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Holder Home Total Loss after Early Morning Fire

Fire alarms sounded in Allen Tuesday afternoon, July 31st and Ada’s Fire Department responded to the call at 405 N. Cleveland, the home of Danny and Freta Holder. The fire was quickly extinguished. A second call to the Holder home came in to the Allen department at 1:15 a.m. when the family, staying in their camper due to the smoke smell in the house, awoke to see the glow of another fire. Allen VFD responded with two trucks and five firefighters. They also called again for assistance from Ada. Ada responded to the call that came in at 1:46 a.m. by sending their Engine #8 with three men, followed by a chase vehicle with a fourth man. Unfortunately the house was fully engulfed when the trucks arrived. Preliminary reports from the Ada Fire Department showed that the fire rekindled in a bedroom. Dollar loss was estimated at $150,000 for the structure with an additional $30,000 content loss. Cause of the fire is undetermined at this time, pending investigation.

Four Mustangs in All-Star Game Allen football standout Brady Caldwell joined eighty players and 20 coaches from throughout Oklahoma and traveled to Miami for the Oklahoma Eight-Man AllStar Football Week, capped

by the Green vs. Gold Showdown at 7 p.m. Saturday June 23 at Robertson Field on the Northeastern Oklahoma A&M campus. Brady Caldwell was selected to the team with career

stats of 3,419 yards rushing and an impressive 52 touchdowns. The 6-0, 195 pound player also commpleted 269 passes for 2,174 yards nad 30 TD strikes through the air. He ended his Allen High school

career with 8,435 yards and 117 touchdowns. Players and coaches arrived on Tuesday June 19 to begin workouts for the game. The players and All-Star Cheerleaders were honored

during a banquet Friday night before the game on Saturday. Van Malone, an assistant football coach at Oklahoma State, is the banquet speaker. Caldwell injured his shoulder in the first half of the game and was forced to sit out the second half. At this time he is rehabing his injury and preparing to be a member of the ECU Tiger Football squad. Also honored at the All-Star game were Allen cheerleaders Jacklyn Deaton, Shelby Merriman and Kinsey Brown. These three leaders have also been selected as All-American Cheerleaders during their high school career.

Reception to honor David Lassiter

All-Stars! Shelby Merriman, Kinsey Brown, Brady Caldwell and Jacklyn Deaton participated in the 8-Man All-Star game held recently

A reception to honor David Lassiter as he leaves the Allen Schools to accept the position of superintendent at the Pontotoc Technology Center, Ada, has been set for Tuesday, August 14th. The cake and punch, comeand-go reception will be held from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. at the school cafeteria. Everyone is invited to attend. David has spent the past fifteen years at Allen Schools, four as high school principal and the past eleven as superintendent. His last day at Allen will be August 31st.

C ountry Comments by Bill Robinson, Publisher

I have a sister-in-law that takes a lot of good-natured kidding about her height (or lack of it). Award winning author Patsy Clairmont understands how my sister-in-law feels and writes the following . . . I can identify with Zacchaeus in that I have a difficult time finding a place high enough to let me see a parade. Visibility is limited when you’re five feet tall. I’ve spent a lifetime on my tiptoes, calling up to others, “What’s going on?� I know I’m supposed to take comfort in the saying “dynamite comes in small packages.� But I don’t want to blow up; I want to grow up. Sitting tall is also a challenge because invariably, a sevenfoot-two-inch fellow will plant himself in front of me at church. I then have the joy of staring for the next hour a the seams in his shirt and his nappy neck. It’s like trying to watch a ball game through a billboard. Hugging is often a strain as we shorties have to reach past our stretching points to squeeze a neck. It’s such a rumpling experience and requires readjusting everything from hat to hose. As a speaker, I frequently find myself peeking over lecterns in my attempt to spot the audience. It’s difficult to retain the interest of people when their view consists of your forehead and eyebrows. I have stood on many creative booster stools so I could see and be seen. At one retreat, the kitchen workers brought me a box of

canned juice to sand on. It worked fine until my high heel poked between two cans and I jerked sharply backward. I grabbed the lectern, catching myself just before doing a topsy-turvy somersault. My disheveled appearance resulting from my stage aerobics made me look juiced. I have perched on many piano benches to speak. Because they’re pieces of furniture, I always remove my shoes before stepping up. Smooth nylons on shiny=finished wood equals slick chick in action. It’s like trying to speak on ice skates – possible but risky. To elevate me enough to be seen at one church meeting, the staff quickly piled up two stacks of hymnals, five deep. As I turned to look at my audience from one side of the auditorium to the other, the books would swivel. At one point the right-foot stack headed east while the left-foot stack headed west. Those shifting stilts kept me divided in my concentration, as I was concerned I would leave with a split personality. I’ve stood on milk crates, suitcases, tables and kiddie stools. Once I was precariously placed on a wooden box whose weight limit I obviously exceeded. It creaked threateningly throughout my presentation then, as I closed in prayer, a soloist began to sing, and I cautiously stepped down. Relieved that I hadn’t burst the boards, I

walked down the platform steps to take a seat. At the last step, my heel caught in the microphone cords and I crash-landed in the front row as the singer was belt-

ing out “Amazing Grace.� I obviously was not Grace, although in a discussion later, we thought it was amazing I could survive my teeter-totter

Allen Boys Physicals Today

Allen High School boys, grades 7th thru 12th will be given their free athletic physicals on Thursday, August 2nd, after 3:00 pm. These physicals are FREE this day only. Each student must bring a Sports Physical Form provided by the High School, and it must be signed by a parent or guardian prior to the examination.

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The AHS Class of 1969 had a great time together at this year’s Alumni Reunion and Fran and Charles Butler made the event even more special.

Lori & Bruce Guy, from the AHS Class of 1972, enjoyed attending the 2012 Allen Alumni Reunion this past June and celebrating 40 years with his friends and former classmates.



Country Comments platform and then splat when I arrived on solid ground. I t’s difficult to be taken seriously when you’re sixty inches short. People have a habit of referring to shorties as “cute.� “Cute� is what you call a toddler, a house without a future, or the runt of the litter. I tried to increase the presentation of my stature by wearing tall clothes. But more than once, while walking up the front steps in sanctuaries, my heel slid into the hem of my long skirt, toppling me across the altar, where I looked like some sort of short sacrifice. I shortened my skirts and added shoulder pads to my jackets in an effort to give an illusion of tallness without tripping myself. T hen one time I was in Washington, and when I was introduced in Washington, I grabbed my suit jacket and slid into it as I headed for the stage. I had been speaking for about fifteen minutes when I turned my head to one side and noticed that my left shoulder was four inches higher than my right. Evidently the pad, rather than conforming to the shape of my shoulder, perched on it. Up to that point, I was the only one in the auditorium who hadn’t noticed. I was

Local poet Larry Maxwell recently shared this poem with us about Growing Up in Gerty . . .

Growing Up

I miss the creak of the old screen door The pitter-patter of feet across a linoleum floor Mom in the kitchen and the rattle of pans Dad milking the cow with calloused hands I miss the smell of breakfast on the open flame stove Visiting our friends Erve and Pet Grove I miss the old house we once lived in The garden, the barn, the ol’ pig pen I miss the solitude of our little school and town The exciting graduations with diploma cap and gown I miss the ice-cream parties my family once had And growing up in Gerty when just a small lad

speaking on being dysfunctional and suggested that this perched pad was proof of my expertise in the subject. When I finished speaking, the mistress of ceremonies approached the steps with the back of her dress tucked into her panty hose. That took a lot of pressure off me. Another time, I was sharing the stage with a statuesque and elegant friend who, as I was speaking, noticed that my mega shoulder pad has slid off my shoulder and into my blouse. She reached in through my neckline and fished down my back in her attempt to retrieve it. I was stunned but continued to speak as though I didn’t notice she was shoulder-deep into my clothing. Well, I lost the audience as everyone became hysterical watching her catch my illusive inches and pat them securely back into place. I wish my height were my only struggle with smallness. Unfortunately, I’m also shortsighted in my faith. I’m one of those “if I can see it, then I can believe it� people. Z acchaeus was a small man who shinnied up a sycamore tree to give himself a boost. To that extent, I can identify. But his next move made the difference for him in a way lengthened robes or mountainous shoulder pads under his togas never could. He inched out on a limb to glimpse the Savior. He risked the shaky-limb experience of faith and responded to the Lord’s invitation, not only to come down, but also to grow up. That day he stepped down from his own efforts to see and be seen and stepped up to the call of the Lord. Zacchaeus still lacked inches, but he gained insight and walked away a giant of a man. Faith is a believe-it-first proposition, with no promise that I’ll get to “see it� regard-

less of how many boxes I climb. That’s scary – like going out on a limb, huh, Zac? —CC— Many of us have had family members that suffered from dementia. It is a terrible thing for not only the one that has it but also for the family members to go thru. T here is a recent report that says just getting out of the house is enough to cut in half your odds of developing Alzheimer’s disease. That’s the heartening conclusion of researchers at the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center after they tracked a group of more than 1,000 initially healthy seniors over five years. They found that those who participated in social activities – like lunching with friends, volunteering, or going to church – were 50 percent less likely to develop signs of dementia; the most outgoing seniors reduced their risk by 75 percent. While linked to cognitive decline, scientists hadn’t been sure whether that was just because memory loss makes seniors feel less like going out. Study author Bryan James


