolerant and accepting of anything – especially not of ideas and teaching contrary to God’s will. However, in love, gentleness and patience, we try to correct and teach those who are in opposition “if God perhaps will grant them repentance, so that they may know the truth and that they may come to their senses and escape the snare of the devil, having been taken captive by him to do his will.” (2 Tim 2:25-26) True Christian do not engage in using “hate language” toward others. Rather, in love, we seek to save those who are destroying themselves by rebelling against God. Our society – sometime even our government – demands that we be politically correct and accepting of views contrary to God’s will. However, to speak the truth in a kind, gentle manner to those living in error or sinful rebellion against God is not “hate speech.” It is the truth that gives genuine, true freedom. (John 8:32) To be tolerant and to refrain from speaking the truth, allowing a person to believe and practice error is not love. To love others, we will desire that “all men come to know the truth” and be saved eternally. (1

Tupelo School Reunion

The annual Tupelo School Reunion will be held Saturday, November 30th, from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m., in the school cafeteria. Sandwiches will be furnished and those attending are asked to please bring a dessert. Theme for the 2013 reunion is “Golden Oldies” and guests are asked to bring school memorabilia that is 50-years or more old.

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Timothy 2:4) Jesus prayed for forgiveness of those who crucified Him. Surely, Christians should also love and pray for those engaged in evil.

change as they still claim that human activity is responsible for 95% of global warming. Judith Curry, chair of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Science at Georgia Tech, says the IPCC is taking a big credibility hit over the cool-down and they’re stating that the cooling is now or shortly will be over. “The IPCC has torqued the science in an unfortunate direction.” She further complained about them using explicit policy agendas to achieve their own political goals. These twisted “facts” do not inspire confidence in the final product—which now

drives our politics and energy policies toward items such as the Keystone pipeline and the production of electricity. In a related story last Friday, President Obama issued Executive Orders to several government agencies to take immediate steps—steps that will cost billions more—to cope with the effects of the oncoming disasters associated with global warming. Guess he didn’t see the UN memo. Have a nice weekend and enjoy the cooler than normal fall weather. Be sure and go to church Sunday and take your coat. Wayne Bullard, D.Ph.

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Atwood First Baptist Church We’re thankful that the big storm system predicted for last Wednesday fizzled down to a nice little rain for our neck of

the woods. Computers can do the most dedicated technology some near miraculous things, advocates. but long range weather pre H ope everyone has their dictions are humbling to even semi-annual chore of changing

Poor Austin Stowe was harassed all Halloween evening by these two people. Following Austin were his parents Joe and Jennifer Stowe.

the time on their clocks finished by now. If you arrived at church at about the right time Sunday then you guessed right on whether you were springing backward or falling forward. Or is it the other way around? Tom Spillman sang “I Saw a Man” as the special music for the morning worship service. Though I doubt that Tom considers himself a preacher, the lyrics “I give my heart, my soul, my life into my Savior’s care” tell us the way to keep our priorities in the right order. R ev. Karch’s sermon followed up on Tom’s message. Titled “Living in the Flesh or in the Spirit,” it was based on Romans 8:5-17; 8:28; and 8:31,30. T he moral standards that determine behavior appear to have deteriorated over the past several years. Sin is replacing God with worldly things, and it is also the way that leads to both spiritual and physical death. Those for whom the world is of primary importance will pursue worldly things in-

stead of spiritual things. On the other hand spirituality—giving our hearts, our souls, our lives into the care of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ--brings us both life and peace. If Christ be in us our spirit is alive, and our flesh is controlled by God’s Spirit. This is life, and it is life as its best. Bad things happen in everyone’s life, but if we can turn to God He will help us. If God is for us then nothing can stand against us. Everything works together then for our good. I f we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior we are children of God and co-heirs with Christ. We inherit a home for eternity in heaven. Our minds can’t even completely comprehend the enormous blessings that God has for us. I s living the spiritual life rather than the worldly life worth it? God shows in His Word that it is, and then He leaves the choice up to us.

Out & About Allen

Tom and Agnes Taylor traveled to El Reno Monday to attend a Hospice Memorial Service honoring their son, Jerry Taylor, and several other. —O&A— Betty Finney, accompanied by Jennie Evett, attended church services Sunday at

Johnson Chapel. They enjoyed the service, which was followed by a dinner where they saw lots of old friends. —O&A— H ank and Janice Deaton and Thelma Goddard enjoyed a recent visit from Tracy Luttrell and her children, Jacob

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and Jessie, of Norman. They were out & about during Fall Break. —O&A— Cassie Taylor and her friend Rita, both of Stillwater, met Tom and Agnes Taylor recently for a luncheon visit. —O&A— Kassidy Keeney celebrated her 9th birthday and was honored with a birthday party at her home. Her guests include her family, Crystal, Mallory and Chulainn Keeney, grandmother Jane Keeney of Holdenville, Shelly Caskavilla of Holdenville, aunt Courtney and Bradley Read of Broken Bow, Scott Rinehart of Ada, Carl Friedman of Oklahoma City, Madison Keeney and friend Laura from Holdenville, and Brayle Chambers and Shelly Ramsey both of Lamar. Attending from Allen were her uncle John and Amber Frederick, Cadence and Tayden, grandparents John and Stacy Frederick, great-grandmother Brenda Frazier, Brandi and Payton McWethy, and Carolyn

and Gracie Ross. —O&A— Rhonda Nix visited in McAlester on Monday with Tommy and Johnny Nix. Joining them in that visit were friends John and Shirley Cline of Altus. —O&A— Out & about Tuesday, visiting with Earlene Howard on Tuesday were John and Shirley Cline of Altus. Also visiting recently with Mrs. Howard were Ron Miller and Phyllis Julian of Oklahoma City. —O&A— Tammy Frederick, accompanied by Eric Sanchez and Amber Cooper of Ada, made a trip to Azle, Texas recently for a visit with her mother, Pat Watts.

J oining in the visit were Dhana Cooper of Owl Creek, niece Kayla Cooper of Pauls Valley, and Twila Randles and Shannon Brown, Haley and Hunter of Texas. —O&A— Ramona Cross and daughter Ashley, along with Bessie Parker, journeyed to Houston, Texas to attend the wedding of Bessie’s niece, Karen Patterson. T he locals enjoyed their trip, reporting both beautiful weather and a beautiful wedding. —O&A— Paul and Sarah Randell traveled to Eufaula on Saturday where they visited with Patsy Randell. —O&A—

Cousins Arrive Monday, Nov 4th

Loretta Day accompanied her daughter, Amy Davis, to the

Mercy Hospital in Ada this Monday, November 4, 2013, and was with her as she gave birth to a son, Samuel Lee Ashley. The baby weighed in at 4 pounds 14 ounces and was 18-inches long. Also on Monday, the 4th, Loretta’s niece Tiffany Hoover gave birth to a daughter, Chloe Lynn Shivers. Chloe weighed in at 4 pounds 1 ounce and was 17-inches long.

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Kason Deaton spent Halloween performing apparently unsuccessful surgery


Calvin Teams Open Basketball Season

Part of the Calvin High School Girls Basketball Team and Coach Left to Right:Amber Harden, Ashley Gillean, McKenzie Blalock, (Coach) Wayne Haddox, Sarah Adams and Lindsay Carter

Calvin High School Boys team Left to Right: Front Row Michael Lacey, Jeremiah Wiley, Andrew Haddox, Shiloh Haddox, Wesley Bain Back Row: Robert Attkisson, Justin Holman, Caleb Adney, Anthony Harrison , Teddie Yonker and Coach, Scott Frederick

Stuart drops Bulldogs in opener

Ashley Gillean led Calvin by Lindsay Carter with 9. Amber Harden added 4 and Next action for Calvin will The Calvin Bulldogs McKenzie Blalock 2. be at Vanoss Friday night. opened their season on a with 17 points, followed tough note falling to Stuart 80-24. The Hornets opened up with a 17-5 lead after the first quarter and increased it to 33-14 at half time. The Bulldogs managed only 10 points in the second half while Stuart poured in 47. Leading the scoring for Calvin was Anthony Harrison with 10. Teddy Yonker added 4 and also picked off eight rebounds. Scoring two points each were Andrew Haddox, Michael Lacey, Shiloh Haddox, Robert Attkisson and Justin Holman. The Calvin girls also fell to Stuart 61-32. Trailing 21-5 at the end of the first period Calvin came back strong in the second quarter and cut the lead to 26-21. Stuart increased the lead 40-26 after three and in the final period Calvin Junior High Boys Basketball Team Front Row (Left to Right) Kaulen Turpin, Jason Dunn, Charlie outscored Calvin 21-6. Harden, Traden Karch and Brennen Griffin Back Row: (Assistant Coach) Nathan Holland, Eli Sims, Anthony Davis, Robert Elliott, Trenton Robertson, Zachary Lawson and Coach, Scott Frederick


Halloween in Allen

Braydon Smart and Emma Tomb

Avery Cudd, Maddison Dohlman and Jaden Wilson

Addison Prentice Ryleigh Tate

Madalen Clifford and her sister Remington

Jake Matthews

Lilly Matthews and Keithon Howard

The Raney family - Gary, Gary Jr, Tyler, Meeka, Selina

Lilly Laden, Garrett Nix, Ava Laden and Kinsey Nix.

Patrolling the Black addition on Halloween are these hood rats, Beckett Wells, Brooklyn Harper was escorted by this friendly bear. Alex and AJ Hill, Kaylee and Lainey Ford


Trick or Treating

Carmen Alcaida

Olivia Wallace and Kelsey Hurt Grace Ross and her grandmother Joan Kellogg

Tessa Rowsey

Logan and Kadence Johnson

Brooklyn Sanders and Abbey Strong

Savannah Geyer

Brinley Nemecek

Braycee Wilson Easton Melton Dillon Royalty

J.R. Wofford Payton Barrett Olivia Wallace

Hailey Baber

Paislee Anderson

Taylor Batey

Hattie and Ryder Giacomo


The Allen Pre-K and Kindergarten classes want to thank Farmers State Bank for sponsoring their awesome trip to the pumpkin patch.

Mustangs to battle Foxes in key B-2 showdown By HERMAN BROWN Allen correspondent The Allen Mustangs will wrap up the 2013 regularseason campaign this week with a home game against the Fox Foxes. Allen will be looking to stage the upset over the 8-1 Foxes. However, the Mustangs don’t have to sweat the outcome as far as a must-win contest. AHS has already locked up a berth in the playoffs with no worse than a fourth-place finish in the District B-2 standings. In a perfect world, Allen would upset Fox Friday and Central Marlow would lose to Cyril. If that situation played out, the Mustangs would emerge as the No. 2 seed in B-2 and would get to host a first-round playoff game. It’s more likely, however, that Central downs Cyril and Allen will be sitting in third or fourth place heading into post-season play. “We have a lot to play for

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coming into our last game of the regular season,” said Coach Kenny Deaton. “We need to go play with everything we have to win at Fox. If we can get that done and we get help from Cyril, we’ll be hosting a firstround game in the playoffs. That has not happened around here in a long, long time … maybe 15 years or so. It certainly gives us something extra to play for on Friday night.” Fox comes into this week with an 8-1 overall and 7-1 mark in the league. The Foxes sit in second place going into the final game. If Fox defeats Allen then the Foxes will clinch the No. 2 seed and the home game to open the playoffs. FHS has scored 467 points in nine games and allowed 160. Allen is 6-3 overall and 6-2 in B-2. The Mustangs have scored 303 points and allowed 232. Last week, Allen exploded for an impressive 62-14 win over the Paoli Pugs. The district victory was crucial as it secured AHS a spot in the upcoming Class B playoffs. Dalton James played his best game ever in the 48-point triumph. The 6-0, 170-pound sophomore rushed for 302 yards and 5 touchdowns on 22 carries. James scored on runs of 3, 17, 18, 50 and 64 yards. Coach Deaton said the showing was one of the best by a Mustang player. It was very similar to Brady Caldwell’s 300-yard night against the Sasakwa Vikings in 2011. “Dalton had a great game for us,” the coach said. “But I also want to give credit to our offensive linemen who work hard to open holes for him to run. It starts with our senior center Cody Lively (6-1, 260) and our junior guards Jason Holcomb (6-3, 270) and Patrick Leonard (5-11, 170). We also use our tight end Thirkiel Wedlow (Jr, 6-1, 212) and wide receiver Dakota Nickell (Jr, 5-11, 140) to block for our backs.” Last week, the Mustangs switched junior Aaron Manuel (6-3, 232) to fullback to be the lead blocker for the running backs. “Aaron helped us a lot last week,” said Coach Deaton. “We may have found really something back there at fullback. Aaron is a punishing lead blocker and I hope he has found a home in our backfield. If he can play this week like he did last week it will be huge for our offense. His blocking can make our running game even stronger. Against a team like

