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Pain Doctors - Dealing With Chronic Pain Pain doctors are in most cases anesthesiologists; and these are medical professionals who are experts in diagnosing and treating pain. Neurosurgeons, neurologists and physiatrists may also specialize in managing pain. To ensure patient safety, most anesthologists work in chambers where patients are bound to undergo painful procedures, and this includes the delivery area. Such doctors work in a team where they do an assessment on the patient and then develop a treatment plan suited for that specific individual. The team may consist of nurse practitioners, rehabilitation therapists, physician assistants and orthopedists. Pain doctors work alongside a patient’s primary care doctor; and to determine the cause of pain, they may perform a physical exam, and they may also ask that the patient describes the type of pain they are feeling. Also, the doctors may want to know how long the pain has lasted as well as the circumstances that worsen the situation. Other than that, before providing any treatments option, the doctors will try to assess the root cause of the pain so they are able to make out an effective way to get the problem solved. In addition to questioning the patient, the pain assessment process may involve reviewing of x- rays and other medical records. Pain management doctor’s deal with all types of pain including headaches, arthritis, cancer pain, nerve pain, neck and back pain. Amputees often experience phantom limb pain and in this case, they can also get help on how to manage it by visiting pain specialists. The doctors deal with pain that may be brought about by surgery or serious injuries as well. For instance, patients who have undergone stomach or chest surgeries or been involved in car accidents may go through intense pain. Pain doctors may however help them to deal with such pain, and the treatment may be administered either in an outpatient clinic or in a hospital. Unlike in the past where there were fewer options for pain management, pain doctors now have access to more effective treatment options for patients going through all types of pain. Most of the techniques used previously were mainly applied on individuals undergoing surgery or childbirth; however, with newer technologies, patients have more alternatives. Different kinds of pain can now be treated through procedures such as electrical simulations, nerve blocks, surgery, psychological support and even physical therapy. Chronic and acute pain can make a patient’s life miserable. However, anyone who constantly experiences such pain can get treatment by consulting a pain management doctor. For more information, please visit: Pain Doctors San Antonio

Pain doctors dealing with chronic pain  

Pain doctors are in most cases anesthesiologists; and these are medical professionals who are experts in diagnosing and treating pain. Click...