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Kelly Hurt Hosts “The Land Doctors”

A new Oklahoma TV show entitled “The Land Doctors” is now being filmed and is set to air on OETA starting at 8:30 A.M. on April 6, 2014. The program will give viewers a behind the gate look at some of Oklahoma’s most beautiful and interesting

Series Premiers April 6 on OETA ranches and farms. In addition, the show features a do it yourself segment that demonstrates various approaches taken by featured landowners. The show is hosted by Dr. Kelly Hurt of

Allen, Okla. and features the latest Kubota tractors and Land Pride implements from Great Plains Kubota. The Rise and Fall of Slick City will air on April 13th and will feature Judy

Goodspeed of Wetumka as a guest. They will be discussing the damages done by early oil production and what is being done to restore the land. According to Dr. Hurt, “A lot of times, we tend to think the experts are the folks in research or academia, when in reality, some of the smartest, most experienced practitioners are the landowners who are out on the land trying new and exciting things. That’s why we named the show “The Land Doctors” in the plural form. Since so much of this activity occurs on private properties that are seldom seen by anyone other than family and a few close friends, much of this work is unknown and unappreciated. Joining the line up of shows to be aired this spring on OETA is The Land Doctors featuring Allen’s We wanted to create a own Dr. Kelly Hurt. The series premiers April 6, one of the shows will featuring Rocky Top Winery show that opened up these and owners Bobby and Wilma Harden, located east of Allen. Pictured here are Bobby and Wilma properties to viewers so that motivated landowners could Harden, and Kelly Hurt. learn from one another.” The first season of 13 original episodes will air twice weekly for 13 weeks and then go into reruns for a subsequent 13 weeks. Episodes will cover diverse and unique land issues from creating a trout stream to exploring Oklahoma caves. In addition, the show will visit ranches owned by notable public figures from

former Governor Frank Keating to David Mantle, the son of baseball legend Mickey Mantle. One episode even relates real estate development work in Costa Rica to a common need for fencing here in Oklahoma. In addition, the program will cover some Oklahoma history as it looks back to the rough and tumble days of the early Oklahoma oil fields. Great Plains Kubota owner and series sponsor, Bill Clark, commented on some of the goals of “The Land Doctors.” “As a sponsor of the show, our overall goal is to create programming that is both educational and inspirational for families to get outdoors. We hope that people will watch it and then go out and try projects of their own. Most importantly, we really want to see families working together and enjoying themselves while they work on something productive. Even if it’s something as simple as gathering and planting acorns, we want to see families building memories and enhancing the land in a positive way that will last for generations,” said Bill Clark, owner of Great Plains Kubota. For more information on this program and show times, please visithttp://

Blood Drive in Allen April 8

Oklahoma Blood Institute (OBI) and Allen High School are teaming up to save the lives of those in local hospitals. A blood drive will be held in the gym on Tuesday, April 8th, between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Anyone who is healthy and 16 years* or older is urged to attend and donate. Each donor will receive a “FEEL BOLD” T-shirt, free health screenings and Donor Rewards Points. Blood donors can choose to forgo the T-shirt. Then, funds designated for this item will be contributed to Global Blood Fund, a nonprofit that supports struggling blood centers abroad.

JOM Meeting Monday The Allen School District’s annual Impact Aid/JOM/Title VII meeting will be Monday evening, March 31st, at 6:00 in Savanna Brown makes the catch in center field during the Vanoss tournament. Room 3 of the Allen Middle School. Senior Sandra Rowsey is there to back her up.

Never turn your back on your pie with these boys around....

What’s Your Favorite Kind Of Pie? We’re not sure if they were able to choose but Rush Black, Dakota Nickell and Patrick Leonard look like they’re enjoying their selections for the pie-eating contest which was held in conjunction with the Pie Auction benefiting the AHS Baseball Team this past Friday. The sale brought in over $6,000.

C ountry Comments


by Bill Robinson, Publisher

St. Patrick’s Day is also my birthday. To celebrate the event, Dayna and I decided that after church Sunday we would go have pizza and then go to the theater to see Son of God. After church I asked her if we could skip the pizza, go home and rest, and then go to the matinee. A few minutes after we got home she came upstairs and said, “It is so cold and rainy, do you really want to go to a three hour show or had you rather rest some more and just wait until it comes out on a DVD?” You can guess my decision . . . but my decision was certainly not based on the aging process! —CC— I received a birthday card from a friend which had the following verse: During the first third of life, everyone told you what to do. During the second third of your life, you told everyone else what to do. During the last third of your life, everyone’s telling you what to do again. The good thing is you can’t hear ‘em, so you don’t care. —CC— When I think of birthdays, I always think of my Mother’s 80th birthday. At the party, she said, “I am 80 years old and don’t have an enemy.” I jokingly added, “You mean you have made amends with all of them?” “No,” she replied. “I have outlived all of them.” —CC— As another year has rolled around in my life, I want to share one of my favorite quotes: “The trouble with being old enough to have some answers is that no one is asking you any questions.” —CC— Almost every high school senior remembers the SAT test and/or the ACT test. The organization that runs the SAT said Wednesday it is shaking up the college-entrance exam and offering free online help, throwing a curve to the $1 billion test-preparation industry that has grown up around it. Out are obscure vocabulary words, mandatory essays, a deduction for incorrect answers and the 2400-point grading scale launched in 2005. In are questions that demand more analysis and familiarity with a narrower range of subjects as well as a return to the longtime 1600-point scale. Also in the works are a plan to provide free online tutorials to all students and another to arrange for free college applications for economically disadvantaged students. The nonprofit College Board, which runs the SAT, said the changes would help the test better gauge students’ readiness for college and help bridge economic and demographic barriers. The new plan also could encourage more students to take the SAT at a time when it has fallen behind the rival ACT in the number of test-takers. College Board President David Coleman said the SAT, which nearly 1.7 million students took last year, had become out of touch with what students are learning and was perceived to be a better assessment of “privilege rather than merit.” Mr. Coleman, an architect of the Common Core math-and-reading standards rolling out to K-12 schools across the nation with backing from the Obama administration, hopes to close that gap by aligning the new SAT with the skills he believes are more predictive of college success. The new reading section will ask students to support their answers from evidence in a passage provided. Vocabulary words like prevaricator, sagacious and ignominious will disappear in favor of words like synthesis and empirical whose meanings shift in different contexts. The math section will draw from fewer topics, but mastery of those on the test is more likely to be predictive of student readiness and career training, Mr. Coleman said. Calculators will be allowed in only some of the math sections, rather than throughout. The current essay section, which was added in 2005 and brought the potential perfect score to 2400, has been criticized because the compositions aren’t graded on factual accuracy. The new essays, which students could write if their school districts or target colleges require them, will require evidence to be analyzed and an explanation of how the author built an argument. For decades, the SAT was the nation’s pre-eminent collegeentrance examination. But its market share is waning. In 2012, for the first time, more high-school students took the rival ACT, which is tied closely to what is taught in high schools and has been gaining popularity as a way to measure achievement. Last year, that margin expanded to 200,000, according to Fair Test, a testing-watchdog organization. The ACT has contracts to test all the 11th graders in 13 states, some beyond its traditional base in the Midwest, according to Paul Weeks, vice president of consumer engagement for nonprofit ACT Inc. Several more states are joining shortly, Mr. Weeks said. “We’re delighted the SAT folks have finally recognized the test should reflect what’s going on in schools,” Mr. Weeks said. “That’s what we’ve been doing for a long time.” That growth has put the SAT, formerly known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test, on the defensive, and not for the first time. The changes to the test—which go into place in the spring of 2016—follow the changes in 2005 after the University of California System threatened to stop considering it because of unhappiness with the analogy section of the test. The College Board said the changes to the test—including

taking away the 1/4 -point penalty for wrong answers— weren’t expected to change an individual student’s score for better or worse, but it acknowledged that the changes aim to make the test fairer overall. Reactions were mixed. At Seton Hall University in New

Jersey, Vice President of Enrollment Alyssa McCloud said she was pleased. “I think it will allow for greater access and opportunity for students,” she said. Neal McCluskey, an education analyst with the libertarian Cato Institute, was less impressed. “There is a lot

of talk about problem solving, rigor and challenging kids, but that’s not necessarily representing really high achievement,” he said, adding that he won’t know fully until more specifics are released.