“Well, before I posted it, tells that his findings suggest it’s the people kept tripping over other way around – “that him.� social inactivity itself leads to cognitive impairments.� People who never leave their WE UNDERSTAND comfort zone “aren’t engaging with their environment For decades, Edward Jones and meeting new people,� has been committed to he says. “They may not be providing financial solutions using their minds as much.� and personalized service to Interacting with others may individual investors. be a kind of mental exercise that keeps the brain fit. As You can rely on us for: James puts it, you can either  Convenience choose to give your mind a Locations in the community regular workout “or lose it.� and face-to-face meetings at — The Week Magazine your convenience —CC—  A Quality-focused And last of all, a story that Investment Philosophy reminded me of my dog . . . A long-term approach that A traveler entering a small focuses on quality investcountry store noticed a sign ments and diversification on the door warning, “Danger! Beware of dog!� Inside,  Highly Personal Service Investment guidance tailored he saw a harmless old hound to your individual needs dog asleep on the floor beside the cash register. Call or visit today. “Is that the dog folks are Peggy L Allen Financial Advisor supposed to beware of?� the 112 North Broadway traveler asked the storeownHoldenville, OK 74848 er. 405-379-7024 “Yep, that’s him,� came the reply. Member SIPC The traveler couldn’t help but be amused. “He doesn’t look dangerous. Why the sign?�

s The Lim ’ y k S he i



I miss the heavy rains, the flooding of Main Street Wading through the water with my two bare feet I miss the gatherings of a mountain oyster fry And the basketball games held at . . ol’ Gerty High I miss the old timers that met at Slim’s country store The happiness I felt of just being poor I miss cutting and raking hay as my Dad baled it all The chirp of the birds and the whippoorwill call I don’t miss the feel of the garden hoe Or the trips to the out-house when I had to go And I don’t miss the concoction of a home remedy cure Or the whippings and paddling’s I had to endure And I don’t miss bathing in Third and fourth water But I do miss the love of My mudder and fodder — Larry Maxwell 4/15/2012

Vacation Bible School at Allen Church of God of Prophecy 302 E Lexington Rd • Allen, OK 74825 • (580) 857-2797


The Check-in counter will open at 6:00 to “Check your boarding pass� for each nightly adventure. We will be “landing� at 8:30 each night so you can pick your children up there.

Threads of Life THE ALLEN ADVOCATE, AUGUST 2, 2012 - PAGE 4

by Cleo Emerson LeVally

The trouble with having a place for everything is that it always gets filled up with everything else. That describes my work area. I have a desk beside my computer that was placed there to hold files with ideas for my column. Today I tried to put it in order and found one file with many notes. That desk must be straightened out and this week these notes are being tossed. I am listing the information on a few of these notes and then they are going in the wastebasket. Or maybe in another file. Here goes: The quickest way to get back on your feet is to get down on your knees. Be sure to beat eggs with

• This and That •

a wire whisk. It doesn’t help the eggs any but it makes you look like you know what you re doing. D o n ’ t m e e t t r o u b l e halfway. Let it travel the full distance. Something usually happens to it before it arrives. R ead all ads carefully. What the big black type giveth, the spidery type may taketh away. Always tell your troubles to people who don’t like you. They are the ones who want to hear them. A lawyer is a guy who will read a 10,000-word document and then call it a brief. M aybe you cannot buy happiness, but these days you can certainly charge it.

Service Held for John Battershell

Middle Age is the awkward period when Father Time catches up with Mother Nature There is one reliable rule for estimating the cost of living—take your income and add ten percent to it. W hen the floor nurse answered the phone at the

hospital, a voice on the other end asked, ‘Can you tell me how Mr. Donovan is getting along?’ ‘He’s doing splendidly. I believe he’ll be going home tomorrow. Who shall I say called?’ The answer came, ‘This is Donovan. The doctors won’t tell me a thing.’

A n officer stopped the woman driver whose dog was beside her. ‘Does your dog have a license?’ he inquired.’ No, why should he? I do all the driving,’ she replied. W hat is the difference between results and consequences? Results are what you expect and consequences are what you get.

Service for Pauline Walker Friday Wake Service 7:00 Thursday at Criswell Chapel Services for Pauline Walker, 92, of Ada, are 2:00 p.m. Friday, August 3rd, at the Chickasaw Community Center. Rev. Jackie Cooper will officiate, assisted by Rev. Don Jacob. Burial will follow at Steedman Cemetery. A Wake Service will be held 7:00 p.m. Thursday at Criswell Chapel. Mrs. Walker died Tuesday, July 31, 2012, at a local hospital. She was born May 6, 1920 at Allen, Oklahoma to William and Sally Dyer Alexander. She lived in this area all her life and attended Kullihoma School.

John Wesley Battershell passed away on July 30, 2012 in Edmond, Oklahoma at the age of 80. He was born in Atwood, Oklahoma on January 21, 1932 to George Hendrix Battershell and Bessie Addie (Watson) Battershell. John attended Gerty Public Schools in Gerty, Oklahoma. After high school, John graduated from Central State University in Edmond, Oklahoma with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Accounting. John had a CPA practice in Holdenville for over 20 years. He also taught accounting at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma. The students really loved Mr. Battershell at ECU! John enjoyed being outdoors spending time feeding his cattle and horses and gardening. He loved his grandchildren dearly and always looked forward to spending time with them. He made the rounds as often as he could to various locations in Allen and Calvin to drink coffee and visit with friends. An occasional domino game was the place to find John if you were looking for him. He also coached baseball and basketball at Gerty at times. He is preceded in death by his parents; and siblings Freeman, Raymond, Joe, Gene, Marie, Edith, George, Iva and Clarence. He is survived by his sister, Louise Howard of Oklahoma City; children Joyce Hunter of Oklahoma City, Patsy Saslow of Edmond, John Jr. of Edmond, and Mark Battershell of Calvin; grandchildren Christi, Kelly, Bradley and Katelyn; greatgrandchild Jayden; and Ruby Lee Battershell, the only woman he ever loved. A graveside service was held at 10:00 am today, Thursday, August 2nd, at the Gerty Cemetery. Mark Legg officiated. Honorary bearers were Eddie Battershell, David Battershell, Leslie Battershell, Chris Howard, Chris Jarrett, Mitch Jarrett, Raymond Newman, and Sidney Newman. Services were under the direction of Hudson-Phillips Funeral Home in Holdenville, Oklahoma.

S he married Simon Thurman Walker. He preceded her in death on January 11, 1990. Mrs. Walker was a housekeeper and cook for the Chickasaw Nation Senior Site. In 2000, she was awarded the Circle of Honor Silver Feather Award and in 2009 the Dynamic Woman Award. She was a member of the Chickasaw Cats Dance Troupe and a member of Mitchell Memorial Methodist Church. Mrs. Walker was fluent in the Chickasaw language and was a Master Teacher of the Chickasaw language. She was

a member of the Chickasaw Language Committee and had made an audio cassette titled “Chikashah”. A sampler of the Chickasaw Language in 1994, which was produced by VIP Publishing, Inc. Mrs. Walker was a quilter, seamstress, and gardener. She enjoyed reading her Bible and was an avid sports fan. Survivors include her nine children, Wordley Walker, Ada, Herman Walker and wife Opal, Ada, Sally Ann Graham and husband Bob, Ada, Rosie Mae Postoak, Allen, Gladys Johnson and husband David A., Ada, Virgil A. Walker and wife Ramona Faye, Allen, Gary Don Walker and wife LaVerna Maxine, Allen, Hazel Wallace and husband Joe, Ada, and Toni Lynn Walker and wife Carolyn Sue, Mill Creek; one brother, Hubert Alexander and wife Dorena, Ada; one sister, Virginia Bolen and husband Jim, Ada; 24 grandchildren, including two grandsons she raised, Timothy James Postoak and Darrell Wayne Walker; many great grandchildren; and numerous nieces and nephews. S he was preceded by her parents, William and Sally Alexander; her step-mother, Jane Alexander; three brothers; five sisters; two infant children who died at birth; three grandchildren; and a nephew. B earers will be Thurman Walker, Darrell Walker, Timothy Postoak, Jason Wallace, Gary Don Walker, Jr., and Ezekiel Walker. Honorary bearers will be Governor Bill Anoatubby, Lt. Governor Jefferson Keel, her grandsons and Estel Perry. S ervices were under the direction of Criswell Funeral Home, Ada.

