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Starting A Residential Cleaning Business Before starting any business, one must have considerable knowledge of the intricacies involved. The cleaning business is no exception, and follows the same rules and guidelines as those for any business start-up. The cleaning business is not regarded as skilled labor, although there are skilled aspects to it; also, the overheads needed to start the business are relatively small, and the returns are lucrative.

If you have a limited budget and want to run on a commercial level - which includes janitorial and longterm contract cleaning jobs - a franchise is the way to go till you stabilize and make a name for yourself. On the other hand, you can simply start small with consumer cleaning jobs, which involve maids and non-technical cleaning like floor waxing and polishing.

To succeed in this venture the first step is planning.

Planning starts with making notes on what needs to be done in order to accomplish a smooth take off and successful operation of the cleaning business.

In planning, you have to now how to introduce yourself - this starts with a company name. You can either run your business as an independent contractor or be affiliated as a franchise to a bigger, more reputable company.

After coming up with a catchy name for your residential cleaning business, the location where you plan on running the business comes up next. You don't want to set up a cleaning business in an area were low-income earners live because many of them cannot afford your service; therefore, a commercial lot makes more sense.

The target market which you intend to service is very important, as it will determine how much you charge, the number of employees you can afford and the quality of service you intend to provide.

Next is to set pricing for your cleaning services; being fully aware that you may have competitors, it is wise to start with very low rates and offer extra services such as laundry and dish washing so as to gain the competitive edge.

Without marketing there will be no offers, and potential customers will never get to know that you have something going. There are different ways in which to advertise your services, the cheapest being word of mouth. Tell people about the business starting with friends who can refer you. The print media is another way to get the message across, and you can make fliers and posters to distribute detailing the services you offer. The rates can also be included in the fliers. Another way to advertise is through social media networks, take to Twitter and Facebook and sell your services there. Joining communities and forums is also a great way to advertise. It is not advisable to explore other means of advert when starting on a low-budget - those can come later.

Now you have a rough estimate needed to kick-start the business, go out and get accurate prices of office space rental, hiring staff, purchase of tools, equipment, advertisement and transport. Make a budget and try, keep the execution within the limits of the budget.

Starting a residential cleaning business  

Before starting any business, one must have considerable knowledge of the intricacies involved.