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Country Comments “It sounds like the same basic problem as Common Core appears to have. It’s lots of rhetoric with lofty goals, but at least right now there is no clear evidence that it actually hits those goals or pushes kids to meet them.” In another big change, the College Board said it would coordinate with colleges to help students with few resources better understand their options to reach college. To that end, low-income students will be able to apply to as many as four participating colleges for free. Mr. Coleman cited the lack of access to advanced-placement courses, which are also run by the College Board, among Latinos and AfricanAmericans. “These patterns of access, if allowed to continue, will build an iron wall of inequality into the next generation,” Mr. Coleman said. Steven Syverson, a board member with the National Association for College Admissions Counseling, expressed some skepticism at the College Board’s motives for arranging free college applications. “The other thing it will do is encourage students to take the SAT instead of the ACT,” he said. “I wonder if they’re looking out there and wondering, ‘What is the best way to get our market share back?’” A College Board spokeswoman said its changes are about boosting college readiness “by offering a solution that goes well beyond simply administering another test.” The free online tutorials, through a partnership with nonprofit education website Khan Academy, are designed to flatten the advantage of wealthier students, who are more likely to have access to private test tutors. Students will have access to SAT-specific tutorials at no cost. “Our intention is that this will be the best thing out there that happens to be free,” said founder Salman Khan. Test-preparation companies said any uncertainty generated by the new format would be a boon to their business. Changes to the SAT in 1994 and 2005 generated the two biggest years in terms of growth for Kaplan Test Prep Co., said Vice President Seppy Basili. “Any time there is a highstakes event, people want coaching, people are going to want an edge,” said Mr. Basili. The College Board also said it would work with teachers to align the test with the highschool curriculum to reflect “real demands of first-year college courses and career training programs.” “They are recognizing that the test has taken on a kind of cultural significance that gives the College Board an added responsibility to make sure it is used not only to evaluate students but to help them prepare for college,” said Marjorie Hass, president of Austin College in Sherman, Texas. Ms. Hass was involved in conversations with the College Board as it redesigned the test. Sonia Frank, a 17-year-old high-school junior in Chicago, has been doing test preparation for seven months and will take the ACT in April instead of the SAT because, she said, the former asks questions in a more direct language. But she said she was “a little bummed” that she can’t take the redesigned SAT, particularly given the removal of the penalty for

wrong answers. “If the new version of the SAT was available now, I would definitely be taking this over the ACT,” she said. “It’s just like everything I’ve been learning in school, where we are analyzing documents and seeing how we came to that answer. The idea of condensed math makes it much easier to narrow down what you want to study.” — Wall Street Journal —CC— My senior year I took the SAT test in Ada. There are two things I remember about that day almost a century later . . . There were questions on that test that I did not understand, much less know the answer. Secondly, and most important, after the test several of us that had ridden together went to Folger’s hamburger stand. That was my first time but certainly not the last. It was at that time I realized that a good hamburger made me much happier than a good test score . . . and it still does. —CC— And last of all, the following was on my desk Monday . . . possibly put there by my wife. Prayer for Aging Gracefully Create in me a happy heart, preserve my memory safe and sound – May all my aches be little ones, and let the things I lose be found. Send me, I pray, my daily smiles, a serving, too, of prunes and bran – Help me accept my graying hair, and keep the most of it I can. Remind me to forgive myself when senior moments come along – Provide a time for exercise so these old bones stay fit and strong. Lord, keep my attitude upbeat, and free from worry, cares and fears – Each day, help me appreciate the gift and goodness of my years. Amen. —CC— Today In History . . . Waves of Japanese troops assaulted the Philippine Islands at the outset of World War II, steadily overpowering Filipino and American defenders. The U.S. forces commanded by General Douglas MacArthur fought back but were short on supplies and vastly outnumbered. Surrender was inevitable. MacArthur received personal instructions to proceed to Australia without his soldiers, where he could organize a counterattack. He refused to leave his hungry, desperate men behind until President Roosevelt issued an order he could not ignore. The heartbroken general slipped past the Japanese navy by boat and plane to reach Australia. Once there, on March 20, 1942, he made a solemn pledge to his men back in the Philippines: “I shall return.” In April, unable to hold out any longer, some 75,000 American and Filipino troops on the Bataan Peninsula surrendered to the Japanese— the largest mass surrender in American history. The captors beat and murdered many

POWs during th4e infamous 65-mile Bataan Death March to prison camps. American and Filipino soldiers on nearby Corregidor Island fared no better. The Japanese also imprisoned thousands of American and other Allied civilians living in the Philippines, and for months assumed no responsibility for feeding them. By the summer of 1942, the United States had launched a counteroffensive. For two and a half years, Allied forces fought their way across the Pacific, island by island. On October 20, 1944, MacArthur finally waded back onto the

Philippines’ shores to make good on his pledge and liberate the islands. Other Highlights In History This Week . . . 1816—The U.S. Supreme Court affirms its right to review the decisions of state courts. 1922 – The USS Langley, converted from the collier USS Jupiter, is commissioned as the first U.S. Navy aircraft carrier. 1942 – In Australia, General Douglas MacArthur pledges to fight his way back to the Japanese-controlled Philippines, declaring “I shall return.”

2003 – One day after an air attack, a coalition of troops comprised mainly of U.S. and British forces invades Iraq, quickly overwhelming Saddam Hussein’s army. Thought For The Week ... Give, though your gift be small, still be a giver; Out of the little fount proceeds the river; Out of the river’s gifts gulfs soon will be Pouring their waters out, making a sea. Out of the sea again Heaven draws its showers, And to the fount imparts all its new powers. Thus in the circle born, gifts roll around, And in the blessings given, blessing is found.

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Threads of Life Bradford Pear

This week the whole country seems to be transformed. Spring came on fast. The Bradford Pear trees are in bloom; the Jonquils are in bloom and one day toward the end of the week, the Texas Blue Bonnets appeared in full bloom in the yard. We have

had a harsh winter but spring seems to be making up for lost time. A second Blue Bird house was put up in another corner of my yard about two weeks

ago and this week I watched as three Blue Birds all seemed to be in very energetic combat. I could not decide if they were fighting to see who would get to live in the new house, or if a

Services for Thomas Arthur “Tom” Taylor, 76, of Allen were 1:00 p.m. Monday, March 24th, at the Church of God of Prophecy in Allen;

Rev. Ed Rutherford will officiate. Burial followed at Citra Cemetery. Mr. Taylor died on Friday, March 21, 2014, at his home. He was born September 29, 1937, in Troy, OK to Raymond John Taylor and Bertha Lee Crenshaw Taylor. Tom attended school at Mill Creek, and graduated from there in 1955. He went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in education from East Central State College, and

it was there that he met his wife, Agnes Gray Taylor. They were married on December 24, 1958, at Ada First Assembly of God, and had three sons: Jerry, Monte, and Joe. Tom later received a master’s degree from East Central, and taught Math and Science at Lost Creek, South Rock Creek, Tecumseh and Holdenville. Outside of school, and following his retirement from teaching, he raised a garden and ranched Black Angus cattle at the family farm in northern Coal County. He is survived by wife, Agnes Taylor; two sons and their spouses, Monte Lane and Carol Sue Taylor of Ada, and Joe and Mary Taylor of Allen; a sister, Betty Johnson of Oklahoma City; sistersin-law Constance Taylor of Durant and Peggy Taylor of Vamoosa; grandchildren, Shawn and Jennifer Taylor of Moore, Chris and Lindy Taylor of El Reno, Danielle and Preston Marshall of Moore, Casey and Tommy Long of Seminole, Michaela and Garrett Wright of Tribune, Kansas, and Jesse Taylor and Devin Taylor of Allen; great-grandchildren, Thomas Wright, Sullivan Taylor, Coen Taylor, Aiden Wright, and Silas Taylor; and several nieces and nephews. He is preceded in death by his parents, Raymond and Bertha Taylor; siblings Raymond John Taylor, Jr., Bobby Joe Taylor, Jerry Thurston Taylor, and Toloah Taylor Bray; son, Jerry Thomas Taylor; and grandson, Jacob Nathaniel Taylor. Bearers were Monte Lane Taylor, Joe Walter Taylor, Shawn Taylor, Chris Taylor, Tommy Long, Preston Marshall and Garrett Wright. Honorary bearers were Nathan Johnson, David Taylor and Brandon Taylor. Arrangements were under the direction of Criswell Funeral Home, Ada.

Service held for Tom Taylor

Rites held for Glen Stringfellow Glenn Franklin Stringfellow was born November 8, 1941 to Sidney and Nellie (House) Stringfellow in Livermore, California. The family returned to Oklahoma in 1945 where they took up farming. Glenn attended grade school in Non for 8 years and then went on to graduate high school in Gerty. Glenn worked as a lineman for several years in El Reno before returning to his roots of Gerty and Non to farm with his dad. He also worked at Oklahoma State Penitentiary before turning to farming full time. The farming continued into the early 80s when Glenn ventured into other employment. He drove a mail truck for many years before retiring due to health reasons. Glenn loved to fish and always had stories to tell and advice to give on where to go and what to catch them on. When he could, he enjoyed going to the gulf and trying his luck there, too. He was always successful where ever he fished. Deer hunting was another passion he had as well. He could spot them when no one else could. Glenn also enjoyed collecting arrowheads and had that keen eye for spotting them. Only his son Mike has that same ability and he carries on that legacy. Gardening was another thing Glenn enjoyed. The love of the soil gets in your blood, and whether peanut farming, growing vegetables, or growing roses, that love never left him. Roses still bloom today that he planted years earlier. He enjoyed instilling the love for these in his kids and sharing those experiences with them. He is survived by his sister Linda Jones; his sons Rex Palmer, Mike Stringfellow and Todd Stringfellow; daughter Diana Jones; as well as 12 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren and numerous nephews, one niece, and a host of other family and friends. These memories and many more will live on for those who know and loved him. Funeral service was held at 1:30 pm on Tuesday, March 25th, at the Harvest Time Tabernacle Church in Holdenville, Oklahoma. Jimmie Freeman and James Anderson officiated. Pallbearers were David Jones, Jake Jones, Shane Taylor, Kevin Flynn, Blaine Stringfellow, and Rob Jones. Honorary bearers were Steven Jones and Shean Jones. Interment followed the service at the Calvin Cemetery in Calvin, Oklahoma. Services were under the direction of Hudson-Phillips Funeral Home in Holdenville, Oklahoma.

couple of them were trying to mate and the other seemed to be trying to get the pair apart. Anyway, I first noticed the fight in the back yard. It continued there for fifteen or more minutes and then they began to move around the house and ended up in the front yard. Still going at it, tooth and toe nail, as my mother would say. I don’t know who won because I had to get inside and go to work. For the past couple of weeks, these birds have been flying up to the cars in the yard and

seemed to be looking in the side windows. I think they have discovered their picture there and they keep coming back to check on that bird. However, these birds are presenting me with a lot of enjoyment, except for the days I have to take the car to the car wash and get rid of what they left on my car. I have some very small pecans picked up last year that were too small to bother with and I have been feeding those to the birds all winter. Cardinals and other birds have stayed around as long as the food is out. If they have water and food, they seem to be content.