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Pharmacist’s View One writer said, “Republicans don’t go to NAACP conventions to win votes any more than Christians went to the Coliseum to convert the Lions.” I think Romney went before the NAACP conventioneers so he could get booed — not convert the audience. This podium also gave him a place to attack teacher unions. Romney basically told the group that they couldn’t have it both ways — talking up education reform, while promoting the same groups that are blocking reform. Romney said teacher unions are the biggest obstacle in our society to quality education. Romney invited and challenged the NAACP group to opt for real education reform as a way to achieve success for black society. But Romney was wasting his breath. Republicans lost the black vote

back in the days of Hoover and they won’t be back for Romney. Ditto for the Jewish and Hispanic vote as expectations for a Romney win continue to fade. Why? Obama can count on the black, Hispanic and the Jewish vote to go for him no matter what he does or what he might say. Another ace for him is the mainstream press. I was amazed this morning watching The Today Show. If you pay attention to them you would think Obama is a cross between Abraham Lincoln, the Lord and George Washington — a savior of the common person while Romney is a cross between the devil and Adolph Hitler. The love of Obama on NBC was almost erotic. Of course, some soothsayers think the democrats are digging themselves into a hole with their love of the unions — that it will back-

fire. Conservative democrats (such as me) become more and more detached as we wait for our party to return from the left back to center. There are a lot of defections here in Oklahoma as more and more Democrats switch to independent status or move over to the Republican Party. Upscale middleclass black voters and Hispanics are also drifting away from the party — but very few. Meanwhile, the Carters, Clintons and of course the Obamas have shown a marked favoritism toward the PLO and other Arab political/terrorist groups whose main stated policy is to kill every Jew that is still alive. So how much longer do you suppose we democrats will be able to count on the Jewish vote? We’ve done everything in the world to run ‘em off. What about other “govern-

tized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned.” The visitors continued, “We believe that we are saved when we believe and do not need to be baptized.” Are we saved by simply doing what we believe or must we do what is commanded in God’s word? It seems that a lot of people think that right and wrong (truth and error) are determined by what they believe. For example, it seems that many people do not believe it is necessary to be a member of the Lord’s church and therefore because that is what they believe, they think God is pleased! Also, it seems that many believe it is alright in God’s sight to divorce one’s marriage partner for a multitude of reasons and therefore because that is what they believe, God approves of divorce

for any cause! (See Matt. 19:3-10) Are we saved by what we believe? Is right and wrong determined by what we mortals think? Of course not! However, to hear some people talk, you would think that it is! You hear them say, “I believe …. this or that” or “I think … this or that.” The Apostle Paul wrote that the wisdom of this world is foolish with God and that “the world through wisdom did not know God.” (1 Cor 1:20-21) It is the word of God by which we will be judged and therefore we must humble ourselves in obedience to His word and forget about “what seems right” to us or “what we believe.” “The humble He teaches His way.” (Psalms 25:9)

Light from God’s Word

Mark Legg, Allen church of Christ As some visitors to the church were leaving, they told the preacher, “We’ll not be back because we do not believe it is necessary to be baptized.” The preacher had encouraged people to be baptized by quoting the words of Jesus from Mark 16:15-16, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He who believes and is bap-



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ment dependent” citizens? Will there be enough of these “pocketbook” voters to cancel out the votes of taxpaying people? And as more black voters continue to move up the economic ladder into the middle class (and supposedly into the arms of the republicans) will it counter-balance the food-stamp crowd? And of course, the big question: What happens in years ahead if the government becomes unable to keep its many commitments to social security and welfare? It could get very ugly and the political dynamics

from such a condition are unknown. Meanwhile, my democratic registration card rests uneasy in my billfold as I still can’t make myself go over to the Republicans. Perhaps it was that Hoover guy or maybe I’m just lazy. Whatever, i hope you enjoy the last few weeks of summer. School starts soon and that means football — a whole lot better game than politics. Be sure and go to church this Sunday. Wayne Bullard, Pharm.D waynebullard@

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IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF PONTOTOC COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA No. CJ-2012-118 Citizens Bank of Ada, Plaintiff, VS. Theresa M. Vaughn; Priscilla Vaughn; Rachel Vaughn, now Vines; Jonathan Vaughn; and Thomas Vaughn, II; and the heirs, executors, administrators, devisees, trustees and assigns and the unknown successors of Tommy J. Vaughn, aka Tommy Vaughn, deceased, and the State of Oklahoma, ex rel. Oklahoma Tax Commission, Defendants. NOTICE BY PUBLICATION THE STATE OF OKLAHOMA TO: Jonathan Vaughn and the heirs, executors, administrators, devisees, trustees, assigns, and unknown successors of Tommy J. Vaughn, aka Tommy Vaughn, deceased: You and each of you are hereby notified that Citizens Bank of Ada, as plaintiff, has filed a Petition in the District Court of Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, in the above numbered and styled cause of action, suing you, Jonathan Vaughn and the heirs, executors, administrators, devisees, trustees, assigns, and unknown successors of Tommy J. Vaughn, aka Tommy Vaughn, deceased, alleging that Tommy J. Vaughn, aka Tommy Vaughn, died possessed of the following described real property located in Pontotoc County, Oklahoma: All of Lot 1, Thompson Subdivision of Tract 25 of Hillsdale Estates Suburban Townsite, Ada, Oklahoma; that the Plaintiff is the holder of a mortgage on said real property, that more than one year has elapsed since the death of Tommy Vaughn, aka Tommy J. Vaughn, and that there has been no judicial determination of the death and heirship of said Tommy Vaughn, aka Tommy J. Vaughn, deceased; and that you, the heirs, executors, administrators, devisees, trustees, assigns, and unknown successors of Tommy Vaughn, aka Tommy J. Vaughn, deceased, are claiming some right, title, or interest in said real property adverse to the right, title, and interest of the Plaintiff. In said Petition Plaintiff prays for judgment against you, and each of you, determining that you have no right, title, or interest in said real property, and pray that you be required to show what right, title, or interest in said real property you now have, if any, adverse to the right, title, and interest of the Plaintiff therein. Plaintiff further prays that the death and heirship of Tommy J. Vaughn, aka Tommy Vaughn, deceased, be determined specifying who those persons were or are who were entitled to take title to said real property upon the death of Tommy J. Vaughn, aka Tommy Vaughn, deceased, and determining the undivided proportion thereof which each took or was entitled to take under the succession laws of Oklahoma. Plaintiff further prays that you, and each of you, be perpetually barred and enjoined from asserting any right, title, or interest in said real property, and for judgment quieting Plaintiff’s title therein against you. Further, Plaintiff prays for a judgment foreclosing its mortgage in the above-described real property against Jonathan Vaughn. You must answer the Petition filed by the Plaintiff on or before the 13th day of September, 2012, or it will be accepted as true and judgment will be rendered against you, and each of you, decreeing the Plaintiff to be the owner of said real property and entitled to exclusive possession thereof, and decreeing that you have no, and are enjoined from asserting any, right, title, or interest in said real property, and quieting title thereto in the Plaintiff and foreclosing its mortgage on the abovedescr bed real property.. Given under my hand and seal this 30th day of July, 2012. Ernestine Eubank, Court ClerkPontotoc County, Oklahoma By: /s/ B. Myers Deputy JAMES R. SCRIVNER, P.C. 120 East 14th Street Post Office Box 1373 Ada, Oklahoma 74820 Attorney for the Plaintiff (Published in The Allen Advocate on August 2, 9 and 16, 2012)

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~ 5.25 ACRES IN ATWOOD â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Cleared; corner of Gerty & Oak Sts. Electric pole on property, rural water in front of property. $20,000


The Allen Alumni reunion was a great time to visit with friends, family and former classmates. Pictured here are Robin Little Jones, Class of 1974; Debbie Little Vinson, Class of 1974; Charlotte Burright Vinson, Class of 1973; and Phillip Vinson, Class of 1973.

Mustangs Come Home for Reunion The 2012 Allen Alumni Banquet was well attended by past graduates, their families and friends. This yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s event was held June

17th in the school cafeteria. Those registering and the year they were seated with were: Herman Roark 1944, Juanita Weston 1944,

Corene Sims Evett 1944, Bud Sims 1945, Mary Malone Sims 1945, Wanda Hastings Crawford 1945, Gale Roark 1946, Annabelle Roark 1946, Walter Smith 1948, Barbara Smith 1948, Lily Mae Cosper Cagle 1948, Bud Forehand 1948, Norma Forehand 1948, Bill Milner 1948, Gerlene Estes Milner 1948, Ed Allred 1949, Betty Allred 1949, R.D. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Buckâ&#x20AC;? Cozad 1949,

June Malone Cozad 1949, Seated with the Class of 1950 were J.L. Rhodes, Norma Rhodes, and Bob Plunk; with 1951 were Earnestine Hollybee Gray, Naomi Tomlison, Bill Griffin, Glendene Prentice Griffin, and June Royer Vinson; From the Class of 1952 were June McDonald Albright, Johnny Vinson, Mary Ann Gault Curry, Olen Curry, Mack Yoakum, Vermell

Muse Yoakum, Guy Milner, Paul Reeves, Danna Wolf, Trovall Pipkin, Billye Ann Cozad Pipkin, Diana Lynn Harriman, Keith Harriman, Joy McDonald Anderson, Craig Anderson, and Kim Anderson; Betty Dorene Sanders Mitchell 1953, Tom Gault 1954, Donna Gault 1954, Barbara Richmond Ashlock 1954; The Class of 1955 present were Helen Jo Heddleston continued Page 11

Pete Rinehart, AHS Class of 1967, and Hazel Rose Ramsey, Class of 1959, enjoyed a visit at the 2012 Allen Alumni Reunion this past June 17th.

