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Remembrance Day - The Essence Of The Poppy Have you ever seen anyone with an artificial small red flower on their garment? You probably ignored the flower and reason that it is the individual's choice of style but then you encounter several others with the same red flower, staring you right in the face. Curious as to what is happening, you inquire. Now that your curiosity has been eased, you now know that what is been worn on the garments of a large number of individuals on that particular day is known as a poppy. You might wonder why the majority is wearing a poppy but then you're told that it is Remembrance Day.

What is Remembrance Day?

The poppy is a small red flower that is worn throughout the world on Remembrance Day. Remembrance Day commonly expresses the idea of commemorating or remembering those who have fallen prey to the hands of death. On the day of November 11, people show their respects for those who have died, especially those who served in the army and other honourable positions. In some countries, Remembrance Day is also known as Armistice and Poppy Day. This day was celebrated right after the conclusion of World War 1 in an attempt to remember those who died while honouring their duties.

The Essence of the Poppy

As a symbol of Remembrance Day, the red poppy is worn to show respect and tribute. Rather than using white poppies as a symbol, red poppies are used since they perfectly symbolize what thriving under harsh conditions mean. Red poppies were seen thriving on the battlefields of Belgium and northern sections of France during the bloody World War 1. They were among the first plants to emerge during the war.

Based on folklore, the red poppy represents the blood that was poured out from comrades during the war. Additionally, English Literatures liken the red poppy to a state of rest and unconsciousness, which would denote the present state of soldiers who fought during World War 1. Poppies that are thriving

and flourishing on destructive or harsh soil portray hope and life. It also reassure those who are fighting to never give up.

Poppies on Remembrance Day

On Remembrance Day, red poppies are normally bought from designated areas to be worn. In countries such as Scotland, red poppies are normally sold in order to earn sufficient amount of money to donate to the Earl Haig Fund. On the other hand, overseas countries and the UK sell poppies to donate money to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal Benevolent Fund. This money is used to assist those veterans who need assistance along with those who depend on them for support.

Remembrance day the essence of the poppy  

Have you ever seen anyone with an artificial small red flower on their garment?

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