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Wilkerson Sworn in as U.S. Marshal U.S. Marshals Service Director Stacia A. Hylton has sworn in Patrick J. Wilkerson as the new U.S. Marshal for the Eastern District of Oklahoma. The ceremony

was held January 15th at the agency’s headquarters in Washington. President Obama nominated Wilkerson for the post on March 29, 2012.

“Patrick J. Wilkerson has dedicated his career to protecting his fellow citizens,” said President Obama. “He has displayed courage and persistence in the pursuit of justice, and I am honored to nominate him today to continue his selfless work on behalf of the people of Oklahoma as U.S. Marshal.” Wilkerson previously served as the U.S. Marshal for the Western District of Oklahoma from 1994 to 2002. Marshal Wilkerson was noted for his leadership and guidance after the April 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah building in Oklahoma City. Wilkerson was responsible for the security of the Judiciary and the initial court proceedings for convicted bombers Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. Wilkerson has an extensive career in law enforcement, beginning with the

Oklahoma Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) in 1971. Most recently Wilkerson has served as the Assistant Federal Security Director for the Transportation Security Administration at the Will Rogers Airport, a position he held since 2002. “I am honored to be nominated and confirmed as the U. S. Marshal for the Eastern District. Oklahoma has a long history and heritage of dauntless and dedicated service to the courts and steadfast pursuit of dangerous fugitives”, stated Wilkerson, “I am looking forward to serving the citizens of the Eastern District and working in Muskogee.” Pat is the son of the late Lowell and Dorotha Wilkerson of Holdenville. He is married to Mona Morgan Wilkerson and they have three children, Morgan Etheridge, Rob Wilkerson

and Nick Wilkerson. They have one grandchild, Emma Isabel Etheridge. Pat has three brothers that are also well known in our area: Mike, former State Senator Dick Wilkerson, and Lowell Wade Wilkerson. An interesting note… Pat’s great-grandfather (his mother’s granddad) Tom Whaley was Deputy U.S. Marshal in Hughes County two different times. He served before statehood and later in the 1920’s Pat and his family are well known in our community and one of the finest families we have ever known. Congratulations to Pat, he certainly is worthy of this appointment and we know he will make all of us proud. Additional information about the U.S. Marshals Service can be found at



Senior/Parent Night Tuesday

T he 2012-13 Allen Bas- the Allen/Bowlegs game. The Lady Mustangs honored will ketball Senior Night will be ceremony will begin at 6:00 be Beyla Skelton and Cheyobserved this coming Tuesday pm and honor ten students. enne Nickell. Mustang players th evening, February 5 , prior to ending their high school bas-

ketball careers are Logan Dennis, Lane Mills, Cole Young, Jaret Holland, Matt McCarn and Conner Johnson. Also honored will be cheer-

leader Shelby Merriman and band member David Barlow. Shelby and David were not recognized at the football senior night festivities due to activity conflicts.

Police respond to suicide attempt

Allen police officer Mark Battershell responded to a Saturday night emergency call of an attempted suicide. A young woman, age 17, while traveling thru Allen, made the unfortunate decision to cut her wrists while sitting in her car on the north side of Highway 1, across from the Allen Quick Pic. She then made a call which was recieved by the Calvin police department and transferred to Allen. Officer Battershell assisted the woman until medical attention arrived. The woman was transported to Ada. She was reportedly a resident of Muskogee, Oklahoma.

Indian Taco Dinner Tuesday

The AHS Sophomore Class will be sponsoring an Indian Taco Dinner Tuesday evening, prior to the Mustangs taking on Bowlegs in the last home game of the season. The meal will be served from 4:00 to 7:00 pm in the HighTech Building, just south of the gym. Cost of the meal is $5 per person.

Quilt Raffle to Benefit Mullicane Family

A Fighting Mustang Quilt is being raffled to benefit Larry Mullicane and his family with expenses incurred from his battle with cancer. The quilt has been donated by Prairie Notions; the drawing will be held on Tuesday, February 19th, at the Allen Chamber of Commerce Banquet. Tickets may be purchased for $1 each or 6 for $5 at Dave’s Diner, from Keisha Goodson at (405) 221-1131, or at The Advocate office. You do not need to be present to win. Matching quilts, with a portion of the purchase price going to the

Mullicanes, may be ordered by calling Prairie Notions at 857-2831. D onation canisters have also been placed at local businesses.

City Council Filings Next Week

Candidates for the Allen City Council will file Declarations of Candidacy beginning at 8 a.m. Monday, February 4, 2013. Marilyn McDaniel, Secretary of the County Election Board, said the filing period will end at 5 p.m. Wednesday, February 6, 2013. Declarations of Candidacy will be accepted at the Pontotoc Senior Lane Mills puts a shot up over a Wetumka player Monday night. The County Election Board office located at 131 W 13th in Ada for Mustangs travel to Davis Thursday and Tuesday play their last home game the following currently held by Mike Todd in Ward 2 and Rhonda of the season against Bowlegs. Skelton, Ward 4.

C ountry Comments


Evan Allgeier Arrives

Evan William Allgeier arrived at 12:27 a.m. on Monday, December 31, 2012, at the Integris Health Center in Edmond, Oklahoma. He weighed 7 pounds 14 ounces at birth and was 22 inches long. Evan is the son of Chris and Amanda (Davis) Allgeier of Edmond. H is grandparents are Harold and Cindy Davis of Allen, and Louis and Arlene Allgeier of Casper, Wyoming.

by Bill Robinson, Publisher

Question: What do you call a grown son who is grateful, respectful and never asks you for money? Answer: A myth. —CC— Speaking of sons, one our readers sent in the following . . . “I hadn’t realized that my five-year-old son had overheard his mother and me discussing the new baby until my dad stopped by for a visit. “Are you excited about a baby brother or sister coming?” he asked my son. “I guess so, Grandpa. But I think the names Daddy has picked out are kind-of weird. He said if it’s a girl he would like to name her Elizabeth, and that’s okay, I suppose. But if it’s another boy, Daddy said they were definitely going to call it Quits.” As a father of three sons, I can sure understand the Dad’s feelings. —CC— Looking for the secret to domestic peace and tranquility? According to researchers writing in the Journal of Social Psychology, the answer could come from freshly baked bread. Scientists at the University of Southern Brittany in France conducted experiments designed to test the theory that the smell of freshly baked bread can alter behavior in humans. Their findings, published in an October issue of the scientific journal, reveal that the aroma of baking bread triggers a rising sense of altruism, increased happiness and other beneficial effects. —CC— I have always enjoyed “piddling.” When my children were at home, they would often come into the garage and asked me what I was doing. Often I would answer, “Just ‘piddling’ around.” You don’t hear that word often anymore but when I do it grabs my attention. “The obituary made me smile. Ellis Ray of Moundville passed away Saturday...he was a loving husband, father, and grandfather, who loved to fish and piddle. He will be greatly missed. I mean no disrespect. Quite the contrary, I smiled because Ellis, whom I never met, is my brother, bound to me not by blood but by a shared habit. We are piddlers. Or we were. Now I am left here, an earthbound piddler, to piddle alone. What is a piddler? It is hard to explain to begin with, because piddling is neither one thing or another, but something in between. It is not rest, not something that can be done with your feet on an ottoman or as you recline in a Posturepedic. But then neither is it work, something that one toils at, sweats at, something one needs a break from, for lunch, coffee. It is certainly not something for which one should ever be paid, and absolutely not something that one does while watching a clock. The whole idea of piddling is to kill time, but without any great effort at all, or even really meaning to. If one piddles correctly, time just goes away, without regret on the part of the piddler, or even any particular notice. One does not march off to piddle. One meanders. And even when one heads off to do it, one may not go to piddling right away, because one might have to loafer a little first. But loafering is another story. A piddler does not fix a leaky washing machine, or a slipping transmission, or a hole in a roof. Such work is necessary, and the more necessary a labor is, the farther from piddling it becomes. A piddler may use tools, but only small, light ones, and only on things that are not needed right then. Changing out a car battery in the dead of winter is not piddling, because it is a necessity. But tinkering with a lawn mower in the middle of February is, especially if the grass is deader than Great-Aunt Minnie’s house cat and buried under a foot of snow. Doing a load of laundry is, of course, not piddling. Organizing one’s sock drawer by color and fiber is. Fishing is not piddling. That is why Ellis Ray’s survivors made that distinction in his obit. But sharpening hooks and respooling line is, especially if the bass boat is covered in sheet ice. Going to a baseball game is not piddling. Retying the laces on your cleats is, but only if the only way you will ever again go fast down the first-base line is if someone shoots you out of a cannon. Some people have to retire to piddle. Dr. David Sloan, a venerated college professor who worked across the hall from me, seemed one of the least piddling men I ever knew. But he said he fully intended to spend at least some of his retirement piddling. I am not so disciplined. I rearrange books, sharpen knives–the ones I am certain not to use–and change knobs on dressers and cabinets, but only if the ones I am replacing were perfectly fine. I rearrange pictures on the wall, and re-rearrange them because my wife makes me. I spackle holes left from the first rearranging, but only the holes that are hidden by the paintings and do not really have to be spackled at all. To spackle a hole in plain sight would be necessary and therefore illegal under piddling guidelines. My wife does not piddle, and this is how I know she is from another solar system. She reads, gardens (successfully), and uses her time wisely. No one, no one born on this planet, is purely piddle free. But when I try to interest her in my own piddling she looks at me with disdain and says she does not have time to waste. Ellis Ray of Moundville was 68 when he died. I bet he never wasted a second.” — Rick Bragg. Southern Living Magazine —CC— Quote of the Week . . . “A senior citizen is someone who can tell you where to buy cheap jogging suits but can’t tell you what jogging is.”

