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When You Need Car Maintenance? Regular maintenance is important to keep your car running well so you can drive with confidence. You know your car needs regular maintenance, but do you know just when you have this done? Of course, your mechanic will advise you based on your mileage and your normal car use, but it helps to keep a few other times in mind for your safety on the road and your peace of mind. Too much is at stake to try to cut corners with your car’s maintenance.

If you are planning a long road trip, such as for your summer vacation, it is always a good idea to have your mechanic do a basic service and check your car over before you head out. If you have a part about to go, it’s obviously best to have it replaced at home before you leave rather than be stuck looking for a good mechanic in an unfamiliar town or, even worse, to be stuck on the shoulder of the highway. Also, leaving a worn part in place until it goes completely can lead to further and more expensive repairs. Preventative maintenance is good for your wallet and your safety, which is priceless after all.

Car Care for Changing Seasons

The beginning of winter and the start of summer are good times to bring your car in to the auto shop for a tune up and thorough check over. If you take it in at the start of summer, you can be reasonably confident it will be ready for summer road trips as discussed above. Also, your car has different needs and faces different stresses at different times of year.

In winter conditions, your car is under a lot of strain. You have to navigate wet and even icy roads, so your tires have to be in top shape. You need to be sure your antifreeze is topped up in case temperatures dip to freezing. Winter is an especially miserable time of year for a break down, so it makes sense to make sure your car starts the season in perfect condition, ready for anything winter can throw at it.

While it is clear why you need to bring your car to the mechanic for car maintenance, drivers can also do a few little things themselves to keep their car running well and safely. Check your wiper blades

regularly to make sure they are not too worn down. Visibility is essential, so don’t take chances. Drivers can also easily check their own tire pressure. You can keep an inexpensive tire pressure gauge in the glove box. Topping up your radiator and wiper fluid takes only a few minutes of time. It is wise to keep a first aid kit and roadside emergency box in your car, and of course, be sure that your spare tire is in good condition.

When it comes to car maintenance Virginia, drivers can do a few things themselves and trust their mechanics to do regular tune ups and inspections for maximum safety.

When you need car maintenance  

Regular maintenance is important to keep your car running well so you can drive with confidence. You know your car needs regular maintenance...

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