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When Do Couples Need Relationship Counselling? Many people think of couples counselling as the last chance to fix a relationship that's on its deathbed, but the real benefit of seeking professional help is to prevent a relationship from ever reaching that point. By not waiting until they are on the brink of a break up to seek relationship counselling, couples can enjoy happier relationships and save themselves a lot of misery. But how can a couple know when to find a good therapist for couples counselling? Really, the answer is any time they think it will improve their relationship, but here are some signs it might be time for a relationship tune up.

• Before and/ or after any significant milestone in a relationship is always a good time for a couple to make sure they are both facing the future together and supporting each other. Before moving in together, getting married, moving to a new location, having their first child and retiring are all good times for a couple to check in and make sure their relationship is as strong as it can be for the challenges ahead. Most people would take their car in for a check before setting off for a major road trip across the continent, so why not give a relationship the same respect?

• If a couple is bickering a lot over small things, it might be a sign that frustrations are growing and need to be dealt with in relationship therapy. It's the little things that can tip people off to bigger problems, so even if the bickering seems minor or even humorous, it is often a warning that one or both partners have some simmering anger.

• If either party feels the other is not really listening or doesn't care about his or her career, extended family, volunteer activities, etc. counselling can help. Everyone is prone to tune out when tired or stressed, and many people are guilty of simply nodding and making sympathetic noises at the appropriate times without really listening, but if this is an on-going problem, a good therapist can get to the root of it.

• Jealousy can rear its head in any relationship. Whether it is one party feeling upset when the other notices someone attractive or being unable to really celebrate the other's career success without feeling

a sense of failure for not being at the same level, jealousy can make people irrational and paranoid. It can erode a relationship if it is not dealt with quickly.

Many couples who are not questioning their future together could still benefit from relationship counselling London. It is not necessary to wait until things really deteriorate before seeking professional help. Relationship therapists can provide the most help and make the most difference for couples who seek help at times they are likely to struggle or at the early signs of problems.

When do couples need relationship counselling  

Many people think of couples counselling as the last chance to fix a relationship that's on its deathbed, but the real benefit of seeking pr...

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