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What Are The Signs Your Computer Has A Virus? Today we are used to computers running a little slower than usual and we don’t do much more than reboot the computer and forget it. This is especially true if it is a work computer because we tend to think less of a work computer than a home PC. We have no responsibility for it and face it, every normal office worker prays for the chance to have to go home early due to a system breakdown. If it is a home computer though, it is a terrifying thing to think that something could be deadly wrong. Here are the top signs you are infected - Slow movement: This is the most common sign that an infection is brewing. So what is happening to your computer when this begins? That is easy; either it is slowly, like a cancer, destroying files each time you turn her on or it is doing other nasty things to make sure your computer is a pile of useless circuitry shortly. This is why you need an antivirus, a social media scanner and a data encryption program. - Why can’t I click on anything? Ever clicked on the send button and nothing happened? You may notice it didn’t make that depressed looking click animation when you hit it? It is like you aren’t even there? These are a signal as well but let us say that this can be caused by the site you are on as well. - Oops! Did I shut my computer down? One drastic sign is that your computer will shut down on its own volition and restart on its own. This could be a sign that your virus has corrupted and or dropped your firewall and allowed it to be even more vulnerable. - I can ‘t get to my disc drives: This causes more panic as you may no longer be able to access your discs and all your sensitive documents are in there. - Your webpages look weird: You may find that stuff you boot up that you once were familiar with will freak out on the screen and actually look strange. Your dialogue boxes are all to one side of the website etc. - Pop ups: You may get a bunch of error messages that are related to what you always do even though you have done it the same way all along it will tell you that you have made a mistake. Bonus information: Sometime having more than one virus software’s on your computer will cause problems. Make sure you have one deleted before you put another one on there. Some computers come with a free one so beware. Remember to use a good data encryption system like Sepaton data encryption and a social media scanner so that you can track any viruses coming from Facebook which is loaded with all kinds of bad stuff that invade most people’s computers at one time or another without their knowledge. Make sure you have a company that can access your computer remotely and fix things on the spot.

What are the signs your computer has a virus  

Sepaton data encryption

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