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Top Reasons To Purchase A Baby Heart Monitor Many parents spend a lot of their time worrying about whether their baby is healthy or not, with no way of being able to check correctly. Intuition and maternal or paternal instinct go a long way, but now there is a way for you to accurately monitor the body temperature and heart rate of your baby, to let you know that your child is happy, safe and well and to keep worrying to a minimum.

A team of professionals, including a surgeon and a general practitioner, has designed and developed a device that, when worn by your baby, will provide accurate statistics and readings about your infant's heart rate and skin temperature - both vital signs that you should check regularly to ensure the health of your child.

The Baby's Fairy set includes a bio-compatible silicone bracelet that is adjustable to fit your baby's wrist, and a parent base made from high quality plastic that features an LCD screen with back-lighting for easy reading.

When the devices are switched on and within a 30 meter radius of one another, they communicate wirelessly through RFID module technology. The bracelet will send up-to-date readings of your baby's heart rate and skin temperature to the base unit, and if the temperature is above 38째c or below 35.5째c, or the heart rate exceeds 165 beats per minute or falls below 60, an alarm will sound to alert you.

The alarm on the base unit will also sound if the battery on either device is low, or if the bracelet is out of range and a reading of your child's vital signs cannot be picked up. Both devices feature a built-in, rechargeable battery and a micro USB connector, to make charging both of them simple.

The LCD screen of the base unit will let you know if your child's signs are normal, displays the network status of the connected devices as well as the readings of the heart rate and skin temperature, and will show you the battery levels of both units. Both also feature on/off switches so you can decide when you wish to monitor your baby's signs, and you also have the option to mute the alarm if you so choose to.

It should be noted that the Baby's Fairy is not a medical device, and is simply a monitor to give you an indication of your child's heart rate and body temperature. If you suspect that there is something wrong with your baby, or you are worried about their health beyond the readings, you should consult a medical professional.

Being informed of your child's vital signs can really put your mind at ease by letting you know that their signs are normal, or alerting you of anything unusual. This baby heart monitor is one of the most valuable devices you can have to monitor the vital signs of your baby to keep you informed about the well-being of your child, and will do well to keep you worry-free and at ease when it comes to the general health of your infant.

Top reasons to purchase a baby heart monitor  

Many parents spend a lot of their time worrying about whether their baby is healthy or not, with no way of being able to check correctly. In...

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