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The Beatles Were From The London Area The Beatles were a popular band that began in England, in the Liverpool area. They were big in the United Kingdom, and then from there they came to America. Known as the British Invasion, the Beatles came to America and were even bigger than they were in Britain. The Beatles were made up of four young men, and their names were John Lennon, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and Paul McCartney. Anything associated with the Beatles is still popular even though they broke up over 40 years ago. Many people go to the United Kingdom to look into the Beatles, and John Lennon had an apartment in Marylebone, and many people who are Beatles fan go to visit the apartment to go to see where Lennon lived.

The Apartment of John Lennon

For Beatles fans, John was the lead singer, and the songwriter that made the band what it was back in the day. However, Lennon did not find success on his own, it we the combination of the four young men, and their musical talent, that made the band the success that it was. The Beatles broke up in 1968, and J. Lennon was a musician on his own with the help of his partner, Yoko Ono. The Marylebone apartment was actually the place they lived and wrong songs. Here is more information about the colourful history of this apartment that was once the residence of John Lennon:

• Ringo Starr: The apartment of John has a basement in it, and the basement was where a fellow Beatle once lived. Ringo Starr once lived in the apartment and basement in 1965. Once he met Maureen Cox, Starr decided to leave the apartment, but still leased it to friends. He moved from Marylebone to Sunny Heights where he and Cox found a nice house to live in.

• Jimi Hendrix: At one time, the apartment of John Lennon had another famous musician living there named Jimi Hendrix. Known for his skills with the guitar, Hendrix lived in the apartment for only a brief time because he decided to paint all of the walls in the apartment black, which did not set well with the landlord.

• Drug raid: A drug raid took place in the apartment, and after the drugs were found, the landlord took Ringo Starr to court and insisted that he not let anyone else take the apartment but only himself or

members of his family. Though Ringo Starr appealed, he eventually sold his lease and never returned to the building again.

The Beatles are probably the greatest band ever, and the four members were John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. Anything associated with the Beatles is interesting, and John Lennon's apartment in Marylebone is a popular attraction. John Lennon only lived to the age of 40 because he was assassinated in New York by a man named Mark Chapman. Lennon's legacy is his music, and the places he lived are revered by those that loved him and the Beatles as well.

The beatles were from the london area  
The beatles were from the london area  

The Beatles were a popular band that began in England, in the Liverpool area.