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Understanding What Unified Communications Is And It’s Benefits Today, communications are done through instant messaging, email, video, voice, conferencing, text messages on a variety of devices using internet access. Unified communications ensures that all these ways of communicating on different devices are able to do so in a single platform. By having a manageable and simpler platform for communications, businesses are able to more with less while improving revenue and cutting operational costs. This tool ensures a business’s systems are able to speak to each other, enabling one to contact anyone, no matter where they are, at any time on any device with little effort. This is what makes unified communications solutions an advantage for businesses, including small businesses. Another benefit to having this tool is that it opens the opportunity for SMEs to be on a level playing field with big corporates in communications. Since all businesses need the same communication needs, it is important to maximize the opportunities for creating efficient processes. By bridging the gap in communications this tool increases productivity, improves customer service, and generates sales while cutting cost for any business no matter the size of it. Unified Communications Benefits As businesses are looking for better ways to do things more effectively and with less cost, unified communications is a solution that saves on hardware upgrades, time, and allows for an improved productivity. Aside from these benefits, this tool also provides the following for small, medium and large businesses: • Fits into any budget as you pay a small monthly fixed fee. • Cuts contact time by 80%. • Helps businesses cut their telephony bill using VoIP by more than 45%. • Increases responsiveness and productivity by allowing the right information to be received at the right time from the right individuals. • Improves customer service. • It is scalable. • Provides better access to other systems with its integration. • Reduces carbon footprint. • Increases ROI and profitability. Small businesses can also take advantage of the benefits that this tool has to offer. Since it provides a seamless flow so that office personal can work more efficiently and more quickly while providing peerless, rapid services to suppliers, partners, as well as, your customers. Communications have changed and undoubtedly will continue to change, having legacy communications are becoming a thing of the past and is why having unified communications is an essential part of a successful business in this high tech economy. Finding the right service provider is equally important to implementing this service. There are a number of providers that offer unified communications solutions but not all brands of unified communications platforms are the same with providers. When looking at this service

from providers make sure that the specific features for your business needs will be met. Not all businesses are created equal and the needs of their communications will differ, as one provider may have beneficial services to a company, they may not be as beneficial for yours. You should talk talk with reputable providers, who can assist you in finding the best solution for your specific business requirements.

Understanding what unified communications is and it  

offer unified communications solutions

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