birthdays & anniversaries January 31 — Lacey Knighten February 1 — Alton Tatum, Donna Powell, Steven Monday, Trina Thompson February 5 — Elsa Reid, Charles Knighten February 6 — Bryce Graves February 7 — Steve Files, Carl Vinson, William & Karen Tilley* February 8 – Shawn Taylor, Kierra Howard

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Threads of Life

The home of Austrian rulers from the13th century until 1918 is the Hofburg. It is in the center of Vienna. This was one of the museums that we visited while in Vienna. The building houses numerous museum items and collections, also part is the Austrian National Library. Only part of the rooms were open to the public. The essential part of the Hofburg was the treasure chamber. This magnificent and beautiful collection originated in 1533 and was the art collection of Emperor Ferdinand the 1st. It had been enriched throughout the years with many art pieces from Habsburg collections. The collection is separated into the ecclesiastic and secular departments. The crown jewels of the Holy Roman Empire and the imperial crown were the main attractions. Also on exhibit was the 4th century agate bowl honored as the Holy Grail. We visited the Royal Treasure Room. Here were treasures left at the end of World War 1 when the last Emperor of the Astro Hungarian Em-

Vienna Trip Hofburg

pire abdicated and we were told that these were some of the things the family could not take when they abdicated. The family, of course, was Catholic and the jewels were magnificent. The ceremonial robes were richly jeweled and embroidered. The treasures were hidden during the war and some of the articles were recovered in Germany by the Americans and were returned to Austria. The Emperor died four years after he abdicated. The Empress survived him by 67 years. She was buried in the Imperial Vault on April 1, 1989. The Empire at its height extended to present day Austria, Hungary, Chekoslovakia, Poland, the Ukraine, Romania, Yugoslavia and Italy. The churches were always open and many tourists toured them. We went to Karlskirche. This church was begun in 1716 and finished in 1739. In 1713 the plague was raging for the seventh time in Vienna; this time killing around 8,000 people. Emperor Karl IV made a vow to the Saint of the

The Allen Advocate PO Box 465 - Allen OK 74825-0465 (580)857-2687 • e-mail Dayna Robinson - Owner

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plague, that he would build a church as soon as Vienna was freed of the horrible scrooge. The dome of this church can be seen for many miles and is also a landmark in the city. The round drum of the central area stretches from the shining copper cupola, and is distinguished by a crowning tambour. Two protruding pillars in front of the church are in the form of Greek Temples and the church has gate pavilions on either side. It is a beautiful structure. Another church we toured was Peterskirche, which was the oldest in Vienna, founded in 740. It was made of Roman building stones and very

impressive. It was black on the outside, as are almost all of the buildings. This was from the coal soot that was used for so many centuries as fuel. They were beginning to clean the buildings and scaffolds were built round many of them where the workmen could work at the cleaning and restoring. So the buildings were very beautiful at the very top where you could see the statuary and carvings, and the lower part of the buildings were black as they had not been cleaned yet and it was hard to distinguish the good features there. Of course, we visited the U. S. Embassy. This building was

a school during the war and was not an imposing building. We had lunch in the Embassy cafeteria and met several of the personnel and visited a while in the office where Phylece worked. We then went to a very large Kris Kringle Mart nearby. This was in the 14th district and was only the second time we were outside of the downtown district, or the Ring. This area began to look like any area in a very large city. The buildings were not as imposing and as it was a week day, we saw a lot of working people hurrying from place to place. Also the traffic was like the traffic in any large city. More next week.

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Rites held for Eric Morris

riding and horses. He enjoyed Dockery of Holdenville; working on the farm with uncles Joe Lynn and Carla his dad, he loved to scare his Morris of Arpelar, Boyd and mom with his next adventure, Heather Jones of Muskogee, and hang out with his brothers and Jason and Ashley Jones and a multitude of friends. He of Houston, Texas; a host  Allergy Testing loved to pester his sisters and of family including cousins, make sure they grew up to be rodeo family, Chuckwagon  Allergy Treatment family, and many friends who tough.  Hearing Aids He is survived by his are considered family. daughter, Ally Ann Shannon; Funeral service for Michael  Audiology his parents, Kevin and Regina Morris was 10:30 am Saturday,  Sinus & Nose Michael “Eric” Morris Morris of Stuart; his siblings, January 26th, at the Stuart passed away January 20, J.R. Morris and Stacey of High School Gym with Rev.  Tonsils & Adenoids 2013 in Stuart, Oklahoma. Judsonia, Arkansas, Ronnie Tommy Brandon officiating.  Tubes He was born April 10, 1991 Morris and Sara of McAlester, Interment was at Rock Creek  Acid Reflux in McAlester, Oklahoma to and Tia and Tosha of the Cemetery. Tre’ Landrum DO Kevin and Regina Morris. He home; nephew Zane; nieces Pallbearers were Tyler  Thyroid Board Certified was raised in the Stuart area, Emma, Rhaelynn and Lilly; Daniell, Cory Trimm, J.J. Otolaryngology,  Sleep Apnea grandparents Joe and Carolyn Benjamin, Dusty Gregg, where he attended school. Head and Neck, Facial Plastic Surgeon  Balance Testing Michael was a cowboy all Morris of Arpelar, and Orvetta Joe Tipton and Jeff Shelby. his life. He loved breaking and the late Jimmy Jones of Honorary pallbearers were and training horses, riding Calvin; aunts Melinda and Mutt Trimm, Mark Ward, 520 N Monte Vista broncs, roping, working his Mike Caniglia of Arpelar, Marcus Ward, J.R. Gannon, Suite B cattle on the farm and helping and Christina and Michael Wes Brines and Cole Hagerstrand. anyone that needed a hand. He loved spending time with his family and friends. He was very patient with children and enjoyed teaching them about Wanda May Reeves, age 87, died on January 22, 2013 in Norman, Oklahoma. She was born on May 6, 1925, at Goldsby, Oklahoma to Beatrice (Brice) and Frank VanWinkle. She grew up around Citra, Gerty and Allen communities. Wanda was a long time resident of Ada, OK. She was more than a 50-year member of The Rebekah’s. Wanda worked in health care industry retiring from Valley View Regional Hospital. In her dedication to health science’s she donated her body to perpetuate medical research and education. She requested no funeral services. February 8 • 6 to 8 p.m. There will be a memorial service in July at the VanWinkle $5 for advance ticket • $7 at the door Reunion in Norman, Oklahoma. She was preceded in death by her parents; siblings; husband David Reeves; and a baby daughter. Survivors include her son Wandel Reeves; her beloved grandson Michael and Ashleigh Reeves; great-grandson Chasten; 103 S Baltimore • Allen, OK along with many nieces and nephews. Wanda’s cat, Princess, Church phone 857-2791 has found a loving home. after 5 p.m. (580)320-9644

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Service held for Wanda Reeves


Valentine Spaghetti Dinner

New Life Assembly of God

Pre-K students of the Week

meal includes spaghetti, salad, dessert, drink

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Pre-K Student of the Week is Kryslyn Beth Stephens. Kryslyn was born August 20th at the hospital in Ada, Oklahoma (Valley View). Her family is Daddy, Momma, McKenzie, Davyn, Tylynn, Kim, Keith, NaNa, Poppa, Poppy, Bebe, Tom, Robin and Kim. K ryslyn’s favorite book is “Cinderella”; her favorite food is chicken noodle. Her pets are a doggie named Caeser and a kittycat named Cinderella. Kryslyn’s friends are Alysa, Bryer and Tylynn. Kryslyn likes to play with make up and Barbies. Someday she wants to be Cinderella. Kryslyn is excited about Halloween and getting candy.

