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Unstitched Salwar Kameez If a fashion designer concerned with the most comfortable and stylish attire that did not make a man or a woman in the UK look like they were wearing tent from the Henry V military campaign at Agincourt (when fashion design for neither men nor women appeared to value comfort), that designer would likely create the unstitched salwar kameez.

The pants, or salwar, and the shirt, the kameez, are not simply pants and a shirt such as has swept modern, western civilization and which has distinctive design differences in men's and women's apparel.

The salwar are typically gathered at the waist with a drawstring, or a more modern application of an elastic band. The pants fall in gathering folds toward and narrow at the ankles. The kameez is typically cut simply as long, non-fitting front and back body pieces with a simple neckline and that fall to anywhere from just above the knee down to the ankles, covering all but the very bottom of the salwar.

The unisex appeal is just part of the deceptive ease of the simple design. The variety of print patterns, colors and fabrics available for women (whereas the most popular fashion statement for men seems to limit itself to white cotton), and the varieties of style patterns in length and loose or gathered appearance at the ankles of the salwar, and the necklines, sleeves and length of the kameez are as numerous as the wearing tastes of consumers.

At that point, the difference between stitched and unstitched patterns of the salwar kameez style seems to be an afterthought. The distinction, however, is considerable and each has its benefits.

The difference is that stitched designs are form-fitted in body sizes for both the salwar kameez. Many people prefer a form-fitting style, which is still not a body-hugging array of patterns that would display the beautiful body of men or women, but also the flaws of those who would choose some other formfitting apparel when their body shape should suggest some other apparel. Instead, even form-fitting salwar kameez styles are still loose and comfortable to wear.

Unstitched patterns, however, offer even looser and more comfortable styles to wear, almost without concern for body shape and size, even if the body type is thin on top, but heavy in the legs, or the opposite condition.

Whatever may be a person's preference in style, pattern and fabric, there is an ideal variety of choices from which to select the perfect salwar and kameez. They allow complete freedom of movement while appearing simple, but elegant, appropriate for almost any social occasion from casual living at home to a formal wedding celebration.

For the seamstress who wishes to design and sew her own salwar and kameez, or a set for the man in her life, no other style of apparel is as simple to cut and sew together.

Finally, style choices of salwar kameez uk offer a wide budget range from very inexpensive and utilitarian to elegantly expensive embroidered and richly appointed fabrics.

Unstitched salwar kameez  

If a fashion designer concerned with the most comfortable and stylish attire that did not make a man or a woman in the UK look like they wer...

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