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Bargains on the Sidewalk in Ada Friday & Saturday

The annual Ada Citywide Sidewalk Sale will be held this Friday and Saturday, August 3rd and 4th. The Ada Retail Committee voted earlier this year to move the event to the first weekend in August to coincide with Oklahoma’s Tax Free Weekend. The Tax Free shopping will cover back-to-school items such as clothing and shoes. Merchants in Downtown Ada, North Hills, Arlington Center and South Ridge, as well as several on Mississippi, will be participating in the two day sale. The event was extended back to two days this year to allow shoppers more opportunity to take advantage of the sales. Savings of up to 75% off are being offered on clearance items as well as selections of new fall items. In addition to the shopping experience, school supplies will be given away at the Agri Plex in the 4th annual give-away sponsored by the Legacy Church of Ada, and the local American Legion will be sponsoring a Kids’ Day, complete with bounce houses and games, in the north parking lot at Wal Mart. Merchants will be observing their regular hours on Friday but have set opening times up for Saturday shoppers. Most downtown stores will be opening for business at 8:00 am on Saturday while the outlying shopping centers (North Hills, Arlington and South Ridge) will be opening at 9:00 am. There are exceptions to those times so consult your favorite store’s ad to be sure you’re among the first to check out the bargains available.

Now Featuring Melissa & Doug’s Toys! 216 E Main Ada, OK 74820 (580)332-5858 Tuesday thru Friday: 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

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Orschelin’s Payless Shoe Source Postal Plus Sall’s Beauty Supply Second Hand Sports Sherwin Williams Snowball Express Subway Wall’s Bargain Center


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Allen School Enrollment Starts Monday T he Allen High School and Junior High enrollment schedules were announced this week. S tudents entering their junior or senior year will register between 9 am and 3 pm on Monday, August 6 th . Incoming freshmen and sophomores will report between 9 am and 3 pm on Tuesday, August 7 th; and 7th and 8th graders will be enrolled on Wednesday, August 8th, also between 9 am and 3 pm. Senior panel pictures will be taken on August 6th, be-

ginning at 9:00 am, in the school auditorium. All students entering 7th grade are required to have their immunizations up to date and must bring a copy of that record when they enroll. Recent changes in immunization requirements state that all children entering 7th grade fro the 2011-12 school year must have proof of receiving a new vaccination of Tdap. This is a booster for Tetanus, Diptheria and Pertussis. Up until recently, a child was only required to have received

New School Hours at Allen First Day August 20th

Allen Schools will have new hours this year. All classes begin at 8:15 a.m. and all classes dismiss at 3:15 p.m. The buses pull out at 3:20. Students may arrive on campus at 8:00 a.m. The Elementary and Middle School doors will open at 8:00 a.m. The Before and After School Program, located in the Elementary Annex Building will be accepting enrollments with a payment on account. In order to attend, parents must enroll their child in the program and place money on deposit in order to attend. Students new to Allen Elementary and Middle School are asked to come by the elementary office and enroll. Parents need to bring an official birth certificate, social security card, immunization record, and CDIB card or Medicaid card, if applicable. The first day of school is Monday, August 20.

Chickasaw Nation opens Sovereign Pharmacy & Fine Gifts in Ada

New pharmacy and clinic opens services to general public, features luxurious gift shop

Ada, Okla. – Sovereign Pharmacy & Fine Gifts and Sovereign Family Practice Clinic are both now open to the general public. The pharmacy and gift store is situated inside Sovereign Family Practice Clinic, 1007 North Country Club Road in Ada. The clinic opened in July 2011 and initially provided medical care to employees of the Chickasaw Nation. The pharmacy and gift store is a business entity of Sovereign Pharmacy Solutions, a subsidiary of Sovereign Medical Solutions that also owns and operates the Family Practice Clinic. The decision to open services to the general public was originally born from a request of Chickasaw tribal citizens who were looking for a pharmacy program for their non-native spouses. “We are very pleased to expand our health care services to the entire community,” said Bill Anoatubby, Governor of the Chickasaw Nation. “Our goal is to offer convenient access to high quality health care and pharmacy services.” Chris Anoatubby, Sovereign Medical Solutions president and Chickasaw Nation chief medical solutions officer, said offering Pharmacy services to the general public is a new direction for the Nation. “Traditionally, our medical services have been offered to Chickasaw citizens or members of other Native American tribes. When we initially opened the Family Practice Clinic to Chickasaw Nation employees, we quickly realized that model easily translates to providing pharmacy services to the general public as well. For the first time ever, the general public will be able to utilize both the Family Practice Clinic and the pharmacy’s services as well.” Chris Anoatubby said that Sovereign Pharmacy & Fine Gifts will continue to have special pharmacy programs for employees of the Chickasaw Nation. Whether to fill a prescription or shop for a friend’s upcoming birthday, the pharmacy’s convenient location and the many lines of upscale, popular gifts and merchandise offered will be available for anyone to utilize. Sovereign Pharmacy & Fine Gifts also houses an upscale boutique shopping experience offering men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. Featured high-end designer lines will include: Oakley sunglasses, apparel and accessories; a full-line of Brighton handbags, luggage, jewelry, apparel, sunglasses and more; Juicy Couture purses, watches, jewelry and accessories; and Kameleon jewelry. Additionally, the store will carry various lines of name-brand sunglasses for both men and women. The boutique will offer gifts for bridal and baby showers. Oklahoma-made Bedré Fine Chocolates also will be available at the store. Sovereign Pharmacy & Fine Gifts will be open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information about Sovereign Pharmacy Solutions & Fine Gifts visit http://sovereignmedicalsolutions. net/pharmacy-solutions/. Individuals interested in receiving monthly e-newsletters from SPS can register while visiting the site as well.

Classes for the 2012-13 4-5 doses of the DTaP bvac- your child to the Oklahoma cination before Pre-K or Health Department to re- school year begin Monday, August 20th. Kindergarten, depending ceive the vaccine. on the child’s age at time of vaccination. However, a booster of the Tdap vaccine is now being required for For the best night sleep you ever had, all incoming 7th graders in try our Tempur-Ergo an effort to curb the steadiFully adjustable massage system ly rising rate of pertussis Come in and try it out today (whooping cough). st Loweces T herefore, before your ri ble! P la child enters the 7th grade 12 MONTHS SAME AS CASH Avai On approved credit. See Store for details. for the 2012-13 school year, FREE DELIVERY SET UP & REMOVAL With a purchase of a Tempur-Pedic Sleep Systems. verification of receiving the Tdap vaccine will be MEGA STORE 4903 N. Union • East of Walmart Mon-Sat 10-7 • Sun 12-5 required. You may take Shawnee • 273-0655 No Interest 12 Months WAC www americasmattressofoklahoma com

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Mustangs Come Home for Reunion from Page 7

Lewis, Joe Lewis, Anita Douglas Wilkerson, Benny Wilkerson, Sue Malone Wise, Benny Prentice, and Dwain Tate; from 1956 Ruth Cosper Finch, Ray Finch, Jimmy Smith, Claudia Smith, R.L. Vinson, Sharon Jones Cavener, Jo Royer Walden, Dennis Huckeby, Betty Morris Tiger, Betty Ann Tiernan Law, and Jane Burchett Cooper; Attending with the Class of 1957 were Peggy Bell Thomas, Glenda Capps Wiseman, Bill Wiseman, Beverly Burkett Wilmoth, Joyce Riley, David Jones, Mary Jones; from 1958, Edwina Muse Braxton, Charles “Pete” Maloy, Charles Speir, Betty Speir, Margaret Brown Johnson, James Anderson, Lyn Anderson, Jerry Robinson, and Martha Cotton Robinson; from 1959, Hazel Rose Ramsey,

Bruce Roark, Linda Roark, Earl Ingram, and Sandra Ingram; Hubert Pipkin and Janice Pipkin from 1960; from the Class of 1961 were Linda Gray Knickmeyer, Brenda Capps Allen, Janice Borders Carty, James Haley and Peggy Haley; The Class of 1962, celebrating their 50th anniversary, were W.B. Borders, Loretta Borders, Sharon Doyle Cowan, Donna Robinson Bennett, Patricia Malone Tate, Don Milner, David Watson, Lyvdmyla Watson, Jacqueline Robinson Phillips, James McDonald, Charles Butler, Fran Butler, David Allred, Sandra Chiles Allred, George Huckeby and Mary Huckeby; from 1963, Danny McDougal, Nancy Phillips McDougal, Rita Wilkerson Williamson, and Willie Williamson; Dena Patterson Woods, Jim

Woods, and Freta Smith Webster; C elebrating from 1967 were Steve Butcher, Lisa Hughes Butcher, and Harrel (Pete) Rinehart; from 1968 were Bill Guy, Rita Guy, Billie Hart Elmore, Roy Elmore Juanita Patterson Matthews, John Matthews, Kerry Caldwell, Betty Crawford Carter, and Lynette Mullins Drake; Terry Riddle and Jessie Pannell Boyd from 1969; from 1970 were Kathy Pierce Pinson, Tanya Case Caldwell and Marilyn Olivo Coulson; from 1972, Bruce Guy, Lori Guy, Ginger Guy Warner, Mark Warner, Lou Ann Kimbrell Janda and Mike Janda; Phillip Vinson and Charlotte Burright

Vinson, 1973; 1974, Gary Vinson, Debbie Little Vinson, David Baber and Linda Legg Baber; From 1976, Kathy Sliger Thompson, Robin Little, and Jolene Barnes Pearce-Esio;

It’s Your Birthday!