Pre-K Student of the Week is Daniel Reeves. Daniel was born November 13, 2007 at the Valley View Hospital in Ada. His family is dad Clovis, mom Ashley, and sister Hannah, brother Jacob, and the baby in Mom’s tummy. D aniel’s favorite books are “Cars” and “Toy Story 3”; his favorite food is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. His pets are named Cowgirl and Pippa; his friends are Camden, Colton and Leeland. Daniel likes to play in the mud. Someday he wants to drive a monster truck. He is excited about being a big brother.

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One Pharmacist’s View THE ALLEN ADVOCATE, JANUARY 31, 2013 - PAGE 5

Hitchhiking in Oklahoma was pretty common back when I was a younger person. It was impolite to pass by a pedestrian on the road without offering a ride. I can remember a time riding to Allen from Lula in my Grandpa Will Armstrong’s wagon and how we encountered several people who were invited to “hop on.” They would ride down the long dirt highway for a ways—to their destination and just hop off. Another time my dad pulled over his car on SH-3 just out of Stonewall and invited a young guy to get in but when he saw how crowded the car was he said, “no, thanks, you got enough.” M ost of those courtesies faded away as it became more commonplace for the hitchhiker to not only accept a ride but perhaps take your cash and your car. This brings up Max Milner, one of about a zillion little boys who were sons of Jonas Milner. Jonas built the first brick house in Allen at the NW corner of Baltimore and Gilmore Streets and there are many stories of this legendary family. The other day I got an email from Max Milner with one more story. Here it is— and thanks Max for sharing.

Hitchhiking in Oklahoma

A bout 1957 Max Milner was hitchhiking from Ada to Norman one fall day to see an OU football game. As luck would have it, one of his rides let him out on a lonely stretch of road some 15 miles east of Lexington. There were but few cars traveling by and Max began to worry if he could be on time for the kick-off. Then a sleek Chrysler Imperial hurled toward him and quickly passed him. The car had zipped past doing some 80 or 90 miles an hour as it stirred up the red roadside dust. About 300 yards up the road the big heavy Chrysler suddenly began to brake hard, causing the tires to squall and smoke as the rear end fishtailed slightly before coming to a stop. Then the shiny new vehicle weaved evenly in reverse as it rapidly backed to him. When the car stopped a window whizzed down and the well dressed passenger, beside his driver, shouted out, “Max Milner, what in the world are you doing way out here?” Max recognized the man as Judge Orel Busby and grinned as he related he was trying to get to the football game at OU. The Judge smiled as he told Max to get

in, they were also going to the game. A lad, Jonas Milner and a child, Orel Busby had moved with their families to Indian Territory near Allen from northeast Arkansas and became close friends. Later, the son Orel Busby was a member of the first graduating class of East Central College. After college, Orel went to Konawa where he taught, became principal and then was elected ‘The Boy Mayor of Konawa’ at age 21. Orel went on to graduate from the OU Law School and practiced as an attorney in Ada prior to serving two terms as County Judge for Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, and then as District Judge. In 1932 Orel Busby was elected Justice of the Oklahoma Supreme Court. He served for 5 years before resigning to re-enter private law practice and to operate the 4-B Ranch properties west of Allen. O rel Busby, the Milner Family Friend, was engaged occasionally over the years by Max’s dad, Jonas Milner. Jonas had 3 wives. Unfortunately, as each wife died, Jonas would marry a younger woman as he had outlived each of them. As a young

Light from God’s Word

Mark Legg, Allen church of Christ Will the Boy Scouts surrender to the pressure of our corrupt society and accept immoral homosexuality? It seems that today very few people are concerned about being obedient to God. He has told us very plainly, “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination.” (Lev 18:22) The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah engaged in this abomination (Genesis 19:5) and were destroyed by God reigning fire and brimstone from heaven. (Genesis 19:24) Their destruction serves as “an example of what is going to happen to the ungodly.” (2 Peter 2:6)

While the sin of homosexuality grieves God, there is another sin at the root of it! In fact, at the root of all sin is man’s selfish desire to fulfill his own lusts. James writes (1:14) that “each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed.” Mankind seems to have a rebellious nature. Rather than submit in obedience to God, we want the freedom to do as we desire. Our enemy, the great deceiver, wants us to believe that disobedience to God’s word is a matter of little consequences. He has led our society into the philosophy of “be yourself” and “have it your way!” A s a result, people today say it doesn’t matter what you believe. Of course, logically, that means that whether you are homosexual or “straight,” it doesn’t matter. To be logical, this means that we can please God and be saved and yet we can worship as we please – we can organize the church and give it a name as we please – we can live as morally or immorally as we please – we don’t have to be baptized (how

Allen Nutrition Site

Week of February 4th Monday Oven “Fried” Chicken Strips, Black-Eyed Peas, Cooked Cabbage, Yeast Roll, Butter or Margarine, Mandarin Oranges, 2% Milk, Coffee and/or Tea Tuesday Beef & Bean Tamale Pie, Stewed Tomatoes, Mexicali Corn, Gelatin with Whipped Topping, 2% Milk, Coffee and/or Tea Wednesday BBQ Beef on a Bun, Baked Sweet Potato Fries, Broccoli, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, 2% Milk, Coffee and/or Tea Thursday Chicken Pot Pie, Brussels Sprouts, Wacky Cake, 2% Milk, Coffee and/or Tea Friday Beans with Ham, Greens, Diced Sweet Potatoes, Cornbread, Butter or Margarine, Strawberry Shortcake, 2% Milk, Coffee and/or Tea

or why or if we are doesn’t matter) – we don’t have to do as Jesus Christ commands to be saved! But wait, didn’t Jesus say, “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven.” (Matt 7:21) Do we not each need to ask ourselves, “Am I living in obedience to God?” or have I accepted the idea that disobedience to God is of little consequence? Remember Adam and Eve!

lawyer, Orel Busby was hired by Jonas for various legal services. Socially, Jonas had also been hosted on occasion at Busby’s Lodge between Ada and Allen. Max also appeared before Judge Orel Busby in the discharge of guardianship of a minor when he turned 21. As did all four minor children of the late Jonas Milner. Was perhaps,

Orel Busby the namesake of another lad around Ada, Oral Roberts?” Thanks Max for the good story and I hope you and all the other readers have a great week. Don’t forget to go to church Sunday. You too, Max. Wayne Bullard, DPh waynebullard@sbcglobal. net

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Lady Mustangs take 7th place at Shawnee Poor Free throw shooting continues to plaque Allen girls

By HERMAN BROWN Allen correspondent The Allen Lady Mustangs knocked off the Wetumka Lady Chieftains last week to finish in seventh place in the Tri-County basketball tournament. Coach Jeremy Strong’s girls won 4642 to wrap up three games.