Fox, we want to plug and chug and keep the football away from them (Foxes). If we can control the ball with our running game, we have a chance to go win this game. Fox is fast and quick and they want to spread us out and throw the ball all over the field. We’d like to limit that by just keeping the football away from them.” Four other Mustangs produced touchdowns in the runaway contest, which was halted in the third quarter on the 45-point mercy rule. Colton Browning, Aaron Manuel and Dakota Nickell all scored on running plays while Tommy Peay returned a kickoff for a touchdown. Allen took a 12-0 lead in the first quarter. The Mustangs started off with Dalton James’ 64-yard TD run to make it 6-0. Colton Browning later finished a scoring drive with a 10-yard touchdown scamper to make it 12-0. James provided 14 more points for the Mustangs in the second period. The running back raced 17 yards for one TD and added the conversion run to make it 20-0. James also scored on a 3-yard TD run to push Allen to a 26-0 lead going into halftime. After intermission, the fans were treated to a wild 50-point scoring spree in the third quarter. Allen generated 36 of the points with five touchdowns during the span. Paoli managed a pair of scores during the 12-minute period. Pug receiver Josiah Gibson caught a 42-yard scoring toss from quarterback C.J. Cunningham. Paoli added a successful conversion pass from Cunningham to close the deficit to 26-8. Allen looked to Dalton James for a quick response. The standout delivered with a 50yard touchdown TD run. QB Justin Deaton followed with a conversion run to up the lead to 34-8. Paoli came back with a second and final scoring answer. Cunningham ran a keeper and found the end zone on a 34yard TD run to close the game to 34-14. Allen would then get a highlight-reel 53-yard kickoff return for a touchdown by Tommy Peay. James contributed the conversion run to push AHS on top 42-14. Dalton James finished off another drive with an 18-yard touchdown run. Shawn Rolen stepped in and scored on the conversion run to make it 5014. Allen added a touchdown on

Allen could be playing for a home game to open 2013 post-season action

Aaron Manuel’s 3-yard scoring Allen 62, Paoli 14 run to make it 56-14. Paoli - 0 - 0 - 14 - x – (14) The Mustangs then put the Allen - 12 - 13 - 37 - x – (62) finishing touches on the game Allen - Dalton James, 64 run (run failed) 6-0 with Dakota Nickell’s 1-yard Allen - Colton Browning, 10 run (pass failed) 12-0 touchdown run to seal the vicAllen - Dalton James, 17 run (James run) 19-0 tory at 62-14. Allen - Dalton James, 3 run (run failed) 25-0 The one-side score was mirPaoli - Josiah Gibson, 42 pass from C.J. Cunningham (#24 rored by one-side game stats. pass from Cunningham) 25-8 Allen owned an 18-7 edge Allen - Dalton James, 50 run (Justin Deaton run) 33-8 in first downs and 389-207 Paoli - C.J. Cunningham, 34 run (run failed) 33-14 advantage in total offensive Allen - Tommy Peay, 53 kickoff return (James run) 41-14 yardage. Allen - Dalton James, 18 run (Shawn Rolen run) 49-14 Paoli rushed 18 times for a Allen - Aaron Manuel, 3 run (run failed) 56-14 net 67 yards. Half of the total Allen – Dakota Nickell, 1 run (run failed) 62-14 came on quarterback CJ Cun--ningham’s 34-yard touchdown Situation Allen Paoli run. Cunningham’s passing First Downs 18 7 performance included 10-for- Rushing Yards 336 67 Name ___________________________________________________ 18 for 140 yards and 1 touch- Passing; C-A-I 4-10-0 10-18-3 down. However, the Pug quar- Passing Yards 53 140 Address _________________________________________________ terback threw 3 interceptions Total Offense 389 207 City ____________________________________________________ on a night when Paoli also lost Fumbles - Lost 1-0 3-3 Phone __________________________________________________ 3 fumbles. Those 6 turnovers Penalties – Yards 3-30 3-20 were too much to overcome Time of Possession 32:49 15:11 against the powerful Mustangs Punts – Average 2/38 1/37 who did not suffer a turnover in INDIVIDUAL STATS Name ___________________________________________________ the game. Ty Brown recorded Allen Rushing Address _________________________________________________ 2 interceptions and Gunner Dalton James, 22 carries for 302 yards City ____________________________________________________ Holder picked off 1 pass. Colten Browning, 5 carries for 36 yards Colten Browning recovered Aaron Manuel, 2 carries for 8 yards Phone __________________________________________________ 2 fumble and Jason Holcomb Dakota Nickell, 2 carries for 7 yards had the other. Jason Holcomb, 1 carry for -2 yards Allen’s 389-yard offensive Justin Deaton, 4 carries for -15 yards Name ___________________________________________________ harvest featured 337 yards Team totals: 36 carries for 336 yards Address _________________________________________________ rushing and 53 more passing. --Dalton James provided 302 of Allen passing City ____________________________________________________ the 389 rushing yards. Colten Justin Deaton, 4-10-0Phone for__________________________________________________ 53 yards Browning was second on the Allen receiving team with 5 carries for 36 Dakota Nickell, 2 receptions for 27 yards yards Dalton James, 1 reception for 26 yards Name ___________________________________________________ Justin Deaton threw for the Colten Browning, 1 reception for 0 yards 53 yards passing with a 4-10-0 Special-Teams Play Address _________________________________________________ showing. Dakota Nickell had Allen Kick Returns City ____________________________________________________ 2 receptions for 27 yards and Tommy Peay, 2 KO returns for 53 yards Phone __________________________________________________ Dalton James caught 1 pass for --26 yards. Colten Browning had DEFENSE the other AHS reception for 0 Allen total tackles yards. Dalton James, 5 As previously mentioned, Dakota Nickell, 4, 1 sack Aaron Manuel, 2 Tommy Peay provided the bigTy Brown, 4 Patrick Leonard, 1 gest special-teams play with Cody Lively, 4 Tommy Peay, 1 his exciting 53-yard kickoff Colten Browning, 4 Gunner Holder, 1 return for a touchdown. Auston Hamilton, 3 The top tackler was Dalton James with 5 stops. Four other Monday Friday Mustangs added 4 stops each, Breakfast – Pancake & Sausage Breakfast – Homemade Biscuits, including Dakota Nickell, Ty Stick, Fruit, Milk & Juice Gravy, Fruit, Milk, Juice Brown, Cody Lively and ColLunch – Spaghetti with Meat Lunch – Buffalo Chicken Wraps, ten Browning. Sauce, Caesar Salad, Salad Bar, Chicken Wraps, Pasta Salad, Salad Allen needed the win over Fresh Fruit, Milk, Water Bar, Fresh Fruit, Milk, Water Paoli. The Mustangs stepped Tuesday up and took 100 care EofMain business. Breakfast – Scrambled Eggs, - Ada - (580)332-0457 The job this week will be much Sausage Patty & Toast, Fruit, Milk & When you become Open Monday - Friday 10 to 5:30 Saturday 10 to 5 more of a challenge. However, Juice part of our iQor Lunch – Chicken & Vegetable Stir AHS is playing its best ball at the end of the season. Coach Fry, Fried Rice, Salad Bar, Fresh family, you're not Deaton will be looking for an Fruit, Milk, Water Wednesday even stronger showing this just accepting a Breakfast – Long Yogurt & All Repairs Done in John, Shop Friday night at Fox. He is also Fruit, Milk, Juice job but an hoping Cyril will step up and Lunch – Pork Tacos, Refried Beans, shock Central in their Week 10 Chips & Salsa, Salad Bar, Fresh Fruit, invitation to meeting. If that happens, the Milk, Water Mustangs just might be playing Thursday 100 E Main - Ada - (580)332-0457 further advance one more home game in a very Breakfast – Breakfast Sandwich, Open Monday Friday 10 to 5:30 Saturday 10 to 5 Fruit, Milk, Juice surprising campaign. your career and

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Pontotoc County Commissioners Proceedings

October 2013 October 1, 2013 The Board of Pontotoc County Commissioners met for a special scheduled meeting in which the time, place, and agenda were duly posted at 3:00 PM on September 26, 2013 at 100 West 13th Street, Ada, Oklahoma. Gary Starns, Randy Floyd, and Justin Roberts were present for the meeting. The following guests attended: Judge Kilgore, Judge Kessinger, Judge Landrith, Debbie Byrd, Roger Byrd, Lynn Wilson, Trisha Wilson, Terri Pierce, Vicki Reiling, Karen Dunnigan, Brandy Myers, Renae Furmisky, Renee Davis, Betty Carter, Tami Baker, Shari Todd, Keressa Compton, Brad Compton, and Glenda Gonderman. Discussion regarding vacancy upon resignation of Pontotoc County Assessor Shari Todd. Motion by Starns, second by Floyd, to appoint Debbie Byrd as Pontotoc County Assessor. All aye. Motion by Roberts, second by Floyd, to adjourn. All aye. October 7, 2013 The Board of Pontotoc County Commissioners met for a regular scheduled meeting in which the time, place, and agenda were duly posted at 3:00 PM on October 3, 2013 at 301 S. Broadway, Ada, Oklahoma. Gary Starns, Randy Floyd, Justin Roberts, and Pam Walker were present for the meeting. The following guests attended: JR Grissom, Becky Walker, Janna Kelley, Kerry Manning, Debbie Byrd, Karen Davdison, Corey Logan, Keith Buelow, Glenda Gonderman, Adeline Daniel, Amanda Raniel, Chad Letellier, and John Christian. Motion by Floyd, second by Starns, to approve September 30, 2013 and October 1, 2013 minutes. All aye. Motion by Floyd, second by Starns, to approve proclamation to designate October as 4-H Month. All aye. Discussion regarding Kerry Manning, Director of Southern Workforce and LEO Board regarding LEO Consortium Agreement. Motion by Floyd, second by Starns, to approve LEO Consortium Agreement. All aye. Motion by Roberts, second by Starns, to award bid #1, Pontotoc County purchasing one or more, new, disc-style brush chipper to Miner Equipment for a Model 150XP Brush Chipper $30,995.25. A DEQ Grant will cover $23,000.00 of the price. All aye. Motion by Roberts, second by Floyd, to let bid #3, Pontotoc County road projects asphalt overlay. All aye. Motion by Starns, second by Floyd, to accept Dr. Michael Stafford, D.O. resignation from the Pontotoc County Board of Health. All aye. Discussion regarding appointment to Pontotoc County Board of Health due to vacancy after resignation of board member Dr. Michael Stafford. Discussion regarding Ada Chamber of Commerce request for participation in Chamber Directory. Motion by Starns, second by Floyd, to approve standard listing for Marketing and Tourism advertisement in Chamber Directory and map for $369.00 to be paid from ZLODGE account. All aye. Discussion regarding use of CBRI Funds for road projects. No action. Motion by Starns, second by Roberts, to approve Union Valley Volunteer Fire Department’s Fire Tax request for $7,779.00 from Chief Fire and Safety for eleven sets of Wildland gear. All aye. Motion by Starns, second by Floyd, to amend request for Allen Volunteer Fire Department from $2,047.00 to $2,074.00, original Fire Tax request approved September 9, 2013. Motion by Starns, second by Roberts, to approve Jay Owens as First Deputy for Pontotoc County Assessor’s office. All aye. Motion by Starns, second by Floyd, to remove Tami Baker as Requisitioning Officer and appoint Allen Reynolds and Lynn Youngblood; also remove Allen Reynolds as receiving agent and approve Katy Copeland and Jeff Epperly as Receiving Agents for Call-A-Ride. All aye. Approved claims. Approved transfer: T2D #3 to T3 $2,500.00 Approved monthly reports. Approved monthly appropriations: Appropriations for October 2013: Highway $340,325.45 CAR $22,441.04 Resale Property $9,932.75 Law Library $2,200.53 Mortgage Tax Cert $720.00 Mechanic’s Liens $638.00 Agri-Plex $11,945.75 Preservation Fees $4,205.00 REAP $13,333.33 Court Clerk Revolving $3,975.60 Juvenile Drug Court $8,749.98 Assessor’s Revolving $94.00 Lodging Tax $28,313.02 Sales Tax Proceeds $360,339.26 Pontotoc Co. Educational Fac. Auth. $3,088.00 Courthouse Security $1,623.85 Commissary $7,964.16 Sheriff’s Fees $118,121.39 Health Department $10,634.09 Fire Tax $85,728.89 County Fire Use Tax $4,306.26 Approved blanket purchase orders: HWY 1990-1992 Agri-Plex 1993 General Sheriff 1994 Sheriff 1995-1997 Approved purchase orders for payment: ZLODGE: 111, ADA AIR EXPO, 5000.00, REMITTANCE; 2013-2014 GENERAL: 400, FIVE STAR OFFICE SUPPLY 02, 172.37, SPLY; 401, NORTHEAST WISCONSIN TECHNOLOGY COLLEGE, 175.00, SPLY; 402, VERSATILE NETWORKS, 1453.00, SPLY; 403, U S POSTMASTER, 184.00, SPLY; 404, CABLE ONE, 84.45, SERVICE; 405, CABLE ONE, 84.45, SERVICE; 406, ADA NEWS, 23.80, PUBLICATION; 407, O G & E, 566.06, REMITTANCE; 408, ADA PAPER COMPANY, 390.43, SPLY; 409, CINTAS CORPORATION LOC 618, 197.92, SPLY; 410, MEAD LUMBER DO-IT CENTER, 16.47, SPLY; 411, O G & E, 817.58, SERVICE; 412, O G & E, 3033.41, SERVICE; 413, O G & E, 145.79, SERVICE; 414, O G & E, 602.30, SERVICE; 415, ORIENTAL TRADING CO, 126.00, SPLY; 416, SOUTHEASTERN ALARM, 90.00, SPLY; 417, STAPLES CREDIT PLAN, 30.56, SPLY; 418, TERRY S PEST CONTROL, 700.00, SPLY; 419, WAYVAIR LLC, 3452.86, SPLY; 420, MILLER OFFICE, 30.00, SPLY; 421,

