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What You Need To Know About Your Car’s Maintenance

There are things you need to know about the proper feeding and watering of your automobile. There are things you must do for your car’s scheduled maintenance and there are things you need to safeguard yourself against. Here we will go into the most important points and help you keep your car running by doing just the right amount of maintenance and help you to avoid too many bills.

The most overlooked for importance: Tires are one of the most overlooked parts of your car and one of the most important when it comes to scheduled maintenance. These are what help you keep control of your car on the road and also what keeps the gas mileage at bay as well. People do not realize that when you over inflate or under inflate, your tires will wear out faster and it will ensure your car has to suck up more gas as well especially when you are riding on spongy tires.

Wiper blades: Once you have had your wipers in the heat for a while they will dry up and crack and become useless. In the fall is when you need to replace them before rainy season comes and you can’t see through the windshield. Always buy an extra pair in-case and have them on you because there are a lot of variables that affect windshield wipers.

Don’t get talked into a tune up: Tune ups are a dinosaur and no longer need to be done at all. There are no reasons for tune ups because half the parts you needed to get tuned up are gone or are managed by a computer.

What gas should you use? Regular unleaded is great for any car. Unless you have a performance car then higher octane levels will damage it and don’t ever mix gas. If you are insistent on a higher octane gas then you need to be sure the tank in very empty. Even a small amount of mixing is not a good idea.

Does your car have an exact scheduled maintenance plan? You could go to your owner’s manual for that and it will tell you when to check the oil and what grade to use, what wiper blades you need, where everything is on the car, what the car has and does not have so you don’t get charged for things you aren’t supposed to have and don’t know it. If your car does not have an owner’s manual you can get it online. Just pop in the make and model and you can find a myriad of information about the car and what

you need to do for it and at what time. Conversely, always make sure you have all the warning lights on your car working.

What you need to know about your car  
What you need to know about your car  

There are things you need to know about the proper feeding and watering of your automobile.