August 4 —Landon Smith August 5 — Ronald Black, Mr. & Mrs. Joe Taylor*, Keegan West, Cherina Crabtree, Mr. & Mrs. Brian Fulton*, Paul Lee, Brandon & Misty Stephens* August 6 — Shelby Holder August 7 — Sherry Nessel, Landen Smith August 8 — Inge Black**, Denman Eubank**, Melinda Haney, Steven Nelson, Cindy Davis August 9 — Wilyene Wallace, Stormy & Debi Rinehart*, Kayla Lawler, Mr. & Mrs. Jay Bagwell* August 10 — Jeremy Rhoads August 11 — JoElla Tatum, Cory Baldinger August 12 — Bobby Johnson

Help support our youth league by ordering a gray shirt or a baseball cap. Price for shirts range from $18 for youth to $20 for Adult XXL. Price for the baxeball cap is $12


Deadline to order is August 6

Donna Slater (580)320-9644 Christina Keenan (405)432-3818 Teri McCarn (580)320-0099

*Anniversary **Deceased


AllenOK8Youth Football League TShirt & Baseball Cap Order Form

to order pleae contact

with The Teels & Friends

New Life Assembly of God August 5 - August 8 - for all kids ages 4-12 Registration 5 p.m. Sunday - 6 p.m. Krusade Sunday Monday - Wednesday Krusade starts at 7 p.m. for more information call (580)857-2791



State and local laws require public notice because you need to know when actions that affect you are about to happen. We expect accountability, transparency and warnings from our state and local governments. Many important notices are included as part of this newspaper. Printed newspaper notices are permanent, affordable, archived, independent of government and well-read. In a statewide survey, 68% of Oklahomans said government should be required to publish notices in local newspapers. Furthermore, 70% said government should not be allowed to put notices only on their own website. Oklahomans know internet postings don’t achieve the same result as printed public notice put in the hands of local citizens. Public notice is for you – when you need to know.

Debbie Moore Rinehart and Stormy Rinehart with 1977; Glenda Harrington Howard and Gary Howard, 1978; Lori Speir and Mark Newell, 1984; and Bruce Plunk, and Lou Rail.


Allen Nutrition Site Week of August 6th Monday


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Oven “Fried” Chicken Strips, Blackeyed Peas, Cooked Cabbage, Yeast Roll, Butter or Margarine, Fruit Cocktail, 2% Milk, Coffee and/or Tea Tuesday Chef Salad with Ham, Eggs & Cheese, Pork & beans, Sliced Peaches, Garlic Toast, Salad Dressing, Carrot Cake, 2% Milk, Coffee and/or Tea Wednesday BBQ Beef on Bun, Baked Sweet Potato Fries, Green Beans, BBQ Sauce on Sandwich, Oatmeal Raisin Cookie, 2% Milk, Coffee and/or Tea Thursday Tuna & Noodle Casserole, Mixed Vegetables, Orange Slices, Whole Grain Roll, Butter or Margarine, Cherry Crisp, 2% Milk, Coffee and/or Tea Friday Beef & Bean Tamale Pie, Stewed Tomatoes, Mexicali Corn, Gelatin with Whipped Topping, 2% Milk, Coffee and/ or Tea

First Place Winner . . . The Pace Brothers Band float won first place for the second year in a row at the Calvin 4th of July Parade. Pictured are Foster Pace, Hunter Hoffman, Fulton Pace and Altay Bulak.

The Calvin 4th of July celebration looked like a Pace family reunion! You can tell how much they enjoyed the annual event by the smiles on their faces. Pictured are Mike Wilson, Della Pace Wilson, Foster Pace, Kayla Peters, Fred Pace (in back), Fulton Pace (in back), Franklin Pace (front), Clint Peters (back) and Joyce Slagle.


Pontotoc County Court Records

Felonies Beverly Ann Culberson— Possession of controlled substance (meth) David Riley Higdon—Burglary- 1st degree Darrell K. Kopaddy—Burglary-1st degree Bobby Merlin Lemon— Burglary-2nd degree Timothy Wayne Richard— Feloniously Pointing Firearm Joe Austin Stowe—Domestic abuse-assault & battery- 2nd & sub. Shelly Dwan Walker—Burglary-1st degree Tracy York White—Burglary—2nd degree

Misdemeanors Rene Alonzo—Driving under suspension Johnny G. Anderson Jr.— Driving under suspension Autumn Elizabeth Brown— Driving under suspension Jordan Taylor Cloud—Possession of controlled dangerous substance; public intoxication John Prouty Cougher—Driving under suspension Beverly Ann Culberson— Driving under suspension David England Davis Jr.— Driving under suspension-3rd offense Bailee Foris—Actual physical control of vehicle under the influence Jeanett Marie Franks—Obtaining cash or merchandise by false pretenses Richard Lynn Green—Failure to comply with compulsory insurance law; public drunk Lauren Hailey Hatton— Domestic assault & battery in the presence of a minor Arvena Lynn Henson—Public intoxication Glen Hetzer—Possession of controlled dangerous substance David Riley Higdon—Assault & battery Brandy Jane Hughes—Possession of controlled dangerous substance Juan F. Jurkauskas—Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol Darren Keith Kopaddy— Breaking & entering with unlawful intent Tandee Marchelle Lamb— Public drunk Ryan Edward Lee—Driving under suspension Bobby Merlin Lee—Obstructing an officer Daniel Robert Luhmann— Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol; failure to comply with compulsory insurance law Andrew Patrick Lynn— Public drunk Levi Justice Moore—Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs Claudine G. Morris—Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs; failure to keep right while making a right turn Desiree Shelby Patterson— Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs Amanda Lee Riley—Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, aggravated Farrell Joe Shaw—Domestic abuse-assault & battery Darrel Spencer Jr.—Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol Buddy Ray Tarr—Driving a

motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs Daniel Ray Toby—Public drunk Wendell Kerry Williamson— Driving under suspension; failure to comply with compulsory insurance law Linda Ann Williams—driving under suspension Vincent Carl Whitecloud— Public intoxication Dakota K. Webb—Domestic abuse-assault & battery Alan Monroe Waters Jr.— Driving a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol aggravated Shelly Dwan Walker—Assault & battery Benjamin Willie Wacoche Jr.—Driving under suspension-2nd Joshua Caleb Underwood— Domestic abuse-assault & battery

Canada—Money judgment Republic Loans vs David Chapkin—Money judgment Commerce Finance vs Raynell Serna—Money judgment Commerce Finance vs Amanda East—Money judgment Midland Funding vs Brian Davis—Money judgment Noble Finance vs Jodie Este—Money judgment Gemini Capital Group vs Shari Kindrick—Money judgment Tinker Federal Credit Union vs Lee Ann Greenwood— Money judgment Sun Loan Co. vs Khrystin Hamilton—Money judgment Power Clinic of Chiropractic vs Crystal Henderson Larkin Energy, Inc OK Corp vs Pipeline Technical Services—Money judgment Midland Funding LLC vs Monette Richardson—Money Marriages judgment Kevin Christopher Hitt & Midland Funding LLC vs Angela R. Anderson, both of Terry Pearce—Money judgAda ment Daniel Matthew Harris & Sun Loan Co vs Tonya MillJessy Mariah Beasley, both er—Money judgment of Ada Archie Van Horn DBA Union Shane Mark Lynch, Stratford Val vs Julia Nixon—Money & Janna Joyce Black, Ada judgment Denver Ryan Byers & Mari Ann Buretta, both of Ada Traffic Zachary Austin Fidler & Rene Alonzo—transporting Kirsten Elizabeth Kimbrell, an open container-beer both of Roff Tyra Ann Baker—Failure to Jeffrey David Haskins & pay taxes due the state- expired Tanya Marie Kaapke, both of tag; operating a motor vehicle Ada without proper endorsement Burl Scott Laughlin & ReTyler John Bandurski— becca Ann McKee, both of Speeding 85 in 65 mph zone Ada Ashley Marie Brown— Randal Ray Turman & ChrisTransporting an open containtin Ann Morrison, both of er-beer Allen Autumn Elizabeth Brown— driving not (properly) wearing Divorce seat belt Marisela Belmonte vs Jose Cody Allen Carothers— L. Marin Failure to keep to right on road Isabel Villareal vs Dewey of sufficient width D. Gandy Jillian Kane ChadwickCorine Ranae Hood vs Neil James—Speeding 75 in 65 Lee Hood mph zone Sharon L. Perry vs Darrin Tanner Ray Collins—OperL. Perry ating a motor vehicle with deWaymon Lowell Traylor vs fective/improper equipment Maedeen Traylor Steven Carl Crawford— Cheryl Ann Woods vs AnDriver not (properly) wearing thony Victor Woods seat belt Linda Ashlee Day—PassenCivil ger not wearing seat belt Brittany N. Estes vs John W. Samantha Jo Dryden— Benson III—Child support & Speeding 82 in 65 mph zone visitation Logan Matthew Durham— JPMorgan Chase Bank vs Driver not (properly) wearing Mike E. Frye—Mortgage foreseat belt closure Munoz Olga Gonzalez— Wells Fargo Financial OklaSpeeding 1-10 mph over limit homa vs Linda D. Rhoten— James Bronson Goode— Mortgage foreclosure Driving not (properly) wearing seat belt Small Claims Latonya Leann Griffin— Ada National Loan vs Myra Driver not (properly) wearing Pittman—Money judgment seat belt Ada National Loan vs FrankJon Julius Hamilton—Driver lin Park—Money judgment not (properly) wearing seat Noble Finance vs Lanaya belt Allen—Money judgment Arvena Lynn Henson— Arbuckle Federal Credit transporting an open containerUnion vs Ray A. Smart— beer Money judgment Brent Douglas Hilyard Jr.— B.L. Ely DBA Accounts ColDriver not (properly) wearing lections vs Kristi Ann Cucinelseat belt lo—Money judgment Jessica Lynn Hudgins—Left B.L. Ely DBA Accounts of center in no passing zone Collections vs Tasha Nicole Nina Crystal D. Hunter— Tilley—Money judgment Operating vehicle without Bell Management, Inc. vs valid driver’s license Kristina Bundy—Money judgStacy Erin Johnson—Driver ment not (properly) wearing seat Cach, LLC vs Shane Webb— belt Money judgment Ashley Rene Justus—SpeedNoble Finance vs Scotty ing 85 in 65 mph zone Campbell—Money judgment Peggy Sue Krebbs—Driver Noble Finance vs Penny

