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What It Means To Be Infertile A woman may be in perfect health, but for some reason she does not see a little blue line whenever she takes a pregnancy test. However, before a woman gives up on having a baby, she might need to go see her doctor. A woman may need an infertility treatment in order to get pregnant, but at the same time, how can a woman tell that she has a fertility problem in the first place? There are some definite signs that a woman needs to be aware of that could help her figure out what she has a problem and needs to seek medical attention for it.

The Signs of Infertility

A woman who is infertile, and in need of an infertility treatment in order to have a baby, may not even know she has a problem. A woman may still get her menstrual cycle every month, but if her cycle is difficult to handle every month than that is an indication that something is going on inside of her body. Here is more information on the signs of infertility that a woman needs to be aware of so she can talk to her doctor about it:

• A lack of a menstrual cycle: The biggest sign that a woman is infertile and needs an infertility treatment is not having a monthly cycle. Typically, women release an egg every 28 days, and then that egg goes into the uterus where it can be fertilize or then flushed out of the body when she has her period. If a woman is lacking in a period, there could be many reasons why, but these reasons may also be treated with medication or even hormone injections.

• Pain during the menstrual cycle: A woman may have a period on a regular basis, but if the time she bleeds is painful then there could be something else going on inside of her uterus like cysts, fibroid, or something else that can cause infertility. A monthly period can be uncomfortable because of heavy bleeding, cramps, and back pain. However, there is a difference between what is considered to be normal period symptoms, and pain that is so bad that a woman is in bed until her period is over with.

• Diseases involving the pelvis: The pelvis is where a baby grows from inside the uterus, and it is the pelvis bone itself that supports the baby, and the place where the baby is eventually pushed through when it exits the birth canal. If a woman has a problem with her pelvis, like endometriosis, which is

when extra tissue grows in the uterus, then that excessive amount of tissue can block a woman's ability to carry a child.

There are signs of infertility that a woman needs to be aware of. An infertility treatment can give a woman a child, but a woman may not realize she is infertile to begin with. A woman who does not get her menstrual cycle, gets her cycle but it is painful, or has had a disease of the pelvis, then her chances of becoming pregnant may be very difficult, and these are all signs she has to go see a doctor that specializes in infertility and treatment of it.

What it means to be infertile