The tournament was a 6-day event played at the Noble Center on the Oklahoma Baptist University at Shawnee. The Lady Mustangs open the first round with a 48-39 loss to Wellston. The setback was due to weak first and third quarters by AHS. Wellston outscored


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the Lady Mustangs 15-7 in the first quarter and 16-8 in the third period. The two quarters provided a 16-point advantage in a game decided by nine points. Beyla Skelton poured in a rock-solid 21 points in a losing cause. Freshman Hannah Heck was second on the team with 8 points. Kennedy Prentice and Sandra Howshar followed with 4 points each. Charlea Leonard rounded out the game with 2 points. The real difference in the game was 15 feet. That’s the space between the free throw line and the basket. Wellston did a better job of making the foul shots from the line. “Free throws hurt us in all three games at the tournament,� said Coach Strong. “We were 5 of 14 at the line in the first game. Wellston was 18 of 33. That is a 13 point difference in a game we lost by nine.� The loss dropped Allen into

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the consolation semi-finals. The Lady Mustangs put up a good fight but still ended up on the short end of a 38-35 final score. The two teams stayed close for three quarters. Macomb led 11-10 after one quarter. Allen tied it 21-21 at the half. The Lady Mustangs then eased ahead 27-25 at the close of the third quarter. Macomb then outscored Allen 13-8 down the stretch to overtake the Lady Mustangs to win 38-35. Eight players scored for Allen. Beyla Skelton was tops with 9 points. Charlea Leonard was next with 7 points while Cheyenne Nickell added 6. Others included Hannah Heck with 4 points, Alison Sells with 3, Kennedy Prentice with 2, Taryn Wofford with 2 and Sandra Howshar with 2. “It was free throw trouble again,� the Allen coach said. “We were 1 of 6 at the line and Macomb was 17 of 27. We didn’t make free throws when we had the chance and they (opponent) made more of their free throws.� The difference in the game was only three points while Macomb enjoyed a 16-point scoring advantage at the foul stripe. With the second loss at Shawnee, Allen fell into the 7th place game. The Lady Mustangs were lined up against the Wetumka Lady Chieftains. Coach Strong led the Allen ladies to an exciting 46-42 victory over their Hughes County opponent. The Lady Mustangs outscored Wetumka 12-2 in the first quarter and 15-8 in the fourth. Those two periods provided the Lady Mustangs a combined 17 points in a game they won by only four points, 46-42. Charlea Leonard was the leader in the scoring column with 13 points. The balanced attack also included Cheyenne Nickell with 8 points, Beyla Skelton with 7 and Hannah Heck and Miranda Raney with 6 each. Four others scored 2 points each, including Alison Sells, Kennedy Prentice and Alycia Evans. “We were outscored again at the free throw line,� said Coach Strong. “But it was closer this time with Wetumka. We were 8 of 16 and they hit 12 of 20. I’m not sure why we are not doing a better job at the free throw line. It is a little bit of everything. We are a little tired

and didn’t move our feet. We were not aggressive and did not drive to the hole enough. That is how you get to the free throw line. But we can’t just get there, we also have to make our shots. In those close games, that is where the game is often decided. We have to do a better job at that part of our game.� Despite the way it was done, the win was very pleasing to Coach Strong. “It was good to get this win,� he said. “Any win is a good win, pretty or ugly. It was a good tournament overall, but I feel we should have won a little more than we did. I believe we’ll learn from it and that will make us a better team.� The Lady Mustangs are scheduled for a Monday evening home game with Wetumka. Looking ahead, Allen will travel to Davis on Thursday to battle the Wolves in varsity basketball action. “Our final regular-season game will be next week,� Coach Strong said. “We will play Bowlegs in our last home game before the playoffs. We’ll have two seniors to honor Beyla Skelton and Cheyenne Nickell. --Tri-County Tournament First round Wellston 48, Allen 39 Allen - 7 - 11 - 8 - 13 - (39) Well - 15 - 5 - 16 - 12 - (48) Allen scoring: Beyla Skelton 21, Hannah Heck 8, Kennedy Prentice 4, Sandra Howshar 4 and Charlea Leonard 2. --Consolation Semi-finals Macomb 38, Allen 35 Allen -10 - 11 - 6 - 8 - (35) Mac - 11 - 10 - 4 - 13 - (38) Allen scoring: Beyla Skelton 9, Charlea Leonard 7, Cheyenne Nickell 6, Hannah Heck 4, Alison Sells 3, Kennedy Prentice 2, Taryn Wofford 2 and Sandra Howshar 2. --7th Place Game Allen 46, Wetumka 42 All - 12 - 9 - 10 - 15 - (46) Wet - 2 - 11 - 11 - 8 - (42) Allen scoring: Charlea Leonard 13, Cheyenne Nickell 8, Beyla Skelton 7, Hannah Heck 6, Miranda Raney 6, Alison Sells 2, Kennedy Prentice 2 and Alycia Evans 2.

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Mustangs earn runner-up title in tournament Coach Greg Mills proud of Allen boys for strong showing in games at Shawnee

By HERMAN BROWN Allen correspondent The Allen Mustangs had something to prove when they bounced into the Tri-County basketball tournament last week in Shawnee. Coach Greg Mills’ Mustangs were the No. 2 seeded squad in the 8-team field. The tourney ranking meant they were expected to win the first two games and land in the Saturday night finals against No. 1 seeded Dale. To their credit, the Allen boys did exactly what they were expected to do. They knocked off Earlsboro in the first round and then took down Wetumka in the semi-finals. The back to back victories propelled the Mustangs into the anticipated showdown with the Class 2A Dale Pirates. “We got to the finals,” Coach Mills said. “I feel good about that. But we were unable to win the tournament. Dale had something to say about that … and Dale is a very good team. They don’t let you play in the Tournament of Champions unless you are one of the best teams in your class. We played them Saturday and they have a very good team!” Dale lived up to the No. 1 ranking by taking down the Mustangs for the tourney crown. The 6-day tournament kicked off on Monday and continued through the finals on Saturday night. The games were all played in the Noble Center on the campus of Oklahoma Baptist University. The Mustangs outscored Earlsboro 14-10 in the first quarter and 21-15 in the second. The effort sent AHS to intermission with a doubledigit lead of 35-25. Earlsboro spent the second half playing catch-up. The Wildcats shaded Allen 13-12 in the third stanza and 16-14 in the fourth. While EHS got close, the Mustangs held on for a 61-54 triumph. Coach Mills went nine players deep on his bench to get a 61-point scoring night. The trio of Jaret Holland, Tommy Peay and Lane Mills all scored in double digits. Holland was tops with 15 points. Peay and Lane Mills followed with 11 points each. Zayne Erickson added a solid 8-point showing. Conner Johnson led the rest of the Mustangs with 6 points. Joseph Hopper generated 4 points while three others had 2 points apiece, including Logan Dennis, Matt McCarn and Dakota Nickell. By dispatching Earlsboro, Allen moved into the tournament semi-finals to face the very athletic and dangerous Wetumka Chieftains. The two teams were in a dogfight for three quarters. They were tied at 8-8 in the first period. The Mustangs then slipped ahead 27-23 going into half-time. After the break, Wetumka used the third quarter to cut AHS’ lead to 43-42. The game was very much up

for grabs as the fourth quarter began. That changed quickly when the Mustangs exploded for 24 points while limiting the Chieftains to only 7. The one-sided surge carried Allen to a 67-49 victory. The Mustangs used four players to inflict much of the scoring carnage against Wetumka. Lane Mills led the way with 16 points. Cole Young dropped in 13 points. Jaret Holland and Conner Johnson added 12 points each to help broaden the attack. The remaining points came from Zayne Erickson with 8, Joseph Hopper with 4 and Logan Dennis with 2. “It was a tight game for a long time,” Coach Mills said. “But we got hot in the fourth quarter and we were able to pull away from them. It was a good win against a very good Wetumka team. We’ll have to turn around and play them at our place on Monday night. I know they’ll be prepared this time for sure.” Allen used the 18-point romp to qualify for the championship date with top-seeded Dale. The Pirates proved their lofty respect was deserved as they trounced Allen 80-47. The Pirates outscored AHS in each quarter. Dale built leads of 22-10, 43-26 and 64-34. DHS then sealed the deal by outscoring Allen 16-13 over the final eight minutes. The four-quarter combination generated the 33-point verdict. Allen’s scoring column featured eight players, but only one Mustang with a double-figure performance. Cole Young tallied 13 points in a losing cause. Four others scored 6 points each, including Jaret Holland, Logan Dennis, Joseph Hopper and Lane Mills. Matt McCarn chipped in 4 points while Dakota Nickell added 3. Shawn Rolen rounded out the attack with 2 points. Coach Mills would have loved to carry home the tourney crown. However, he credits Dale for earning it. He also praises his players for playing a solid tournament and earning the right to be in the finals. “Going in, I felt if we played together, we can be a pretty good team,” he said. “We did that in the first two games. But we got off to a bad start in our last game. We got in a hole we could not recover from against Dale. It was a good lesson for our team as we prepare for the playoffs. The Mustangs were set to play Wetumka on Monday night at AHS. The Mustangs will travel to Davis this Thursday to play the Class 2A Wolves. The coach expects Davis to offer a very stiff test for the Mustangs. “I want us to play strong competition … larger classes … any chance we get,” he explained. “We’ll play those rugged, physical southeastern Oklahoma teams to get us ready for the playoffs. Davis will offer us that and we’ll benefit from it in the long run.”