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Graveside Rites Saturday for Robert King

Robert Edward King of Atwood passed away in Shawnee on Monday morning, March 24, 2014, at the age of 69 years. Robert was the son of Hugh A. King and Jewel (Watson) King, born on October 23, 1944, in Fort Cobb, Oklahoma. His childhood was spent in Lake Arthur, New Mexico until his family moved when he was six years old to Tehachapi, California, where he grew up and attended school.  He married Nomah Cole in Tehachapi on November 19, 1962.  He worked as a heavy equipment operator for California Portland Cement of

Tehachapi, retiring after 32 years in May of 2000. The family moved to Atwood in 2003. Robert’s favorite thing was Karate; he earned his Brown Belt, but poor health kept him from earning the Black Belt.  He enjoyed woodworking in his shop, and he loved pestering his sister, Christine.  His first love was his grandkids.  He was dearly loved and will be greatly missed. He is preceded in death by his parents, Hugh and Jewel King; one son, Darrin; three brothers, LaVoice Gary, Lester Gary, and Alvin Gary; and one sister, Nadine Ward.     He is survived by his beloved wife of 51 years, Nomah, of the home;  one son, Bobby W. King of Dallas, Texas; five grandchildren, Shelby King (Brittani) of Tulsa, Trenton King, currently serving in the U.S. Navy on the USS Ronald Reagan out of San Diego, Anthony King of Dallas, Tiffany King of Haiti, currently serving in the Peace Corps, and Korrin King of Bakersfield, California;  two great-grandchildren, Avery King and Arianna King of Minnesota;  three sisters,  Christine West of Atwood, Rachel Walker of Austin Texas, and Loretta Gary of Vacaville, California; two brothers, Bill Gary of Hale Center, Texas and Gene Gary of Tehachapi, California; numerous other relatives and many friends. Graveside services will be Saturday, March 29th, 11:00 a.m. in the Atwood Cemetery with Keith Warren officiating. Services are under direction of Fisher Funeral Home of Holdenville. www.fisherfh. net.


One Pharmacist’s View I enjoy hearing from my readers. It makes writing this weekly bit more worthwhile. I got some new stories after writing about the poor chickens in Key West and the illicit laying hens up at Edmond. Last week I read yet another big “chicken” story from “The Oklahoman.” It seems these very sociable (yet socially unacceptable) critters are fairly controversial, and somewhat unloved, all over the metro. Most towns and cities have codes against our backyard feathered friends that give us eggs and cheap entertainment. Folks in OKC owning city lots adding up to less than one acre are not allowed to have any chickens. Those with over an acre can have 4 hens. Class envy is setting in. Well anyway I had a few

Hearing from Readers

letters from people telling me about their chickens, past and present and I think just about all were sort of in favor of people owning chickens—well let me amend that—in favor of themselves owning a few for those delicious fresh eggs. Not so much in favor of their nasty neighbors owning any. Mostly people fear the chickens will bring odor, flies and unwanted crowing. People having chickens usually avoid buying roosters as they are the ones that do the crowing and trouble making. Unlike the human species the female chickens are the least vocal. They just tend to their business and produce eggs while they ply their gossip.

Light from God’s Word

Mark Legg, Allen church of Christ When their church building burned to the ground, the members of the church searched far and wide for a temporary meeting place until a new building could be constructed. As Sunday approached, they had been unable to find a suitable place except they had been offered the use of a large bar since it was not used on Sundays. By Saturday, they found that they did not have a choice and in desperation, agreed to meet in the bar. As the members gathered on Sunday morning they found that the bar owner had failed to take home his parrot that he kept in the bar. As the bird was silent, they went ahead

Chickens are not good housekeepers. Their owners have to keep their chicken coops clean, make sure their birds are healthy and vermin free. They are also pretty irresponsible about not only housekeeping and have poor bathroom habits (the chickens not the owners). They demand lots of food and water which ain’t cheap. In fact, you can buy eggs a lot cheaper down at the Allen Food Center than you can from laying hens. I wrote about a friend named Alfred France last week over at Stonewall and about cats. I got some remarkable cat stories back and a lesson on hi-life. This product (if you were mean enough) and many Stonewall boys were, could be applied, in a sneaky way, to an unwary cat or dog. It caused burning and itching as it reacted with animal fur and can only be classified

as cruel. However, it did happen and a cat or dog that had been “Hi-Lifed” was not likely to come back anymore. Hi-Life was available in little 4 oz. cans labeled Carbon Disulfide. Special thanks for Dick True out at Salt Lake City for his story on Hi-Lifed cats. I think. I heard from an old friend out at Amarillo (Jess Roan formerly of Stonewall) who also remembered Alfred France. He shared a wonderful story (starring Alfred of course) and himself going to the edge of town to test fire a large pistol Alfred found deep in a cedar chest at his house. Not his, of course. Some relative had left it there thinking it would not be noticed nor molested. But alas, it was. Anyway, when the gun was fired Alfred was totally unprepared for the noise, the

recoil and kick. The gun somehow flew back and hit Alfred real hard in the head and made his forehead bleed badly. Jess, I suppose was looking downrange and thus found Alfred injured and bleeding which caused him to conclude in a swift moment that he had somehow shot himself in the head. He took off in a run to get help. However, he and the local police department (Tommy Crow) were met by a bloody and confused Alfred on the road. He was all right. News of his sudden death and his remarkable reappearance swept Stonewall but I heard there was a sort of mixed reaction about the outcome. It’s been a great week for us and I hope as much for you. Be sure and go to church Sunday. Send me a story and let me know how you’re doing. Wayne Bullard, DPh

with the service. However just as the preacher arose to speak, the parrot broke his silence, “New day, same old crowd!” Needless to say, there were many red faces as the bird revealed that he had seen these people before. When we put our faith in Jesus to save us from our sins, aren’t we supposed to quit living in sin and become “new creatures?” (2 Cor. 5:17) How can we expect God to forgive us of our sins if we continue in sin? The Apostle Paul instructed the Colossians, “put off all these: anger, wrath, malice, blasphemy, filthy language out of your mouth. Do not lie to one another, since you have put off the old man with his deeds, and have put on the new man.” (Col 3:8-10) If we really trust Jesus to save us, won’t we demonstrate trust in Him by doing as he commands? We can’t Liitle Sky Frazier saw some action on the mound during the Allen festival during spring break. go on being the “same old people” without any change in our words and actions.

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Lady Mustangs keeping busy softball schedule Coach Jeremy Strong is happy with progress so far this season By HERMAN BROWN Allen correspondent The Allen Lady Mustang softball team has been busy, busy, and busy during the early portion of the slowpitch season. Coach Jeremy Strong took the diamond squad into action almost immediately following the end of basketball season. “We have barely had time to get ready,” Coach Strong said. “We had one practice for softball and went right into the games. That is not an easy thing to do. Softball is a sport that needs practice to get ready to play in game situations. We didn’t have much time to do that!” Allen played six games before stepped away for last week’s spring break vacation. The Lady Mustangs were 2-4 during the span. But the coach knows his squad faced some outstanding opponents. He was not disappointed with the overall results. “We played good teams and we made some improvement,” he said. “We lost 8-0 to Wayne … but you have to remember that Wayne is the defending state champions. We faced good competition and we made strides in several areas. We know we have to be on the field playing games to make improvements. I believe we have done that.” Here are the scores from the week of action prior to spring break: Stratford 16, Allen 0 Mill Creek 11, Allen 1 Allen 14, Bray Doyle 4 Wayne 8, Allen 0 Allen 11, Vanoss 6 Asher 20, Allen 0 On another topic, the coach is delighted to see such a large group of players on this spring’s softball team. “We have 24 girls out for softball,” he said. “Our numbers are good. We have a bunch of girls wanting to play. Of course you can only get 10 at a time. But it is exciting to know that we have so many playing softball for us.” As for the recent games, Allen opened the stretch with a 16-0 loss March 10 to the Stratford Lady Bulldogs. Stratford scored eight times in the bottom of the first inning and eight more in the second inning. Allen was Gary S. Nuckols 606 E. Poplar Holdenville