OWENS, JAMES M, 200.01, TRAVEL; 422, WRIGHT, JAMES EDWIN, 220.35, TRAVEL; 423, OESC, 1775.63, UNEMP PREM;HIGHWAY: 654, ADA TIRE CENTER INC, 618.80, SPLY; 655, BELSHE IND INC, 1220.00, SPLY; 656, CHAMPION TIRE, 1887.00, SPLY; 657, CINTAS CORPORATION LOC 618, 637.96, SPLY; 658, DOLESE BROS, 543.03, SPLY; 659, DOLESE BROS, 403.71, SPLY; 660, DUB ROSS COMPANY, 4406.40, SPLY; 661, FENTRESS OIL CO., 6490.03, SPLY; 662, GRISSOM JOHN DEERE, 370.00, SPLY; 663, HERCULES TIRE SALES INC, 192.82, SPLY; 664, MHC KENWORTH, 3246.49, MAINT; 665, M H C KENWORTH, 362.73, SPLY; 666, NAPA OF ADA, 382.46, SPLY; 667, NAPA OF ADA, 62.76, SPLY; 668, NAPA OF ADA, 569.00, SPLY; 669, RSI COMMUNICATIONS, 75.00, SPLY; 670, RED ROCK PIT, 302.39, RD MAT; 671, RED ROCK PIT, 349.72, RD MAT; 672, RED ROCK PIT, 416.36, SPLY; 673, RED ROCK PIT, 211.81, SPLY; 674, SABER TRANSPORTATION SUPPORT INC, 90.00, DRUG TEST; 675, SHERRELL STEEL L.L.C, 38.80, SPLY; 676, SHERRELL STEEL L.L.C, 229.50, MAINT; 677, STAPLES CREDIT PLAN, 129.17, SPLY; 678, TRACTOR SUPPLY, 49.49, SPLY; 679, TRACTOR SUPPLY, 179.99, SPLY; 680, TRACTOR SUPPLY, 219.98, SPLY; 681, WARD FENCE CO, 4000.00, SPLY; 682, CINTAS CORPORATION LOC 618, 571.52, SPLY; 683, FENTRESS OIL CO., 5092.48, SPLY; 684, GRISSOMS, 206.15, SPLY; 685, RED ROCK PIT, 553.81, RD MAT; 686, RSI COMMUNICATIONS, 75.00, SPLY; 687, RURAL WATER DIST #8, 32.29, SPLY; 688, TRUCK PARTS OF ADA, 471.10, PARTS; 689, T X I OPERATIONS L P, 564.15, SPLY; 690, T X I OPERATIONS L P, 561.06, SPLY; 691, T X I OPERATIONS L P, 560.40, SPLY; 692, T X I OPERATIONS L P, 423.81, SPLY; 693, U S CELLULAR, 100.25, PHONE; 694, DAVIS FLEET PARTS, 89.40, SPLY; 695, DELCO DIESEL, 1491.57, SPLY; 696, ERGON ASPHALT AND EMULSIONS, 3860.24, SPLY; 697, FENTRESS OIL CO., 3109.75, FUEL; 698, J & I MANUFACTURING INC., 310.36, SPLY; 699, LACAL EQUIPMENT INC., 737.10, SPLY; 700, MEAD LUMBER DO-IT CENTER, 38.98, SPLY; 701, O G & E, 25.90, SPLY; 702, O G & E, 39.34, SPLY; 703, RHYNES SURPLUS, 20.97, SPLY; 704, RSI COMMUNICATIONS, 75.00, SERVICE; 705, SEAL MASTERS INC, 1713.54, SPLY; 706, SEAL MASTERS INC, 5590.60, SPLY; 707, SEAL MASTERS INC, 1471.31, SPLY; 708, SOUTHERN OKLA TRUCK REPAIR, 244.30, SPLY; 709, T D S TELECOM, 164.07, SPLY; 710, T & W TIRE, 194.00, MAINT; 711, U S CELLULAR, 100.89, PHONE; 712, U S CELLULAR, 100.89, PHONE; 713, VISION BANK, 3056.78, LEASE; 714, CATERPILLAR FINANCIAL SERV, 1749.89, LEASE; 715, CATERPILLAR FINANCIAL SERV, 1749.89, LEASE; 716, VISION BANK, 2675.18, LEASE; 717, OESC, 658.88, UNEMP PREM; 718, CATERPILLAR FINANCIAL SERV, 1749.89, LEASE; 719, EMPIRE FINANCIAL SERVICES, 1882.41, LEASE; 720, VISION BANK, 6525.57, LEASE; SENIOR CITIZENS TRANS: 96, ADA CITY UTILITIES, 64.91, SPLY; 97, ADA TIRE CENTER INC, 424.04, SPLY; 98, A T & T, 177.06, PHONE; 99, B & S SANITATION, 46.00, REMITTANCE; 100, CENTERPOINT ENERGY - ARKLA, 23.81, SERVICE; 101, CENTERPOINT ENERGY - ARKLA, 13.13, SERVICE; 102, O G & E, 377.95, REMITTANCE; 103, RSI COMMUNICATIONS, 150.00, SERVICE; HEALTH: 84, BROWN, LISA, 132.00, TRAVEL; 85, BURRIS, KAREN, 110.74, TRAVEL; 86, WELCH, STACI, 57.63, TRAVEL; 87, WELCH, STACI, 284.44, TRAVEL; 88, ALLEN ADVOCATE, 197.00, SERVICE; 89, CABLE ONE, 57.00, SPLY; 90, CUMMINS SOUTHERN PLAINS, 900.00, SPLY; 91, WAL MART COMMUNITY BRC, 44.06, SPLY; 92, UMB BANK CORP TRUST & ESCROW SER, 26735.11, SPLY; RESALE PROPERTY: 37, OESC, 108.00, UNEMP PREM; 38, ADA NEWS, 10145.61, PUBLICATION;SHERIFF FEES: 193, ALFORD YOUNGBLOOD, 72.00, TRANSP JUV; 194, ALFORD YOUNGBLOOD, 192.00, TRANSP JUV; 195, CLINTON ALAN COOPER, 72.00, TRANSP JUV; 196, DYLAN YEAGER, 174.00, TRANSP JUV; 197, CABLE ONE, 100.95, REMITTANCE; 198, CINTAS CORPORATION LOC 618, 88.08, SPLY; 199, CULLIGAN, 75.25, SPLY; 200, JONES EQUIPMENT CO, 147.30, SPLY; 201, RHYNES SURPLUS, 128.95, SPLY; 202, SUPER LUBE, 264.24, SPLY; 203, WAITES DISCOUNT GUN, 1987.20, SPLY; 204, BABB ELECTRIC, 185.00, SPLY; 205, CABLE ONE, 156.95, REMITTANCE; 206, FIVE STAR OFFICE SUPPLY 02, 569.07, SPLY; 207, FIVE STAR OFFICE SUPPLY 02, 1025.05, SPLY; 208, GUDERIANS, 9974.29, SPLY; 209, NICKERSON PLUMBING, 305.46, SPLY; 210, WAL MART COMMUNITY BRC, 249.66, SPLY; MTG TAX CERT: 5, OESC, 17.05, UNEMP PREM;COUNTY CLERK MECH LIENS: 15, CANNON FINANCIAL SERVICES INC, 212.50, REMITTANCE; 16, RELIABLE OFFICE SUPPLIES, 148.87, SPLY;AGRI PLEX: 93, KIMBERLYN D TEACHEY, 200.00, SPLY; 94, CROWELL LOCK & SAFE, 49.90, SPLY; 95, J B LUMBER, 55.43, SPLY; 96, J B LUMBER, 89.39, SPLY; 97, LOCKE SUPPLY, 66.32, SPLY; 98, MEAD LUMBER DO-IT CENTER, 11.16, SPLY; 99, SHERRELL STEEL L.L.C, 232.00, SPLY; 100, SHERRELL STEEL L.L.C, 232.00, SPLY; 101, TERRY S PEST CONTROL, 60.00, SERVICE; ZLODGE: 23, OESC, 165.90, UNEMP PREM; ZSALESTAX: 59, OESC, 789.34, UNEMP PREM; EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT: 26, FENTRESS OIL CO., 198.45, FUEL; 27, MEAD LUMBER DO-IT CENTER, 35.97, SPLY;” Motion by Floyd, second by Roberts, to adjourn. All aye. October 7, 2013 The Board of Pontotoc County Commissioners met for a special scheduled meeting in which the time, place, and agenda were duly posted at 3:00 PM on October 3, 2013 at 301 S. Broadway, Ada, Oklahoma. Gary Starns, Randy Floyd, Justin Roberts, and Pam Walker were present for the meeting. The following guests attended: Glenda Gonderman, Tammy Brown, Joe Dixon, Elaine Bearden, and Eldon Flinn. Board met with the Excise Board to discuss Pontotoc County’s FY 2013-2014 Budgets. Motion by Starns, second by Floyd, to approve Pontotoc County’s FY 2013-2014 Budgets. All aye.

