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Securing Your E-Mails Through Online Email Archiving For most companies today, email is the key driver behind the growth of a business and is the primary communication tool. However, because they are growing exponentially, companies enforce a mailbox quota, but this sometimes increases a company’s overhead costs. Electronic communication has become an integral part of modern businesses.

Email archiving is a critical requirement for every organization, but it has transcended into a more sophisticated tool, not merely for the sake of storage. Today, online email archiving has taken precedence for the effortlessness and security it provides to companies, without the burden of a heavy investment. This shifts the pain of storage on to an external network that addresses the problems of data loss, corruption and backup challenges. It offers a highly secure and robust archiving solution enabling you with all the space that you need for storage. Many online email archiving solutions present several value-added services like retaining employee data etc as well. It can help you to protect vital company data, decrease storage costs, provide backups and help in quick accessibility during legal investigations. With unlimited storage, high data accessibility and retrieval and preservation, the online email archiving model presents a lot of opportunity and versatility.

Online email archiving promises a more secure and dependable way to save your company’s data. Your data will remain protected because of the high level of security measures. Many online email archiving solutions enable you with the option of keeping all your data in one place, offering users a wellintegrated experience.

You secure the entire contents of your mail-box offsite in a secure location, helping you reduce storage costs and protecting your company’s data, allowing you to respond to your company’s legal requests and meeting all regulations and polices of your company, enabling you to recover more quickly in case of any disaster.

Online email archiving is today a more preferred solution and it is becoming increasingly clear that dependence on outsourced storage services are on the upward trend. Companies do not have to deal with issues like maintenance costs, hardware upgradation and staff costs, making it a more cost effective solution in the long-term. It is stored online, making it flexible, so emails can also then be accessed by anyone who has the right permissions and from anywhere. Withbusinesses becoming

increasingly mobile, employees are continuously travelling. Online email archiving is versatile enough to allow users to access the archives from multiple locations and multiple devices like desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

A good online archiving solution should be highly accessible and effortless to search through. Your policies can be defined with your specific requirements. With access to a greater storage volume provided online, companies can now easily choose to save a large amount of data. Keep in mind that the when you are picking an online email archiving product, you should ensure that it integrates with the existing structure in your organization, so that the process is seamless. A smart buyer will go in for an online email archiving tool that delivers a bang for his buck.

Securing your e mails through online email archiving  
Securing your e mails through online email archiving  

For most companies today, email is the key driver behind the growth of a business and is the primary communication tool. Visit: http://son...