Need a Coat?

As always, the residents of Allen responded to the recent appeal for coats in a very generous manner. The Allen 4-H now has a large quantity of coats available for distribution. Anyone in need of winter outerwear is asked to contact their school (teachers or administration), church leaders, or Allen 4-H leader April Whitehead.

The Mustangs will return home on Tuesday for Senior Night at Allen High School. The contest with the Bowlegs Bison will mark the final home game for 6 AHS senior players. The 12th-graders include Matt McCarn, Conner Johnson, Jaret Holland, Lane Mills, Cole Young and Logan Dennis. As for the looming playoffs, Allen High School has been assigned to the district site at Maud. The teams that will compete in that 3-team tournament will be Allen, Maud and Roff. The main regional site for Allen will be at Lindsay. However, Allen will open regional play in a sub-site at Roff High School. The action would then switch to the main site in Lindsay for later action. The Area II tournament will be staged in Cashe, north of Lawton. The Area II winner and runner-up teams in the girls and boys divisions will move on to the state tournament the following weekend in the Oklahoma City area. --AT A GLANCE Tri-County Tournament Tuesday - First Round Allen 61, Earlsboro 54 Earls - 10 - 15 - 13 - 16 (54) Allen - 14 - 21 - 12 - 14 (61) Allen scoring: Jaret Holland 15, Tommy Peay 11, Lane Mills 11, Zayne Erickson 8, Conner Johnson 6, Joseph Hopper 4, Logan Dennis 2, Matt McCarn 2 and Dakota Nickell 2. --Second Round Allen 67, Wetumka 49 Allen - 8 - 19 - 16 - 24 - (67) Wet - 8 - 15 - 19 - 7 - (49) Allen scoring: Lane Mills 16, Cole Young 13, Jaret Holland 12, Conner Johnson 12, Zayne Erickson 8, Joseph Hop-

District 1 at Hollis: Blair, per 4 and Logan Dennis 2. Hollis, Indiahoma --District 2 at Sterling: Ryan, Championship Sterling, Waurika Dale 80, Allen 47 District 3 at Verden: Cyril, Allen - 10 - 16 - 8 - 13- (47) Dale - 22 - 21 - 21 - 16 - (80) SW Covenant, Verden District 4 at Binger-Oney: Allen scoring: Cole Young 13, Jaret Holland 6, Logan Binger-Oney, Fletcher, Union Dennis 6, Joseph Hopper 6, City --Lane Mills 6, Matt McCarn 4, Regional at Lindsay; SubDakota Nickell 3 and Shawn Sites: Chattanooga (5-8), Roff Rolen 2. 100 E Main - Ada - (580)332-0457 to 5:30 Saturday 10 to 5 --- Open Monday - Friday 10(6-7) District 5 at Chattanooga: Schedule … Bray-Doyle, Chattanooga, Jan. 28 vs Wetumka Tipton Jan. 31 @ Davis District 6 at Fort CobbFeb. 5 vs Bowlegs Broxton: Alex, FC-Broxton, --Maysville 2013 Playoff Pairings District 7 at Maud: Allen, Area II at Cache Regional at Anadarko; Sub- Maud, Roff E Main - Ada -District (580)332-0457 8 at Elmore City: Sites: Fletcher100 (1-4), Sterling Open Monday - Friday 10Elmore to 5:30City, Saturday 10 to 5 Fox, Healdton (2-3)

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Hughes County Court Records

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Dinner next Send an Oklahoma veteran to Washington Friday DC OKLAHOMA CLASSIFIED

he aNew Life Assembly of Oklahoma’s World War II veterans waited 60 years Tfor ADVERTISING NETWORK God, Allen, will be hosting a

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IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF PONTOTOC COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA PB-2012-100 In the Matter of the Estate of BETTY LOU JOHNSON KREBBS, Deceased. ALIAS NOTICE TO CREDITORS All creditors having claims against Betty Lou Johnson Krebbs, Deceased, are required to present the same, with a description of all security interests and other collateral (if any) held by each creditor with respect to such claim, to, Personal Representative at the law offices of Jay Johnson, P.O. Box 817, Stratford, Oklahoma 74872, on or before the following presentment date: March 25, 2013 or the same will be forever barred. DATED this 22 nd day of January, 2013. s) Jay Johnson, OBA#17480 JAY B. JOHNSON, PC P.O. Box 817 Stratford, OK 74872 (580) 759-3700 Office (580) 759-3705 Fax (Published in The Allen Advocate on January 31 and February 7, 2013)


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Send an Oklahoma veteran to Washington DC Oklahoma’s World War II veterans waited 60 years for a memorial in their honor. We want you to help Oklahoma veterans visit this memorial by making a tax-deductible donation to Oklahoma Honor Flights today.

For more information on how to donate, visit

www.oklahomahonor or call (405) 259-9000


IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF PONTOTOC COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA No. PB-2013-2 In the Matter of the Estates of EDWARD EARL PLATT and JOHNNIE M. PLATT, Both Deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS All creditors having claims against Edward Earl Platt or Johnnie M. Platt, both deceased, are required to present the same, with a description of all security interests and other collateral (if any) held by each creditor with respect to such claim, to the named personal representative by mailing the same to James R. Scrivner P.C., Attorney at Law, Post Office Box 1373, Ada, Oklahoma 74820, on or before the following presentment date: March 29, 2013, or the same will be forever barred. /s/ David Earl Platt DAVID EARL PLATT Personal Representative of the Estates of Edward Earl Platt and Johnnie M. Platt, Both Deceased James R. Scrivner, OBA #8033 JAMES R. SCRIVNER, P.C. Post Office Box 1373 Ada, Oklahoma 74820 Attorney for the Estate (Published in The Allen Advocate on January 31 and February 7, 2013)


IN THE DISTRICT COURT WITHIN AND FOR PONTOTOC COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA Case No. P-2013-10 In the Matter of the Estate of TOM BEAR, JR., Deceased. NOTICE OF HEARING PETITION FOR PROBATE OF WILL, APPOINTMENT OF PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE AND DETERMINATION OF HEIRS, DEVISEES AND LEGATEES Notice is hereby given to all persons interested in the Estate of Tom Bear, Jr., Deceased, that on the 29th day of January, 2013, Barbara Sue Wahpepah Bear produced in the District Court of Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, an instrument in writing purporting to be a copy of the Last Will and Testament of Tom Bear, Jr., Deceased, and also filed in said Court her Petition praying for the probate of the Will and asking that Letters Testamentary issue to Barbara Sue Wahpepah Bear, as Personal Representative, and for a judicial determination of the heirs, devisees and legatees of said Decedent. Pursuant to an Order of this Court made on the 29th day of January, 2013, Notice is hereby given that on the 25th day of February 2013, at 3:00 p.m., the Petition will be heard in the District Courtroom, Pontotoc County Courthouse, Ada, Oklahoma, at which time and place any person interested may appear and show cause, if any they have, why such Petition should not be granted. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand on this 29th day of January, 2013. s) Thomas S. Landrith Judge of the District Court Kurt B. Sweeney, OBA#17455 Sweeney, Smith, Draper & Christopher PLLC P.O. Box 70 1320 Stone Bridge, Suite A Ada, Oklahoma 74820 580-332-7200 FAX 580-332-7201 (Published in The Allen Advocate on January 31 and February 7, 2013)


