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Tools For Trimming Trees You can easily avoid having to trim your trees altogether by hiring your local tree service to provide this important function for you. This is totally fine and there is nothing wrong with making this decision. In fact, in many cases trusting professionals to provide this service for you save you quite a bit of effort, time, and money. However, sometimes you just might want to do it yourself. Are you just that do-ityourself entrepreneurial type who just loves getting their hands dirty? Well if you are, then this handy guide is for you. You’re going to need the right tools for the tree trimming task you are about to undertake, so let’s find out what those are.

• Pruning shears may be small, but they’re versatile. They are perhaps the most valuable tool in your purse for any tree trimming job. Typically you can make cuts of up to 3/4 inches in diameter with these nifty little tools of the trade.

• Looping shears are another wonderful tool that is invaluable to the tree trimming trade that no trimmer should ever be caught without. These tend to have a much longer set of handles, which serves a dual purpose. One, you can reach branches that are further away, and two, you can get better leverage to make cuts a bit larger, up to 1 1/4 inches this time.

• Hedge shears are best suited for trimming hedges, however there are some people who like to use them for tree trimming jobs where multiple smaller tree limbs need to be cut. One thing going for them is they are fast on those smaller jobs.

• Hand saws are your ticket to dealing with branches that are much over 1 inch in diameter. There are plenty of different types of hand saws and almost any of them can be put to use in any tree trimming scenario, however, a favorite of the business is tri-cut or “razor tooth” saws which deal with those pesky branches that are easily up to four inches in diameter.

• Pole saws are hard to use because of the difficulty of getting a truly clean cut out of them, however, they do wonders for being able to reach longer distances. Just be careful not to overestimate the reach of one of these saws!

• Small chain saws are great for getting through those tough, fat branches that just need to come off. The only thing about them is that you need to wear protective clothing when you use them and I wouldn’t advise using them while on a ladder as it could be potentially dangerous.

And there you have it. Now you know a lot of the equipment you’re going to need the next time you want to undertake your own tree trimming project. If you still feel a bit daunted by it however, don’t worry, I’m sure your local tree service will be more than happy to take on your tree trimming job for you.

Tools for trimming trees  
Tools for trimming trees  

You can easily avoid having to trim your trees altogether by hiring your local tree service to provide this important function for you. This...