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More About Useful Tools For Tree Pruning The tools that are used for tree pruning are just as important as the techniques used for tree pruning. Using the right tools for the right job can ensure that the individual is able to trim the trees on their property without damaging them. There are many different tools for tree pruning, and what the individual will need will depend directly on the size and type of trees on their property.

Hand Shears

Hand shears for tree pruning are the smallest and most basic of pruning tools. These shears can be used to clip smaller branches and trim in smaller areas. These should never be confused with hedge shears. Shears designed for hedge clipping as usually not as sharp, because the branches on hedges are thinner. Tree shears should always be used.

Handled Loppers

Handled loppers have long arms that allow for more leverage in tree pruning. These are good for cutting thicker branches of moderate length. These will allow an individual to cut down hard to reach branches and handle higher up areas of the tree.

Pole Pruners

Pole pruners are extremely long pruners that can allow the individual to reach the highest points of a tree without a ladder. These are great for taller trees, though they should not be used when a ladder would be safer for the job. Pole pruners can come in both electrical and manual varieties.

Bypass Pruner

A bypass pruner does just what it says; it allows the pruner to bypass certain branches or obstacles in order to reach certain parts of the tree. This is good for working in tight spots, as it has curved cutting

blades that slid past each other when operating. The bypass pruner is great for when a branch needs to be cut, but it is very close to one the individual wants to spare.

Electric Trimmers

Electric tree trimmers are a handy tool for those who want to get the job done quickly and accurately. These often look like a large cutting knife or small chainsaw and will allow the individual to remove thicker branches from the tree. This biggest problem with electric trimmers is that the individual might cut too much, because it is easy to go overboard.

Using the right tools is an integral part of the tree pruning process. The tools must be ideal for the condition at hand and should never be used to bypass basic safety requirements. Many require a bit of know-how to use, so it is important to become fully familiar with the tool before using it. The individual should also follow basic pruning practices for when and how they choose to prune their trees. When working on extremely large trees, there are an entire different set of tools and equipment that will need to be used, so larger trees are best left to professional tree services. Pruning tools should always be sharp and well maintained, so that the cuts will be thorough.

In addition, people should never use hedge tools for a tree job, as these are not designed for tree pruning tasks.

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