Motion by Starns, second by Floyd, to adjourn. All aye. October 14, 2013 The Board of Pontotoc County Commissioners met for a regular scheduled meeting in which the time, place, and agenda were duly posted on October 10, 2013 at 301 S. Broadway, Ada, Oklahoma. Gary Starns, Randy Floyd, Justin Roberts, and Tammy Brown were present for the meeting. The following guests attended: JR Grissom, Richard Barnes, LeAnn Barnes, Glenda Gonderman, Janna Kelley, and Art Lawler. Motion by Starns, second by Roberts, to approve October 7, 2013 regular meeting minutes and October 7, 2013 special meeting minutes. All aye. Janna Kelley explained how the Emergency Preparedness Project is a state project. OHCE is partnering with Chad Letellier to have an event in February 2014 which would provide 250 emergency kits for 250 families. These supplies for the kits would be provided by participating businesses or clubs. The total cost of each kit would be approximately $55.00 each for a total project cost of $13,750.00. Kelley stated they would like to have some of the Pontotoc County maps to put in the kits. A location for the event is needed. Motion by Starns, second by Floyd, to approve Emergency Preparedness Project. All aye. Discussion regarding appointment to the Pontotoc County Board of Health. Motion by Roberts, second by Floyd, to let bid #4, six month bid. All aye. Motion by Floyd, second by Roberts, to accept Richard Tibbs’ offer of $200.00 for the purchase of County owned property in District #2 on County Road 1510. The legal description is NE NW NE & SW NW NE NE also known as W/2 NW NE NE SEC 14-4-5. All aye. Motion by Starns, second by Floyd, to approve District #1 purchasing the following property: A part of the SE/4 NE/4 NE/4 of Section 32 Township 4 North Range 7 East. JR Grissom, Agri-Plex Manager, explained the Convention Center at the Agri-Plex was leased on June 1, 2013 for a wedding. The customer paid a $45.00 deposit but still owes $564.00, which Grissom has not been able to collect. The Board of County Commissioners advised JR to send a final notice of amount owed by certified mail and he agreed to proceed. Grissom also stated that the Agri-Plex account is running low, due to the period that the County Free Fair used facilities and this has resulted in higher utilities. Motion by Starns, second by Floyd, to approve the following ZFIRE Tax requests by Fitzhugh Volunteer Fire Department: Staples $3,603.50 Home Depot $618.87 All aye. Motion by Starns, second by Floyd, to approve the following ZFIRE Tax requests by Pickett Volunteer Fire Department: PEC $50.40 Ada City Utilities $16.21 DCAM Risk Management $530.00 Stolz Telecom $578.20 DCAM Risk Management $1,069.65 All aye. Motion by Starns, second by Floyd, to approve September 2013 monthly minutes for publication. All aye. Approved blanket purchase orders: HWY 2085-2093 MD 2094-2097 Sheriff 2098-2112 Approved purchase orders for payment: ZREAP: 2, PONTOTOC COUNTY DIST #1, 13333.33, REIMBURSEMENT;ZCOURT: 44, IMPRIMATUR PRESS, 234.00, SPLY; 45, O P E R S, 4563.65, REMITTANCE; 46, OESC, 115.14, REMITTANCE;ZCOMMISSARY: 10, TERRY S PEST CONTROL, 65.00, SERVICE;ZFIRETAX: 1, CHIEF FIRE & SAFETY, 2074.00, SPLY; 2, HALL S AUTO, 1057.90, SPLY;ZCHSEC: 16, OESC, 72.75, UNEMP PREM;GENERAL: 424, XEROX CORPORATION, 884.04, SERVICE; 425, O S U COOP EXTENSION SERV, 5968.00, SAL; 426, KELLEY, JANNA L EDWARDS, 451.44, TRAVEL; 427, SUMMIT BUSINESS SYSTEMS INC, 405.57, SPLY; 428, HOLIDAY INN, 231.00, HOTEL; 429, CABLE ONE, 100.95, REMITTANCE; 430, KELLPRO COMPUTER SOLUTIONS-TIM, 188.00, SPLY; 431, THYSSENKRUP, 309.00, SERVICE; 432, ADA TROPHY, 56.00, SPLY; 433, COPELINS OFFICE CENTER, 294.67, SPLY; 434, ADA CITY UTILITIES, 34.40, REMITTANCE; 435, ADA CITY UTILITIES, 43.97, REMITTANCE; 436, ADA CITY UTILITIES, 40.50, REMITTANCE; 437, ADA CITY UTILITIES, 77.82, REMITTANCE; 438, ADA CITY UTILITIES, 42.69, REMITTANCE; 439, ADA FEEDCENTER, 50.00, SPLY; 440, ADA NEWS, 64.00, PUBLICATION; 441, ADA NEWS, 25.20, PUBLICATION; 442, BOATWRIGHT, MARSHA, 2280.00, SPLY; 443, CABLE ONE, 94.95, SPLY; 444, EASTERN OKLA YOUTH SERVICES, 534.75, JUV DET; 445, LAMBERT MECHANICAL INC, 1425.00, REMITTANCE; 446, LAMBERT MECHANICAL INC, 1425.00, MAINT; 447, LOCKE SUPPLY, 33.12, SPLY; 448, P E C, 24.75, SERVICE; 449, TERRY S PEST CONTROL, 140.00, REMITTANCE; 450, THYSSENKRUP, 309.00, SERVICE; 451, WAL MART COMMUNITY BRC, 20.41, SPLY; 452, SABER TRANSPORTATION SUPPORT INC, 65.00, SPLY;HIGHWAY: 721, B & S SANITATION, 46.00, SPLY; 722, PRUITT COMPANY, 31.33, SPLY; 723, CIRCUIT ENGINEERING DIST #4, 1511.66, SPLY; 724, CIRCUIT ENGINEERING DIST #4, 136.00, SPLY; 725, FLEET PRIDE, 529.85, SPLY; 726, FITTSTONE INC, 92.64, SPLY; 727, FITTSTONE INC, 190.86, SPLY; 728, FITTSTONE INC, 1462.32, SPLY; 729, FITTSTONE INC, 478.02, RD MAT; 730, NAPA OF ADA, 19.38, SPLY; 731, OESC, 931.66, UNEMP PREM; 732, O REILLY AUTOMOTIVE, INC., 48.98, SPLY; 733, P E C, 750.44, SERVICE; 734, RED ROCK PIT, 349.70, SPLY; 735, RSI COMMUNICATIONS, 75.00, SPLY; 736, RURAL WATER DIST #7, 42.04, SPLY; 737, JOHNS SMALL ENGINE, 239.99, SPLY; 738, STAPLES CREDIT PLAN, 24.86, SPLY; 739, FENTRESS OIL CO., 6055.10, SPLY; 740, JONES EQUIPMENT CO, 1151.19, SPLY; 741, GRISSOMS, 7.55, SPLY; 742, BRUCKNER TRUCK SALES INC, 2025.00, SPLY; 743, FENTRESS OIL CO., 5032.00, SPLY; 744, DUB ROSS COMPANY, 967.50, SPLY; 745, RSI COMMUNICATIONS, 75.00, REMITTANCE; 746, T X I OPERATIONS L P, 430.17, SPLY; 747, SOUTHERN OKLA

TRUCK REPAIR, 164.08, SPLY; 748, T X I OPERATIONS L P, 445.23, RD MAT; 749, T X I OPERATIONS L P, 566.91, RD MAT; 750, P E C, 676.38, SERVICE; 751, B & S SANITATION, 45.00, SPLY; 752, RHYNES SURPLUS, 35.52, SPLY; 753, BUMPER TO BUMPER, 83.67, SPLY; 754, ADAY, CAROLYN, 729.00, SPLY; 755, O REILLY AUTOMOTIVE, INC., 318.27, SPLY; 756, ABC FIRST AID, 46.95, SPLY; 757, HARD ROCK HOTEL, 175.96, HOTEL; 758, KIRBY SMITH EXCHANGE, 1320.20, MAINT; 759, ERGON ASPHALT AND EMULSIONS, 12687.14, SPLY; 760, MARTIN MARIETTA MATERIALS INC, 140.70, SPLY; 761, MARTIN MARIETTA MATERIALS INC, 282.25, SPLY; 762, ERGON ASPHALT AND EMULSIONS, 3919.24, SPLY; 763, MARTIN MARIETTA MATERIALS INC, 354.55, SPLY; 764, NAPA OF ADA, 20.48, SPLY; 765, RHYNES SURPLUS, 20.98, SPLY; 766, NAPA OF ADA, 6.20, SPLY; 767, HERCULES TIRE SALES INC, 565.00, SPLY; 768, TRUCK PARTS OF ADA, 151.12, SPLY; 769, OK TAX COMMISSION, 117.00, SPLY; 770, EMPIRE CONSTRUCTION, 8200.00, SPLY; 771, SEAL MASTERS INC, 2937.19, SPLY; 772, ERGON ASPHALT AND EMULSIONS, 3993.01, SPLY; 773, OESC, 710.34, UNEMP PREM; 774, RSI COMMUNICATIONS, 75.00, REMITTANCE; 775, DC IGNITION, 210.00, SPLY; 776, RED ROCK PIT, 925.50, SPLY; 777, MARTIN MARIETTA MATERIALS INC, 493.83, SPLY; 778, STONEWALL PUBLIC WORKS AUTH., 250.20, REMITTANCE; 779, B & S SANITATION, 45.00, TRASH;SENIOR CITIZENS TRANS: 104, OESC, 360.41, UNEMP PREM; 105, FENTRESS OIL CO., 2721.10, SPLY; 106, STAPLES CREDIT PLAN, 94.76, SPLY;HEALTH: 93, SADONGEL, LINDA, 167.96, TRAVEL; 94, ADA NEWS, 133.00, SPLY; 95, J B LUMBER, 274.96, SPLY; 96, MERCK, 1622.14, SPLY; 97, SAFE KIDS TULSA, 50.00, SPLY; 98, SCHEETS, MARY, 148.30, SPLY; 99, QUILL CORP., 269.71, SPLY; 100, ADA CITY UTILITIES, 147.45, SERVICE; 101, TERRY S PEST CONTROL, 44.00, SPLY;RESALE PROPERTY: 39, SABER TRANSPORTATION SUPPORT INC, 65.00, SPLY;SHERIFF FEES: 211, OESC, 687.19, UNEMP PREM; 212, BROWNELL S INC., 272.30, SPLY; 213, FUELMAN OF SOUTHERN OK, 8348.09, SPLY; 214, PAGE PLUS, 167.30, SPLY; 215, SMITY S TOWING & REPAIR, 107.38, SPLY; 216, ADA TIRE CENTER INC, 867.06, MAINT; 217, BROWN S PHARMACY & GIFTS, 270.75, SPLY; 218, GUDERIANS, 7871.98, SPLY; 219, NICHOLS DOLLAR SAVER, 779.40, SPLY; 220, RHYNES SURPLUS, 79.99, SPLY; 221, RHYNES SURPLUS, 79.99, SPLY; 222, TIGER COMMISSARY SERVICES, 9813.13, SPLY;COUNTY CLERK MECH LIENS: 17, OSU CTP, 35.00, REGISTRATION; 18, OSU CTP, 35.00, REGISTRATION; 19, MIDWEST PRINTING CO, 206.15, SPLY;AGRI PLEX: 102, LOCKE SUPPLY, 120.66, SPLY; 103, FITTSTONE INC, 125.33, SPLY; 104, CINTAS CORPORATION LOC 618, 514.51, SPLY; 105, LOCKE SUPPLY, 154.25, SPLY; 106, OK DISPOSAL & SANITATION, 1132.87, SPLY; 107, CABLE ONE, 74.50, SPLY; 108, CINTAS CORPORATION LOC 618, 123.27, SPLY; 109, TERRY S PEST CONTROL, 60.00, REMITTANCE; 110, CENTERPOINT ENERGY - ARKLA, 30.97, REMITTANCE; 111, CENTERPOINT ENERGY - ARKLA, 72.95, REMITTANCE; 112, CENTERPOINT ENERGY - ARKLA, 101.53, REMITTANCE; 113, CENTERPOINT ENERGY - ARKLA, 36.92, REMITTANCE; 114, CULLIGAN, 40.99, REMITTANCE;Z911: 1, VULCAN SIGN MATERIAL, 1729.50, SPLY;ZPRESERVE: 20, OESC, 63.00, UNEMP PREM;EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT: 28, FORESTRY SUPPLIERS INC, 149.09, SPLY; 29, FORESTRY SUPPLIERS INC, 223.17, SPLY; 30, PAGE PLUS, 13.85, REMITTANCE;ZHPG: 1, SPRINT COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY LP, 42.99, PHONE;” People’s Electric Company sent a letter thanking JR Grissom, his employees, and Pontotoc County for being a tremendous help with PEC Day and being professional and available when needed. Glenda Gonderman, Treasurer asked about the floors with the Courthouse being cleaned and the Commissioners stated that floor buffing/cleaning will be on the six month bid list. Motion by Floyd, second by Starns, to adjourn. All aye. October 21, 2013 The Board of Pontotoc County Commissioners met for a regular scheduled meeting in which the time, place, and agenda were duly posted on October 17, 2013 at 301 S. Broadway, Ada, Oklahoma. Gary Starns, Randy Floyd, Justin Roberts, and Pam Walker were present for the meeting. The following guests attended: JR Grissom, Chad Letellier, and Glenda Gonderman. Motion by Roberts, second by Floyd, to approve October 14, 2013 meeting minutes. All aye. Opened bid #2, emergency suppliers and equipment. Bids were submitted from the following: Chief Fire & Safety, Davenport Fire Equipment Sales, and Casco Motion by Starns, second by Roberts, to accept all bids due to availability. All aye. Motion by Starns, second by Floyd, to approve Resolution #14-19, Cooperative Agreement with Chickasaw Nation to construct a safe zone area at the end of Old HWY 99 north of Byng in District #1. All aye. Motion by Floyd, second by Starns, to approve Resolution #14-20, amendment to the purchasing guidelines for ZFIRE Tax Use. All aye. Discussion regarding appointment to the Pontotoc County Board of Health. Estimate was submitted from Piazza Construction to repair and replace existing exterior on the Agri-Plex for $258,000.00. Motion by Roberts, second by Floyd, to recess in next commissioners’ meeting to inspect exterior. All aye. JR Grissom, Agri-Plex Manager, stated that the Disabled Veterans group is losing their lease at their current location; the Disabled Veterans group inspected north offices at the Agri-Plex for possible rental for $500.00 a month. Commissioners directed Grissom to proceed with repairs to office area for possible rental. Grissom submitted a plan for a fence to be constructed around the perimeter of the Agri-Plex. Allen Volunteer Fire Department submitted minutes and a purchase request. Minutes from City of Allen did not match pricing, and were

