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Truths And Myths Of Retina Care People often think that there are things they must do in order to maintain good eyesight. Many of the things they learn are simply not true, and can even be harmful. It is important to take care of your eyes in order to look after your vision, retinal health, and to prevent eye diseases. In this article, many common eye care myths will be explored.


Many people believe that a cataract must be ready or fully developed before it can be removed. This is simply not true anymore; cataracts can now be removed much earlier. There is no need for a cataract to interfere with everyday life. Another myth regarding cataracts is that the surgery is performed with a laser. In reality, the surgery is performed with an ultrasound device that breaks up the cataract.

Crossing Your Eyes

Don't cross your eyes, they'll get stuck that way! Most people heard this as children, and most know it's not true. What are some other myths that are often told to children but are not true?

Poor Reading Light

Reading in poor light does not cause damage to the eyes. People read by candlelight, kerosene, and other low sources of light for centuries. There is no evidence to prove that it causes any damage. It may cause eye fatigue, which can cause headaches.

Glasses Dependency

Wearing glasses does not cause "glasses dependency." It just makes people realize how blurry their vision was before they wore glasses. Most people who try to go without glasses when they have worn glasses, even for a short while, will realize how blurry their vision was once they try to go without again.

There is also another phenomenon where people get used to reading with blurred vision. This does not mean their eyesight improves without glasses though, they just get used to reading blurry letters.

Sitting Close to the Television

Another myth is that sitting close to the television can damage children's eyes. This is simply not true. Also, those with weak eyes or who wear glasses should have no problem doing fine detail work or reading fine print. Both of these myths are because people often think of the eye like a muscle, when in reality it is more like a camera. Does it hurt a camera to take detailed images? Of course not, and neither does it hurt the eyes.

Other Myths

Other myths include - carrots are good for vision, eye pressure causes glaucoma, and using computers can damage your eyes. Carrots are good for your eyes, because of the Vitamin A, but any foods that are high in Vitamin A will work just as well. High pressure is not present in all cases of glaucoma. Computers do cause eye fatigue, but do not cause damage.

The one fact that is most important to remember is that there is no substitute for regular eye exams to identify eye disease and problems before they develop into more serious conditions.

Truths and myths of retina care  

People often think that there are things they must do in order to maintain good eyesight. Many of the things they learn are simply not true,...

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