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The Best Bars In Marylebone With Live Music

Bars and pubs, at least some of them, have another draw other than fine beers and ales on draught, wines, liquors and cocktails. Of course, some also serve food from just fish and chips and bangers and mash to some very fine cuisine to add to the great drinking. But one other draw of note, and one which makes some Marylebone bars of note, is the draw of live music. After all, wasn't it a club in Liverpool, the Cavern, which gave rise to the Beatles 50 years ago? The Chapel in upper northwest Marylebone near the Edgware Road tube station is such a venue. It receives high praise for its service of great drinks and very good food, but it is also praised for its music. Inside, some say it is loud, but the bar is generally very full and very active during the week, and some give its music praise as audible even outside, so inside, there is no problem with the volume. The music and atmosphere take a turn on weekends to blues and cool jazz. Sketch in southwest Marylebone in Conduit Street is tagged by a number of customers for its good drinking, good food and great music, but some bars just have the odd, quirky characteristic that keeps customers coming back. Sketch is honored to have two such quirks. Many people describe the experience as "Alice in Wonderland" and like "afternoon tea in the forest." Is it the music? No, although that is very good. It's a mystery worth going to figure out. Oh, the second quirk, of all things, is the loo. Think eggs, but it must be experienced to be believed. South of Manchester Square in James Street is the Patty and Bun. Loud, casual and trendy, this bar is just about what anyone would expect of a bar that keeps its fare simple but excellent. The burgers are, by far, to most customers, the best to be had. The music is upbeat, loud, but easy to listen and difficult to avoid wanting to dance. Music even carries its theme into the naming of menu items. Maybe that's cheesy to some, but if the food and drink are good and the music is jumping, the complaint line starts outside around the corner... In north Marylebone on High Street is the Prince Regent, where the decor, the drink, the food and the music come from different quarters, but the whole works very well because the bar is always jumping and difficult to find seating if the wait into the evening is too long before arriving. With two floors of seating, it is still a crowd, all enjoying themselves immensely with a great vibe of eating and drinking. The music varies, but even extends to bluegrass; very nonstandard for a British bar. Marylebone is a a pure delight for shopping, eating and drinking and enjoying an evening of live music while engaged in the other activities, or at least a respite from them for some fine eating and drinking. Live music will always draw a crowd. Look what it did for the Beatles and their fans.

The best bars in marylebone with live music  


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