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Take the Mystery Out of Migraine Pain Management Migraines are miserable. No headache is good, but migraines are especially severe and debilitating. To understand how to manage migraine pain, it is important to know what distinguishes a migraine for another type of headache. Migraines are not simply especially painful headaches. They are a specific type of headache that researchers now believe have a hereditary cause.

Headaches can be classified into different types. Stress and tense muscles can lead to tension headaches. Too much caffeine and caffeine withdrawal can both cause headaches. Migraines can even be divided into different sub-categories, but they share specific symptoms that distinguish them from other types of headaches. Sensitivity to light and nausea are two classic migraine symptoms. Migraines are also sometimes preceded by what is called a migraine aura. Auras are the body's warning that a migraine is coming. The most common type of migraine aura is visual. The person will have blurred vision, see flashing lights or experience some other type of problem with their vision. Auras can involve other senses too. Some people will have a ringing in their ears or smell strange smells.

Managing Migraine Pain

Migraines are a reoccurring problem, and there is no permanent cure. Obviously it is best if migraine episodes can be prevented, but sometimes they can't. That's when sufferers need effective pain management.

Some types of migraines have clear triggers, such as specific foods. Those are the easiest to prevent because sufferers can avoid the triggers and treat it like a food allergy. Keeping a journal record what you were doing and eating each day a migraine strikes can help you discover your specific triggers. In general, a healthy lifestyle with a good diet that includes not skipping meals, regular exercise and enough sleep can go a long way to prevent migraines and many other types of pain. Obesity can be a factor in migraines, and those three elements of healthy living also help you maintain a healthy weight. If you feel a migraine coming on, try to lie down in a dark, quiet room if at all possible. This gives many suffers good relief.

Medication can give relief to migraine pain and even help prevent these horrible headaches, but because the underlying cause is genetic, there is a good argument to avoiding being dependent on medication alone. Over time, regular use of some painkillers can cause other problems. Other treatments such as acupuncture can be very effective in relieving migraine pain. If you are a migraine sufferer, finding a good pain specialist in your local area can change your life. There is some good news. Migraines generally decrease after the age of 50. That can be a real reason to celebrate your 50th birthday!

Anyone who experiences severe or regularly occurring headaches should talk to a doctor about healthy pain management rather than simply taking over the counter pain medication regularly.

Long term use of some painkillers can damage the liver and other organs, but a pain specialist will have other strategies. The website address given below has more information: Pain management Houston .

Take the mystery out of migraine pain management  

Migraines are miserable. No headache is good, but migraines are especially severe and debilitating.

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