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Safety Is Important For All Aircraft

There are many different parts of an airplane that help that plane take off in the air, and go very fast. The typical speed of an airplane is about 500 to 600 miles an hour, and to go that fast, a plane has to make sure that all parts of it are performing the way they are supposed to. To help make sure that an airplane is functioning properly, there are companies that specialize in aerospace testing. These companies that test airplanes perform a very special service, and millions of people are depending on these companies to make sure that all planes are safe before they take off from the airport. The Different Parts of a Plane That Are Tested When it comes to an airplane, there are little millions of parts inside of that planes that have to work together in order for the plane to be in top condition. Aerospace testing has to divide a plane up into many different sections, and then those individual sections are put through a series of tests to make sure that everything is wrong find and passes the test. Here is more information on the different parts of a plane that are tested to make sure they are as safe as possible: • The entertainment aspect of a plane: Anyone that has ever had a long flight, like a flight that goes across the ocean to Europe, knows how important it is to have a good entertainment system. The entertainment system of a plane may consist of the big screen that movies are shown on, or smaller television screens that are on the back of the seats that people can rent movies and watch. Without the entertainment systems working properly, people on long flights are going to be very unhappy, and the flight will be even longer. • The landing gear: The landing gear is a set of tires that help the plane both take off and touchdown. If the wheels are not working then the plane is going to have a very hard time landing. A plane that cannot land can be in trouble, and the lives of the passengers can be put in a great deal of danger. • The system that deals with emergencies: At the beginning of every flight, the attendants will talk about the safety features that the plane has. One feature is the fact that an oxygen system will drop down and people can breathe air. There is a special emergency system that regulates when those special masks will drop down, and without it, people are not going to be able to breathe if the cabin suddenly loses air pressure. Airplanes are considered to be the safest way to travel. However, what makes airplanes so safe is the fact that there are aerospace testing companies that go over every party of the plane, and test them to make sure they are safe. There are some majorly important parts of a plane that need to be tested often like the landing gear and the oxygen systems to make sure that anyone that travels on plane are very safe.

Safety is important for all aircraft