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Pressure Vessel Design And Safety

Pressure vessels provide backbone for many breweries and wineries across Australia. These vessels are often used for hot water tanks, pressurized fermentation vessels and in the case of breweries for forced carbonation processes. However a pressurized vessel requires quality manufacturing to meet design requirements and safety codes for safety in the workplace and their operation.

Pressure vessel design These vessels are used in many different industries including oil and gas, breweries and wineries, and any other industry that requires pressurized holding of a liquid or gas. The nature of a pressurized vessel and the inherent dangers require properly designed containers that meet and exceed safety requirements and operational requirements of the intended use. Theoretically a spherical pressure vessel provides the best structural integrity yet is also the most expensive to manufacture and therefore most pressure vessels are designed as cylinders with hemispherical end caps for the top and bottom of the cylinder. Most pressure vessels are manufactured from forged and rolled steel under strict conditions and requirements that protect the steel from corrosion and temperature changes that include the manufacturing process of welding and its intended use. Most pressure vessel design require that the container leak instead of bursting. As a safety mechanism this allows the container to become faulty in a way that is not dangerous to the surrounding environment.

Australian pressure vessel codes Pressure vessels all over the world are regulated and safety codes for manufacturing are strictly enforced. These regulations and codes have developed to protect the public and the end-users. In Australia all pressure vessel manufacturing plants need to be registered with state authorities in every state except for Western Australia. Throughout the past year the harmonization of this registration process has been concluded for which registration in one state is recognized in all other states except Western Australia. Western Australia only accepts pressure vessel designs manufactured under the following codes: AS1210, ASME BPV Code Section VIII or the British Code BS5500. When looking for a pressure vessel manufacturer it is best to contract a company that has manufacturing experience in multiple pressure vessel coding environments. This experience will generally lead to a better end product and will prove to meet or exceed your operational requirements.

Full-service manufacturer Pressure vessel manufacturers can come in many sizes and offer differing levels of service. Contracting the right manufacturer for your operational requirements is a necessity that cannot be overlooked. You should find a manufacturer that not only meets your current needs but can expand your operations as needed in a modular design frame. A great manufacturer will include ancillary design structures such as walkways, catwalks, has the ability to custom design and fabricate specialty vessels, includes reengineering and maintenance contracts and designs for multiple industries.

Not all pressure vessel manufacturers produce the same quality. Some simply meet current requirements while others are true innovators of design for operational requirements beyond current legislative safety codes. A quality manufactured pressure vessel, although a capital investment, will more than pay for itself over the long term because of its quality design.

Pressure vessel design and safety  

Pressure vessels provide backbone for many breweries and wineries across Australia.

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