not (properly) wearing seat belt Kristin Leigh Larry—Driver not (properly) wearing seat belt Timothy Wayne Little—Operating vehicle without valid driver’s license Daniel Robert Luhmann— Driver left of center Wesley Wayne Manuel— Speeding 55 in 45 mph zone Douglas Edward McClure— Failure to stop for traffic control device Carlos Ivan Morales— Speeding 75 in 65 mph zone Jennifer Lee Nichols—Passenger not wearing seat belt Darla Kay Orr—Speeding 75 in 65 mph zone Ramona R. Parker—Passenger not wearing seat belt Desiree Shelby Patterson— Speeding 76 in 45 mph zone Antonine Besa Peek Jr. –Driver not (properly) wearing seat belt Amanda Lee Riley—Transporting an open containerbeer Robert Allen Schnitker—

Passenger not wearing seat belt Joseph L. Scott—Driver not (properly) wearing seat belt Daniel Brent Simmons— Passenger not wearing seat belt Jami Nicole Still—Driver not (properly) wearing seat belt Michael Paul Stockdale— Speeding 45 in 35 mph zone Buddy Ray Tarr—Failure to obtain registration within 30 days of purchase of vehicle Benjamin Willie Wacoche Jr.—Transporting an open container-beer Kevin Blue Walker II— Speeding 75 in 65 mph zone Vincent Carl Whitecloud— transporting an open containerbeer Wendell Kerry Williamson— Operating vehicle without having paid all the taxes due the state Amy Lanae Yarbrough— Driver not (properly) wearing seat belt

Hughes Couty Court Records

Felonies Sean Michael Taylor—Assault & battery

Misdemeanors Anita Harjo—Bogus Check Billy Joe Montgomery—Malicious injury to property Rosetta Walton—Bogus check Divorce Charity Vanessa Lehenbauer vs Troy Patrick Gleese Civil Asset Acceptance LLC vs Christopher Lee Ayers—Breach of contract Asset Acceptance LLC vs Stephen Robinson Jr.—Breach of contract Farmers Alliance Mutual Insurance Co. vs Bobbies Restaurant—Auto negligence Gertrude R. Smith vs Alvin Henry Harden—Negligence Small Claims Cavalry SPV I LLC vs Mary Ellen Kilgore—Indebtedness The Bank NA vs Rosetta Faulkner—Indebtedness Portfolio Recovery Assoc. vs Jesse Scott—Indebtedness Traffic Paula Sotello Dickenson—Operating a motor vehicle on which all taxes due the state are not paid John Lee Holik—No seat belt Robert E. Kincaid—Speeding 16-20 mph over limit Carl Lee Mills—Driving under suspension-1st offense; inattentive driving Lori Jean Muldner—Inattentive driving Chance Avery Shmidl—Driving under suspension-1st offense Terry Lynn Steidley—Speeding 1-10 mph over limit

Back-to-School Give Away Saturday at Agri-Plex

Allen-area students are invited to participate in the 4th Annual Back-to-School Give Away. School supplies will be distributed FREE this Saturday, August 4th, from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon at the Agri-Plex in Ada. Also being provided to the students will be free haircuts. The program, originally started by Legacy Church, has grown to encompass more students and supplies and has outgrown the church facilities until it was necessary to utilize the Agri-Plex as a distribution location. Hair stylists willing to donate an hour of their time for this program are still being sought. Please contact Lori at 580-3204061 for more information.

Allen Boys Physicals Today

Allen High School boys, grades 7th thru 12th, will be given their free athletic physicals on Thursday, August 2nd, after 3:00 pm. These physicals are FREE this day only. Each student must bring a Sports Physical Form provided by the High School, and it must be signed by a parent or guardian prior to the examination.


Wake Up America When this president and the Democrat controlled Senate of the United States ratify something like the “Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty” (Start III) with Vladimir Putin’s Russia, a red light instantly turns on! Our nuclear arsenal is cut roughly in half from 3,000 to 1,500. Obama now has ordered the Defense Department to explore the possibility of reducing our arsenal down to as few as 300 warheads. Obama disarms the United States, while he does nothing, NOTHING, to stop Iran from their nuclear buildup. While “hugging” Venezuela dictator Hugo Chavez, Obama’s budget increases to The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Islamic extremists come from U.S. tax dollars. Last week, Obama proposed closing 9 Border Patrol stations along our southern border in four states. As long as he can keep the illegal immigrants that are already here, then add more before November, his reelection will be a cinch. There are men and women with their lives on the line trying to protect our southern border and Obama simply spits in their faces. Any new fighter jet development has been cancelled , and Obama’s Defense Department plans on eliminating 280 aircraft and 9,900 Airmen. Mr. Obama has called on the Navy to cancel long held plans for a 300 ship fleet, retire nine current ships, and to cut or delay

the purchase of 16 others. With the Army, Mr. Obama plans to cut 72,000 soldiers. With the Marines, Mr. Obama is ordering the elimination of six battalions, four tactical air squadrons, and up to 50,000 Marines. I could go on about other things that this Democrat administration is doing to weaken our national defense system. This is only a sample of what this president and his Democrat Senate do on a daily basis. Thank God that in 2010 the Democrats lost their majority in the House of Representatives, due to the people that love this country. This month the UN is meeting to discuss more world socialism. In previous articles I have mentioned that Hillary Clinton is there to discuss and possibly sign on to a “small arms treaty”. This treaty, as I understand it, has to be ratified by the U.S. Senate. Guess who controls the United States Senate? Any Senator, whether Democrat, Republican, or Independent who votes to ratify any agreement that degrades our Constitution should be tried for treason. BAR NONE END OF STORY! The U.S. could save a huge amount of money by getting out of the UN. We do not need the UN. It maybe different if other countries would pay their fair share, yet, from the get go, the United States has footed a large amount of the bill. As long as we have people in Washington D.C. that cannot and will not

balance our national budget, this sort of back slapping will continue. Endless dollars will continue to be sent as foreign aid to countries who hate us. We have a president who continues to trample over the Constitution. Obama has sent his attorney general Eric Holder to sue 3 or 4 states concerning different issues. What happened to the 10th Amendment that protects states rights. Now this Democrat administration is threatening the 2nd Amendment with this small arms treaty. This treaty not only effects guns, but also controls ammunition. Only Obama and

Hillary know the details, much like his health care bill. The American people who will pay for this are still in the dark. It is so degrading to know that we have a commander in chief who has never taken the oath of his office seriously by tearing down the strongest military force on this planet. We in Oklahoma can be proud that we see through his smoke and mirrors. All of your friends, neighbors, and relatives in other states need to know how we feel in Oklahoma. Oklahoma is leading this fight and will continue the fight to get this administration out of power . Ever person


IN THE DISTRICT COURT IN AND FOR PONTOTOC COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA Case No. FP-12-42 TERRA NICOLE GILL, Petitioner, Vs. JOSHUA ROSS ROARK, Responder. NOTICE BY PUBLICATION STATE OF OKLAHOMA TO: JOSHUA ROSS ROARK PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a petition has been filed against you in the District Court of Pontotoc County, Oklahoma in an action entitled In Re: Terra Nicole Gill, Petitioner, and Joshua Ross Roark, Respondent, Case No. FP-12-42, by Petitioner, Terra Nicole Gill. This summons by publication is specifically directed to Joshua Ross Roark, whose whereabouts are unknown. The nature of this suit is a paternity action wherein Petitioner is seeking the establishment of paternity, custody, child support, and visitation for the minor child. Unless you answer the Petition on or before September 3, 2012 [41 days form 1st publication], the Petitioner will be granted sole custody, establishment of paternity, child support and visitation at the Order of the Court. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto affixed my official signature and seal of Court this the 13th day of July, 2012. Ernestine Eubanks, Clerk By: s) P. Weaver Deputy Clerk (SEAL) s) Deresa Gray, OBA#19110 Attorney for Petitioner P.O. Box 1463 Ada, OK 74820 580/272-9300 580/272-9301 FAX (Published in The Allen Advocate on July 19, 26 and August 2, 2012)

