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Why Rubber Surfaces Are A Good Option For Playgrounds There are numerous safety surfaces that can be used on playgrounds and these include pea gravel, sand and bark mulch. However, playground rubber is much softer than any other type of surfacing and this is the reason why this material has been a popular option in both private and public playgrounds. Whenever children jump or fall off as they play, the chances of injury are reduced if they land on a rubber surface. Solid rubber surfaces are also a good option when applied in such locations, but mulch is a safer alternative since its more elastic.

Even though playground rubber is pliable, the flexibility is just enough so it doesn’t impede movement in the playground. Since the underside of such rubber is dimpled, it helps in masking the uneven surface beneath thus providing cushioning that is second is none. Besides, playground rubber is an economically viable alternative because it is made from recycled rubber that has been ground and moulded into tiles and during installation, it only requires a little amount of adhesive for it to stay in place. This rubber can also be cut to fit around the equipment in the playground, thus regardless of the size of the area; the material can be custom fit.

While surfaces such as sand and wood chips may get wet and change the texture when they get into contact with water, rubber is breathable, so it doesn’t accumulate water. For this reason, it hardly builds up mould and it is damage resistant as well .Water quickly evaporates from the surface whenever it rains. Therefore, once this safety surfacing is installed, you don’t have to worry about issues such as puddles or mud. Not to mention, the rubber comes in bright colours hence it’s the best option seeing as children love items with vibrant colours and designs. When installed in the play area, it makes play time more entertaining for the kids.

Playgrounds surrounded with solid rubber are not only better in terms of breathability, but when the surface is properly fixed, it can provide wheelchair access as well, and this is something that cannot be experienced with any other material. In addition, due to the porosity of the substance, the surface hardly attracts insects and pests such as those that may be found on other surfaces. With sand for instance, some animals may opt to use the space as a litter box, and this may expose the children to disease and infections. Rubber surfaces are easy to keep clean though and this therefore promotes extra safety. The rubber must however meet the stipulated depth requirements during installation and whenever it develops thin spots, these should be filled promptly to give enough protection.

Playground rubber is often used in outdoor locations and this means it frequently gets exposed to the sun. This is why the material is usually treated with a solution that gives it a sun resistant and waterproof finish .The treatment also helps limit the material from losing its elasticity even with continual use.

Why rubber surfaces are a good option for playgrounds  

There are numerous safety surfaces that can be used on playgrounds and these include pea gravel, sand and bark mulch.

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