returned for correction. Happyland Volunteer Fire Department submitted a request, quote, agenda, and minutes to purchase auto insurance for $318.00 and property insurance for $400.00 payable to DCAM Risk Management. Motion by Starns, second by Floyd, to approve DCAM Risk Management insurance request for Happyland VFD for a total of $718.00. All aye. Approved claims. Approved transfer: ZSF2 to ZCHSEC1 $2,000.00 Approved blanket purchase orders: HWY 2211-2212 Sheriff 2213-2220 Approved purchase orders for payment: ZCOMMISSARY: 11, ARMSTRONG M E D I C A L I N D U S T RY, 5 4 0 6 . 6 8 , SPLY;GENERAL: 453, NATIONAL SHERRIFF ASSOC, 103.00, REMITTANCE; 454, ADA CITY UTILITIES, 40.84, REMITTANCE; 455, ADA CITY UTILITIES, 230.97, SPLY; 456, ADA, CITY OF, 175.00, SPLY; 457, ADA PAPER COMPANY, 33.95, SPLY; 458, COPELINS OFFICE CENTER, 138.45, SPLY; 459, RAMSEY WARD ELECTRIC CO, 812.93, SERVICE; 460, MILLER OFFICE, 30.00, SERVICE;HIGHWAY: 780, KEN JOHNSON ESCROW, 21500.00, REMITTANCE; 781, A & B RADIATOR, 1152.00, SPLY; 782, BUMPER TO BUMPER, 213.78, SPLY; 783, CIRCUIT ENGINEERING DIST #4, 244.32, SPLY; 784, FASTENAL, 4.74, SPLY; 785, FENTRESS OIL CO., 6679.34, FUEL; 786, GRISSOMS, 55.17, SPLY; 787, HISLE BROS. INC., 76.56, SPLY; 788, HISLE BROS. INC., 217.00, SPLY; 789, KEN JOHNSON ESCROW, 581.62, SERVICE; 790, OK TAX COMMISSION, 42.00, REMITTANCE; 791, O REILLY AUTOMOTIVE, INC., 112.62, SPLY; 792, O REILLY AUTOMOTIVE, INC., 50.92, SPLY; 793, O T A PIKEPASS CTR-GOVT ACCT, 1.10, PASS; 794, ROBERTS TRUCK CENTER, 80.67, SPLY; 795, STAPLES CREDIT PLAN, 101.97, SPLY; 796, WAV11, 85.00, SPLY; 797, OSU CTP, 35.00, REGISTRATION; 798, OSU CTP, 35.00, REMITTANCE; 799, OSU CTP, 35.00, REMITTANCE; 800, CHAMPION TIRE, 354.00, SPLY; 801, COCHRAN S TIRE SERVICE, 110.00, SPLY; 802, JAMES SUPPLIES & RENTAL CO., 183.49, SPLY; 803, MEAD LUMBER DOIT CENTER, 32.93, SPLY; 804, O REILLY AUTOMOTIVE, INC., 92.54, SPLY; 805, T X I OPERATIONS L P, 283.74, SPLY; 806, T X I OPERATIONS L P, 282.15, SPLY; 807, T X I OPERATIONS L P, 281.13, SPLY; 808, T X I OPERATIONS L P, 555.48, SPLY; 809, EMBASSY SUITES, 248.00, REGISTRATION; 810, OSU CTP, 35.00, REMITTANCE; 811, OSU CTP, 35.00, REGISTRATION; 812, OSU CTP, 35.00, REGISTRATION; 813, OSU CTP, 35.00, REGISTRATION; 814, OSU CTP, 35.00, REGISTRATION; 815, ADAY, CAROLYN, 42.00, SPLY; 816, CENTERPOINT ENERGY - ARKLA, 34.31, SPLY; 817, DOLESE BROS, 2109.80, SPLY; 818, ERGON ASPHALT AND EMULSIONS, 3914.32, RD MAT; 819, HALL S AUTO, 697.22, SPLY; 820, HOME DEPOT CREDIT SERVICES, 182.35, SPLY; 821, KIRBY SMITH EXCHANGE, 74.00, SPLY; 822, LOCKE SUPPLY, 45.78, SPLY; 823, MEAD LUMBER DO-IT CENTER, 157.47, SPLY; 824, MEAD LUMBER DO-IT CENTER, 230.00, SPLY; 825, O G & E, 289.29, SPLY; 826, O T A PIKEPASS CTR-GOVT ACCT, 22.40, PASS; 827, RG WELDING, 2320.00, SPLY; 828, SHERRELL STEEL L.L.C, 658.60, SPLY;SENIOR CITIZENS TRANS: 107, CABLE ONE, 75.95, REMITTANCE; 108, MILLER OFFICE EQUIPMENT, 93.00, MAINT; 109, O REILLY AUTOMOTIVE, INC., 12.98, SPLY;HEALTH: 102, A T & T, 647.98, SERVICE; 103, CENTERPOINT ENERGY - ARKLA, 81.11, SPLY; 104, MILLER OFFICE, 68.90, MAINT; 105, O G & E, 1799.94, SPLY; 106, URGENT CARE, 350.00, SPLY;RESALE PROPERTY: 40, HOLIDAY INN, 77.00, HOTEL; 41, HOLIDAY INN, 77.00, HOTEL; 42, PITNEY BOWES INC., 6500.00, SPLY; 43, PITNEY BOWES, 386.71, SPLY; 44, STATE AUDITOR & INSPECTOR, 35.00, REMITTANCE; 45, STATE AUDITOR & INSPECTOR, 35.00, REMITTANCE; 46, LOLLAR, ANITA LOUISE, 57.50, TRAVEL; 47, RHYNES, JAMES TRAVIS, 130.95, TRAVEL; 48, PONTOTOC COUNTY CLERK, 15.00, REMITTANCE; 49, PITNEY BOWES GLOBAL FINANCIAL SERV LLC, 1309.02, MAINT;SHERIFF FEES: 223, A1 MUFFLER, 40.00, SPLY; 224, FIVE STAR OFFICE SUPPLY 02, 965.44, SPLY; 225, SABER TRANSPORTATION SUPPORT INC, 125.00, SPLY; 226, SMITY S TOWING & REPAIR, 85.00, SERVICE; 227, SMITY S TOWING & REPAIR, 227.74, SPLY; 228, ADA CITY UTILITIES, 2899.26, PHONE; 229, HOME DEPOT CREDIT SERVICES, 296.87, SPLY; 230, URGENT CARE, 660.00, SERVICE;COUNTY CLERK MECH LIENS: 20, OSU CTP, 35.00, REGISTRATION; 21, OSU CTP, 35.00, REGISTRATION;AGRI PLEX: 115, ABI ABSOLUTE INNOVATIONS INC, 2495.00, SPLY; 116, ADA CITY UTILITIES, 24.27, REMITTANCE; 117, FRYE BROTHERS CONST, 460.00, SPLY; 118, LOCKE SUPPLY, 92.33, SPLY; 119, SUPERIOR SIGN SHOP, 450.00, SPLY; 120, TECH WORLD, 45.00, SPLY; 121, TRACTOR SUPPLY, 139.98, SPLY;” Roberts discussed setting up accounts at Home Depot, Staples, Wal-Mart, and Tractor Supply with Chad Letellier, Emergency Management Director, for purchases for the Volunteer Fire Departments. Letellier discussed that Hazard Mitigation Plan Laws alert system and weather radio grants are almost complete. Motion by Floyd, second by Starns, to adjourn. All aye. October 28, 2013 The Board of Pontotoc County Commissioners met for a regular scheduled meeting in which the time, place, and agenda were duly posted on October 24, 2013 at 301 S. Broadway, Ada, Oklahoma. Gary Starns, Randy Floyd, Justin Roberts, and Pam Walker were present for the meeting. The following guests attended: JR Grissom, Rance Walker, Bill Briggs, Glenda Gonderman, Chad Letellier, John Christian, Chase Wise, and Della Wilson. Motion by Floyd, second by Roberts, to approve October 21, 2013 meeting minutes. All aye. Chase Wise, Right-of-Way Agent for ONEOK Hydro Carbon discussed underground pipeline crossing application for NS 3650, N 3630, N 3620, E1680 N3600, E 1680, and E 1690, all located in District #3. Motion by Roberts, second by Floyd, to approve pipeline application for ONEOK Hydro Carbon to cross county roads in District #3. All aye.