blanked in the 3-inning runrule loss. The Lady Mustangs were limited to 4 hits in the game. AHS had one single each from Savanna Brown, Jessi Merriman, Taryn Wofford and Stormi Harden. On March 13, Mill Creek’s Lady Bullfrogs notched a 11-1 win over Allen. The Lady Mustangs took a 1-0 lead in the top of the first inning. Mill Creek rallied with 5 runs in the first inning, 1 runs in the second inning, 2 runs in the third, and 3 runs in the fourth. Allen was limited to three hits. Taryn Wofford led with a triple that drove home Tessa Black with AHS’ lone run. Meagan Beavert and Brittany Johnson added a single each in the loss. In the Vanoss tournament, Allen romped to a 14-4 runrule victory over the BrayDoyle Donkeys. The Lady Mustangs scored four times in the first inning, four times in the second inning and six times in the third inning. B-D countered with its only run in the bottom of the fourth and final inning. Here are the hitting heroes for Allen: Jessi Merriman, 4-4, with a double, 2 run scored, 1 RBI Sandra Rowsey, 3-3, with a double, 3 RBI, 3 runs scored Ashley Cross, 3-3, with 2 runs scored Tessa Black, 2-2, with 4 RBI Meagan Beavert, 2-3, with a sac RBI, 2 runs scored Faith Caldwell, 2-3 Brittney Johnson, 1-2, with 1 run scored Kellyn Black, 1-2, with 1 run scored Chelsea Wedlow, 1-3, with a double The next game for Allen was a March 13 showdown with the Wayne Bulldogs. The defending state champions notched an 8-0 win in five innings. Wayne scored twice in the first inning, four times in the third inning, once in the fourth inning and once in the fifth inning. Allen went scoreless but did manage four hits. Faith Caldwell was the AHS leader with a perfect 2-for-2 showing at the plate. Savanna Brown and Jessi Merriman

each added one single in two plate appearances. The next outing for Allen was much more fun. Coach Strong’s girls bounced back into the win column with a solid 11-6 win over the Vanoss Lady Wolves. Vanoss led 1-0 after one inning. Allen rallied with two runs in the top of the second inning. Vanoss came right back with another run in the bottom of the second to even the score at 2-2. Allen countered with 3 runs in the third inning and 6 runs in the fourth inning. The Lady Mustangs were now sitting on a solid 11-2 lead. The only

additional score was from Vanoss. The Lady Wolves scratched out 4 runs to make the final score 11-6 in Allen’s favor. The Lady Mustangs clubbed out 11 hits en route to the win. Here is the complete list of those contributing to the one-sided win: Sandra Rowsey, 2-3, with 2 doubles Meagan Beavert, 2-3, with a triple Ashley Cross, 2-3 Jessi Merriman, 2-3 Taryn Wofford, 1-2 Savanna Brown, 1-2 Faith Caldwell, 1-2 Kellyn Black, 1-3

Taryn Wofford gets a running start during her at bat.


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Senior Ashley Cross went a perfect 3 for 3 during the Bray-Doyle game.

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Area Birthdays March 31 — Glenda Howard, Janice Deaton, Carol Dodson, Jewel Rocha April 1 — Mike Sanders April 2 — Kasen Deaton April 4 — Lauren Baber, Tanya Caldwell, J.B. Nelson April 5 — Chase Alcaida, Magan Kile, Logan Woodell, Levi Morrison April 6 — David Barlow, Chris Caldwell April 7 — Mike Sanders April 8 — Gary Walker, Clint Cooper, Fay Harman** April 9 — Emma Peay

On March 14, Allen continued the roller-coaster ride with a free-fall to a 20-0 loss to the Asher Lady Indians. Asher exploded for 2 runs in the first inning, 7 runs in the second inning, and 9 runs in the bottom of the third and final inning. Allen’s offensive unit was silenced in the game. “We did not have a hit,” said Coach Strong. “We just could not get anything going with our bats.” Looking to this week, Coach Strong was hoping for better results. The Lady Mustangs were going to Stonewall on Monday afternoon. They were scheduled for a trip to Stratford on Tuesday. “We’ll only play the two games,” the coach said. “There is a big FCLA state convention this week and we have several girls qualified for it. That’s a big deal around here, so we won’t be playing again until next week.” --RWB Conf Tournament March 10 Stratford 16, Allen 0 Allen – 000 – (0-4-3) Strat – 88x – (16-9-1) Allen hitting Savanna Brown, single Jessi Merriman, single Taryn Wofford, single Stormi Harden, single --March 13 Mill Creek 11, Allen 1 Alln – 100 0 – (1-3-3) MC – 512 3 – (11-4-0) Allen hitting Taryn Wofford, triple, RBI Meagan Beavert, single Brittany Johnson, single Tessa Black, 1 run scored --Vanoss tournament Allen 14, Bray Doyle 4 All – 446 0 – (14-19-0) BD – 300 1 – (4-8-0) Allen hitting Jessi Merriman, 4-4, with a double, 2 run scored, 1 RBI Sandra Rowsey, 3-3, with a double, 3 RBI, 3 runs scored Ashley Cross, 3-3, with 2 runs scored Tessa Black, 2-2, with 4 RBI Meagan Beavert, 2-3, with a sac RBI, 2 runs scored Faith Caldwell, 2-3 Brittney Johnson, 1-2, with 1 run scored Kellyn Black, 1-2, with 1 run scored Chelsea Wedlow, 1-3, with a double --March 13 Wayne 8, Allen 0 All – 000 00 – (0-4-0) Way – 204 11 – (8-10-0) Allen hitting Faith Caldwell, 2-2 Savanna Brown, 1-2 Jessi Merriman, 1-2 --March 14 Allen 11, Vanoss 6 Allen – 023 60 – (11-12-2) Vanoss – 110 004 – (6-5-2) Allen hitting Sandra Rowsey, 2-3, with 2 doubles Meagan Beavert, 2-3, with a triple Ashley Cross, 2-3 Jessi Merriman, 2-3 Taryn Wofford, 1-2 Savanna Brown, 1-2 Faith Caldwell, 1-2 Kellyn Black, 1-3 --March 14 Asher 20, Allen 0 Allen – 000 – (0-0-9) Asher – 279 – (20-12-0) Allen hitting No hits


Allen Elementary Honor Rolls

Third Nine Weeks The following students at Allen Elementary earned the academic distinction on the following honor rolls for the third nine week period of school: Superintendent’s Honor Roll (A’s for the 3rd 9 Weeks) 1st Grade: Colt Carlton, Seeley Clay, Caidence Cross, Kellianne Finney, Jaci Goodenkauf, Jessa Goodenkauf, Bodrey Goodson, Alex Hill, Logan Johnson, Robert Moorehead, Cayser Nickell, Ty O’Daniel, Madison Prentice, Tyler Raney 2nd Grade: Dillon Blessing, Colton Cross, Kamlyn Cundiff, Hannah Donaldson, Savannah Geyer, Brogen Goodson, Keithon Howard, Malloree Howard, Kelsey Hurt, Emmett Koonce, Ava

Laden, Garrett Nix, Makenzie Smart, Conner Smith, Austin Stowe, Trevor Stradford, Abbey Strong, Jack Todd, Riley Tomb, Jerek Wainscott, Chandler Wallace 3rd Grade: Coyt Bell, Hunter Boyd, Raney Clay, Quinn Corum, Bradi Harman, Kassidy Keeney, Brooklyn Sanders, Zain Tillery, Ansley Tollett, Keenan Walker, Maebrey Wallace, Beckett Wells 4th Grade: Jacob Beavert, Brandon Riddle, Ethan Roniss, Brody Wallis, Maddox Wofford 5th Grade: Cassidy Harman, A.J. Hill, Emma Peay, Emily Sells 6th Grade: Kinlee Cundiff, Kasen Deaton, Jacelyn Goodnight, Nathan Hammonds, Riley Koonce, Kinsey Nix, Kaylyn Rowsey, Taylor Tollett Principal’s Honor Roll

(All A’s & B’s st 1 Grade: Kaden Ashby, Brailee Beck, Brady Crabtree, Stoney Cully, Ben Dill, Isaiah Files, Matthew Goodnight, David Gragert, Brendan Jasna, Michael Love, Eli Neal, Patricia Sanford, Cobin Smith, Tiler Stidmon nd 2 Grade: Jagger Caldwell, Luke Chapman, Seth Donaldson, Kason Linker, Felipe Martinez, Lilly Matthews, Isaiah Merritt, Tessa Rowsey, Aubrey Scott, Lori

Stidmon, Brayden Tatum, Olivia Wallace 3rd Grade: Braylee Chambers, Kaylee Ford, Rosa Gabrie, Montana Griffith, Julius Higdon, Xander Holt, Tagus Howard, Hannha Isaac, Payton McWethy, Memphis Neal, Gary Raney, Mason Riley, Elainea Smith, Quinton Walker 4th Grade: Cheyenne Alexander, Maycee Howard, William Kaminski, Paige Mayfield, Cheyene McCarn, Saree Pegg, Milani Rowsey,

Mandala Sanchez, Davyn Wilson 5th Grade: Rody Arnold, Madison Dohlman, Trent Fronterhouse, Brayden Griffith, Corey Knighten, Chad Milne, Kylie Nemecek, Kylan Sanders, Gehrig Strong, Jaden Wilson 6th Grade: Chris Holcomb, Alyssa Maloy, Hunter McCarn, Makena Pegg, Jaren Porter, Alex Roebuck, Dillon Royalty, Ashlynn Scroggins, Nathan Smith, Abby Thompson, Mika Walker, Savanna Yetter


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Open Monday - Friday 10 to 5:30 Saturday 10 to 5 THE ALLEN ADVOCATE, MARCH 27, 2014--PAGE 8

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Revival Starts Friday at Atwood Baptist

Revive—1: to restore to consciousness or life 2: to restore from a depressed, inactive, or unused state 3: to renew in the mind or memory. Sometimes it’s good to check with Merriam Webster when it comes to words we know but don’t know well. This week, March 27, 28, 29th, our church is holding a Revival Meeting. A couple of the definitions for the word “revival” are a period of renewed religious interest and an often highly emotional evangelistic meeting or series of meetings. Based on these definitions, we don’t want a revival meeting at our church. A highly emotional series of meetings might check “revival” off our list of things to do, but it wouldn’t make noticeable changes in souls and lives. What we really want is to be restored to spiritual life from a depressed, inactive, or unused state. Yes, this week you’re getting two sermons for the price of one, but at least the preacher’s will probably be shorter than mine. The revival services begin at 7:00 each evening. Rev.