IN THE DISTRICT COURT WITHIN AND FOR PONTOTOC COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA Case No. PB-2013-4 IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF JUDITH NORENE WHOMBLE, deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS STATE OF OKLAHOMA )                                             ) ss. COUNTY OF PONTOTOC) All creditors having claims against Judith Norene Whomble, deceased, are required to present the same with a description of all security interests and other collateral (if any) held by each creditor with respect to such claim, to Shari L. Todd, Personal Representative at the offices of Gregory S. Taylor, Attorney, 115 S. Broadway, P.O. Box 1737, Ada, Oklahoma 74820, attorney for Personal Representative, on or before the following presentment date: The 1st day of April, 2013, or the same will be forever barred. DATED this 30th day of January, 2013. s/Shari L. Todd  Shari L. Todd, Personal Representative for the estate of Judith Norene Whomble, deceased GREGORY S. TAYLOR     115 S. Broadway P.O. Box 1737 Ada, OK 74821 580/332-7717 Attorney for Personal Representative   (Published in The Allen Advocate on January 31 and February 7, 2013)

Atwood FBC News We’re glad that such a large group armed themselves with hand sanitizer and braved the flu and virus season to come join us for Sunday School and the worship service this Sunday. Next week Sunday School starts an hour earlier if you can get there at 9:00 for the breakfast that the men will be cooking. If you can’t get there in time for the biscuits

and gravy, the regular 10:00 time will do nicely. Also, there will be a Super Bowl party that evening in the fellowship hall. Get there at 4:45 for Bible Study, which will be held before the opening kick-off. They are still studying book of Revelation. The After School Program met for the second time last Wednesday with about 40 kids present,

Atwood Nazarene

We enjoyed worshiping the Lord this week with our church family. The week always goes better if you will attend church on Sunday. We enjoyed all the children that were there and pray that they will make this a part of their future plans. God can work in their lives but they need to be guided. We always enjoy having Sharla visit us and this week she sang and played the special, “This is My Father’s World.” Bro. Larry’s sermon was taken from 1 Corinthians 12:4-7, 27-31 and entitled “What Am I Doing Here?” We are each members of the body of Christ. We became members the day Jesus saved us. Our lives are no longer our own. We owe our allegiance, our devotion and our energy to Christ and His Body. Every member needs to be an active member. We are to be engaged in Kingdom business. We need to be “doing.” Once we are willing, God will open up a place of service. We each have something to offer. Each of us has things that we are good at or that come naturally for us. Paul refers to these as “gifts.” The enemy wants us to believe that we are not really all that important. He easily convinces us that the church will be just fine without us. We must each commit to becoming the best that we can be. When we hold out or hold back others are affected. We are at our best when we are working together. All of us are called to ministry. Ministry is doing whatever is needed to help people come to faith and grow. We all have a vital part in ministry. Some are called to very public ministry. Most of us are called to supporting roles. No one else can do what God has called us to do. We are to strive for excellence in all we do. We must develop an eager desire for service. God can make up for any lack of gifts. We must take responsibility for increasing our desire to serve. Once we have the proper desires, God will build His church. Sunday we will be having lunch after the church service. We invite you and your family to attend church with us and stay for the luncheon.

Allen Sorority Gather for Snacks December cold and snow kept sorority members in hibernation. But the new year finds members catching up with each other. On January 3rd members Becky Boyd, Tanya Caldwell, Marilyn Coulson, Tammy Frederick, Melonie Johnson, Cindi Sanders and Jennifer Smith met at the home of Melonie Johnson where they enjoyed opening belated Christmas gifts from their secret sisters. The food was great, and we reminisced about how much we enjoyed attending the Nutcracker Ballet at East Central University together. Again, members met on January 17th in the home of Jill Kaminski and enjoyed a Mexican dinner of Chicken Mexican casserole, taco salad, refried beans with chips and salsa. Dessert was a chocolate cake with Heath Bar icing. Jill has agreed to provide us with the icing recipe! Due to various reasons, we had a small but mighty group, composed of new grandmother Cindy Davis, Jill Kaminski, Melonie Johnson, Tammy Frederick, and Marilyn Coulson. We discussed the possibility of getting together in February to attend “Once Upon a Mattress” to be held at East Central. Our next meeting will be held at the First Baptist Church on February 7th and will be hosted by Tammy Frederick, where we will celebrate with a Valentine theme, and honor our 2012-13 Sorority Queen, Tanya Caldwell.

Allen School Menu Week of February 4th Monday

Breakfast — Choice of Cereal or Biscuits, Peppered Gravy, Assorted Juice, Choice of Milk, Jelly Lunch – Hamburger, Steak Sandwich, Tater Tots, Fruit Salad, Romaine Salad, Fruit, Milk Variety, Catsup, Drinks Tuesday Breakfast – Choice of Cereal or Breakfast Burrito, Assorted Juice, Choice of Milk Lunch – Spaghetti with Western Meat Sauce or Chicken Strips, Romaine Salad, Chilled Fruit Cup, Fruit, Milk Variety, Drinks Wednesday Breakfast – Choice of Cereal or Waffles, Syrup, Assorted Juice, Choice of Milk Lunch – Oven Fried Chicken or Salisbury Steak, Mashed Potatoes, Brown Gravy, Romaine Salad, Strawberries & Bananas, Fruit, Milk Variety, Drinks Thursday Breakfast – Choice of Cereal or Ham & Cheese Biscuit, Assorted Juice, Choice of Milk, Jelly Lunch – Soft Tacos or Taco Salad, Pinto Beans, Chilled Fruit Cup, Fresh Fruit, Milk Variety, Drinks Friday Breakfast – Cereal Variety or Biscuits & Gravy, Assorted Juice, Choice of Milk, Jelly Lunch – Pizza, Chef Salad with Crackers, Corn, Chicken Noodle Soup, Romaine Salad, Chilled Fruit Cup, Milk Variety, Fruit, Drinks Secondary Students will be offered menu choices or biscuits & gravy for breakfast; baked potato entrée for lunch

and the plan is that it will meet each Wednesday until school is out in May. Tom Spillman, accompanied by Jake Hammonds and Wyatt Deaton, sang “That Old Country Church” as the special music selection this Sunday. It was a good reminder that bigger isn’t always better. Love for God and for people is what really counts. R ev. Karch’s message was about victory and was from Joshua 2:10-14 and Joshua 6:2, 10-27. Victory doesn’t always go to the team that everyone thinks is stronger, and victory is never just handed to us requiring no effort at all on our part. The city of Jericho was enclosed with a wall that was generally considered to be indestructible. However, God had promised the Israelites the land of Canaan, and that required that they take Jericho. Rahab, a prostitute, saw what God was doing on behalf of the Israelites and promised to help them if they would protect her and her family. Next, the people were to keep silent and do what God told them to do. They marched around the city each day as they were directed, and on the 7th day when they shouted on cue the wall fell, and victory was theirs. God keeps his promises. Just as he kept his promise to the Israelites he will take care of us and give us the victory. God is also merciful. When Rahab turned to him for mercy she received it. He will do the same for us when we turn to him. Mercy, forgiveness, and victory. You can’t get a better deal than that.


Thank You

The family of Lewanda Boyd would like to express their appreciation to the Richmond Avenue Freewill Baptist Church for the use of the church and the bountiful and delicious meal. Thank you to the Rev. Chris Brannon for the touching words spoken. Thank you to Buddy Drake, Louis Jarrett, Don Huffstutlar and Janice Drake for the beautiful songs. Also, thanks to everyone who sent flowers, called, sent food and cards, and especially prayed for our family during this difficult time. Allen will always hold a special place in our hearts. Janice Potter & family Carol Jarrett & family Danny Boyd & family Eddy Boyd & family Dale Boyd & family Connie Tatum & family


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Osborn Tree Service Trimming or Full Removal With Stump Grinding Licensed – Bonded – Insured


Now selling seasoned firewood $65 per rick

Time to make offer! Everything comes with this 20 acres, shops, barn, cellar, pool. New in 05. 3 bed with ample closets. 2 bath. Master bath has double sinks, whirlpool tub & separate shower. Open concept with large entertaining island.Dining room patio doors open to wood decking and the above ground pool. 30x40 Barn w/tack rm, 24x14 insulated storage. Water well, stainless steel well house & pump

(580) 399-4499

(405) 645-2457

The Gun Store 100 N. Hinckley Holdenville (405) 379-3331

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For the best night sleep you ever had, try our Tempur-Ergo Fully adjustable massage system

Come in and try it out today

12 MONTHS SAME AS CASH On approved credit. See Store for details. FREE DELIVERY SET UP & REMOVAL With a purchase of a Tempur-Pedic Sleep Systems.

