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Natural Pain Relief – No Pills Necessary Suffering from chronic pain can have devastating effects on quality of life. To make matters worse, the stress of a persistently hectic lifestyle can exacerbate pain and even contribute to autoimmune dysfunction. Thankfully, nature has provided some ways to alleviate pain associated with strain, inflammation, and chronic stress, all without need of prescription medications.

Simple lifestyle changes, such as adopting a healthy diet and exercise routine, can really bring the mindbody-spirit connection back into balance. Something as easy as meditating regularly can reduce stress enough to leave you feeling revived, refreshed, and rejuvenated. Eliminating pain doesn't have to be costly or time-consuming, it simply requires making your health a priority.

5 Ways to Combat Pain, Naturally

Massage – Thirty minutes of massage releases the feel-good hormones of oxytocin, endorphins, and serotonin into the body, naturally masking pain. For added benefit, create a massage oil from chopped cloves of garlic heated with olive oil. Massage this warm oil to aching joints for instant relief from the pain of arthritis.

Gentle Exercise – Moderate exercise gently massages the lymph nodes, promoting circulation of lymph fluids to help flush toxins from the body more efficiently. Tai chi, qigong, yoga and walking are all recommended for releasing endorphins and naturally reducing pain.

Take a Time Out – There are as many different ways to meditate as there are people practicing meditation on a daily basis. Most proponents of meditation recommend 20 minutes of meditation daily to still the mind, organize thoughts, and reduce stress. Whether you're simply repeating a nonsense word while practicing deep breathing exercises, or following along with a recording of a guiding meditation, spending a bit of time meditating each day has shown dramatic effects on managing pain.

Sleep it Off – Getting a proper amount of restorative sleep is essential to obtaining optimal health. One of the best ways to ensure a restful night's sleep is to make sure you're nice and tired when you hit the

sheets at night, and there's no better way to do that than good old-fashioned exercise. The combination of endorphin-fueled exercise and restful slumber is a magic recipe for boosting immune function and naturally soothing pain.

Balance Your Chi – The thing, which makes acupuncture work so well for the treatment of chronic pain may still be a mystery, but there's no denying its effectiveness in relieving back pain. Medical trials demonstrate consistent success time after time for this ancient form of traditional Chinese medicine.

The Buddy System

Adopting a new routine, even one designed to achieve optimal health, is a process that happens one day at a time. Some days will be up-lifting, other days empowering, and sometimes there will be frustrating setbacks. Never lose heart, and remember to reach out to supportive friends, a professional counselor or a life coach to keep yourself focused on your natural pain management goals. One final note, when making changes to your diet which may affect part of your regular healthcare it's wise to seek your doctor's professional advice before beginning.

Natural pain relief  

Suffering from chronic pain can have devastating effects on quality of life. To make matters worse, the stress of a persistently hectic life...

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