Clint Dawkins from Sharon Baptist Church in Shawnee, is the evangelist for the revival, and the worship leader is Rev. Speedy Briggs from the Freedom Crossroads Biker Church. Please come join us for the services and invite someone to come with you. This Sunday James Hammonds sang “In the Sweet Bye and Bye” as the special music selection. Earlier, on Cowboy Corner, a Sunday morning radio program, they too made the point that many of the things that look huge while we’re in the valleys of our life look small when we’re on the mountain top. Same verse, different authors, different songs, but it’s a good reminder no matter how it’s said--I mean sang. Rev. Karch’s message was from Luke 5:1-11 and Acts 2:41-47. Revival only happens if the church gets on fire about being revived. Church members must be concerned enough to be in earnest prayer for themselves and for others. They must also understand that God loves every person, even those like Peter, who believed he

was too sinful to be allowed anywhere near Jesus. As each of the disciples met Jesus, they gave up everything to follow Him. Once he met Him, Zaccheus repented and completely changed his life focus. When you put your heart and soul into worshiping the Lord, you’ll find that there is no greater excitement than serving Him. Every day you’ll be looking forward to what He’s going to do next. God can do miracles. You just have to be ready. On the Day of Pentecost the disciples conducted the first great revival meeting. Three thousand people were saved and baptized that day. Then they started sharing the love of Jesus with the people around them. People were saved because they saw something that was real in these people who now believed that Jesus was the Son of God. Real revivals come when we put our heart and soul into it. God will change your life, but only if you allow him to. There’s a difference between a revival meeting and a revival.

Rabies Clinic April 16 The Allen Vet Clinic has set their Spring Rabies Clinic for Wednesday, April 16th, at the office on Highway 1. The clinic will be open from 8:00 am to noon, and from 1:00 to 5:00 pm. Animals may receive their rabies vaccine for $10.

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Concert at Richmond Ave Sunday

The Richmond Avenue Freewill Baptist Church is pleased to announce that Chris Hester and Mark Huitt will be in concert this Sunday, March 30th, during the morning service, starting at 10:45 am. The concert is free and everyone is invited to attend, a love

offering will be taken. For more information call (580) 857-2476. Chris Hester’s calling in life, to share salvation with others, began many years ago. At the age of 5, when most children were interested in riding bikes or playing little league baseball, he sang his first solo in church.

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At the age of 7 his mother discovered him playing the piano and singing although he had never received a formal piano lesson. While traveling and singing on the road in the early 90s, Chris met a young lady who shared many of his same visions. They married a year to the day they met and have since worked together promoting , singing, arranging and producing music. The Hesters and their two children, live in Oklahoma when they are not on the road or in Nashville, Tennessee working in the music industry. Allen’s own Mark Huitt has been performing gospel music for over 28 years in churches and for community events in Texas and Oklahoma. He appeared on The Grapevine Opry in Texas at the age of 17 and has since performed at the Stratford Gospel Celebration, the Konawa Outdoor Gospel Singing, the Seminole Gospel Sing, the Yukon Gospel Celebration, and made appearances in Branson on “Jammin for Jesus” and the “Southern Gospel Praise” TV show. Mark is currently the host of “The Saturday Morning Gospel Music Show” on The Gospel Station, 88.3 and 105.1, and often makes personal appearances throughout the year speaking to audiences about The Gospel Station. Mark’s ministry is of reconciliation and new beginnings. “God is a God of second chances and, no matter where you have been or what you have done, God is ready to forgive you and save you – and to work a healing in your lie. You just need to ask Him to.”


Atwood Church of the Nazerene Spring has arrived at last. “Jesus Loves Me.”  She is themselves to learning all We thank God for the beau- only four but already has they could about this faith.  ty of nature.  We want to a great voice.  Our quartet They knew they had been invite you to join us Sunday sang “His Name is Wonder- changed.   They  chose to night for our Fifth Sunday ful.”  become informed people Singing starting at 6:00.  Bro. Larry’s sermon was of faith.  They commitWe will have groups from taken from Acts 2:37-47 ted themselves to “the felFriendship, Arpelar, McAl- and entitled “What is the lowship.”  They became ester, and Atwood churches.  Church?”  The church is people of prayer.  They Following the singing we the fellowship of the re- became self-less.  People will have snacks in the fel- deemed.  When Peter had were more important than lowship hall.  finished preaching, convic- possessions.  Saturday, April 5th from tion fell upon the crowd.  8-2 will have our annual The Holy Spirit’s convictgarage and bake sale for our ing power led thousands youth.  Money raised will be to repent.  Once they had ZONES: 1,2,3,4 used this summer for camps repented they submitted weekactivities.  of March 2, 2014 orfor children to baptism.  Their faith led 2x2 ads may run anywhere in your newspaper. Don’t forget to remind your classified department to to complete surrender Sunday morning for our them download the line ads for this week at special, Kylie Taylor -sang andptdevotion. They devoted 3.5” x 2.5” | Maximum Font Size: 30THE CHOOSE AD SIZE CLOSEST TO YOUR COLUMN WIDTH MISDEMEANORS

It was obvious that they were not going to be limited to that area of the country. God’s plan for humanity had always been greater than one group or one nation.  The infant church began to meet wherever two or three were gathered.  Where they met was not as important as meeting together.   He was calling to people by the thousands.  Day by

Hughes County Court Records

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Sara Lynn Mann—operClyde Byerly—driving ating a motor vehicle withwhile impaired out valid driver’s license; Clovis Lee Reeves Jr.— speeding 1-10 mph over obtaining money or mer-GGo Painlessly limit with THERA-GESIC. chandise by false pretense Billy L. McMahan— Maximum1-10 strengthmph over speeding analgesic creme for DIVORCE limit;temporary failure use child reliefto from: • Joint and Muscle Michael Jay Casey vs restraintsoreness • Arthritis Roberts—no Amy Ray Casey Lawrence • Back aches Connie Webster vs Rod- seat belt; failure to use child restraint ney Webster Johnathan Wolf—speeding 26-30 mph over limit TRAFFIC Amy R. Davis—no seat LEGAL NOTICE IN THE DISTRICT COURT belt WITHIN AND FOR Doctors Lance Leewright—noOklahoma PONTOTOC COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA seat belt Restore Sex Life Case No. CV-2014-58 Bernice Manion—speedMARY KATHRYN HARTUNG, Plaintiff, Office Visit & All ing 1-10 mph over limit vs. 

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day lives were being transformed. The work begun in those early days was unlike anything the world had ever seen.  That work continues to this day.  It is not limited to a building or a denomination or a format.  It is still about every believer living for Christ and reaching out to their neighbors.  Every group of believers needs to re-examine their priorities and commitment.  If we will once again become as committed as the early church God will continue to “add to (our) number daily.” 


IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF PONTOTOC COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA No. CV-2014-60 Jared T. Griffin and Jessica A. Griffin, Plaintiffs, Vs. Apco Pipe Line, Inc. and Houston Pipe and Supply Company, if in existence and, if not, their unknown successors, Defendants. NOTICE BY PUBLICATION THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA TO: Apco Pipe Line, Inc. and Houston Pipe and Supply, if in existence and, if not, their unknown successors. You, and each of you, are hereby notified that Jared T. Griffin and Jessica A. Griffin, as Plaintiffs, have filed a Petition in the District Court of Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, in the above-numbered and styled cause of action, suing you, Apco Pipe Line, Inc. and Houston Pipe and Supply, if in existence and, if not, their unknown successors. That said Petition alleges that you are claiming some right, title, lien, estate, encumbrance, claim, assessment, or interest in the following described real property located in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma: E/2 SE/4 of Section 1, Township 3 North, Range 5 East; adverse to the right, title, and interest of the Plaintiffs and their assigns therein; that you have no right, title, lien, estate, encumbrance, claim, assessment, or interest in said real property and should be required to show in open court what claims, if any, you now have in or to said real property adverse to the right, title, and interest of the Plaintiffs therein; that you should be perpetually barred and enjoined from asserting any such claims in or to said real property adverse to the right, title, and interest of the Plaintiffs therein; that Plaintiffs and their assigns are the owners of the fee simple title to said real property or have warranted title thereto; and prays for judgment against you and in favor of the Plaintiffs and their assigns, quieting their title to said real property against you. You must answer the Petition filed by the Plaintiffs on or before the 9th day of May, 2014, or it will be accepted as true and judgment will be rendered against you, and each of you, decreeing the Plaintiffs and their assigns to be the owners of said real property and entitled to possession thereof, and decreeing that you have no right, title, lien, estate, encumbrance, claim, assessment, or interest in said real property, and quieting title thereto in the Plaintiffs. Given under my hand and seal this 26th day of March, 2014. KAREN DUNNIGAN, Court Clerk Pontotoc County, Oklahoma By: /s/ P. Weaver Deputy James R. Scrivner, OBA #8033 Post Office Box 1373 Ada, Oklahoma 74820 Attorney for the Plaintiffs (Published in The Allen Advocate on March 27, April 3 and 10, 2014)