MEGA STORE 4903 N. Union • East of Walmart Shawnee • 273-0655



405-379-3977 Jack Sherry cell:405-221-1325

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Jack Sherry Heather Smith Michelle Miller Nancy Sherry Owner/Broker

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Broker Associate

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Nancy Sherry

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MLS - member of the Shawnee Board Multilist “Members of OKMAR - Oklahoma City Metro Area Realtors”

• Alignment • Brake Repair • Shocks / Struts • 4-Wheel Alignment


• Front End Repair • AC - Heater Repair • Farm Service • Emergency Road Service

500 East Main - Ada (580)332-5145

308 West Broadway – Allen

1350 sq ft. well maintained 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, nice size bonus room, central h/a, large fenced-in back yard, detached double covered carport, storage biulding $89,9000

RINEHART REALTY.NET For All Your Real Estate Needs 816 ARLINGTON - ADA, OKLAHOMA - (580)436-4662

Eric Pierce, Associate Cell (580)399-7106 • Day (580)857-2627 • Night (580)857-2824


Is looking to hire qualified drivers in the Calvin area to drive at night. Yard is located south of Calvin on Highway 75. You must have a Class A CDL, be 21-years-old, and have at least one year tank truck driving experience.

$16.25 per hour Average 60 hours Benefits Available

NEW PROGRAM. $0 down with your land or family land. EZ approval by phone. Free 50” flat screen. Trade-ins welcome. Call today 866-764-3200 WAC

3 sizes to choose from

125 S Broadway •Ada

No Interest 12 Months WAC


Mini Storage Units

Cash for Gold & Silver Coins

Mon-Sat 10-7 • Sun 12-5

DOUBLE YOUR TAX REFUND UP TO $5,000!!! Use refund and receive a VISA gift card with new home purchase. No refund, use your land/family land for ZERO down. Don’t prejudge credit. EZ qualify by phone. WAC. (405) 631-7600 or (405) 635-4338.

JimLock Storage

Call or text Loretta Bush today 580-421-7402

st Loweces Pri able! l Avai

POOL TABLE FOR SALE — Call (580) 320-7069.

Please call Matt at (580) 399-5608




See me for all your Heating and Air Conditioning needs!

• Commercial Ice Machines •

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IT’S ALL GOOD STORE & CAFÉ is taking application for an experienced cook and waitress. (405) 519-6076


REWARD! for the return of a black bag containing a camera lens and camera battery. Item may be brought to The Advocate office.

Welch Real Estate and Auction Service

(405)379-3331 100 N Hinckley - Holdenville James Welch, Broker- -(405)380-7988 (405 )379-7988 James Welch, Broker

JoDawna Smith, Sales Associate (405)379-6413 Brenda Welch, Sales Associate 379-8044 - Cell (405)380-8188


For Sale

FOR SALE — 2012 Chevy Cruz, loaded, only 10,000 miles. Call 857-2878 or (580) 4211978 GUITARS FOR SALE — Acoustic Washburn & hard case, acoustic Epiphone & hard case, acoustic Conqueror & hard case, electric Washburn KC20V & hard case; two Bass Guitars, Peavey and Memphis; three Amps, Fender BXR, Gorilla and Multivox M66. Call (580) 320-7069. FOR SALE — 2002 gas Golf Cart. Good shape, has back seat. Call 857-278 or (580) 421-1978. CARS FOR SALE — 1996 Jimmy GMC 4 dr, $500 obo; 1994 Buick Roadmaster 4dr, $700 obo. Call (580) 320-7069.


IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF PONTOTOC COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA Case No. CS-2012-322 Rickey and Carrie Fraizer and Oklahoma Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company, Plaintiffs, Vs. Jimmy Scott Coody, Defendant. NOTICE OF SERVICE BY PUBLICATION State of Oklahoma: To Defendant Jimmy Scott Coody You are herby notified that an action has been filed in the District Court of Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma, Case No. CS-2012-322, styled Fraizer, et al. v. Coody. Plaintiffs assert a subrogation interest related to Ok. Farm Bur. Mut. Ins. Co.’s payment of $7,023.50 in collision coverage to Rickey and Carrie Fraizer for property damage and of $25,000 in uninsured motorist coverage to Carrie Fraizer for personal injuries resulting from the negligence of Defendant in the operation of a motor vehicle. Mr. and Ms. Fraizer lost their $1,000 deductible. You are hereby notified that you have been sued in this action and must answer the Petition filed by Plaintiffs 41 days from the date of first publication or the allegations contained in said Petition will be taken as true and judgment will be entered in favor of Plaintiffs in the amount of $33,023.50, together with interest accruing, reasonable costs of collection and attorney’s fees as provided by law. Given under my hand and seal this 18 day of January 2013. District Court Clerk of Pontotoc County State of Oklahoma By: s) P. Weaver Deputy (SEAL) Submitted by: s) Heather Munzuris, OBA#16964 Lawson, King & Shelton, P.L.L.C. 2501 N. Stiles Oklahoma City, OK 73105 (405) 523-2501 (telephone) (405) 523-2324 (facsimile) Counsel for Plaintiffs (Published in The Allen Advocate on January 31, February 7 and 14, 2013)

Sellers of Rural Property All Types Needed. We now offer home warranties to our buyers and sellers.

Scott McCormack Cell 580-310-4389

West of Ada on Hwy 3W • (580)436-5033

Thank You for your patronage & support! Stockers & Feeder • Pairs, Cows & Bulls

Wednesdays starting at 9:00 a.m. Average Report for 01/23/2013 Total Head: 1670 #1 Steers

259-285 .............................$213.00-$220.00 307-348 .............................$209.00-$225.00 360-395 .............................$203.00-$215.00 400-448 .............................$186.00-$199.00 410...................................................$205.00 450-495 .............................$173.00-$185.00 515-548 .............................$165.00-$180.00 553-599 .............................$154.00-$170.00 600-62 ...............................$135.00-$151.00 650-680 .............................$135.00-$145.00 703-747 .............................$135.00-$140.00 752-760 .............................$135.00-$137.00 821...................................................$130.00


358-398 .......................... $161.00-$176.00 405-439 .......................... $158.00-$164.00 455-498 .......................... $149.00-$163.00 500-545 .......................... $140.00-$151.00 530.................................................$155.00 553-599 .......................... $132.00-$145.00 600-645 .......................... $130.00-$135.00 654-688 .......................... $127.00-$134.00 704.................................................$128.00 759.................................................$125.50

Sale Every Wednesday

RINEHART REALTY.NET For All Your Real Estate Needs 816 ARLINGTON - ADA, OKLAHOMA - (580)436-4662 Broker, Thurman Rinehart - 421-2271 Eric Pierce - 399-7106 Max Hudson - 320-3377

