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Top Items For Your Shop For shop owners concerned with the state of the economy, it’s a stressful time to order inventory. However, there are some products you can focus on that will relieve your anxiety. Instead of giving yourself headaches trying to decide what new trends to invest in, why not just stock up on the items that you know will sell? Some items are a good bet, year round, in just about every market. Here are a few that we’ve noted are a safe buy for those looking to stock conservatively. Wholesale T-Shirts Good quality wholesale t-shirts sell no matter the season, and they sell to all ages, both to men and women. Parents buy them, kids buy them, and parents buy them for kids. Plus, they’re an affordable and low risk way to capitalize on new color and design trends without investing too much. Wholesale Athletic Bags New gym bags, thankfully for concerned managers and owners, aren’t dependent on the season. When someone needs a new gym bag, they need one, winter, summer, or spring. They’re a great investment in inventory as well, because they aren’t as subject to trends as clothing can be so you can stock up, and if they don’t sell immediately, that’s okay. They don’t have to go on clearance to sell, because the styles are fairly static. Wholesale Athletic Socks Like athletic bags, socks are not particularly subject to trends. And although they do have seasonal differences, at least when it comes to those used for outdoor sports, they change little enough from year to year that you can just put winter’s socks in the back for next year if you so desire. Plus, most athletes go through socks quickly, regardless of quality they’re a great add on purchase, especially if you run them as a special. They can easily boost a percentage of purchases by five to ten dollars when aggressively marketed. Wholesale Athletic Shorts Often overlooked by managers, these are perhaps the best investment you can make. Wholesale athletic shortsare inexpensive to order, easily as popular as t-shirts, have all of the same advantages as the above items, with one significant advantage of their own: they’re usually not available year round in shops except for athletic stores. Your local department store probably takes them off the shelves once summer winds down, but people wear athletic shorts at the gym and on the basketball court, and even as pajamas, all year long. Customers know they can get bags, socks, and t-shirts anywhere; if you have a great selection of wholesale athletic shorts on hand at all times, however, you’ll have customers returning again and again. They’ll also advertise for you by word of mouth. So not only will you have an item in stock that’s always popular, you’ll have one that’s actually bringing customers into the store and it’s one that’s cheap to supply, easy to order, and effortless to store. Don’t stress yourself out about what to order just play it safe!

Top items for your shop  

For shop owners concerned with the state of the economy, it’s a stressful time to order inventory. However, there are some products you can...