The Heirs, Executors, Administrators, Devisees, Trustees, and the unknown Erectile Dysfunction is NotAssigns, Causedand by Aging Erectile Dysfunction is Not Caused by Aging Successors of LOUIE E. HARTUNG, ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION STAY IN CONTROL ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION STAY IN CONTROL deceased, Defendants.   IN THE DISTRICT COURT • 30 min,BY 1 hr,PUBLICATION or up to 90 min. • ED Treatment by licensed • 30 min, 1 hr, or up to 90 min. • ED Treatment by licensed NOTICE OF PONTOTOC COUNTY Arkansas Physicians OUR PHYSICIANS OFFER TO: Arkansas Physicians OUR PHYSICIANS OFFER STATE OF OKLAHOMA STATE OF OKLAHOMA PERSONALIZED SOLUTIONS TO • Our prescription medications PERSONALIZED SOLUTIONS TO FIT • Our prescription medications work T h e h e i r s , executors, PG-2005-3 FIT YOUR NEEDS. work when the pills and YOUR NEEDS. when the pills and herbals fail. administrators, • Private anddevisees, discreet. trustees and In the Matter herbals of thefail. 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Court of Pontotoc County, State of Court of Pontotoc Oklahoma, and that th Oklahoma, made on the 24 day of mustClinic answer the Petition filed by Oklahoma Men’s Clinic Oklahomayou Men’s March, 2014, Connie Sue Ellis, the Plaintiff in said on or before the Walk-Ins Welcome | 415 South Harvard, Tulsa, OK 74135 Walk-Ins Welcome | 415 South Harvard, Tulsa,case OK 74135 duly appointedOklahoma and acting of 8th day of May, 2014, or said Petition CityGuardian area call 405-445-5955 | Tulsa area call 918-884-6045 Oklahoma City area call 405-445-5955 | Tulsa area call 918-884-6045 the Property of the Estate of M.R.H.E., will be taken as true and judgment rendered accordingly in favor of a minor child, will sell at private sale to Plaintiff and against Defendants the highest bidder for cash, subject to IN THE DISTRICT COURT above named in said action, quieting confirmation of the Court, on or after WITHIN AND FOR title to the following described real the 8th day of April, 2014 at 9:00 a.m. PONTOTOC COUNTY property in Pontotoc County, State of at Ada in said County of Pontotoc, Oklahoma, to-wit: STATE OF OKLAHOMA all right, title, interest, and estate of   A 0.015625 royalty interest in the Case No. CV-2014-46 the said M.R.H.E., in and to the real NE/4 SW/4 and W/2 SE/4 SW/4 and Ronald D. Meeks and Lavonda Meeks, Plaintiffs, property situated in Pontotoc County, W/2 E/2 SE/4 SW/4 of Section 16, vs. Oklahoma, described as follows, toTownship 4 North, Range 5 East, The Heirs, etc., of Emily Walton, Full Blood Chickasaw, Roll No. 622, Dewit: [Sunoco wells Golden A #1, 2, 4, 5, ceased, et al., Defendants. A part of the E/2 NE/4 of Sec- 15] NOTICE BY PUBLICATION tion 17, Township 4 North, Range 6 and judicially determining THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA TO: East, more particularly described as the heirship of Louie E. Hartung, The Heirs, Executors, Administrators, Devisees, Trustees and Assigns, of follows, to-wit: Commencing at the deceased. Emily Walton, Full Blood Chickasaw, Roll No. 622, deceased; and, WITNESS my hand and seal of Northeast corner of said Section 17; The Unknown Successors of Emily Walton, Full Blood Chickasaw, Roll No. thence S 00º00’00”W a distance of this Court this 25 th day of March, 622, deceased. 2014. 834.00 feet to the point of beginning; You, the Defendants above named, are hereby notified that impleaded with KAREN DUNNIGAN, COURT thence S 00º00’00”W a distance of other Defendants you have been sued by the above named Plaintiffs in the above CLERK 590.00 feet to a point 1217.49 feet entitled action in the District Court of Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma; that BY: s/B. Myers    North of the Southeast corner of said Deputy you must answer the Petition filed by said Plaintiffs in said action on or before the E/2 NE/4; thence S 89º42’21”W a Gregory S. Taylor, 1st day of May, 2014, or said Petition will be taken as true and judgment rendered distance of 1183.86 feet to a point Attorney for Plaintiff accordingly in favor of the Plaintiffs and against all the Defendants in said action, on the East right-of-way line of the OBA #8863 quieting the title of the Plaintiffs in and to the following described real estate situabandoned Atchison, Topeka & Santa 115 S. Broadway ated in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, to-wit: Fe Railroad; thence Northwesterly P.O. Box 1737 The South Half of the Southwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of the along said R/W line on a curve to the Ada, OK 74821 Southwest Quarter (S/2 SW/4 SW/4 SW/4) of Section Nine (9), Township Three left, having a radius of 2457.90 feet, 580/332-7717 (3) North, Range Seven (7) East, a distance of 423.14 feet to a point on (Published in The Allen Advocate and determining the death of Emily Walton, Full Blood Chickasaw, Roll No. the West line of said E/2 NE/4; thence on March 27, April 3 and 10, 2014)  622, deceased; and further determining who were the particular persons who N 00º01’53”E along said West line took or were entitled to take the above described real estate under the Laws of a distance of 343.82 feet; thence N Succession of the State of Oklahoma upon the death of said decedent, and forever 89º52’06”E a distance of 190.0 feet; barring and enjoining the Defendants from asserting any right, title, lien, estate, thence N 00º01’53”E a distance of encumbrance, claim, assessment, or interest, either in law or in equity, in and to 683.0 feet to a point on the North line the real property involved herein. of said E/2 NE/4; thence N 89º52’06”E LOCAL OWNER OPERATORS NEEDED End KAREN DUNNIGAN, Court Clerk, HELP WANTED LEGAL SERVICES along said North line a distance of Dumps/Hopper Bottoms. Free Base Plates and AUCTIONS Pontotoc County, Oklahoma Permits. No trailer rent/maintenance. Call us 424.04 feet; thence S 00º00’00”W Today!! Oakley Trucking (888) 725-4175 By: B. 60 Myers ACRES PRIME Hunting Land a distance of 636.0 feet; thence S 3 OTR DRIVER 3 OTR DRIVER Deputy OK.89º52’06”W Lexington, 100+ Guns, a50+ distance of 393.64 feet; POSITIONS AVAILABLE AUCTIONS Alvin D. Files, OBA#2902 POSITIONS AVAILABLE Cases Ammo - thence Goldsby, S OK. Beauty 3 years verifiable OTR 33º57’34”E (deed S 33º53’E) 3 years verifiable OTR experience, Salon Lindsay, OK. Mechanics Mayhue, Summers & Johnson, PLLC experience, HazMat required • 60 ACRES PRIME Hunting Land - Lexington, OK. a distance of 215.46 feet; thence S HazMat required • Must pass physical, 100+ Guns, 50+ Cases Ammo - Goldsby, OK. Must pass physical, drug screen, Tools/Warehouse - OKC, OK. www. 114 S. Broadway 33º53’26”E (deed S 33’E) a distance Beauty Salon - Lindsay, OK. Mechanics Tools/ background, CSA, MVR check drug screen, background, CSA, MVR 405-627-3920 P. O. Box 1488 of 41.09 feet; thence N 71º49’48”E Warehouse - OKC, OK. • Excellent pay, opportunity for check • Excellent pay, opportunity for Ada, Oklahoma 74820 405-627-3920 advancement, home weekly, no (deed N 72”E) a distance of 263.51 advancement, home weekly, no work on BUILDINGS (580) 436-6500 work on Sundays • Modern, well feet; thence N 00º00’00”E a distance Sundays • Modern, well-maintained fleet BUILDINGS maintained fleet. Attorneys for Plaintiffs Based in Kingfisher OK. of 41.55 feet; thence S 89º52’06”E PORTABLE OUTDOOR BUILDINGS. Based in Kingfisher OK. 3, 2014) (Published in The Allen Advocate on March 20, 27 and April PORTABLE OUTDOOR BUILDINGS. Sheds, distance Sheds, StorageaBarns & more.ofNo147 feet; thence S 405-375-4189 405-375-4189 Storage Barns & more. No Credit Check. Low 00º00’00”W a distance of 108 feet Credit Check. Low monthly payments. monthly payments. FREE Delivery. No Deposit. N 89º52’06”E a distance of 558 FREE Delivery. thence No Deposit. As low As low as $59 per month. IN THE DISTRICT COURT 877-595-1875. as $59 per month. feet to the point of beginning containEXP. FLATBED DRIVERS: Regional opportuniEXP.FORFLATBED DRIVERS: IN AND 877-595-1875. ing 25.05 acres, more or less (see ties now open with plenty of freight & great pay! Regional opportunities now open PONTOTOC COUNTY STEEL BUILDINGS BLOWOUT!! Perfect survey dated 11/05/2013 attached with plenty of freight & great pay! 800-277-0212 or for Homes or Garages with Low Prices and STATE OF800-277-0212 OKLAHOMA or STEEL BUILDINGS BLOWOUT!! hereto). Monthly Payment. Various sizes available. CALL PB-2013-52 Perfect for Homes Notice or Garages with WORK AND TRAVEL – 6 openings now. Fullis further given that M.R.H.E. 1-800-991-9251 ask Ashlee about our DISPLAY In the Matter of the Estate of Willard Lee Worcester, Deceased. WORK AND TRAVEL – 6 openings time travel, paid training, transportation proBUILDINGS. Low Prices andis Monthly Payment. a joint owner of an undivided interFull-time travel, paid train-SALE vided. Ages 18+. BBB accredited. Apply online NOTICE OF SALE OF REALnow. PROPERTY AT PRIVATE Various sizes available. CALLabove 1-800- described property. est in the ing, transportation provided. Ages or LEGAL SERVICES Notice is hereby given that pursuant to anBBB Order of this Court, made on March ask Ashlee 991-9251 18+. accredited. Apply online Bids about must our be in writing and may 1-877-252-9323. DISPLAY BUILDINGS. 14, 2014, in the Matter of the Estate Williard Lee Worcester, Deceased, the or www. SOCIAL SECURITY AND DISABILITY CLAIMS be left at the office of Lori Jackson, undersigned Personal will sell at 1-877-252-9323. public sale, subject to conSaunders & Saunders Attorneys at Law. No NOW HIRING! TRAVELING FRAC Drivers. attorney at law, or may be delivered Recovery - No Fee. 1-800-259-8548 DRIS LEGALtoSERVICES firmation by said District Court on April 3, 2014, commencing at 4:00 o’clock Thomas Fuels • Lubricants • Chemicals - CDL w/ Connie Sue Ellis, Guardian, in care NOW HIRING! TRAVELING FRAC Tanker & Hazmat, 5800 E. Hwy. 66, El Reno, OK A.M., at: 22226 CR 1680, Stonewall, Oklahoma , all the right, title, interest and th Street, of Lori Jackson at 108 E. 12 Drivers. Thomas Fuels • Lubricants • MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE SECURITY AND DISABILITY 73036. (361) 573-8074, estate of the said deceased, at the time of his -death and all the right, SOCIAL title and Chemicals CDL w/Tanker & Hazmat, Ada, Oklahoma. CLAIMS Saunders & Saunders 5800 E. Hwy. 66, El or Reno, OK 73036. acquired in MOBILE HOMES with land. Ready to move in. interest that the said estate has, by operation of law, otherwise, th Dated this Attorneys at Law. No Recovery - No24 day of March, MECHANIC POSITION, Tractor Dealership in (361) 573-8074, Owner Financing (subject to credit approval). 3Br and to all that certain personal property, described as follows, to-wit: 2014. OKC! Must have own tools. 18-25 with experience. 2Ba. No renters. 918-615-0293 Fee. 1-800-259-8548 DRIS All of Lots 5 and 6, Block 22, Town of Stonewall, Pontotoc County, Health, Life, and 401(k). Central New Holland Inc. s) Connie S. Ellis MECHANIC POSITION, Tractor 405-495-6151. Oklahoma ADVERTISE STATEWIDE Dealership in OKC! Must have own Connie Sue Ellis, Guardian MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE tools. 18-25 with experience. Health,3, 2014. Bids must be in writing and left at 22226 CR 1680 before April Lori Jackson ADVERTISE STATEWIDE! For more information Life, and 401(k). Central New Holland WFEC HIRING GENERATION ENGINEERS, DATED March 14, 2014. MOBILE HOMES with land. Ready to or to place an ad, call Kendall at (405) 499-0025 Attorney at Law Inc. 405-495-6151. Mechanical $61,114 to $129,417 and Technologist Karla Windy Boy,move Proin.Se or toll-free in OK at 1-888-815-2672. Owner Financing (subject P.O. Box 117to $55,117 to $105,652 for our Anadarko, OK locaRepresentative credit approval). 3BrAda, 2Ba. OK No renters. tion. Competitive pay, benefits program. Apply at WFEC HIRING Personal GENERATION 74821-0117 Karla Windy Boy, Pro Se OCAN032314 ENGINEERS, Mechanical $61,114 to 918-615-0293 (580) 332-6965 $129,417 and Technologist $55,117 22226 CR 1680 (Published in The Allen Advocate to $105,652 for our Anadarko, OK Stonewall, Oklahoma 74871 ADVERTISE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON STATEWIDE ADVERTISING, location. Competitive pay, benefits proonSTATEWIDE March 27 and April 3, 2014) (Published in The Allen Advocate ongram. March and 27, 2014) Apply 20 at CALL 1-888-815-2672