Commissioners Proceedings

IN THE DISTRICT COURT WITHIN AND FOR PONTOTOC COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA 859, RED ROCK PIT, 414.73, SPLY; 860, Case No. P-2012-25 RED ROCK PIT, 343.57, SPLY;SENIOR CITIn the Matter of the Estdaes of DONNA IZENS TRANS: 110, ABC OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY, 174.50, SPLY; 111, FENTRESS KATHERYN CODY, Deceased, and WILOIL CO., 2210.00, FUEL; 112, WAL MART SON E. CODY II, Deceased. NOTICE OF HEARING FINAL ACCOMMUNITY BRC, 52.66, SPLY;HEALTH: COUNT AND PETITION FOR ORDER 107, ADVANCED FILING SYSTEM, 267.95, ALLOWING FINAL ACCOUNT, DETERSPLY; 108, AVAYA COMMUNICATIONS, MINATION OF HEIRSHIP, DISTRIBU620.22, SPLY; 109, CANNON FINANCIAL TION AND DISCHARGE SERVICES INC, 292.00, MAINT; 110, Notice is hereby given that Travis Cody, MELTON CO INC, 183.20, SPLY; 111, Personal Representative of the Estates PONTOTOC COUNTY TREASURER, 5169.71, SPLY; 112, SIMPLEX GRINNELL of Donna Katheryn Cody, deceased, LP, 850.29, SPLY; 113, STAPLES CREDIT and Wilson E. Cody II, deceased, having PLAN, 579.05, SPLY; 114, VOSS LIGHT- filed in this Court his Final Account of the ING, 131.66, SPLY;SHERIFF FEES: 231, A T administration of said estates, and his & T MOBILITY, 584.96, PHONE; 232, ADA Petition for Order Allowing Final Account, TIRE CENTER INC, 540.24, SPLY; 233, CIN- Determination of Heirship, Distribution and Discharge of said Pesonal RepreTAS CORPORATION LOC 618, 88.08, SPLY; sentative, the hearing of the same, has 234, PUBLIC SAFETY CENTER, 561.97, SPLY; 235, SPECIAL OPS UNIFORMS, been fixed by the Judge of said Court for the 15th day of November, 2013, at 9:30 914.99, SPLY; 236, ADA PAPER COMPANY, 3421.36, SPLY; 237, ADA PAPER COM- a.m. in the District Courtroom, Pontotoc PANY, 3171.57, SPLY; 238, CENTERPOINT County Courthouse, Ada, Oklahoma, ENERGY - ARKLA, 907.98, SERVICE; and all persons interested in said estates 239, HOME DEPOT CREDIT SERVICES, are notified then and there to appear and 216.31, SPLY; 240, I C S, 2592.10, SPLY; 241, show cause, if any they have, why the said Final Account should not be setytled and LOCKE SUPPLY, 16.39, SPLY; 242, O G & allowed, the detemriantion of the heirs, E, 3926.26, REMITTANCE; 243, STAPLES CREDIT PLAN, 48.99, SPLY; 244, VALLEY distribution of the estates and the Personal Representative discharged. VIEW REGIONAL HOSPITAL, 536.60, DATED this 24th day of October, 2013 SPLY; 245, VOLVO GUN SHOW RENTS, 87.00, SER- EVENTS Thomas S. Landrith VICE; 246, WALGREENS, 707.99, SPLY; Judge VIETNAM - of the District Court 247, WAL MART COMMUNITY BRC, VETERANS MEMORIAL replica of The Wall in Washington Prepared by: Jason D. Christopher, 405.87, SPLY;COUNTY CLERK 80% MECH WORLD'S LARGEST D.C. to be retired at Woodring Regional OBA#17383 LIENS: 22, COMPTON, KERESSA ANN, Airport, Enid, Oklahoma. Dedication Sweeney, Draper & Christopher, 215.17, TRAVEL; 23, RESIDENCE INN, Ceremony 11 a.m. on Veterans Day, P.L.L.C. 332.00, HOTEL; 24, STARNS, KAREN S, Nov. 11. P.O. Box 190 Ada, Oklahoma 7482192.00, TRAVEL; 25, WALKER, PAMELA A, 0190 94.92, TRAVEL; 26, WALKER, PAMELA A, CAREER TRAINING/EDUCATION TULSA (OKLA.) Attorney for Personal Representative 94.92, TRAVEL; 27, KELLPRO COMPUTER FAIRGROUNDS AIRLINE CAREERS BEGIN HERE (Published in The Allen Advocate on SOLUTIONS-TIM, 5852.90, EQUIP;AGRI – Become Aviation Maintenance Saturday 8-4 PHONE; 31 and November 7, 2013) PLEX: 122, 8-6, A T Sunday & T, 123.99, 123, anOctober Tech. FAA Approved Training. DEPENDABLE HEAT & 83.00, aid if qualified - Housing ★ Free Appraisals ★AIR INC,Financial SPLY; 124, YOUR FENTRESS 110.50, Job placement assistance. ★ BRING GUNSOIL ★ CO., available. FUEL; 125, LOCKE SUPPLY, 23.97, SPLY; Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance 126, O G & E, 67.71, SPLY; 127, O866-802-6655. G & E, 4651.77, REMITTANCE; 128, O REILLY AUTOMOTIVE, INC., 99.99, SPLY; 129, FOR SALE HELP WANTED PRUITT COMPANY, 39.15, SPLY;ZLODGE: PORTABLE OUTDOOR BUILDINGS. EXP. FLATBED DRIVERS: Regional 24, CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MAP Sheds, Storage Barns & more. No opportunities now open with plenty of PROJECT, 332.00, SPLY;ZSALESTAX: Credit Check. Low monthly payments. freight & great pay! 800-277-0212 or 60, O P E H & W PLAN, 525.50, FREEINS Delivery. No Deposit. As low IN THE DISTRICT COURT PREM;EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT: as $5831,per month. WITHIN AND FOR 877-595-1875. A T & T, 45.15, PHONE; 32, CABLE ONE, ATTENTION REGIONAL & PONTOTOC COUNTY 131.50, SPLY; 33,Drivers! FENTRESS DEDICATED CDL-A Averitt OIL CO., STEEL BUILDINGS is GROWING and we need you! FullSTATE OF OKLAHOMA 185.03, FUEL;” benefits and weekly Join us business for Case No. PB-2013-87 Bill Briggs willhometime. be conducting STEEL BUILDINGS Cancelled Orders today! 855-430-8869. Apply online at THE MATTER Vanoss VolunteerEqual Fire Department. MUST GO. MakeINLow Monthly pay- OF THE ESTATE OF Opportunity MARY LEONARD Discussion regarding electronic ments key enon 4 remaining. 20x24, 25x30, VINSON, deceased. Employer trances. Current system is not fully func30x40, 42x60, SAVE Thousands Call NOTICE OF HEARING PETITION Now!with 1-800-991-9251 tional. John Christian, will check FOR PROBATE OF WILL APPOINTEXPERIENCED FLATBEDSheriff, DRIVERS needed. and OTR apositions CrowellRegional Lock regarding fob system for the MENT OF PERSONAL REPRESENSHOW AND DETERMINATION OF available. Pay Complex. is 26% to 28% to start. suggested a GUNTATIVE Courthouse Christian Call 1-866-515-6990 for more inforresolution outlining the requirements for the HEIRS, AND LEGATEES mation GUN SHOW - November DEVISEES 9-10, Sat. Courthouse security system. Notice isCity hereby 9-5 & Sun. 9-4. Oklahoma State given to all persons Chad OPERATORS Letellier discussed that Johnston interested the estate of Mary Leonard Fairgrounds. Modern LivinginBuilding. OWNER - Dedicated, Buy-Sell-Trade. RK Shows INFO: that on the 31st day of County has recession-proof asked Letellierfreight. to be communicaVinson, deceased, year 'round (563)927-8176October, 2013, Robert E. Leonard II and $3,500 Holidayfor Bonus. Class & Tishomingo tions leader a freeCDL event heldA at 1onyr November driving experience. Call Cornelius: 29, 2013 from 4:00 PM to Maryln Kay Perry produced in the District 888-220-6718. DriveForGreatwide. ADVERTISE STATEWIDE midnight. Commissioners gave permission Court of Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, com for Letellier to attend. an instrument in writing purporting to be ADVERTISE STATEWIDE! For more Motion by Roberts, to orthe LEGAL SERVICESsecond by Starns, andcallTestament of said Mary information to Last place Will an ad, table recessing to inspect Agri-Plex Courtni exterior Leonard deceased, and also filed at (405) 499-0035Vinson, or toll-free SOCIAL SECURITY and fencing plans. AllDISABILITY aye. in OK at 1-888-815-2672. in said Court their Petition, together with CLAIMS. Saunders & Saunders Motion by Starns, second the Will, praying for the probate of the Attorneys at Law. No Recovery – Noby Floyd, to adjourn. All aye. DRIS Will and asking that Letters Testamentary Fee. 1-800-259-8548. OCAN110313 issue to Maryln Kay Perry as Personal October 28, 2013 Representative  and for a judicial determiFOR MORE INFORMATION ON STATEWIDE The Board of Pontotoc County Commis- nation of the heirs, devisees and legatees ADVERTISING, CALL 1-888-815-2672 sioners met for a special scheduled meeting in of said Decedent. which the time, place, and agenda were duly Pursuant to an Order of this Court posted on October 24, 2013 at 301 S. Broadmade on this date, notice is hereby given way, Ada, Oklahoma. Randy Floyd and Justin that on the 22nd of November, 2013, at Roberts were present for the meeting. 10:00 o’clock A.M., the Petition will be The following guests attended: Burlington heard in District Courtroom #315, County Northern Railroad Company and Oklahoma Courthouse, Ada, Oklahoma, when and Department of Transportation, Rail Programs where all persons interested may appear Division. and contest the same. Discussion regarding railroad crossing on IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have County Road 3540, also known as Simmons hereunto set my hand this  31st day of Lane in District #2. Burlington and ODOT October, 2013. agree to install railroad crossing lights and s/Thomas S. Landrith arms on Simmons Lane due to the dangerous JUDGE OF THE DISTRICT COURT railroad crossing. ODOT will be sending a  GREGORY S. TAYLOR letter of said agreement to the County and the Attorney for Personal Representative railroad crossing lights and arms should be 115 S. Broadway completed within eight months. P.O. Box 1737 Motion by Floyd, second by Roberts, to Ada, Oklahoma 74821 adjourn. All aye. (580)332-7717  (Published in The Allen Advocate on The foregoing are the minutes of the Board November 7, 2013) of County Commissioners for the month of October 2013 of the County Commissioners Journal No. 14. BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS IN THE DISTRICT COURT PONTOTOC COUNTY, OKLAHOMA WITHIN AND FOR Gary Starns, Chairman PONTOTOC COUNTY Justin Roberts, Member Randy Floyd, Member STATE OF OKLAHOMA ATTEST: No. PB-2013-63 Pam Walker, County Clerk In the Matter of the Estate of JOHN (Published in The Allen Advocate on Nov 7, 2013) EDWARD DAVIS, also known as JOHN E. DAVIS, Deceased. NOTICE OF HEARING FINAL ACCOUNT, PETITION FOR ORDER ALLOWING FINAL ACCOUNT, DETERMINATION OF HEIRSHIP, FINAL SETTLEMENT, DISTRIBUTION AND DISCHARGE NOTICE TO SELL COUNTY PROP NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that ShirERTY ley Ann Barrett, Personal Representative (ACQUIRED AT RESALE) of the Estate of John Edward Davis, also Notice is hereby given, Pursuant to the known as John E. Davis, Deceased, havreceipt of bid, that I, Glenda Gonderman, ing filed in this Court her Final Account County Treasurer of Pontotoc County, of the administration of said Estate, her th Oklahoma, will on November 18 , 2013, Petition for Order Allowing Final Account, beginning at 9 a.m. at the office of the Determination of Heirship, Distribution and county treasurer in the Courthouse at Ada, Discharge of said Personal RepresentaOklahoma, sell separately the hereinafter tive, the hearing of the same has been set described tracts, parcels, or lots, of land, by the Judge of this Court for Monday, the all situated in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, 18th day of November, 2013 at 9:45 o’clock and heretofore acquired by said County at a.m. at the Pontotoc County District CourtResale. Following the description of each room, Pontotoc County Courthouse, loproperty separately offered for sale is the cated in Ada, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, name of the bidder and the amount bid, and all persons interested in said Estate as follows: are notified to then and there appear and Description: Lot 1, Block 33, Lula show cause, if any they have, why said Ac Bidder: James D. & Lavera D. Lenard count should not be settled and allowed, Amount Bid: $20.00 the heirs of said deceased determined, The said properties will be separately said Estate distributed and the Personal sold to the highest competitive bidder for Representative discharged. cash in hand, or to the original bidder DATED this the 23rd day of October, at the amount bid if there be no higher 2013. price offered, subject to the approval of S. Kessinger the Board of County Commissioners in Judge of the District Court its descretion. The apportioned cost of Kenneth R. Johnson advertisement and other expense incident 130 East 14th Street to said sale shall be paid by the purchaser, Drawer 1690 in addition to the amount bid upon said Ada, OK 74820 properties. 580/332-2558 th Witness my hand this 24 October, Attorney for Personal Representative 2013, (Published in The Allen Advocate on s) Glenda Gonderman October 31 and November 7, 2013) Pontotoc County Treasurer (Published in The Allen Advocate on October 24, 31 and November 7, 2013)


Opened bid #3, Pontotoc County road projects asphalt overlay. Bids were as follows: Haskell Lemon 2” Type C Asphalt $82.25 per ton Cummins’ Construction Approximately 5 miles, Type C Asphalt including hauling, labor, equipment, and labor costs $688,081.95 Motion by Roberts, second by Starns, to table bid #3, Pontotoc County road projects asphalt overlay. All aye. Motion by Roberts, second by Starns, to table discussion regarding use of CBRI Funds for Pontotoc County road projects. All aye. Motion by Starns, second by Floyd, to approve setting up accounts at Home Depot, Stapes, Wal-Mart, and Tractor Supply with Chad Letellier for Volunteer Fire Department purchases. All aye. Discussion regarding vacating property in the Original Townsite of Vanoss for Vanoss Volunteer Fire Department. Motion by Floyd, second by Roberts, to proceed with formal hearing and posting to vacate property in the Original Townsite of Vanoss. All aye. Motion by Starns, second by Floyd, to approve Memorandum of Understanding between the City of Ada and Pontotoc County Sheriff’s office for the purchase of a forensic evidence collection computer with federal grant money. All aye. New corrective regulations regarding burn ban go into effect November 1, 2013. Allen Volunteer Fire Department submitted a purchase request for the following: Chief Fire & Safety drip torch at $185.00 total $555.00 3 drip torch truck mount at $45.00 total $135.00 8 fire rakes at $35.00 total $280.00 4 36” bolt cutters at $75.00total $300.00 1 ventry 20VVK160 20” positive pressure total $2,095.00 2 Thorogood 14” leather structure boot at total $520.00 $260.00 total $3,885.00 Motion by Starns, second by Floyd, to approve purchase request for Allen Volunteer Fire Department to Chief Fire & Safety for $3,885.00. All aye. Pickett Volunteer Fire Department submitted a purchase request for: Ada City Utilities $50.00 AT&T $75.00 Oklahoma Disposal and Sanitation $60.00 Circle A Propane $450.00 People’s Electric Company $150.00 Motion by Floyd, second by Starns, to approve purchase request from Pickett Volunteer Fire Department for utilities for $785.00. All aye. Della Wilson with First United Bank discussed the County’s relationship with First United Bank. Approved October 2013 payroll. Approved claims. Approved transfer: T2D#3 to T3#3 $15,000.00 Approved blanket purchase order: HWY 2281-2283 ZFIRETAX 2291-2295 Approved purchase orders for payment: ZCOURT: 47, LEXISNEXIS ACCURINT, 85.00, SPLY;ZFIRETAX: 3, DCAM RISK MANAGEMENT, 718.00, REMITTANCE; 4, ADA CITY UTILITIES, 16.21, SERVICE; 5, P E C, 50.40, SERVICE; 6, RISK MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT, 530.00, REMITTANCE; 7, RISK MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT, 1069.65, SPLY;GENERAL: 461, THOMSON WEST, 403.17, SPLY; 462, A T & T, 245.83, SPLY; 463, MID AMERICAN AUTO GROUP, 192.80, SPLY; 464, NAPA OF ADA, 56.51, SPLY; 465, SETH WADLEY, 1100.00, SPLY; 466, SETH WADLEY, 1089.55, SPLY; 467, STAPLES CREDIT PLAN, 193.06, SPLY; 468, TIP TOP CLEANERS, 4.00, SPLY; 469, WAITES DISCOUNT GUN, 148.00, SPLY; 470, A T & T, 62.57, PHONE; 471, TEACHEY, KIMBERLYN D, 156.87, TRAVEL; 472, A T & T, 138.89, SERVICE; 473, A T & T, 67.72, SERVICE; 474, A T & T, 219.61, PHONE; 475, FURIMSKY, PATRICIA RENAE, 114.75, TRAVEL; 476, GRIFFIN, BELINDA SUE, 239.05, TRAVEL; 477, WYNDHAM GARDEN HOTEL, 158.00, HOTEL; 478, A T & T, 49.37, PHONE; 479, SIGN SOURCE, 50.00, SPLY; 480, A T & T, 1155.24, SPLY; 481, ALLEN ADVOCATE, 940.84, PUBLICATION; 482, CACTUS PLUMBING, 110.00, SPLY; 483, CANADIAN CO JUV DET CENTER, 154.48, JUV DET; 484, CENTERPOINT ENERGY - ARKLA, 23.03, SERVICE; 485, CENTERPOINT ENERGY - ARKLA, 38.76, SERVICE; 486, CENTERPOINT ENERGY - ARKLA, 23.03, SERVICE; 487, CENTERPOINT ENERGY - ARKLA, 25.41, SERVICE; 488, COMANCHE COUNTY REGIONAL JUVENILE DETENTION CENTE, 648.00, JUV DET; 489, COMMUNITYWORKS, 2726.08, JUV DET; 490, LOCKE SUPPLY, 17.80, SPLY; 491, O C I, 309.24, SPLY; 492, O G & E, 199.07, SERVICE; 493, O G & E, 201.49, SERVICE; 494, SEQUOYAH ENTERPRISES, 465.20, SPLY; 495, SAC & FOX NATION JUV DET CTR, 147.77, JUV DET; 496, U S POSTMASTER, 336.00, STAMPS; 497, YOUTH SERVICES OF BRYAN CO, 322.85, JUV DET; 498, A T & T, 140.62, PHONE; 499, U S POSTMASTER, 230.00, STAMPS;HIGHWAY: 829, A T & T, 165.06, SPLY; 830, ADA TIRE CENTER INC, 577.24, SPLY; 831, ALTERNATIVE CONSTRUCTION PARTS, 6442.25, SPLY; 832, CIRCLE A PROPANE, 1050.18, PROPANE; 833, DOLESE BROS, 373.31, RD MAT; 834, HISLE BROS. INC., 44.27, MAINT; 835, RED ROCK PIT, 232.28, SPLY; 836, RED ROCK PIT, 359.96, SPLY; 837, RED ROCK PIT, 43.89, SPLY; 838, RED ROCK PIT, 261.40, SPLY; 839, WARREN CAT, 468.27, SPLY; 840, ERGON ASPHALT AND EMULSIONS, 42900.23, SPLY; 841, FLOYD, RANDY WADE, 196.69, TRAVEL; 842, A T & T, 47.75, PHONE; 843, ADA GLASS & WINDOW, 22.11, SPLY; 844, C L BOYD, 2557.50, SPLY; 845, FENTRESS OIL CO., 3158.20, FUEL; 846, GRISSOMS, 1.91, SPLY; 847, GRISSOMS, 44.98, SPLY; 848, HISLE BROS. INC., 29.35, SPLY; 849, JOHNS SMALL ENGINE, 18.00, SPLY; 850, LOCKE SUPPLY, 219.14, SPLY; 851, RED ROCK PIT, 415.27, SPLY; 852, RED ROCK PIT, 564.76, SPLY; 853, RED ROCK PIT, 539.65, SPLY; 854, RED ROCK PIT, 557.32, SPLY; 855, ULTIMATE CAR WASH, 3.75, SPLY; 856, U S CELLULAR, 100.34, PHONE; 857, RED ROCK PIT, 1469.50, SPLY; 858, RED ROCK PIT, 399.65, SPLY;



