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The Stunning Catskills Mountain Resorts If you need to take a break from the rat race of the New York City and New Jersey fast-paced life, travel only a couple of hours away to a place where the mountains and fresh air will absorb and relax you. Each one of the Catskills resorts in Greene County offers an atmosphere that is sure to escape from the craziness of the city life.

Catskills resorts have been a favorite vacationing place since the 1800's, with stunning resorts set in the middle of expansive mountains that provide people with that fresh-air aroma that they yearn for when they head off for a relaxing vacation. The Catskills resorts and other accommodations around the area, as well as the serene countryside landscaping, have been part of the noteworthy experience in the Catskills Mountains for centuries now.

Accommodations for All Ages & Occasions

Today, the Catskills feature a wide variety of exciting resorts for people of all ages. If you want to host your wedding in the Catskills, there are resorts that sit on hundreds of acres of gorgeous land with brooks, ponds, trails, gardens and even spectacular waterfalls. Wake up to gourmet breakfast and tea or coffee overlooking landscapes that are nothing less than breathtaking.

Daytime Activities

Children will enjoy the Catskills resorts which offer horseback riding lessons, tennis courts, shuffleboard and bocce ball and indoor and outdoor pools. They will be all smiles as they race in go-karts, play mini-golf or join you as a spectator at one of the championship golf courses. While the days can get packed with relaxing or exciting activities, there are plenty of activities for the nights, as well.

Catskills Night Life

In the evening, the Catskills resorts turn into delightful entertainment where you can find people dancing to musical ensembles, exceptional dramatic performances, and other organized and exciting opportunities to enjoy. Campfires are sparked up in the backyards of Bed and Breakfasts and top off all of the exhilaration with fantastic displays of fireworks.

On-Site and Off-Site Entertainment

Catskills resorts offer both on-site and off-site activities, and if you are looking to enjoy your time in the NY Catskills at one resort, be sure to find an all-inclusive family resort that will offer a variety of different activities so that you can relax while the children are enjoying activities or the kids can relax while you are enjoying adventures.

Choose from updated, yet still old-fashioned Bed and Breakfasts or Inns, cabins and camping, condos, family resorts, golf resorts, hotels or motels, retreats with spas, suites or vacation rentals. Whether you are an outdoor person or an indoor person who likes to view the scenery from the windows while sipping coffee, there is a Catskills resort for you. Whether you are a roughing-it camping-type of person or a fancy Bed and Breakfast or condo type of person, there is a Catskills resort for you. There is something for everyone in the family in the Great Northern Catskills of New York. To find out more, you should visit the following website: Catskills Resorts.

The stunning catskills mountain resorts  

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