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Tips For Using Popular Blogs To Market Your Business A decade ago, few people would have thought of blogs as a way of promoting their business. Today, however, things have changed significantly. Many blogs have faithful readerships in the thousands and popular bloggers are often very much trusted by their audience. Indirect advertising is often the most effective means of promoting a product or company. Check out these tips to learn how your business can use blogs for improving its public relations. Do Your Research The first step is to become familiar with the blogosphere itself. How many blogs are focused on a topic relevant to your company and its products? Which bloggers are the most popular? Which blogs commonly publish product reviews, and are those reviews generally positive or negative? Offer Free Products to Popular Bloggers Popular bloggers often test products and provide reviews on their sites. A well known beauty blogger, for instance, may try out different lipsticks, and then write extensive reviews usually with accompanying photos of each product. These reviews are very powerful because they come from someone who is considered to be an uninterested third party. The public is skeptical of commercials and blatant advertisements, but usually places its trust in the opinions of those who aren’t receiving compensation for their reviews. So, how can your company get its products written about in the blogosphere? Sending popular bloggers free products is becoming very common. Try sending a sample of your company’s product to various people who run relevant blogs. Encourage them to then write an honest review on their site. You’ll likely be surprised by how effective this can be. Comment on Blogs Almost every blog allows comments on each post. By placing meaningful comments that also reference your company, you can increase your business’ exposure with an audience that is likely to be interested in your products. Just keep the comments relevant and helpful no one wants to read spam, and it is likewise to be deleted. Use Blogs to Get to Know Your Target Consumers Blogs, and the comments that others place on them, are an excellent means of getting to know your target customers. Subscribe to a variety of relevant ones, and receive new posts via an RSS feed. This way you’ll quickly be able to scan new entries for updates on trends, new products, and consumer opinion in your business’ niche. Create Your Own Blog Although this one may sound intimidating at first, creating your own company blog is an excellent and free way to advertise and promote your business. The key here is to keep things fresh and interesting. No one wants to read a blog that is little more than self-promotion. Make your blog posts interesting and useful by including how-to tips, ideas about current events, or other notable topics. Successful public relations campaigns promote a business in a manner that doesn’t seem like advertising, and blogs are an excellent way to do this. PR measurement Chicago can assist you in determining the effectiveness of your undertakings.

Tips for using popular blogs to market your business  

A decade ago, few people would have thought of blogs as a way of promoting their business. Today, however, things have changed significantly...

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