Allen Nutrition Site

Week of November 11th Monday Veteran’s Day Tuesday BBQ Beef on a Bun, Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli Salad, BBQ Sauce on Sandwich, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, 2% Milk, Coffee ATTENTION OCAN COORDINATORS - Don't forget to download your 2x2 ads from the OPA Web site this and/or week.Tea Wednesday Look for your insertion order with the Ad Name to download. Chili Crispitos (Mild or Spicy), Coleslaw, Corn, Cheese Sauce, (You will receive an insertion order from OPS forCobbler, the 2x2 2% ads.) Cherry Milk, Coffee and/or Tea Thursday 2x2 ads may be placed anywhere in your newspaper. Cheeseburger, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Tator Tots or Potato Salad, Mayo, Mustard or Ketchup, Peaches, 2% Milk, Coffee and/or Tea THIS COPY ONLY FOR THE WEEK OF NOVEMBER 3, 2013. Friday Beans with Ham, Spinach, Tomato Relish, Cornbread, Butter or Margarine, Bread Pudding, 2% Milk, Coffee and/or Tea


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EVENTS VIETNAM VETERANS MEMORIAL - 80% replica of The Wall in Washington D.C. to be retired at Woodring Regional Airport, Enid, Oklahoma. Dedication Ceremony 11 a.m. on Veterans Day, Nov. 11.


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AIRLINE CAREERS BEGIN HERE – Become an Aviation Maintenance Tech. FAA Approved Training. Financial aid if qualified - Housing available. Job placement assistance. Call Aviation Institute of Maintenance 866-802-6655.


HELP WANTED EXP. FLATBED DRIVERS: Regional opportunities now open with plenty of freight & great pay! 800277-0212 or ATTENTION REGIONAL & DEDICATED CDL-A Drivers! Averitt is GROWING and we need you! Full-benefits and weekly hometime. Join us today! 855-430-8869. Apply online at Equal Opportunity Employer EXPERIENCED FLATBED DRIVERS needed. Regional and OTR positions available. Pay is 26% to 28% to start. Call 1-866-515-6990 for more information OWNER OPERATORS - Dedicated, year 'round recession-proof freight. $3,500 Holiday Bonus. CDL Class A & 1 yr driving experience. Call Cornelius: 888-220-6718.

LEGAL SERVICES SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY CLAIMS. Saunders & Saunders Attorneys at Law. No Recovery – No Fee. 1-800-259-8548. DRIS

PORTABLE OUTDOOR BUILDINGS. Sheds, Storage Barns & more. No Credit Check. Low monthly payments. FREE Delivery. No Deposit. As low as $58 per month. 877595-1875.

STEEL BUILDINGS STEEL BUILDINGS Cancelled Orders MUST GO. Make Low Monthly payments on 4 remaining. 20x24, 25x30, 30x40, 42x60, SAVE Thousands Call Now! 1-800-991-9251

GUN SHOW GUN SHOW - November 9-10, Sat. 9-5 & Sun. 9-4. Oklahoma City State Fairgrounds. Modern Living Building. Buy-Sell-Trade. RK Shows INFO: (563)927-8176

ADVERTISE STATEWIDE ADVERTISE STATEWIDE! For more information or to place an ad, call Courtni at (405) 499-0035 or toll-free in OK at 1-888-815-2672.




IN THE DISTRICT COURT WITHIN AND FOR PONTOTOC COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA No. P-2013-81 In the Matter of the Estate of IMOGENE FRYE, Deceased. COMBINED NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND NOTICE OF HEARING To: All persons interested in the Estate of IMOGENE FRYE. You are hereby notified that on October 14, 2013, the petitioner, Dennis Franklin Frye, of Ada, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, filed in the District Court of Pontotoc County, a Petition for Summary Administration. The petitioner has alleged that IMOGENE FRYE, age 89, died testate on September 23, 2013, domiciled and residing in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, and that the total value of the decedent’s property in Oklahoma is less than $175,000.00. In an Order for Combined Notice entered on October 29, 2013, the Court found that it should dispense with the regular estate proceedings prescribed by law, appoint a Personal Representative, order notice to creditors and issue an order for hearing upon the Petition for Summary Administration, the final accounting and petition for determination of heirs, legatees and devisees and distribution. Pursuant to the Order for Combined Notice, all creditors having claims against IMOGENE FRYE, deceased, are required to present the same, with a description of all security interest and other collateral, if any, held by each creditor with respect to such claim, to the Petitioner, Dennis Franklin Frye, c/o Kurt B. Sweeney, P.O. Box 190, Ada, Oklahoma 74821-0190, on or before the presentment date of December 7, 2013, or the same will be forever barred. The claim of any creditor now shown in the Petition will be barred unless the claim is presented to the Personal Representative on or before the presentment date. Notice is hereby given that a hearing will be held on the 2nd day of January, 2014, at 11:00 o’clock am at the Pontotoc County Courthouse, before the Judge of the District Court. At the hearing the Court will decide whether to approve the Petition for Summary Administration and the final account and petition for determination of heirs, legatees and devisees and distribution of the estate by the Petitioner. The final account and petition for determination of heirs, legatees and devisees and distribution will be filed on or before December 12, 2013. You are hereby advised that you must file objections to the Petition for Summary Administration and the final account and petition for determination of heirs, legatees and devisees and distribution at least ten (10) days before the hearing and send a copy to the petitioner’s attorney, Kurt B. Sweeney, P.O. Box 190, Ada, Oklahoma 74821-0190, or you will be deemed to have waived any objections. If you have no objections, you need not appear at the hearing nor make any filings with the Court. If an objection is filed at least ten (10) days before the hearing, the Court will determine at the hearing whether summary proceedings are appropriate and if so, whether the estate will be distributed and to whom the estate will be distributed. s) Dale Rex #31199 for Kurt B. Sweeney, OBA#17544 Sweeney, Draper & Christopher, P.L.L.C. 1320 Stone Bridge P.O. Box 190 Ada, Oklahoma 74821-0190 (Published in The Allen Advocate on November 7 and 14, 2013)


IN THE DISTRICT COURT WITHIN AND FOR PONTOTOC COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA Case No. CV-2013-146 In the Matter of the Application of MARTIN CRUZ GARCIA to Change His Name. NOTICE OF FILING PETITION FOR CHANGE OF NAME TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: Take notice that MARTIN CRUZ GARCIA, pursuant to 12 O.S.§1632 et seq, has filed in the above Court a Petition to have his named changed from MARTIN CRUZ GARCIA, to MARTIN GARCIA BIDABE, and that the same will be heard by the undersigned Judge of the District Court of Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, on the 18th day of November, 2013, at 8:30 o’clock a.m., in the District Courtroom located at the Pontotoc County Courthouse, Ada, OK, and that any person may file a written protest in the case prior to the date set for the hearing or they may appear and show cause why said name change should not be made by the Court. Thomas S. Landrith Judge of the District Court Kurt B. Sweeney, OBA#17455 Sweeney, Draper & Christopher, PLLC P.O. Box 190 1320 Stone Bridge, Suite A Ada, Oklahoma 74820 (580) 332-7200 Attorney for Petitioner (Published in The Allen Advocate on November 7, 2013)


Classified Advertising -- (580)857-2687 Emergency Road Service

mind your classifi ed department to • Shots/Struts • 4-wheel alignment • Alignment • Brake Repair


• Front End Repair • AC/Heater Repair • Farm Service •




500 orget to remind your classified department to East Main - Ada (580)332-5145 EST TO YOUR COLUMN WIDTH

Propane bills too high? Hydraulic Propane

bills too high?

Stop feeding pig andEquipment get Geo. Farm & the Construction

CYLINDER REPAIR 580-310-8550 • 580-332-7295 Francis, Oklahoma


Bosch geothermal heating and cooling systems can save you up to 70% on your home energy bills. With an additional 30% federal tax credit, these systems are now more aordable than ever!

101 N. Hinckley



Visit our site to ďŹ nd out how much you can save. Bosch geothermal heating and cooling systems can save you up to 70% Jack Sherry on your home energy bills. With an additional 30% federal tax credit, these cell:405-221-1325 systems are now more aordable than ever!

Nancy Sherry

Cell: 405-380-6517

Visit our site to ďŹ nd out how much you can save.

Jack Sherry Nancy Sherry Michelle Miller Faith Fullerton Owner/Broker

Broker Associate

Sales Associate

Provisional Sales Associate

State, National & Global Exposure

Mondays ~ 5:30 pm Holdenville To Consign Call

Michelle Miller cell:405-221-1070

Faith Fullerton Cell: 405-221-6132

WANENMACHER’S MLS - member of the Shawnee Board Multilist

For complete list of all listings, go to •


“Members of OKMAR - Oklahoma City Metro Area Realtors�

November 9 & 10 WANENMACHER’S



Bring your Guns to Sell, Trade or Free Appraisal. See Annie Oakley's and Theodore Roosevelt's Guns! Tulsa Fairgrounds – Sat: 8-6; Sun: 8-4. Tell your Friends!

November 9 & 10

Bryant Pecan Co.


We are opening a new store in Francis, Oklahoma! Come see us at 22270 CR 1475

JimLock Storage


Mini Storage Units 3 sizes to choose from (405) 645-2457

The Gun Store

100 N. Hinckley, Holdenville (405) 379-3331 Cash for Gold & Silver Coins

Buy – Sell – Trade

Stop feeding the pig and get Geo.