ATTENTION OCAN COORDINATORS - Don't forget to download your 2x2 ads from the OPA Web site this week. Look for your insertion order with the Ad Name to download. (You will receive an insertion order from OPS for the 2x2 ads.) 2x2 ads may be placed anywhere in your newspaper.




LOCAL OWNER OPERATORS NEEDED End Dumps/Hopper Bottoms. Free Base Plates and

ADVERTISE STATEWIDE! For more information or to place an ad, call Kendall at (405) 499-0025 or toll-free in OK at 1-888-815-2672.



Heating & Air Condition Ice Machine Sales & Service

Gary Vinson (580)857-2239 (580)467-3136

Consignment Auction


Saturday, May 10 , 9 am A consignment auction will be held May 10 th, 2 miles south of Allen on Highway 48. To post items please contact Glen Lively 580-421-5077 or 580-986-2211, or Sonny Wallace 580-857-2988. Items are needed soon to be listed on the flyer. Household items, guns, tools, farm/construction equipment, antiques, etc. will be accepted for the sale. th

JimLock Storage

Mini Storage Units 3 sizes to choose from (405) 645-2457

HELP WANTED — Health Care Innovations Private Services is now hiring part time personal care aides for Allen area. Must pass OSBI test, have social security card, driver’s license and auto insurance. (506) 527-3494, ask for Valarie. (26)

For Rent

FOR RENT — 2 bedroom mobile home, 401 B Street, Allen. $375 per month with first and last month rent plus $100 cleaning deposit. Available March 15th. (580) 8921122 (26)

For Sale

The Gun Store

100 N. Hinckley, Holdenville (405) 379-3331 Cash for Gold & Silver Coins

FOR SALE — House to be moved from 1101 East Gilmore. Call Rhonda for more info. (405) 221-5322

Concealed Carry Permit

WE BUY USED SINGLE WIDES! Call us at 918-8329888 for details.

Buy – Sell – Trade

Easier • Faster • Cheaper Call for Details 918-618-4201




Anyone having interest in a 1950 White Cab-Over Truck, VIN#630882, contact Tommy Hudson, 580-3327785. Sale Date: March 28, 2014. (Published in The Allen Advocate on March 13, 20 and 27, 2014)

• Alignment • Brake Repair • Shots/Struts • 4-wheel alignment • Front End Repair • AC/Heater Repair • Farm Service •



500 East Main - Ada (580)332-5145

Country Style Health Care, Inc. IV Are you looking for a job with good pay and flexible hours? Enjoy working with people? Our Home Care Agency is seeking providers (PCAs) in Allen.

No clinical license or training required. EOE





Jack Sherry Owner/Broker


Nancy Sherry

Broker Associate

Paige Fullerton Sheffield Michelle Miller Faith Fullerton Faith Sales Associate

Provisional Sales Associate

405-221-1070 405-221-6132 State, National & Global Exposure


Provisional Sales Associate


For complete list of all listings, go to •

MLS - member of the Shawnee Board Multilist “Members of OKMAR - Oklahoma City Metro Area Realtors”

Sign up now at



NOTICE is hereby given that the personal property belonging to the following individuals will be sold at auction on Saturday, April 5, 2014, to the highest bidder. The auction will be held where the property is located: Hidden Valley RV Park & Mini Storage, 14624 CR 1560, Ada, OK 74820. Rebecca Henson - #46 Jay Johnson - #32 Purchase must be paid at the time of sale with cash only. Sale is subject to cancel in the event of settlement between owner and obligated party. (Published in The Allen Advocate on March 20 and 27, 2014)


Emergency Road Service


HUGE TAX CLEARANCE SALE. Max your Tax Refund up to $8000! Lenders offering Zero down with your land and less than perfect credit programs! $1000 furniture allowance with purchase. Repo and new homes available. (405) 631-7600 or (405) 635-4338.

Ends Mar 31


IN THE DISTRICT COURT IN AND FOR PONTOTOC COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA PB-2014-19 In the Matter of the Estate of Jerry Don Davis, Deceased. COMBINED NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND NOTICE OF HEARING TO: All persons interested in the Estate of Jerry Don Davis: You are hereby notified that on March 25, 2014, the Petitioner, Kim Centers, 4897 County Road 1470, Ada, Oklahoma 74820, filed in the District Court of County, a Petition for Summary Administration. The Petitioner has alleged that Jerry Don Davis, age 68, died intestate on January 18, 2014, domiciled and residing in Ada, Pontotoc County, Oklahoma and that the total value of the decedent’s property in Oklahoma is less than $200,000.00 In an Order for Combined Notice entered on March 25, 2014, the Court found that it should dispense with the regular estate proceedings prescribed by law, appoint a Special Personal Representative instanter, order notice to creditors and issue an order for hearing upon the Petition for Summary Administration, the final accounting and petition for determination of heirs, legatees and devisees and distribution. Pursuant to the Order for Combined Notice, all creditors having claims against Jerry Don Davis, deceased, are required to present the same, with a description of all security interest and other collateral, if any, held by each creditor with respect to such claim, to the Petitioner, Kim Centers, c/o James R. Neal, P.O. Box 1605, Ada, Oklahoma 74821-1605, on or before the presentment date of April 28, 2014, or the same will be forever barred. The claim of any creditor not shown in the petition will be barred unless the claim is presented to the Special Personal Representative on or before the presentment date. Notice is hereby given that a hearing will be held on June 19, 2014, at 1:30 p.m. at the Pontotoc County Courthouse, Ada, Oklahoma, before the Judge of the District Court. At the hearing, the Court will decide whether to approve the Petition for Summary Administration and the final account and petition for determination of heirs, legatees and devisees and distribution of the estate by the Petitioner. The final account and petition for determination of heirs, legatees and devisees and distribution will be filed herein on or before May 30, 2014. You are hereby advised that you must file objections to the Petition for Summary Administration and the final account and petition for determination of heirs, legatees and devisees and distribution at least ten (10) days before the hearing and send a copy to the Petitioner’s attorney, James R. Neal, P.O. Box 1605, Ada, Oklahoma 74821-1605, or you will be deemed to have waived any objections. If you have no objections, you need not appear at the hearing nor make any filings with the Court. If an objection is filed at least ten (10) days before the hearing, the Court will determine at the hearing whether the will attached to the petition shall be admitted to probate, whether summary proceedings are appropriate and, if so, whether the estate will be distributed and to whom the estate will be distributed. James R. “Rob” Neal, O.B.A.#17109 525 S. Mississippi P.O. Box 1605 Ada, Oklahoma 74821-1605 580-332-5579 (Published in The Allen Advocate on March 27 and April 3, 2014)


Loans from $150 to $1000 “Phone applications welcome!”



