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Why Going Green Is Good For The Properties You Manage For building owners, to managers and even landlords, going green can have an ecological impact on property management. Why is going green so important? For one, green solutions may help businesses and property owners who rent or lease reduce their electrical costs, save on their water bill, and even heat their buildings more effectively. Going green isn’t strictly about the savings that it can provide property owners who want to provide good property management. It also affects the ecosystem as well. If a property owner is using wood to heat their structures, they may want to switch to solar paneling. Though switching to solar paneling can add an additional $20,000 to $35,000 on to the cost of a remodel, it may save a property owner twice that amount in only a few years. By using solar paneling to harness the sun’s powerful rays and gain electricity, a property owner is also helping cut down on the pollution caused from burning wood. This also may preserve the earth’s ever dwindling supply of fossil fuels. Savings benefits Everyone Renters and those who lease a building space may also reap the benefits of a landlord or property owner going “green.” For instance, renters with allergies, may not have to worry about the smoke from wood aggravating allergies which enhance asthma symptoms. By having a green heating and cooling system, this should over time lower the cost of rent for tenants leasing or renting. This way, those using or living in any managed property save money overall. It is not just benefiting tenants either. With less pollution, this helps the birds and plant life around a property owner’s structures and buildings. Without the release of the natural chemicals released by wood burning, birds can produce healthier offspring. It also may benefit flowers and other plants living in the area because they help provide the oxygen humans need and without many pollutants, plants can be healthier. It may also save property managers from having to plant more flowers and other native plants. This can add up to a good deal of money if a property manager provides property management for a large area. Why might this save a property manager money? Some pollutants may kill plants and by reducing air emissions and pollutants, property owners may save money on the amount and also type of plants that they need to replant. Though the effects may not be seen immediately, good property management can have long lasting effects on the future. This is why property owners must consider the long-term effects of their decisions and should consider eco-friendly options when possible, such as using recycleable materials for their tree plants, organic mulch (which is better for plants) and eco-friendly solutions which benefit humans (such as waterless tanks, solar panels, green cooling systems, and harvesting the natural power of water when possible to reduce energy costs. Doing all these things may do more than save money. It also may save the planet.

Why going green is good for the properties you manage  

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