Jim Thetford Auction is back!


IMMEDIATE OPENING — Full time position with benefits, some overtime. Apply in person at Cloverleaf Feed, Stonewall, OK. (850) 265-9200 IMMEDIATE OPENINGS FOR CLASS A CDL DRIVERS — Must be at least 23-yrs of age with 2-yr verifiable experience and clean MVR. Home Sunday and Monday. Pre-scheduled routes. 401K w/employer 50% match. Weekly pay. Health, dental, optical and life insurance. Pre-employment and random drug testing. Dunn’s Fish Farm, County Road 1660, Fittstown OK 74842 (580) 777-2202. THE TOWN OF ALLEN is seeking applicants for a full time police officer. Applicants must be CLEET certified. Applications are available at the Allen City Hall during regular business hours.

FAST PACED OFFICE — Seeking compassionate, enerBring your Guns to Sell, Trade or Free Appraisal. getic, goal oriented, outgoing See Annie Oakley's and Theodore Roosevelt's Guns! Tulsa Fairgrounds – Sat: 8-6; Sun: 8-4. Tell your Friends! “Girl/Guy Friday.â€? Non-smoking *** MEET NEWLY OF "GUNSMOKE" & "GRIZZLY ADAMS"*** qualified applicants only need apply. Please don’t waste our time or yours if you are not completely qualified for this position. Must be team player, proficient ÂŽ in Microsoft Word, Excel, EMR, Go Painlessly with THERA-GESIC. G HER and Medical Data Entry. Maximum strength Medical coding a plus. Must analgesic creme for be able to multi-task and return ÂŽ temporary relief from:THERA-GESIC. Go Painlessly G orget to remind your classified department to • Joint andwith to previous work after multiple Muscle soreness interruptions. Must be proficient Maximum strength • Arthritis EST TO YOUR COLUMN WIDTH in filing quickly and accurately. analgesic creme for • Back aches temporary relief from: Must have excellent written and • Joint and Muscle verbal skills with excellent spellsoreness ing skills and good penmanship. • Arthritis Must be able to work a ten-key • Back aches adding maching and prepare daily deposits. Must be willing to run errands which include some light Stop feeding the pig and get Geo. shopping. Basically do whatever is necessary to get the job done without complaining, and must be in good shape (this job requires a lot of physical activity: bending, lifting, twisting and standing). Part time, excellent hours with great pay for the right person. Need to begin work asap. Please send resume with a phone number to be contacted to set up interview Bosch geothermal heating and cooling systems can save you up to 70% to P.O. Box 525, Holdenville, OK on your home energy bills. With an additional 30% federal tax credit, these systems are now more aordable than ever! 74848

10% Discount with this coupon Offer Expires November 30, 2013

RS T Transmission Repair Specialists Over 20 Years experience

19712 CR 1505 • Ada •





Is looking to hire qualiďŹ ed drivers in the Calvin area to drive at night. Yard is located south of Calvin on Highway 75. You must have a Class A CDL, be 21-years-old, and have at least one year tank truck driving experience.

$16.25 per hour Average 60 hours BeneďŹ ts Available

Please call Stacy Butler at (580) 399-7514 Scott McCormack Cell 580-310-4389

West of Ada on Hwy 3W • (580)436-5033

Thank You for your patronage & support! Stockers & Feeder • Pairs, Cows & Bulls

Wednesdays starting at 9:00 a.m. Average Report for 10/30/2013 Total Head: 1530 Steers

250-273 .............................$231.00-$246.00 303-340 .............................$231.00-$249.00 350-393 .............................$213.00-$231.00 408-445 .............................$201.00-$210.00 450-490 .............................$198.50-$207.00 505-546 .............................$171.00-$186.00 567-585 .............................$168.00-$177.00 600-643 .............................$159.00-$166.00 665-685 .............................$154.00-$159.00 700-745 .............................$144.00-$154.00 770-794 .............................$146.00-$156.00


300-340 .............................$201.00-$214.00 355-398 .............................$188.00-$200.00 400-445 .............................$172.00-$185.00 455-488 .............................$165.00-$179.00 508-529 .............................$161.00-$168.00 553-570 .............................$148.00-$155.00 603-630 .............................$144.00-$151.00 660-685 .............................$140.00-$148.50 766-775 .............................$144.00-$146.00

Sale Every Wednesday




(2 miles east of the Francis Post OfďŹ ce)

Propane bills too high?

For Rent

FOR RENT — 2 Bedroom Duplex. Call (580) 465-7491

Visit our site to ďŹ nd out how much you can save.

...If It’s Real Estate WeWANENMACHER’S Can Sell It!!




November 9 & 10


Bring your Guns to Sell, Trade or Free Appraisal. See Annie Oakley's and Theodore Roosevelt's Guns! Tulsa Fairgrounds – Sat: 8-6; Sun: 8-4. Tell your Friends!

Welch Real Estate




   Brenda  Welch, Sales     assoc.  

       (405)379-8044 Cell 380-8188


For Sale FOR SALE — 3 Bed, 1-1/2 bath brick home with double carport. Will consider trade for land of equal value. (580) 320-3266 FOR SALE — 2012 Impala LTZ. Leather, sun roof, loaded. Only 9,000 miles. Call (580) 310-4262.

FOR SALE — 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LS 2WD Extended Cab, 5.3 L. 150,000 miles. Custom rims and tires. $7,000.00 Farmers State Bank, (580) 857-2402 SPECIAL GOVERNMENT PROGRAM! Own land/Family land ZERO down. New and Repo homes. No Land? We have a home program for you. Don’t prejudge, E-Z qualify by phone. $1,000 furniture package with purchase. WAC. 405-631-7000 or 405-635-4338.

RINEHART REALTY.NET For All Your Real Estate Needs 816 ARLINGTON - ADA, OKLAHOMA - (580)436-4662 Broker, Thurman Rinehart - 421-2271 Eric Pierce - 399-7106

Larry Lee - 310-2305 Jennifer Wallace - 235-7480 Out of Town - 1-800-776-5608

~ VERY NICE 3 BD 2 BATH — 1216 sq. ft. mobile, model 2012 set up on 200x165 land area in Cottonwood, corner of Broadway & Mulberry. MLS#R50602A $54,900 ~ 4 ACRES — 3 miles north of Homer. Store on east side of railroad and electricity at property. $26,000 ~ BEAUTIFUL ESTATE — 20 acres with 3 bedroom, 2 bath, with loft, open oor plan, ofďŹ ce, utility, covered side porch, wrap around deck. Construction wood, stone, rock. CH&A, 1961 sq ft, built 1983. 7452 E 142 Rd, Atwood. $250,000 ~ BEAUTIFULLY REMODELED INTERIOR — Looks Great! 3 Bed, 2 bath with CH&A heat pump, new plumbing ďŹ xtures, new carptet, ceramic tile, new appliances on 6.5 acres. Seeing is believing, let us show you this house. 9440 CR 3695, Allen. $168,500 REDUCED TO $159.900 ~ 7 ACRES — Mobile Home Site, utilities available. 7797 Hwy 1, Calvin. $20,000 ~ 405 N. CLEVELAND, ALLEN — Lots 1, 3, 5 ,7, 9 & 11, Block 8, Commercial Addition. Good Building Site ~ 403 S. COMMERCE, ALLEN — 3 Bed, 1 bath brick with carport. $37,000 ~ 401 S. DENVER, ALLEN — 70x100 Lot. 2 Bed 1.5 bath with vinyl siding, SOLD wall heaters, new bath ďŹ xtures, window air units. $39,900 ~ 7145 East 1475 RD, ALLEN — 3 Bed, 1 bath home and 2 mobile homes used as rentals on 4.83 acres. $113,400 ~ 30 ACRES — 3 miles west on Francis Road, turn north to the T, turn right to property. REDUCED to $45,000 ~ 4 BED 2.5 BATH —On 26 acres between Allen & Francis. $192,000 ~ 3 BED 2 BATH — 1344 sq ft 1978 doublewide mobile home on 140x125 CONTRACT lot. 200 West 7th, Stratford $65,000 REDUCED $59,500 ~ ALLEN — 308 W. Broadway. 1352 sq ft, 2 BD 1.5 bath, CH&A, built 1998 on 100x120 lot. Very well landscaped. Double carport. $89,900 REDUCED $81,900 ~ SASAKWA — 49 wooded acres with 30x60 shop building, water well, two ponds and older house (needs remodeling). $110,000

Historical Meeting Monday The Allen Historical Society will hold their month meeting on Monday, November 11th, 7:00 pm, in the fellowship hall of the Allen First Baptist Church. Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month. E veryone is welcome and encouraged to attend and become a part of this organization.


birthdays & anniversaries Skelton’s Dive-N

November 7 — Joshua Slater November 8 — Jesse Wortman, Tracy Sanders, Braden Bullard, Meegan Costner November 10 — Liz Roach, Betty Buchanan November 11 — Ashton Huffstutlar, Mr. & Mrs. Wesly Stowe* November 12 — Donny Johnson, Joeseff Heape, Billy Thompson November 14 — Donna Tatum, Charles Evans, Gary & Monica Huffstutlar* November 15 — Robert Files, Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Cooksey*, Mr. & Mrs. Eric Pierce*, Crissy Fenwick, Brandi May November 16 — Betty Finney, David Morrison, Mikela Castillo, Braxton Castillo, Natalia Jackson November 17 — Ed & Diann David*, Ed Rippee

401 E Hwy 1 • (580)857-1234

Drive thru - walk up - outhouse

Try our Charbroiled Burgers & Nathans Beef Hot Dogs Hours 10-10 Sun - Thurs 10 - midnight Fri & Sat

- Banana Splits - Shakes - Sundaes - Floats - Dipped Cones

2 to 4

or use our convenient Golf Cart Entrance

For Sale by Owner 205 Oak Lane, Allen, Oklahoma

1646 sq ft, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home with double car garage, new roof in 2007, stainless steel appliances, New HVAC (3.5 ton) in 2012, 20x32 shop, RV cover, Hot tub, Privacy fence, on a 140x135 lot

Call (580)559-9303 for information

GARY RANEY REALTOR Experiencing their first Halloween this year were Maycee Howard and Cambree Wainscott. Seems as though they have already gotten the hang of it. Maycee is the daughter of Chris and Kierra Howard and Cambree is the daughter of Cody and Terra Wainscott.

1320 Stone Bridge • Ada, OK Office (580)421-9911

DIRECT: 580-372-0200 GS2Raney

Available starting November 4 Purchase a limited edition Twelve Days of Christmas gift set for $500, featuring 12 new holiday charms in a PANDORA Design Center Jewelry Box (a $50 US retail value).* *While supplies last. See store for details.

100 E. Main p Ada, OK 580.332.0457



SAVINGS Lauren Baber (little red riding hood) is already an experienced trick-or-treater as this is her second year making the rounds. Looks as though she already knows were to stop and pick up a little refreshment. Lauren is the daughter of Caleb and Brooke Baber.

Pre-K Students of the Week

Pre-K student of the week from Mrs. Mills’ class is Cadence Saleen Frederick. Cadence was born March 11, 2009 in Ada, Oklahoma. Her family is her dad John Frederick, step-mom Amber Frederick, and brother Tayden Frederick. Her favorite book is “Little Pink Pup.” Cadence’s favorite food is Chinese. Her pet is a dog named Deesa. Her friends are Walker, J.R., Eric, Kadence, Mallory and Kassidy. Cadence likes to play at the river and go fishing. Someday she wants to a doctor. Cadence is excited about going to school!

Pre-K student of the week from Mrs. Laxton’s class is Alex Daniel. Alex was born June 19th at the Carl Albert Hospital in Ada, Oklahoma. His family is his daddy Duane, mom Jennifer, sister Cassidy, brother Sam, sister Piper, papa Virgil, and grandmother, Linda. His favorite book is Transformers. His favorite food is manicotti. His pet is named Peffley. His friends are his brother Sam and papa Virgil. Alex likes to play racecars and go swimming. Someday he wants to a good daddy. Alex is excited about Christmas!

J.B.’s Lumber & Ace Home Center Sale Prices Good June 12-16, 2013

1407 North Country Club Road • Ada, Oklahoma (580)436-3992 Store Hours: Mon - Fri 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. • Sat 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. • Sunday 12 noon to 6 p.m.

Sale runs November 7 through November 13

Open Sundays 12 to 5

Allen Food Center

• Movie Rental • We accep t ACCESS Oklahoma Cards • Fidelity Express bill pay • WIC Approved

• VISA • MasterCard • Amex • Discover Accepted • Money Orders • Senior Citizen Discount Wednesdays

Downtown Allen • 857-2627

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November 7