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Why Metabolic Rate Has Effect On Weight Loss Exercise is one of the two keys to weight loss; the other being diet. If we are engaged in an exercise routine with the goal of losing weight, we have probably already modified eating habits to best align with the exercise routines we have chosen. We will concentrate on the exercise side of the weight loss equation, and specifically on the reasons why boosting metabolic rate has such a benefit to weight loss. If we are alive, regardless of activity, even at rest or asleep, we burn calories. We take in calories with virtually everything we put in our mouths, and because we have virtually 100% control over that activity, what and how much we choose to eat will help control caloric intake if weight loss is the goal. However, what may be less understood is that calories are not burned at the same rate merely based on what we eat. The manner of our exercise, and even our choice to do so, has tremendous effect on efficient burning of calories. For example, it should first be understood how the body burns calories and which body features have the greatest effect. Both muscle and fat burn calories. At rest, fat burns 2 calories daily for every pound of fat, muscle burns calories at the rate of 6 calories per pound of muscle. Muscle, just at rest, is three times more efficient in burning calories than is fat. It should also be understood that there are two basic types of exercise: ordinary movement, even when concentrated over a dedicated period of time daily, may maintain muscle tone; and aerobic exercise, which is achieved at a higher heart rate and that also boosts metabolic rate. In other words, aerobic exercise has more benefit in metabolic rate - burning calories - than ordinary exercise that may never break a sweat. Aerobic exercise is defined as exercise that increases heart rate by double the rate the heart pumps at rest. The added benefit of aerobic exercise is that the metabolic rate achieved by aerobics will maintain hours after the exercise is completed, thus burning more calories for longer time than with ordinary exercise. Drink water. We often speak of drinking like a fish (water! - not alcohol), but it may surprise some that we drink less water in a day than a fish passes through its gills. Water is essential to burn calories. There is just one effective way to supply it: drink. It is almost impossible to drink too much. One study indicated that adults who drink 64 ounces of water or more per day burned far more calories than those who drank half as much. Snack wisely and frequently. Those who eat just three square and nothing else during a day burn fewer calories than those who still consume a proper amount of fruits and vegetables, meats, dairy and fats, but who consume them in small portions four or five times throughout the day. This is because smaller but more frequent meals keep the metabolism at a higher rate. By following these tips, metabolic rate will be higher and more evenly leveled and will achieve the goal of weight loss and maintenance.

Why metabolic rate has effect on weight loss  

Exercise is one of the two keys to weight loss; the other being diet. If we are engaged in an exercise routine with the goal of losing weigh...

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