122 S Constant - Ada, OK - (580)436-4123 Scott McCormack Cell 580-310-4389

West of Ada on Hwy 3W • (580)436-5033

Thank You for your patronage & support! Stockers & Feeder • Pairs, Cows & Bulls

Wednesdays starting at 9:00 a.m. Average Report for 3/19/2014 Total Head: 1011 Steers

255-295 .............................$245.00-$253.00 325-345 .............................$230.00-$245.00 350-375 .............................$234.00-$247.00 400-449 .............................$220.00-$235.00 455-480 .............................$215.00-$231.00 505-523 .............................$213.00-$216.00 503-530 .............................$194.00-$207.00 567-568 .............................$195.00-$197.00 600-630 .............................$190.00-$199.00 610-647 .............................$178.00-$184.50 718-743 .............................$165.00-$170.50 821...................................................$160.00 854...................................................$159.00 981...................................................$150.00


285-289 ............................ $210.00-$222.00 382-388 ............................ $206.00-$212.00 403-448 ............................ $194.00-$205.00 450-495 ............................ $195.00-$202.00 500-545 ............................ $185.00-$199.00 555-595 ............................ $180.00-$189.50 610-635 ............................ $166.00-$170.00 610-630 ............................ $160.00-$165.00 670-674 ............................ $168.50-$170.00 702-740 ............................ $155.00-$162.00 760-770 ............................ $155.00-$165.00 568-595 ............................ $174.00-$179.00

Sale Every Wednesday

...If it’s Real Estate We Can Sell It!! • Acreages • Farms

• Residential • Commercial


Welch Real Estate

379-3331 JAMES WELCH, BROKER (405)380-7988 Brenda Welch, Sales assoc. (405)379-8044 Cell 380-8188

Office is located at 100 N Hinckley • Holdenville, OK

For the best night sleep you ever had, try our Tempur-Ergo Fully adjustable massage system

Come in and try it out today

st Loweces Pri able! l v A ai

12 MONTHS SAME AS CASH On approved credit. See Store for details. FREE DELIVERY SET UP & REMOVAL With a purchase of a Tempur-Pedic Sleep Systems.

Mon-Sat 10-7 • Sun 12-5 No Interest 12 Months WAC

MEGA STORE 4903 N. Union • East of Walmart Shawnee • 273-0655

RINEHART REALTY.NET For All Your Real Estate Needs 816 ARLINGTON - ADA, OKLAHOMA - (580)436-4662

Broker, Thurman Rinehart - 421-2271 Larry Lee - 310-2305 Jennifer Wallace - 235-7480 Eric Pierce - 399-7106 Out of Town - 1-800-776-5608

~ BRICK 3 BD, 1-1/2 BATH — on 5 Acres, CH&A, 2 car garage, Vanoss School District, 3139 SH 59A, Stratford.$120,000 ~ BEAUTIFUL 3 BD HOME — on 110 acres, CH&A, Garage/Shop, lots of extras. Approx. 3 miles from town. $499,000 ~ BRICK 3 BDRM, 1-1/2 BATH — Detached Garage, CH&A, appliances, microwave, refrig, range, DW, ceiling fans. 301 S.Boston, Allen. $94,900 ~ 3 BDRM 2 BATH BRICK —CH&A, 2 car attached ghrage, wood fireplace, new built-in gas cooktop and oven, storage bldg, cellar. Very Nice. Call us to view this beautiful home. 104 S.Boston, Allen. $115,000 ~ 301 S. BOSTON, ALLEN — 2 BD, 1-1/2 bath, CH&A, garage/carport, storage building. Call us to see anytime. $94,900 ~ 4 ACRES — 3 miles north of Homer. Store on east side of railroad and electricity at property. $26,000 ~ BEAUTIFULLY REMODELED INTERIOR — Looks Great! 3 Bed, 2 bath with CH&A heat pump, new plumbing fixtures, new carptet, ceramic tile, new appliances on 6.5 acres. Seeing is believing, let us show you this house. 9440 CR 3695, Allen. $168,500 REDUCED TO $159.900 $154,900 ~ 7 ACRES — Mobile Home Site, utilities available. 7797 Hwy 1, Calvin. $20,000 ~ 30 ACRES — 3 miles west on Francis Road, turn north to the T, turn right to property. REDUCED to $45,000 ~ 4 BED 2.5 BATH —On 26 acres between Allen & Francis. $192,000 ~ 3 BED 2 BATH — 1344 sq ft 1978 doublewide mobile home on 140x125 lot. 200 West 7th, Stratford $65,000 REDUCED $59,500 ~ ALLEN — 308 W. Broadway. 1352 sq ft, 2 BD 1.5 bath, CH&A, built 1998 on 100x120 lot. Very well landscaped. Double carport. $89,900 REDUCED $81,900 $79,900 ~ SASAKWA — 49 wooded acres with 30x60 shop building, water well, two ponds and older house (needs remodeling). $110,000


Accelerated Readers....

Congratulations to Maebrey Wallace for reaching the 50-points mark in the Allen School Accelerated Reading Program. Maebrey is a 3rd grade student in Mrs. Kelli Butler’s class. Her favorite book is “Swindle”, and her favorite author is Gordon Korman Maebrey is the daughter of Stan and Lisa Wallace.

Congratulations to Beckett Wells for reaching the 50-points mark in the Allen School Accelerated Reading Program. Beckett is a 3rd grade student in Mrs. Kelli Butler’s class. His favorite book is “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”, and his favorite author is Jeff Kinney. B eckett is the son of LeaAnn Wells.

Congratulations to Bradi Harman for reaching the 50-points mark in the Allen School Accelerated Reading Program. Bradi is a 3rd grade student in Mrs. Lisa Peay’s class. Her favorite book is “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”, and her favorite author is Jeff Kinney. Bradi is the daughter of Ty and Crystal Harman.

Congratulations to Isaiah Merritt for reaching the 50-points mark in the Allen School Accelerated Reading Program. Isaiah is a 2nd grade student in Ms. Debbie Pitts’ class. His favorite book is “Just A Little Luck”, and his favorite author is Mercer Mayer. Isaiah is the son of Josh Merritt and Ashley Moore.

Mon - Sat 8 a.m - 7 p.m. Sunday 12 to 5

Sale runs March 27 through April 2

Allen Food Center

• Movie Rental • We accept ACCESS Oklahoma Cards • Fidelity Express bill pay • WIC Approved

Downtown Allen • 857-2627


Chips Ahoy Cookies


251 9.5 13 oz


Spaghetti or Elbo Macaroni

Potato Chips $ 99


$ 69

C&H Pure Cane

Sugar ColorTex

Spaghetti Paper $ 99 Sauce Towel 24 oz

all $4.29 varieties


Tomato Sauce




TenderCrust Split Top

1 5 2 Dairy & Frozen $

Vegetable Medley Steamers



$ 69 12 oz

assorted 8 oz




Margerine Quarters


1 Lb box

Hunt Brothers $ 99 8 roll Pizza Pkg




2 6 56 oz carton


Fresh Express

Avacados Premium Romaine $ Salad for

2 1

Bulb Green


2 3 49 $ 10 cnt



4 Pack

Onions bunch


¢ $

choice fresh meats

USDA Choice Certified Hereford


Boneless Chuck Roast Hickory or Applewood


Meat Franks ¢


12 oz pkg

Drumsticks or Thighs


Our Own Homewood Pure Pork

Farmland Stack Pack



Jumbo Bologna $ 99


5 Lb Chub


Oscar Mayer Fun Pack




89 $ 69 2 ¢ Lb


24 oz Pkg



99 9 oz

Family Pack

3 $ 99 Sausage 6 $

12 roll Pkg

99 8 qt

Crunch like an apple... Tastes like a Grape



$ 99



$ 79 1/2

Ice Cream


4 Lb Bag

Eggo Citrus Punch Waffle Grapples Sunny Delight

Shurfine Premium

Blue Bonnet





Green Giant

Bathroom 99 Tissue

Kool-Aid Soft Drink Mix or Country Time Lemonade Mix

White Bread $ 29 24 oz

8 oz can

18 oz Jar

Western Family

24 oz Pkg



Cool Whip

Peanut Butter $ 99


2 liter bottle





Soda Pop assorted flavors


• VISA • MasterCard • Amex • Discover Accepted • Money Orders • Senior Citizen Discount Wednesdays

49 each

Oscar Mayer

Chopped Ham or Ham $ & Cheese



1 Lb Pkg

March 27