Larry Lee - 310-2305 Jennifer Wallace - 235-7480 Out of Town - 1-800-776-5608

~ 10 ACRES — Byng School District. $17,000 ~ ALLEN — 409 S. 10th, 3 BD 1 Bath. 110x140 Lot. $40,000 REDUCED $35,000 MAKE OFFER ~ 53 ACRE HAY MEADOW — 15 miles out of Ada on 3W. $106,000 REDUCED $93,600 ~ 4 BED 2.5 BATH —On 26 acres between Allen & Francis. $192,000 ~ 3 BED 2 BATH — 1344 sq ft 1978 doublewide mobile home on 140x125 lot. 200 West 7th, Stratford $65,000 ~ BYNG SCHOOL DISTRICT — 10 Acres. $17,000 ~ 426 West 5th, Ada — 2 Bed 1 SOLD Bath, range, refrig, washer & dryer, CH&A. Bargain at $45,000 ~ ALLEN — 308 W. Broadway. 1352 sq ft, 2 BD 1.5 bath, CH&A, built 1998 on 100x120 lot. Very well landscaped. Double carport. $89,900 ~ 3 BD 2 BATH — Ranch style on 9.5 acres. 1624 Sandy Creek Lane, Ada. $149,000 Like New CH&A ~ SASAKWA — 49 wooded acres with 30x60 shop building, water well, two ponds and older house (needs remodeling). $110,000 ~ LOOK AT THIS BARGAIN — 30x50 Metal Shop, insulated, CH&A, bathroom w/Shower. Over 1/2 acre. Byng REDUCED to $48,000 ~ PICKETT — 3 BR 1 bath, CH&A, large carport, large fenced backyard. $85,000 REDUCED $75,000 ~ 5 LARGE COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS — East of Ada on over 7 acres. $300,000 WILL DIVIDE, MAKE OFFER ~ EAST OF ATWOOD – 3 BR, 2 bath, approximate 2356 sq ft. Lots of room with 2 living areas, nice size kitchen/dining area, large master BR with rural water, on 5 acres. $98,800 ~ HWY 3-W — 3 BR 1 bath, needs work. On 1 acre mol. $42,000 REDUCED TO $39,900 ~ ADA — Commercial Buildings. Two 1250 sq ft buildings, 10x10 building, 12x13 building. Good place for mechanic or other types of business. $69,500 REDUCED $64,000 ~ GERTY AREA — 100 Acres of Hunting Land – turkey, hogs, deer & more – mostly wooded. $1000 per acre. REDUCED TO $95,000


Allen Mayor Dianna Brannan signed a Proclamation this week confirming January as “Mentoring Makes A Difference” month. The Allen FCCLA has been conducting mentoring projects with Allen Elementary students throughout the first semester. Pictured (left to right) are Taryn Wofford, Hannah Heck, Dianna Brannan, Amery Dickerson, and Tessa Black.

Out & About Allen A irman Brooke Kidwell is now stationed at WrightPatterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio, where she is training at the base hospital. —O&A— Dean Johnson was out & about this past weekend visiting with Freddie and DeAnn Johnson, and David and Shana Johnson. —O&A— Micah Stringer celebrated his 22nd birthday in McAlester at Giacomo’s restaurant with his Mom, Shellie Horton, step-dad Marcy Jimboy, and brother Gage Jimboy. —O&A— Tom and Agnes Taylor journeyed to Coger, Oklahoma, over the weekend to the home of their son, Jerry and Gina Taylor. T he trip was made for a very special event, the couple joined in the celebration of their youngest great-grandson Coen’s first birthday party. They were lots of help celebrating! They returned home on Sunday. —O&A— Family and friends gathered to attend Shaylynn Elliott’s 4th birthday party. The party was held at the home of Brian and Krista Dustin.

Those attending were Shaylynn’s mom and dad, and her four brothers Jake Champ, Trenton, Quenton and Johnathan Dustin, Heavy and Arlene Rinehart, Trista Spray of Atwood, Sheila Champ, Jeannie and Don Brown, Shannon Iker, Ashley Lacy and Michael Lacy. —O&A— Richard and Tammy Frederick spent the past weekend in Azle, Texas. Richard spent time with his son, Scott Frederick, and Tammy was the guest of her mom, Pat Watts. During their visit they helped to celebrate niece Hailey’s birthday, and enjoyed a visit with Tammy’s sister, Shannon Brown and Hunter. —O&A— Alden and Kelly Kidwell enjoyed a weekend visit from her sister, Davine and Ben Vernon and Sarah, and Alissa Lattrell of Pampa, Texas. Friday night the Kidwells traveled to Lawton to visit with daughter Katie and her fiancé Sebastian LaBelle, and enjoyed meet his mother, Denise Hastings, of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

—O&A— Jearl and Linda Knighten visited with Alene Callaway this past week. Mrs. Callaway is currently residing in the Jan Frances Rehab Center, Ada. —O&A—


Laptop Giveaway

Earn 1 electronic entry for every $10 spent Start earning entries at 12pm Drawings at 4pm,7pm & 10pm


Senior Day (55 and older)

3 Laptops every Sunday

Earn 20 points and receive $10 Free Play Hot Seats 11a- 2p Final Drawing $100 Cash



Earn 20 points and receive $10 Free Play Hot Seats 7p-10p Final Drawing $200 Cash

Earn 20 points and receive $10 Free Play Hot Seats 7p-10p Final Drawing $200 Cash

Men’s Day

Ladies Day



Earn 20 points and receive $10 Free Play Hot Seats 7p-11p Final Drawing $300 Cash

Hot Seats 7p-12a $100 Free Play every 30 min Final Drawing $500 Cash

TGIT Thursday

Saturdays Double Your Luck

$10 Match Play 10am - 2pm

Alycia Evans (#34) and Charlea Leonard get ready to rebound in Tuesday night’s game. The girls finish the regular season here Tuesday before beginning District in Maud next weekend


Spin-to-Win 7pm - 12am NEW CARD MEMBERS $5 Free Play January BIRTHDAYS $10 FREE PLAY

Cash Fever

Get “SUPER BOWL” Ready One Lucky Winner will win 42” Flat screen, Recliner and Cooler

Earn entries every Monday thru Thursday in January up until 8pm Drawing Monday January 28th 1 entry for every $20 spent (SEE PROMOTIONS DESK)

This advertisement is regulated by the Muscogee (Creek) Nation Office of Public Gaming

Sale runs January 31 through February 6

Allen Food Center

• Movie Rental • We accept ACCESS Oklahoma Cards • Fidelity Express bill pay • WIC Approved


3 10


French’s Squeeze

Miracle Whip ¢


15 oz can

Chunky Soup ¢ select

5 oz Pace

Picante Sauce or Salsa



4 varieties

24 $



Hearts of Romain or Triple Hearts

25 $

8-10 oz Pkg

Corn King

Sliced Bacon Lean Boneless

Ribeye Steaks

Advance Fast Fixin

Italian Sausage, Bratwurst or Beer ‘n Brats


Better Oats


Microwave Oatmeal $ in a pouch


11-16 oz box


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Paper Towels



Shortbread or Fudge Marshallows




8 roll

24 $


9.5 to 13 oz

12 roll pkg


Kraft Velveeta

Red Diamond


Stouffer’s Family Size


Cheese Sour Spread $ 49 Cream


2 lb box

-Sweet -Unsweet -Sugar Free

Entree’s $


- 90 oz Lasagna - 57 oz Chicken Enchilladas


16 oz carton

Pepperidge Farm


Layer Cakes Ice $ 99 Cream $ 69


select varieties


19 oz box



Shurfine Wrapped

American 99 Singles

23 $

24 $

12 oz pkg

56 oz carton

Fresh Produce

Fancy Cello

Fancy Sweet Navel


1 $ 26 $ 99 6 $ 99 4 $ 99 3

Chicken Breast Nuggets or Strips Johnsonville




Fresh Express


2 4 $

Bathroom Tissue



18 oz


16.6 Lb Bag

Allen Food Center Tony’s Italian Style

16 oz


Charcoal Briquets

get one at

2 4 $



30 oz


select varieties


$ 19 1 Lb Pkg


12 oz Pkg

19 oz pkg

Russet Potatoes



Ball Park

1 Lb Pkg

Cook’s Shank Portion


Cook’s Butt Portion




Meat Bologna Original or Thick Sliced


10 Lb Bag


$ 99 Beef

Meat Franks


56 oz bag

U.S. #1

Tender Fresh Meat

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2 3 Saltine

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- 14 oz Mustard original Deli Style - 16 oz

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Ranch Style


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Tender Crust Hamburger or Hot Dog


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all $4.29 varieties


Star Kist Chunk Light

Hunt’s Squeeze

Potato Chip

original or diet flavors

Need a Superbowl Party Tray?

• VISA • MasterCard • Amex • Discover Accepted • Money Orders • Senior Citizen Discount Wednesdays

Downtown Allen • 857-2627

Pepsi, Sierra Mist or Mountain Dew


Open Sundays 12 to 5

Lean Tender Small Side Pork

Spare ¢ Ribs

99 1


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Pilgrim’s Pride Grade ‘A’

Whole Fryers Bar-S

$ 29 Meat 12 oz Pkg


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