LEGAL NOTICE get to d wnload yo IN THE DISTRICT COURT IN AND FOR . PONTOTOC COUNT STATE OF OKLAHOMA ePB-2011-90 to do nl IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF VIRGINIA ALLMAN, DECEASED OF HEARING PSNOTICE fo the 2x2 d Notice is hereby given that on this 24 day of July, 2012, Bill J. Yerby, Personal Representative of the Estate of Virginia Allman, Deceased, filed in this Court a final accounting anywhere n y ur newspape of his acts, receipts and disbursements as Personal Representative and his petition for th

a determination of the heirs, devisees and legatees of Virginia Allman, deceased, for the distribution of the assets of the Estate to those persons entitled thereto and for his final discharge as the Personal Representative of the Estate. Therefore, pursuant to an order entered by this Court, the hearing on the final account and petition has been fixed by the unders gned Judge of this Court for August 16, 2012, at 2:00 o’clock P.M., in the District Courtroom in the County Courthouse at Ada, Oklahoma, and all persons interested in the Estate of Virginia Allman, Deceased, are hereby notified that they may appear at that time and place and show cause why the final account should not be settled and allowed and the heirs, devisees and legatees of Virginia Allman, deceased, determined, the Estate distributed and the Personal Representative discharged. DATED this 24th day of July, 2012. s/Thomas S.Landrith JUDGE OF THE DISTRICT COURT Denver N. Davison Lawyer P.O. Box 326 Ada, Oklahoma 74821 (Published in The Allen Advocate on July 26 a d Aug st 2, 20 2)

THE WEEK OF ULY 29, 2012.

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you know personally needs to know how we feel . Obama has never had an ancestor who gave his life for this country! He could care less about anything but destroying this great country. Paid for by Deward Strong


IN THE DISTRICT COURT WITHIN AND FOR PONTOTOC COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA Case No. P-2012-47 In the Matter of the Estate of WILMA DEAN COOPER, Deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS All creditors having claims against Wilma Dean Cooper, deceased, are required to present the same with a description of all security interests and other collateral, if any, held by each creditor with respect to such claim, to Rebecca Cooper Myers, personal representative, at the office of his attorney, Jason Christopher, Sweeney, Smith, Draper & Christopher, P.O. Box 70, Ada, OK 74821-0070, on or before the following presentment date: September 18, 2012, or the same will be forever barred. DATED this 20th day of July, 2012. s) Jason D. Christopher, OBA#17383 Sweeney, Smith, Draper & Christopher P.O. Box 70 Ada, OK 74821-0070 Attorney for Personal Representative Jason D. Christopher, OBA#17383 Sweeney, Smith, Draper & Christopher, PLLC P.O. Box 70 Ada, OK 74821-0070 Attorney for Personal Representative (Published in The Allen Advocate on July 26 and August 2, 2012)


IN THE DISTRICT COURT IN AND FOR PONTOTOC COUNTY STATE OF OKLAHOMA Case No. P-98-71 In the Matter of the Estate of MARILYN CROUCH BROWNING, Deceased. ORDER AND NOTICE OF HEARING EUNICE ROBINSON, Personal Representative of the Estate of Marilyn Crouch Browning, deceased, by and through her attorney of record, having filed in this Court her First and Final Account and Petition for Order Allowing Final Account, Determination of Heirship, Distribution, Approval of Attorney’s and Personal Representative’s Fees, Costs and Expenses and Discharge of Personal Representative, the hearing of the same is hereby set, and notice of said hearing is hereby given, by the Court for the 13th day of August 2012, at 11:15 a.m., in the District Court of Pontotoc County, in Ada, Oklahoma. All persons interested in said estate are hereby notified to then and there appear and show cause, if any they have, why the said account should not be settled and allowed, the heirs determined, said estate distributed as stated, personal representative’s and attorney’s fees, costs and expenses approved, and the Personal Representative be discharged. S. Kessinger District Judge Bryan Morris, OBA#14591 Sheila Southard, OBA#21830 Braly, Braly, Speed & Morris, PLLC 201 W. 14th PO Box 2739 Ada, OK 74820


Phone: 580 436-0871 Fax: 580-436-0889

Attor eys fo P rs n l R presentative (Published in The Allen Advocate on Ju y 6 a d A g s 2 20 2


IN THE DISTRICT COURT f FOR gi WITHINCAND pump COUNTY water PONTOTOC Wate STATE —Forme OF OKLAHOMA now ope 00 —No. P-12-53 r ap s Case 277 021 o RUTH t wn utGUTHRIE, ty depa ment—Res IN THE DISTRICT COURT In the Matter of the Estate of CONNIE Deceased. o kelCREDITORS i@cl ntonam WITHIN AND FOR NOTICE TO PONTOTOC COUNTY O $2,5000 Sign-On Bonus ToORS the Creditors of Connie Ruth Guthrie, Deceased. STATE OF OKLAHOMA De A CDL & 1claims yr exper - Connie Ruth Guthrie, Decea ed are required to AllClass creditors having against Case No. CV-2012-126 enc re p an opt forwith Major Medical of all security interests and other collateral (if any) present the ons same a description ROBIN G. SMITH, MARY R DALE re nt mo e .by each ease creditor Purchase rogram to such held with respect to James Roger Guthrie, Persona SO claim, IA SECURITY D ABILIT CLA M CROSSLEY, REID W. SMITH, and KEVIN wD w ment Assistance. 8 6Estate 915-3910 Representa ive of the of Connie Ruth Guthrie, DeceasedA to the law a ders & aunders o neys a office Law ofN KRISTOFER KELLY, Plaintiffs, Deresa Gray, P.O. Box 1463, 314 S. Broadway, Ste 211, Ada Oklahoma 74820 adde com Recover – No Fe 1-800-259-8 4 DRIS vs.    dressed to Deresa Gray, Attorney for Personal Representative of the Estate of Connie The Heirs, Executors, Administrators, Ruth Guthrie Deceased on or before the following prese tment date f September 25, Devisees, Trustees, and Assigns, and the "CAN YOU IG IT?" H avy E uipme t Sch l 2012, or the same will be forever barred. unknown Successors of  O. D. SMITH 3 wk T ai g Bac h , l z r Dated this 17th day of July 2012. and  SARAH LEWVON KELLY, xc both v deto l J l t t VA ceased; and The State of Oklahoma, ex cs) ,James M k Roger Off Guthrie d B n fits A Personal Representative rel The Oklahoma Tax Commission  Der m i ng canc l ord 866 362 Of the Estate of fendants.  , , C LL 800 99 Connie Ruth Guthrie, Deceased NOTICE BY PUBLICATION STATE OF OKLAHOMA TO: s) OBA#19110 c Deresa n coun Gray on Knight f r f ex The heirs, executors, administrators, Personal Representative hometime yAttorney of m lesfordai y or weekl pay devisees, trustees and assigns, P O. Box m and dernther qua erly 1463 afet unknown successors of O. D. Smith and Ada, 569 OK 74821 r nt tio 414www d Sarah Lewvon Kelly, both deceased. 580/272-9300 You the Defendants above named 580/272-9301 FAX are hereby notified that you have been DRI ERS R OPERA in ORS Fle tAdvocate D vers on aJuly d i 26 quali iedAugust – Job 2, p 2012) ceme (Published The&Allen and sued by the above named Plaintiffs in the Oklahoma Av tion Inst tute o above entitled action in the District BonusCourt R t Call of Pontotoc County, Oklahoma, and 765 that Susie Reinauer, 18520 County Road 1680, Stonewall, Oklahoma, 74871, has submit1 800 A Department E D CO of LEGE from shale Hom you must answer the Petition filed by ted a permit application to the Oklahoma Mines ONLIN (ODM) to mine Plaintiffs in said case on or before the 13th through the surface mining method on portions Med c l,of theBusiness Crimofna following parcels land: day of September, 2012, or said W Petition N ED: G NofS;the aSW/4 n 500 a da 1, Township Hospit 1i North, Job Range acement6 assis e. Indian ompu A part of Section East an of the will be taken as true and judgment Commrenssi Pa d Da Stonewall, ; Leads, NoPontotoc Cold Call ; available totaling nanc al A d i acres quali MOL ed. and CH more ce Meridian, County, Oklahoma, 5.38 dered accordingly in favor of Plaintiffs Health and & D alparticularly I s Comple e Trai ing Guida described as follows: against Defendants above named in said in Ob nn nse Ca l 1-88 1 -6 1,680 20. feet East and 1,075 feet North of the Southwest corner Beginning at a- point action, quieting title to the surface interest of Section 1, Township 1 North, Range 6 East; t e ce Nort /No theast 18 degrees of the following described real property of 434 thence TAN ARA Ra distance NSPOR A ON feet; i now hir nWest/Northwest 59 degrees a distance of 540 feet; in Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma, thence of 434 feet; DE thence DVERT SE STATEW Fo East/Southeast more in o mat to-wit: or fo South/Southwest a va d vis on 18d degrees cated a distance 59ti ive degrees point of containing 38 ad acres Stonewall, SW/4 SW/4 and W/2 SE/4l nes SW/4 of o to plac 5 an ca more Cou or tni less at (405) 499 00 wC pa tohotheetim C beginning, ll Dav Oklahoma Section 25, Township 3 North, Range 800 6 7 Pontotoc 2 or pp yCounty, o i ew w t tar The total permitted area, containing 5.38 acres MOL, is located in the Oklahoma East, and judicially determining the heirships U.S.G.S. quadrangle map. The permit site is located approximately 2 miles south and 72 2 of O. D. Smith and Sarah Lewvon Kelly, ¼ miles east of the town of Fittstown. both deceased. A copy of this complete permit application is available for public inspection and WITNESS my hand and seal of this copying at the Pontotoc County Court House in Ada Oklahoma Court this 31st day of July, 2012. Upon written request to the Oklahoma Department of Mines, information contained ERNESTINE EUBANK in the permit application may be inspected or copied at the Department of Mines. Any COURT CLERK landowner or resident of any occupied dwelling, any public entity or public agency, or BY: P. Weaver  any party that may be adversely affected has the right to submit comments or object to Deputy the issuance of the permit in writing. An informal conference will be provided if specifiGregory S. Taylor, Attorney for Plaintiff cally requested in writing. Any written objections or requests for an informal conference OBA #8863 on this application must be received no later than fourteen (14) days after the final 115 S. Broadway publication of this notice to the P.O. Box 1737 OKLAHOMA DEPARTMENT OF MINES Ada, OK 74821 2915 N. Classen Blvd., Suite 213 580/332-7717 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106 (Published in The Allen Advocate on (Published in The Allen Advocate on July 12, 19, 26 and August 2, 2012) August 2, 9 and 16, 2012)





