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To Link Sync Or To Not Link Sync – That Is The Question Rather than a company needing to hire another company to develop a program that links two programs together, Link Sync is the ultimate way to share data from one business app with another business app. One of the main reasons people want to connect two of their business apps together is because they do not have one program that can maintain their point of sale information and their accounting data in the same place, with interchangeable abilities. For example, say that a company is using Vend POS for their point of sale system. Their POS system records all of the data about sales, plus it also maintains inventory, customer information, and reporting tools, amongst a long list of other features that are wonderful for both the customer and the merchant. However, what Vend POS does not do is the accurate accounting that the cloud-based Netsuite offers, like ERP/ accounting, professional services automation, order management and inventory, plus more. Why wouldn’t there be a super easy solution to integrate these applications together for business owners who want the whole package? That is where Link Sync comes in. Rather than struggling with a copy and paste technique that is refined after months of transferring information from one app to the other, or manually entering everything entirely on the Netsuite end, Link Sync synchronizes both programs together to give business owners the best of both worlds, with cloud integration that certainly could not get any easier. In case you have not already figured how out Link Sync can benefit your business, here are the major advantages of choosing Link Sync: • Time & Money Saver – Time is important to everyone. If you are not using your time re-keying data into each program manually, you are probably paying someone else to do it. Linking your POS and accounting programs together will reduce, if not eliminate, most of that work for you. • Error Reduction – We are human and everyone makes mistakes. But, when manual entry is changed over to automated synchronization, the possibility of human error is eliminated. Therefore, your business records are far more accurate and reliable. • Data is Always Current – All of your sales data, customer information, and inventory are kept current all of the time. There will no longer be a lag or a wait until someone manually enters the information into the system. • Security – When records are kept “in the cloud”, so to speak, all of the vital data that you do not want anyone else accessing is kept encrypted, even as it is transferring from one system to another. Therefore, you do not have to worry about you customers being upset about their private information being used inappropriately by anyone who has access to records as manual transfers are occurring. (This is not to say that your employees would steal personal information of your customers, but if you employ a third party company for your data transfers, this could be an issue.) As you can see, if you are frustrated with all of the manual transferring that you are currently conducting to keep your records straight in you POS and accounting systems, Link Sync is the solution to your woes. You can get started immediately and be set up quickly. There are no long term contracts and you can decide that you do not need the services that you are receiving at any time.

To link sync or to not link sync  

Rather than a company needing to hire another company to develop a program that links two programs together.More about http://www.linksync.c...

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