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Marylebone Village Entertainment "All the world's a stage," was the Bard's wisdom, "…And one man in his time plays many parts." Marylebone village may be such a metaphoric man, playing to the many passions for entertainment that strikes the fancy of all who come to the village to be entertained. They will not be disappointed. There are numerous venues for entertainment above and beyond mere movie venues, which are found anywhere, even in Marylebone, and people watching, always entertaining and always enchanting, and also available anywhere. So what makes entertainment in Marylebone unique? That may a discovery of your own to answer, but we have some suggestions: The Open Air Theatre in Regent's Park is an opportunity to enjoy stage theater, but under the open, starry night high above the village, always adding to the drama on stage. Many productions feature adaptations of Shakespeare's works, but other drama, musicals, dances and comedy are performed under the stars. The grandstand of the theatre is the roof of a garden restaurant to enjoy before the performance. There are also picnic tables with umbrellas beside the amphitheatre, or, you are allowed to bring your drinks and nibbles into the seats to enjoy during the performances. How about an opportunity to eat an entertaining three-course meal and drinks, watch a murder mystery played out on stage, then play Sherlock Holmes to solve the murder? With the murder enacted before your eyes and suspects paraded to question with all the cleverness you can muster, with a team of dinner participants, solve the murder and win prizes, then party and dance the rest of the evening. Just down the street from the Sherlock Holmes museum on Baker Street is Park Plaza Sherlock Holmes, the venue for the murderous enterprise. To some, it is just an underground pub, but not many would describe Purl on Blandford Street, between Baker and Marylebone High Streets, in this uninspiring fashion, at least not once having experienced the entertainment that is really the drinks prepared by the magicians of mixology. A purl is old English ale, warmed with gin, wormwood, spices and heat, but classic cocktails are treated to a cross between a chemistry set and haute cuisine to produce libations that anyone would call entertaining. Yes, there is great music in the jazz/swing/blues genre, but would a cocktail with Beefeater, lime, maraschino, smoked chocolate soil and prosciutto be called anything else but entertaining? Let's stroll back to Baker Street and take a tour into the pages of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, through the mist to a century and more ago, and find ourselves at the door of 221b. It is out of place (actually between 237 and 241), a mystery you must solve, but open the door and enter the world of the intrepid detective, Sherlock Holmes and his able and loyal colleague, Doctor Watson. You might walk out an hour later thinking you have just been to the residence and laboratory of a figure who has enough reality before your eyes to make you think he is a part of historic England, right in Marylebone Village.

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Marylebone village entertainment  

"All the world's a stage," was the Bard's wisdom, "…And one man in his time plays many parts." Marylebone village may be such a metaphoric m...

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