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Tips For Finding A Wedding MC Master Of Ceremonies Jay Leno or David Letterman might be excellent choices to be the wedding MC Master of Ceremonies for your wedding party. You would be guaranteed with a great performance; they are funny, engaging, upbeat, sarcastic, and, above all, memorable. But their availability might be difficult to book and their price might be stratospheric. If the budget is of no concern, so they say, everyone has a price. Go for it.

Otherwise, the choice for a quality MC might be a difficult venture, but it will be well worth the time and expense in searching, planning and engaging a professional, entertaining MC for your wedding celebration. Here are some tips to help that search.

If you are already aware of just the right MC because you may have personally witnessed his or her work in someone else’s wedding you attended, that might be a great choice. On the other hand, unless that was a while ago and in a different city, it may be a matter of “been there, done that” for your wedding guests who may have also attended that party. Originality is difficult to find these days, but it is out there for the determined search.

If you do not have that experience, ask around with married friends who have previously raved about their MC. Word of mouth has value if you expect to have similar circumstances for your wedding. However, if your wedding guests are average, religiously-minded, conservative folks, an MC with a string of expletives and off-color stories for monologue may have been perfect for your liberally tolerant friend, but he is not right for you.

Regardless of the sensibilities of your guests – and that is who is to be entertained; you’re going to be in a fog – find an entertainer with proven experience with wit, humor, engagement with the guests and a delivery that will keep them either on the edge or standing in their seats with applause.

In your interview with prospective MCs, be sensitive to how much they ask about you, your family, your intended and his/her family, friendships, life experiences, etc. This information will be woven into his/her act, and, to be truly entertaining, it will be a roast, so a thin skin is not your right apparel for a

wedding with an entertaining MC. If the prospect overlooks asking about these details, that prospect has no interest in you; move on.

Chose a MC willing to accommodate the mood you want to set. Allow some latitude, but be wary of the MC whose material sampling is profane when you want civil, or vice versa. Above all, the MC must entertain. That almost always requires laughter, which is typically generated at least partly at your expense. Be cordial, polite and burn later if you must. Guests will assume you hired the MC with planning and foresight.

Tips for finding a wedding mc master of ceremonies  

Jay Leno or David Letterman might be excellent choices to be the wedding MC Master of Ceremonies for your wedding party.

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