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Tips For Making A Small Space Seem Larger Everyone has a room in their home that they wish was just a little bit bigger or more spacious. You can use your home furniture and interior dĂŠcor to make that small space appear larger with some simple tricks of the trade. Follow these home dĂŠcor ideas to maximize the space in your small room. Pieces with Multi-Purposes Home furniture that offers more than one function is perfect for those smaller spaces. Consider an ottoman or a truck that opens up to a storage space that allows room for your seasonal items or winter throws when summer comes around. Multi-purpose home furniture provides your small spaces with two-fold functioning. Use Light Hued Paint While darker colours like olive and mahogany are colour trends lately, they happen to make small spaces appear smaller. The lighter colour a room is painted, the more open and airy your room will appear. Just imagine what sky blue would do for your space. If sky blue is not on your favourites for colour choices, consider painting small spaces pale hues, such as green, cream, yellow, and pink. Use Mirrors & Glass Using mirrors is one of the oldest tricks in the home interior decorating book for making small spaces appear larger. Glass and mirrors tend to reflect light, therefore opening the room up and making it appear larger. To find glass tables and mirrors for your small rooms at great bargain prices, take frequent trips to thrift stores, hit the yard sales and check out local flea markets. Create Space Just because a room is small does not mean that placing all of the home furniture against the walls is going to open it up. Try different positions with your home furniture, like setting it diagonal or placing piece in the middle of a room, to see the visual perceptions that the placement creates. Try bright colour home furniture, like bright yellows and reds, to open up the space and make it brighter. Stay Open Minded While most people prefer to cover their windows with blinds or other types of coordinating window treatments, leaving windows naked will not only trick the eyes into believing that the room is bigger, it will also open up the room to the natural landscaping outdoors, beyond the room. If you must have window treatments on your windows, consider a white or light colour swag that can be wrapped around the outside of the window moulding so that you still get that open, nature effect. Monochrome Small spaces tend to appear larger when they are decorated in a monochrome scheme. While an all-white room would definitely work for this schematic, you can use different shades of the same hue. You still want to stick with light pale hues to expand the room, but different shades of the same hue mixed together works just as nicely. For example, combine an eggshell blue colour paint for walls with a sky blue hued bedspread and a dark blue carpet to open up the room. White home furniture in the bedroom will also open the room up.

Tips for making a small space seem larger  

Everyone has a room in their home that they wish was just a little bit bigger or more spacious. You can use your home furniture and interior...

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