Legal Notice




I G,


Atwood First Baptist

If you ere looking for something to be thankful for this Sunday, you can certainly put air conditioned buildings on your list. I’ve referred to this topic before, but let me add that when I remember summer Sundays at the little church my family attended back in the in the early 50’s, I’m thankful that the nostalgia doesn’t include the room temperature. Several cardboard fans, compliments of the funeral home, were distributed along all the pews and were in constant use throughout the sermon. Besides the funeral home logo, these fans were decorated with pictures from Bible stories. Along with the 100 degree plus temperatures, they were handy reminders of our mortality, God’s mercy, and the urgency of avoiding even hotter temperatures in what we hoped was the distant future.

Atwood Nazarene Church

Our summer is almost over. Soon the kids will be going back to school. We need to pray for our children as they face the pressures of their peers and the stresses of school life. We want them to know that we will help them in any way we can. Our churches need to support our youth. We begin our Sunday School hour at 10:00. This is important to our spiritual growth as we learn more about the Bible and the life of Jesus. Our children learn about the miracles Jesus performed and life lessons that He taught His disciples. We encourage young and old to come to Sunday School. At 11:00 we begin the worship hour with singing and praise. We pray for the many who are on our prayer list. If God has given you good health you have a lot to praise Him for. So many people are suffering from physical and emotional problems. Our special this past Sunday morning was sung by Matt Chapman and Gary, “Sweet Hour of Prayer.” Bro. Larry’s sermon was taken from Psalm 14:1-7 and entitled “Can a Nation be Turned Around.” In this world evil may seem to have the upper hand. Corruption is everywhere. Godliness is on the decline. Everyone is out for themself. Righteousness may seem impossible to find. No one seems to believe in right and wrong anymore. Godliness is scorned and even hated. The godly are accused of intolerance and hatred. The church seems powerless and impotent. We can’t even seem to get believers interested in the things of God. How can we hope to change the world? God is still in control. The Lord is still in heaven. He may not be getting good publicity, but He is on the Throne. He is looking for people of faith to rise up. Are there any who will deny themselves and seek Him? God’s people are the key. Only the people of God can bring revival to a desperate nation. What will happen if His people remain complacent? The Lord is still the refuge of His people. The Lord has promised to restore the fortunes of His people. The Lord is waiting upon His people. Sunday night we traveled to Arpelar to the Fifth Sunday Singing. Several groups sang, but from our church Bro. Larry, Murphy, and Kelsey Sherry sang. We are thrilled to have our young people singing in our services. Sunday morning we will have breakfast at 9:30. We invite everyone to come eat and attend morning services with us.

Back in 2012 now, we were glad to have several visitors in the worship service. The August church breakfast is scheduled for next Sunday morning at 9:30, and I heard that pancakes are on the menu this time. Sunday evening we will begin a study of the Baptist Faith and Message. Lessons will include discussions on the why’s as well as the doctrine itself. Classes begin at 5:00 and last about an hour. For some reason, I misunderstood that announcement at first and thought they were announcing that we would be studying the doctrine and messages in the Baptist Hymn book. Perhaps that wouldn’t be a bad idea for the next study. The Youth Evangelism Conference is scheduled for August 10th and 11th and will be held in Tulsa. Oldsters as well as the youth are invited to go. Good Bible teaching is an equal opportunity inspiration. James Hammonds, Tom Spillman, and Wyatt Deaton brought the special music, and they chose “Because He Lives” this time. Since this was the Fifth Sunday of the month, we observed the Lord’s Supper during the worship service. Rev. Karch’s message focused on the Passover Meal that Jesus and his

disciples observed the evening when Jesus was arrested. The sermon was based in Matthew 26:14-30. The Passover observance was very important to Israel because it commemorated the deliverance of Israel from their bondage in Egypt. This was the most important Passover of all though, because for those who trust Him as their savior, Jesus transformed the Passover into the Lord’s Supper. Judas was obviously not at one with Jesus and the other

disciples since he was willing to betray Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Only those who trust Jesus as their savior are invited to partake of the Lord’s Supper so it is worth noting that Judas did not observe it with Jesus and the other disciples. Salvation was made possible only because Jesus gave his body and blood to buy it for us. The New Testament is the New Covenant, and it lays out the plan of salvation. Today, the bread and wine used in the Passover Meal represents the

body and blood that Jesus gave on our behalf. It is now known as The Lord’s Supper and is never to be taken lightly. It represents the astounding sacrifice Jesus made on our behalf. It is a time to honor him and to examine our minds and hearts as honestly as we can. Where we see that we are sinning, it is a time to confess the sins to God and begin to make the corrections that are needed. God is good.

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Step up to the driver’s suite: Kubota’s new M135GX. Crowned with the largest Kubota cab ever built, and one of the largest available in its class. You’ll enjoy the panoramic view from the ergonomically designed operator’s platform, with more headroom, more legroom — more work-all-day-in-comfort kind of room. So step up, because like every Kubota, the reliable and efficient M135GX works hard today and holds its value tomorrow. Ready to take the next step? See your local Kubota dealership to learn more. ADA 1212 N. Broadway


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DUNCAN 3445 N. Hwy. 81


Sale runs August 2 through August 8

Allen Food Center

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Tomato Sauce $

52 8 oz can

Tomato Ketchup ¢


Pancake Mix

7 oz pouch


Corn Flakes



Head & Shoulders

27 12 pack Can



¢ Fritos or

select varieties

Shurfine White

Sandwich Bread




All $3.29 Varieties

Viva Big Roll

Paper Towel

9989 6

- original - canola -corn -best blend



¢ $


24 oz loaf

6 roll Pkg



Bathroom Tissue

48 oz bottle






Crinkle - Straight - Tots

Whipped Topping




Kraft Wrapped

American Singles assorted varieties

1/2 gal

27 $

prepriced $4.19


assorted varieties



Jumbo Biscuits

BIG 8 cnt can


99 12 roll pkg

Tai Pei Microwave



Ice Cream Blue Bell

14.2 oz bottle


12 oz Box

Wesson Oil

BIG 36 oz Bottle

Sierra Mist, Mountain Dew or Pepsi


15 oz can

99 $ 99

¢ Shampoo

Hungry Jack Buttermilk


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Downtown Allen • 857-2627


Chef Boy ArDee

Open Sundays 12 to 5


Chinese Entree’s

25 $

assorted varieties

8 oz bowl

12-14 oz carton

Blue Bonnet


Soft Spread


26 $

45 oz carton


Garden Sweet

California Fancy

Extra Fancy Roma

23 31 $


Pork Chops

Tender Fresh Meat


Whole Fryers

99 Lb




Apricot or Pluots 99 $ 99




Oscar Mayer Fun Pack


99 Lb


Boneless Lean

Arm Roast



Hormel Black Label

Family Bacon Steak$ 29 $



Pilgrim’s Pride Grade A


Boneless Lean





Lean Boneless Sirloin

Super Sweet Black Velvet

Tomatoes Cherries

Cantaloupe Avocados $

Washington Red

Oscar Mayer Deli Sliced

State Fair


99 Lb

Lunchables Lunch Meats Corn Dogs select varieties

25 27 27 $


assorted varieties




1 lb Pkg