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Top 4 Ways To Measure PR Effectiveness Public relations, most often referred to by its acronym PR, is a method that controls the spread of information between a company or an organization (and sometimes an individual) and the media or the public in general. PR is often used to get flattering media coverage or simply to get a message out about the company or organization.

PR can encompass a variety of fields but is generally there to persuade employees, public, partners, employees or partners on a certain point or issue. It’s also used to create or maintain a favorable view about an organization, company or individual.

There are a variety of ways this can be done, but all ways do not require direct payment. The four most common forms of public relations are the following:

• Winning industry awards

• Employee communication

• Speaking at conferences

• Working the media

It’s always important to find a way to determine if any of these methods used are effective for the client (ie business, organization or individual). Sometimes it’s very easy to determine if the strategy was effective. Other times it’s not so simple and requires efficient analysis of the PR methodology.

Accurate PR Measurement is a finely honed skill and generally requires a recording of the inputtransformation – output. This is very important to know in order to provide a proper evaluation to figure out if the money and the effort put into the strategy is worth it.

Most countries have an office and commission watchdog that determines the best ways of pr measurement. In the United States the office is appropriately called the Commission of PR Measurement and Evaluation.

The commission sets out guidelines as to which techniques provide the best way to test the effectiveness of a public relations campaign. While these guidelines are in place, the organization also acknowledges that while research and PR measurement are important, there is no one allencompassing technique one can rely on to provide accurate evaluations of how effective a certain PR strategy was.

To make it as simple as possible, generally four techniques are used to evaluate the effectiveness of a certain par strategy.

1. Analysis of Internet publications. We live in a digital age and too often the older (old school) business owners and organization either don’t use digital media or don’t bother to follow up to see how effective the social media strategy is.

2. Content analysis: When doing this, it’s best to focus on short term goals because it’s easier to measure their effectiveness.

3. Research of the effectiveness of corporate events like trade-shows. This type of pr measurement is self explanatory, sometimes so much so that office leaders forget to do this type of evaluation. The effectiveness of the corporate events is determined by a company’s preset goals.

4. Figure out these results using information gathered from experimental research design methods like focus groups, polling, role playing and forms of surveys.

It’s important to recognize PR measurement as an important part of any PR campaign. All that money spent on the campaign won’t do much good is the results can’t be determined.

Top 4 ways to measure pr effectiveness  

Public relations, most often referred to by its acronym PR, is a method that controls the spread of information between a company or an orga...