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The Best Soldier Charity Of Australia One of the most important things you can do for your country is fighting on the front line supporting your country’s stability and world peace. This is exactly what the Australian Defence Force (ADF) does. Military families know the challenges that face them on a day-to-day basis but should also know that these challenges can be supported through a number of soldier charities and support services for both active personnel and veterans. The largest charity organization supporting veterans and active military personnel is presented below.

Always There

This organization is part of the Returned Services League (RSL NSW) of Australia and provides for families in their hour of need for many concerns dealing with illness, injury or crisis. They help both current serving military personnel and ex-service members get through some of the toughest times in their life. Serving your country can be one of the proudest moments of your life yet come with dangerous consequences in battle. Soldiers can return injured both mentally and physically or not At all. It is these devastating injuries and losses that will always be there for by providing families with the necessary support mechanisms to get through to better times and aid in their quality of life.


There are number services that this organization provides for service personnel included but not limited to those listed below:

- Assistance with Department of Veterans Affairs Entitlements - by ensuring that families suffering from injury or loss receive their proper entitlements for pensions and benefits by providing advice on filling out forms and advice dealing with the different government departments necessary in NSW.

- Advocacy at the Veterans Review Board - if your claim was denied or you are appealing the veterans review board’s decision can both investigate the claim and represent you at the appeal review.

- Financial Assistance - this organization also provides financial assistance to those in need that meet eligibility criteria.

- Bereavement Services - by providing counseling and support for commemorative services and a liaison with the local RSL branch the process of grief and loss can be made a little bit easier.

- Counselling – it is estimated that 48,000 veterans suffer from mental health related issues generally stemming from their time in service and having counselling support may be necessary.

- Community Support – by knowing the community that you live in and providing referrals, advice and consultation on how to proceed and get help from these organizations is standard offering.

- Transition to Civilian Life – by enabling service personnel to re-enter civilian life with help including resume building, coaching and improving job interview skills the transition can be made easier.

- Disaster Assistance - not usually in the realm of service personnel support this charity goes above and beyond by providing disaster assistance to those in need including counselling and financial assistance.

The services provided by this non-profit charity organization are indispensable to veterans and current service personnel of the Australian Defence Force in New South Wales. As a proud member of the Returned Services League, fully integrated service support can be offered. Find out for yourself why they have been named one of the best charities in Australia.

The best soldier charity of australia  

One of the most important things you can do for your country is fighting on the front line supporting your country’s stability and world pea...